"Death of the Papacy"


"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You come to the garden, most wondrous, atop The Mountain. Yet, not all grows to perfection here. In times past you have seen the rose most thorny; and now the hawthorn you see, as it stands tall among the lilies. But not for long, Child. For, I shall take my hand and pluck it and its roots from this mountain. And this mountain shall glow with my complete radiance and purity minus this thorn and his roots.

Now, Child, you have in place your son-glasses, and you have strengthened your feet in Me and My word. You wear my helmet and I have fortified your ears to hear my voice. Look below, Child. And, write what you see."

"My Lord, I see the golden chariot of Queen Elizabeth, and it is pulled by two black horses. There at the helm of the carriage is one with a steep, black top hat, who looks like a toy soldier. He is dressed in an ornate red coat and black pants. I see The Queen as the toy soldier helps her from the carriage; but, My Lord, her face is different. I see one rotten tooth. It is in the upper front and it is rotten to the gum. Her gums below her bottom teeth are red and oozing infection and her breath smells rotten. I see little flies flying around the outside of her mouth. But when I look closer, My Lord, I can see that these flies are military planes.

The Queen wears a vest-coat of tan brocade with a white ruffled shirt. The ruffles have green trim along the outer boundaries. She wears a tan skirt with large pockets, stuffed with keys. A long chain of keys hangs out of each pocket. These keys are attached to and embedded into her hipbone. Her skirt is very short, way above her knees, and her knees are knobby. She wears a black garter belt with thick, brown stockings, which old ladies used to wear; and she wears thongs for shoes. My Lord, she has no underwear and shows her firm buttocks as she is a little humped like a hunchback. Suddenly, she changes to an upright position, looking much younger and seductive.

I see someone getting out of the carriage behind her. It is Saddam Hussein. He has left a large, black ledger in the carriage. The book has a bookmark and at the top of the bookmark is written, ‘seal of approval.’ My Lord, what is this book marker?"

"Child, peel the tab off the outer cover and read the label."

"My Lord, I am peeling, and I see a large, red dragon and writing, which I cannot understand."

"Adjust your son-glasses."

"I have done so, My Lord. The writing says: ‘Keeper of the World.’

"This is so, Child. The devil is now in charge of the world. The red dragon runs the show among the elite."

"My Lord, I see Saddam Hussein get out of the carriage, dressed to the hilt with a green striped suit. This suit is black with very tiny green stripes. His teeth are very sharp, and are of gold. Behind each tooth is a platinum screw. I do not know if these hold the gold teeth in place, but they are there. He smiles, then takes his military cap and pops the queen on the rear end as she bends forward to adjust the stockings around her toes. His shoes are large and very black and shiny. They look a little like clown shoes with very big, black toes, and a black strap around the heel. He is wearing light green and plaid socks.

When he pops The Queen on the rear, her left hip gets very red and deflates, leaving the hip looking old and wrinkled. It is devoid of flesh, with nothing remaining but skin and bones. The Queen does not even seem to notice. She just keeps on adjusting her stockings between her big toe and the next toe. There is a wrinkle, which is aggravating her. She spits on her forefinger and rubs the spit on the thumb of her right hand. Then, she rubs the spit between these toes, which are giving her problems. Then, she raises up, and takes Saddam’s left arm with her right arm.

Then, they go dancing a jig. I see little gnomes all around The Square at the Vatican singing, ‘We’re off to see the wizard.’ Then I see a fountain, which suddenly appears in The Square. It is made to resemble a birdbath and shoots up clear water. Water rolls off the edges as there are no boundaries. The water is clear and there is a most enigmatic image in the water. It is an image of Uncle Sam. He has the face of Uncle Sam, minus the top hat. However, he has only a torso, with no lower body, legs or arms; and he wears a red-striped vest. I see smoldering, smoking places on the torso. Around the head the smoke is collecting as it passes out the eyes and ears of Uncle Sam. But the mouth is sealed with iron bars. Behind these bars is a thick, white wall and no smoke gets out the mouth.

This clear water flows out the center of the fountain and onto this dark round, circular area. The minute this water hits the round area, the area around the ghost of Uncle Sam, it turns a deep, dark color, as if dark ink has been suddenly thrown into this water. It flows off this elevated round area, which is about three feet high and onto The Square. When it hits The Square, it is seen as thick, black oil almost tar-like.

