"I will bless every hand that takes part in this prophetic work. For as the prophets of old spoke, you would have never heard about it if scribes had not treasured My Holy Word. I will bless all those who have a hand in the transmission of this work. I will reward you in ways you do not know and keep you from the plagues and disasters written herein. To anyone who feeds this prophetess, as with the widow who fed Elijah, your supply will be multiplied, for he who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet SHALL RECEIVE a prophet’s reward. He that denies and resists these prophecies shall drink of their terrible bitterness; you resist your own deliverance; you will perish for lack of knowledge. Anyone who tries to destroy this prophetic work I will destroy, for it is written, ‘TOUCH NOT MINE ANOINTED, AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM."

-- J. Douglas Swaffield
Called and Chosen, A Prophet of God
February 13, 1998


"As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."

Matthew 24:37-39, NIV


Message for the Noahs

"Those that love the world will despise the prophecies of its demise. They will weep and howl at the destruction of their Babylon, their human construction of works, built by human effort through human wisdom, which is devilish.

Those that seek no continuing city on this earth, but one with foundations, whose Builder and Maker is God, are Abraham’s true children who please Me and are My friends, loving Me more than even their own life, because I am the Author of life. They rejoice that by these signs their redemption draws nigh.

Those that seek to preserve this earthen life deny its impending doom. Those that love Me and My righteousness are vexed by the wicked and welcome the overthrow of darkness.

As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man. For they mocked and laughed until it was too late.

I have given these prophecies because there are Noahs who I want to hear them. They will receive the Word gladly and bear fruit and glorify Me. Do not be alarmed by unbelievers who become enraged as the Pharisees were. The Laodicean Church is puffed with self-suffiency and pride. By and large it will not repent, but for the sake of some open hearts inside I knock and speak," says Jesus

These prophetic words will divide asunder, judging the thoughts and intents of hearts. They will manifest the secret tendencies of men, whether they truly love Me or their own life.

All human accomplishments are as nothing before Me; all is vanity under the Sun. All this strife will come to and end, as I will not always strive with this fallen race. It is temporary; its days are numbered; it was poisoned by the fruit of the forbidden. From dust it came and to dust it shall return. I spoke words of re-creation to this fallen race, so that whoever would believe would have a new life. The condemnation is that some preferred darkness.

I came in a body of flesh so you could be clothed with the body of Spirit. I died your death so you could live My life. I took on your sins so that you could take on My righteousness.

I try men’s hearts, and I will use these prophecies to cause many to be tried, and search their souls, repent and be delivered. The Ninevites listened and repented.

Many will find salvation through these words. Do not look for affirmation from the church but fruit from the "Gentiles". The Jews rejected Me, but the Ninevites believed and were delivered.

You will have a multitude of spiritual children.

My word, which goes forth, will accomplish the good purpose for which I send it. It shall reap a harvest, for it is the Word of Life, and the truth will set many free, though the liars will rage."

--J. Douglas Swaffield
February 11, 1998


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