The Fall of the United Nations, The Rise of Germany, Christian Revival in India


"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You have come to The Mountain, most high and wondrous. The scent is most pure, the flowers most radiant. You swing back and forth upon the swing of my knowledge, my word of truth and honor. Step down from the swing and onto The Path of Truth and Light. Write as you see and as given you, Child. Cherish this honored path. For, it is The Path of The Prophets."

"My Lord, I behold this radiant path. I see that I am only a child with two brown braids, hanging in front, the vision of myself I have seen many times. But, as I step upon this path, I see that I wear a white robe. My hair is golden. I wear sandals and carry a scepter. It is a rod with a dome on top. I have now placed my feet upon the path, and feel its radiance move up my legs."

"Pound the earth three times with the rod."

"My Lord, I have done so. I find myself now at the edge of a very clear pool. It is inviting, and I believe I shall go for a swim. I am jumping into the clear pool with all my clothing. The feel of the water is so pure, so inviting and comforting. I feel renewed. I emerge and sit at the edge of these pure waters. My Lord, I have bathed in the radiant pool, the fire of Your Spirit. I know that this pool is part of The River of Life."

"‘Tis so, Child. Now, adjust your son-glasses, and look far into the distance. For, today you shall journey today to another land."

"My Lord, I have done as you ask, and find myself on the streets of a foreign land I believe to be India. The people are very dark. Yes, My Lord, it is India, as I am aware that this is the land of the Taj Majal. A man of very dark skin approaches and offers me a piece of white paper, folded in half. But, I decline. He is very insistent that I take this paper."

"Take it, Child."

"My Lord, I have reached to take it, but it has slipped from my fingers. As it falls, I see that many white petals of daisies have fallen from within the paper. Here and there I see the yellow centers of the daisies, which are separated from the petals. These are numerous, as they fall around my feet. As I look at the white petals, they are multiplying before my eyes. They swell past my ankles, and are fast moving up my legs toward my knees. They have reached my waist. These white petals are spreading throughout the dark, narrow streets carrying a smell of vanilla. As these spread, there seems to be a bleaching, a cleansing. The darkness is fast disappearing, and I see a brightness in the shops. The windows, which were before as dark as soot, now radiate cleanliness.

To my left, I see a new trains emerge from around the bend. It rides upon new tracks. I count ten in all. The train is coming, its whistle a sound of glee. I see the train is brimming with people. They seem so happy. They are all waving through the windows, laughing and smiling. A sun of pure white light radiates upon them. I hear music: ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home’ And I see marching drummers, attired in bright blue coats and yellow pants. My Lord, this is most joyous.

But all is not well. To the right of the train I see a black vulture in a tree. The tree is a brown tree with many limbs but no leaves. The limbs are cut off bluntly as if by a saw. The sight of the vulture amidst such joy is deeply oppressing.

Suddenly, the whole scene is gone. I see in its place a short, rotund, balding man with dark hair. He looks somewhat like Danny DeVito, but he is not. This man places a brown hat on his balding head. He is dressed in a dark brocade vest, black pants and a white shirt. His shirt is unbuttoned to the waist, and he wears no shoes. The pockets of his pants are all pulled inside out. He is scratching his head, saying, ‘What shall we do? What shall we do?’

Then, he puts a telescope to his right eye and looks to the UN. As he looks, I see what he sees. He focuses on the courtyard of the UN. I see a very large base of a flagpole. A white flag flies atop this pole. The pole is very weak, as it sways with the wind. The flag is a large, white flag. It appears to be made of flimsy, porous material like cheesecloth. In the center of this flimsy flag is a large, faded, red cross.

I see that the doors to The UN are down and have been trampled upon. As I look inside, it looks as if someone has put a match to an accelerant and gutted the interior with fire. Little remains of the rotunda, except for charred ruins. Dust and cinders have claimed the remains. The curtains appear to have been shredded. The windowpanes seem to have burst from the heat, leaving large holes in the walls. As I look toward the front I see only the charred remains of the podium. As I look around I see some papers beneath the charred remains of a seat. As I look closer, I note that the charred chair once read New Zealand. I move in to see that beneath this chair is a manila folder, which is covered with cinders, dust and spider webs."

"Go in, Child, and get the folder."

"My Lord, I have entered the charred UN Building and have moved down the aisle to the charred remains of this chair. I am retrieving the folder, but I see that a spider has woven a web tightly around it. I curse this web to nothingness in the name of Jesus Christ!