The Queen and Saddam do a jig around and around the fountain in the midst of this black muck. She slips as her feet are shod poorly. But, Saddam is big and strong, and he picks her up in his arms and holds her high. Oh, she is high for a minute!

Then, Saddam says, ‘We had better go, as the midgets are looking and talking.’ He takes her hand and both go back to the carriage. Thick, black goo falls from their shoes as they get into the carriage. The Queen notices this and decides to take off her shoes and stockings. Then she throws the shoes and stockings into The Square along with the gooey, black stuff. She sits in the carriage with Hussein, wearing neither stockings nor shoes.

‘Let us go around back,’ he says, and the two direct the toy soldier around to the back of The Vatican. Once, there, the Queen hops out barefoot and runs in through the back door of The Vatican. Saddam stays in the carriage. I see him take a black book. He opens it to page 493. On the page are three columns, each numbered to 25."

"My Lord, what are these numbers?"

"Child, take your son-glasses, and adjust them. Look in the left-hand corner. What does it say?"

"My Lord, I see some words written in a circle. These words say, ‘Center for Disease’. And in the very center of the circle is a skeleton, playing a piano. He has a single red rose on the piano in a small bud vase. The skeleton plays a tune. My Lord, it is a funeral march. Saddam makes an entry in each column, at number eight and he writes, ‘satisfied.’

My Lord, The Queen enters The Vatican. But does not look like The Queen. She looks like a beggar. She wears a plain tan and yellow plaid scarf around her head. Her hair is very gray. I notice large calluses on some of the toes of her left foot, but none on her right foot. The toe next to the big toe on her left foot appears to be broken."

"Child, go up to the mailbox and look in."

"My Lord, I am here. As I look in the box I see a 3"X5" card. On it is a picture, which is covered by clear cellophane. I am opening this; so as to get a better view. My Lord, it is a picture of a keyhole. There is gold metal around the hole, and I see that a skeleton key will be needed to open this."

"Climb through, Child."

"My Lord, I have climbed through this keyhole and I find myself on a yellow kitchen counter. I see a bear below me on the floor. He is reaching into a tree and taking out blocks of honeycombs, which are covered with bees. He is eating this honey, and these bees are flying all around his mouth. But, the bear does not seem to care. The bear, My Lord, is The Pope. First the bear, then the Pope. The face is not of Pope John Paul, II, but of someone else. He has something of a ruddy complexion with rotund cheeks and brownish hair. He wears the cap of an archbishop, but looks like a pope. He is dressed in white. Now, he is the bear, eating honey again, with the bees all around.

He has emerged now as The Pope only, My Lord, and I see him on a platform with wheels. He paddles over the ocean, then travels over the land, basking in the sun. This man has dimples and he carries a gold knife, attached to his right ankle. This knife is covered so others do not know about it. My Lord, he is basking in the sun when suddenly he hears an explosion. The Earth rumbles. It cracks. I see lava running forth from a mountain and down the streets. Where it travels is fire. Houses, trees, everything is burning. There is a volcano, which has blown. Rocks and ash are spewing forth everywhere. The Pope runs inside and dials 911.

I see Queen Elizabeth run from the back door. She has two bags full of gold bricks. Saddam is waiting. They direct the driver out of The Vatican and they leave in a fury through an archway. Then, I see this pope/archbishop go to the uppermost floor of The Vatican. He smells smoke and sees fire for great distances. He is very nervous. He has a chain of gold keys which go all the way around his waist. He looks off in the distance and sees the great destruction. He paces back and forth, as he has called 911, but no one has come.

A large rat appears and says, ‘I will give you a ride.’

The Pope/Archbishop gets on the back of the rat. He puts on a brown monk’s robe, so that he will not be noticed, and climbs aboard a tiny platform with wheels, driven by a large rat. The rat carries him swiftly through the streets and out to sea. The hot lava pours into the sea, and the sea is becoming very, very warm. The Pope/Archbishop says, ‘I am drowning,’ as he fights the heated sea. He looks around and the rat scurries into a big, black hole. The rat beckons for The Pope to come into the hole. Frightened, The Pope goes into the black hole.