My Lord, I now see a large, black spider hiding beneath the rubble. He changes his appearance and now looks like Dracula. Then he goes into a secret door beneath the chair, labeled ‘Rothschild Only’.

I have taken the folder. As I open it, I see a pile of papers. The first page reads, ‘Bermuda Triangle’. Otherwise, the page is blank.

I turn to the next page, which has encrypted writing. ‘I command you, words, to be legible in the name of Jesus Christ.’ My Lord, I am now aware of a flow of words moving very quickly. ‘I command these words to move slowly in the name of Jesus Christ!’ Now, these words move slowly, but German. ‘I command these words to flow slowly in English!’ My Lord, these words flow now in English as a mirror image. ‘Satan, I curse you in the name of Jesus Christ! And command these words to be legible, in English, and to flow slowly.’ My Lord, I read three words, ‘CLOSE THE DOOR’. These three words are written in big, bold writing. Beneath these words flows a muddy stream quickly over sharp rocks. At the bottom of the page are more words, ‘SIT IN QUIET.’

On the next page is a woman high up in a tower. She has very long, brown hair, which she is letting down upon the rotund, balding man. She reminds me of Rapunzel. The rotund man is saying to the woman in the tower, ‘Let me up!’ He holds onto the hair of the woman, her hair all around him; and he feels comfortable. He sees the hair as white as cotton; but as the hair leaves the woman in the tower, it is actually deep brown. This woman looks like a witch, but not to this man.

I am focusing now on this fat man. He is holding onto the hair and waltzing around, totally at peace with himself, singing, humming. He is surrounded by a glass dome and has gold leg irons on his ankles. I follow the chains to these leg irons and see that they lead to the Rothschild Castle. Of the three families, which once thrived in the castle, only the Rothschilds remain. The light in the window of this castle is now flickering. The dark branches of the tree still shoot up through the roof of the castle. The branches now have no leaves. At the very top of this tree is one black vulture.

As I focus on the black vulture, it suddenly changes into the older Rothschild man. He is in the castle seated at a table, finishing off a large meal of lamb chops. He licks his lips and fingers vigorously. His plate is now empty, but beside him on the table is a large pile bones. He takes the bones and tosses them to his rear. There, piled up against the wall from previous meals, is a small mountain of lamb bones.

He sits at the table and perceives a peculiar smell. He cannot quite make out the odor, but believes that it is citronella. ‘Oh, yes, citronella,’ he says. Then, he sees a little, black pot, which is openly brewing it. This little, black caldron is sitting on the table near him. He dips the thumb and forefinger of his right hand into the citronella and puts dabs of it behind his right ear and on both wrists. Then, he takes a cigarette from behind his right ear and smokes it. Smoke starts billowing out his nose and ears. His eyes look like roulette wheels. As I look at his eyes, I see people throwing dice into these wheels. The dice fly off the wheels, just as quickly as they are thrown into them and with a great force. These wheels are turning with such great speed that no one can get access to them. They are totally under control of this older Rothschild man.

He takes three long puffs from the cigarette. Smoke continues to flow from his eyes and ears. With each puff, he fills his lungs completely. He goes to the balcony of the castle, and tosses the cigarette over the balcony. He watches the cigarette as it drifts downward and lands amidst the mountains, creating a fire. The fire quickly becomes a very bright fire of white light. It spreads quickly, and looks very much like a nuclear chain reaction. It seems to light up everything in its path. I see Denmark and Norway burn with the light of this fire. It moves to include Finland. Then, I see that all is black and charred.

Following the fire and subsequent blackness, I see soldiers dressed in red coats playing snare drums. Behind the drummers, I see miles and miles of soldiers, dressed in black, playing flutes. The flute tune is light, airy, and very catchy. I do not recognize this tune, but it is in stark contrast to the dark, charred surroundings.

Now, I behold the bald, fat man amidst the long white hair of the Rapunzel look-alike. The white hair, which was once soft and inviting, is now sharp and prickly. It is beginning to stick into this balding man. The prickly hair cuts into his neck and hands and he is bleeding. He tries to move about, but is resigned to one place, as the thick gold chains with locks on his feet make his movement almost impossible. Every time he tries to move, he is stuck by this thick, sticky, glass-like hair. My Lord, who is this balding man?"

"Child, peel the label off his back, and look underneath."

"My Lord, I have moved around to his back and am now removing the blank label on his back. As I peel it away, I see the large trunk of a hollow tree. This tree has many branches but few leaves. The few remaining leaves are falling to the ground very quickly. I see a red mailbox on the tree."