He looks around in the hole and sees several Mafia types, each of them wearing heavy, black chains. The Pope/Archbishop looks at his own legs and arms to see that he is in heavy, gold chains. One of the Mafia types pulls out a very large, sharp, black knife and cuts off the right ear of The Pope. He spits on the ear, and then mashes it beneath his black and white striped shoes. Then he says to The Pope, ‘I will make you a deal. Your freedom for half of your gold chains.’

The Pope/Archbishop thinks for a moment, then says, "Deal." Then, the Mafia type cuts his thumb, and The Pope/Archbishop cuts his thumb. They bleed into each another--a blood covenant. Suddenly, The Pope/Archbishop looks very old. His hair is very white. He grabs his stomach and keels over. The blood of the underground, Mafia type was laced with cyanide. The Pope became poisoned quickly and died.

The underground rat comes out of his hole, all dressed in white. He is big, round and fat. His black and white striped shoes stood out like two zebras on his feet. He smokes a very large cigar, as he stands on the wall at The Vatican. He boasts, ‘I own half The Pope.’ Then, he reaches down to the other side of the wall, where a frightened, old, thin, white-haired man crouches. And, he drags him up by the nap of the neck and puts the old man on the wall, ‘The next pope,’ he says.

I look at the next pope who is old and emaciated. Several rats/people are goading him in the side with black swords and he is stumbling to remain erect. I see him go into his study late at night. The clock on the desk reads 11:59 PM. The date is June 02, 2001 and the pope says, "I am dying." He puts his head on his desk and quickly disintegrates into a pile of dusty bones. I hear the sounds of the ambulance in the distance as it comes up to the door of The Vatican to get the corpse. But there is no corpse, only a short, wide board which reads, "Never again."

"My Lord, this is very lengthy, and most definitely way above my powers of understanding. Please help me."

"Child, you see Queen Elizabeth come up to The Vatican in her gold chariot, but it is driven by black horses of Saddam Hussein."

"Why two horses?"

"Child, he has grown to twice the stature."

"And the toy soldier is…"

"Her toy soldier. She has been relegated to the position of toy soldier in the world."

"And, her appearance?"

"Child, her rotten tooth is her blood agreement with Saddam Hussein. Her lower gums are infected and swollen. Child, these are her outlying possessions. There is sickness therein, caused by germ warfare."

"And, the tan brocade coat?"

"The frills of royalty. She continues with the appearances, even with a white shirt. She wishes to appear pure. This frill is laced with US currency--the green on the ruffle. She has a mini-skirt, as her legs, her outlying holdings, are exposed. These legs are covered with thin stockings, and are ill equipped to protect themselves. She is holding up these outlying areas through darkness--the black garter. She has problems, real problems here; as her skirt is short, it does not cover her legs. Her military power is inadequate in these areas. Her rear is plump and exposed. She is focused on her appearance, and does not see that these outlying areas are not covered.

Hussein has a black book. Child, this is an evil book of his works. He carries it in the carriage with The Queen. The bookmark says, "Seal of Approval," because she approves of his works. Remember the blood covenant. The Book is the black book of The Devil--The Red Dragon--Lucifer himself. The Queen and Saddam are adding to this book. They work for Lucifer.

Saddam’s suit is black, as he is evil. His shoes are large, black and shiny as military shoes, but with large toes, like clown shoes. Is he a clown, Child? No. But, he may look like a clown to some. The back is out of his shoes. In its place a black strap. Yet, both his shoes have thick, black doors behind these green and tan plaid socks you see.

Child, look at this teeth. They are gold and sharp. Hussein is a rich man. His teeth represent his military. They are polished and are like gold, with platinum screws behind each tooth."

"My Lord, what of the platinum?"

"Child, is platinum more valuable than gold?"

"I do believe so, My Lord."

"Then, ‘tis so, his teeth, his military might are expensive, with costly reinforcements in place. He is armed to the hilt in the underground city. The heels on his shoes show green and tan socks. These are military socks. Behind these socks are dark doors, which lead far into The Earth to great military installations. He leans forward and pops The Queen on her exposed rear end, but she does not know it. She is busy trying to straighten out a wrinkle in the covering between her big toe and the toe next to the big toe. Child, these toes are on her right leg. This is the leg she leads with, the leg from her home. Then, as she bends to focus on the smaller picture at home, he swats her with his military on her behind. This is one large area governed by The Queen.""

"And, this area, My Lord?"

"Child, it is Canada."

"And, how so, My Lord?"

"Through bacteria and germ warfare Saddam strikes her in a silent way. She does not know this, and continues to go arm in arm with him. She cuts a jig with him and rejoices as The US has fallen. It is only a ghost of self, with no military might. It has only a head, a president, but this head is locked and barred by The UN--the white wall behind the bars of the mouth.

The smoke of destruction flows through its eyes, the people (of The USA). And through its ears, the people. Long before, the people stopped looking and listening. Now, it is too late. For, The US has been utterly destroyed from within and without.

The Water, The Spirit of Truth, My Spirit, flows freely from My Fountain--My River, from within the ghost. But, it goes nowhere. Communism is abound, Child. Blackness, darkness abounds all around the ghost of The US."

"What does ‘around’ mean, My Lord?"

"Just that, Child--all around, everywhere. The Spirit of Truth cannot spread."

"And, what of the black goo?"

"This darkness pours from the US and its boundaries--Canada, and Mexico. The Queen and Saddam rejoice in this. But, The Queen does not know that he has brought germ warfare against her in Canada. She sees that her shoes and stockings are black with this stickiness, this darkness, and she casts aside her shoes and stockings for a ride Saddam, and she leaves these other areas to fend for selves. For, she is looking out for self. She and Saddam get back into the carriage, and goes to the rear of The Vatican. She gets out looking like an old hunchback with no shoes, as she has tossed out the covering of her feet--her outlying areas. Now, she is bare behind, and her feet and legs are bare. She looks like an old hunchback with a tan plaid scarf. She wears this tan scarf like the military wear in the desert, like that of Hussein. She is no longer able to defend herself."

"My Lord, she goes into The Vatican. Why?"

"Child, for gold. Did you not see her emerge with two very large bags of gold bricks, carrying them into the waiting carriage with Saddam Hussein? She gets gold from The Vatican to survive. She is half-naked."

"Then, My Lord, what of the journey through the keyhole into the kitchen?"

"The new pope/archbishop/devil is dipping into the honey tree--the tree of liquid gold--to secure gold for The Queen. The bees are the warplanes. They are flying around the mouth of The Pope. What is the mouth, Child?"

"My Lord, I do not know."

"The mouth is the opening to The Vatican."

"Which is?"

"The Square, Child. War is near The Vatican, but the Pope never believes that war will touch The Vatican. He believes that The Vatican is untouchable."

"And, My Lord, what of Hussein in the carriage?"

"Child, it is his record of germ warfare. It is the black book of darkness, of death."

"Why page 493?"

"Child this is his code. The four represents the four horses--red, black, white and the pale horse of death."

"And, 93 represents?’

"Child, nine is for minus, or negative. And three is for God, --The Father, Me, and The Holy Spirit. In other words, 493 translates war, death and the absence of God."

"The three columns are numbered 1-25. Why, My Lord?"

"There are three, who ride with Saddam."

"And, these are?"

"Victory, power and destruction."

"And that he makes a notation at number eight?"

"Child, he is 1/3 of the way through with his destruction."

"And, the title of the book mark, Center for Disease?"

"He is the center for the spread of much disease. That is the plan of the devil to kill many, many through germ warfare. The skeleton of death plays a death march. The red rose represents the blood, which will be shed, Child, by this man and his. Yet, the appearance will be through good, beautiful things that this blood is shed. Many will be deceived, even the Queen."

"So, there will be a new pope?"

"One in the stages of confirmation, acting as pope, basking in the sun unawares."

"And, a volcano will blow?"

"It will, Child. And war."

"Is this pope is rescued from a sea of angry people?"

"He is rescued by The Mafia, who kill him."

"Then, The Mafia gets their own pope?"

"They do, Child, but this one is for only a very short while. The Papacy dies--it is done away with. The ambulance you hear is the sound of 911 coming to rescue The Pope. The noise is loud, like an ambulance. But, the people cannot rescue it. All that remains is a board. And the board, the governing body of the world, says, ‘Never again.’

"My Lord, I thank you, and pray that I have seen and heard as you have directed and spoken."

"Go in me, My Child, and I show you through my eyes and ears. For, I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of July, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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