"Reach into the box and take out the envelope."

"My Lord, I have the envelope. It looks like a Western Union envelope. As I open it, I see a single piece of yellow paper. It reads, ‘Europe is paralyzed.’"

"‘Tis so."

"Why are the leaves almost gone from this tree?"

"Child, the leaves represent life force. Europe is paralyzed, and has little life force."

"Why is Europe paralyzed?"

"Who controls Europe?"

"The evil "R" man."

"‘Tis so, and more."

"Who else?"

"Lucifer and his. The evil one has fallen."

"You mean Lucifer and his have been booted down to earth? And Europe has fallen into his hands? Does Lucifer possess the Rothschild man?"

"He owns him."

"So, Lucifer keeps him in power for now?"

"For now, but not for long. For, he shall be destroyed along with the rest. He shall be used up and discarded."

"So Rothschild got control of Europe and then knew he had to bring destruction to these three countries?"

"‘Tis so."

"And what of the drums and the catchy tune?"

"Child, the red soldiers of communism bring the snare. This snare, this drum, this beat, comes to conquer. It is loud and ominous. Once conquered, the tune is catchy. For, the promise is for one world government under the power of Germany. It sounds good, light and airy, welcome amidst such bleakness."

"And the lamb chops consumed by the ‘R’ man?"

"The orders to kill my sheep. He will launch an unprecedented campaign to kill Christians and will be responsible for killing millions. The works of Hitler will not compare to the works of this man and his machine."

"What evil! It breaks my heart that one could be so evil. My Lord, I continue to pray for guidance that I might bring more of your precious truths to those who will listen.

What is the citronella?"

"The attempt to ward off attacks by the enemy. He will do all in his power to ward off the enemy attack, and when he feels that it is most imminent; he will light the fire, the nuclear fire. It will come from his ears and eyes."

"What are his ears?"

"Those aligned with him, who spy for him."

"Which are?"

"The leaves still left on the tree."

"Which are?"

"Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Romania and others. Pockets scattered here and there, especially throughout Europe."

"So, he fears an attack from these countries he attacks with nuclear bombs?"
"He does, for they do not align with him, but he fears with Russia."

"So, he does away with them, and then promises them the moon?"

"‘Tis so."

"Do they fall for this?"

"Child, look at these poor people."

"My Lord, I see the devastation of nuclear holocaust. It is an awful sight."

"And, Child, neutron bombs in places."

"My Lord, I see ghost towns. All the people are gone, leaving only the buildings. I sense absolute desolation. There is smoke coming from his ears and eyes and I do not quite understand this."

"Child, where there is smoke, there is fire. Fire burns for him in the areas I have given you. Smoke came from the body of this man. Do you see?"

"Yes, My Lord. And the three times he inhaled and blew smoke?"

"Three great attacks or raids."

"And poor Europe in bondage under the chains of gold now realizes that this soft pure hair is really like fiberglass—sticky and painful."

"‘Tis so but they are locked in by the gold, by the money."

"So, the vulture in the ‘R’ tree is really the devil?’

"‘Tis so, Child, but not for long. For, all is moving very quickly now."

"My Lord, what of The Bermuda Triangle and ‘Close the door,’ and ‘Sit in quiet.’

"Child, The Bermuda Triangle is just that. See Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"What goes there, Child?"

"My Lord, I see many cream stairs leading up to a very tall tower. The tower itself has green awnings and is situated on the beach. I am adjusting my son-glasses, so as to be able to read what is written on the awnings. The writing has been faded greatly by the sun. I command these words to appear in the name of Jesus Christ, and I command you to be fully legible and in English. My Lord, the words say, ‘town house.’

As I stand up by the tower, I see bulldozers pushing heaps of dead bodies out into the sea. There is much death here. The smell is awful. A little gold finch has landed on the balcony next to me and has given me a white piece of paper, folded in half. On the paper is written, ‘never tomorrow.’ I am confused more than ever."

"Child, get down on the beach and look around. Who occupies the land?"

"The Germans, My Lord, and the men in black uniforms. I look around and see many of these clones, dressed in black."

" So, whose town house is this?"

"The Germans, My Lord. And, the note from the finch?"

"It says, ‘Never tomorrow.’"

"Yes, My Lord, but what does this mean?"

"Child, it means that never again will the Germans occupy this land. They shall never again bring such carnage to this land. Their days are truly numbered here, and shall be short, indeed."

"Why did they take it to begin with?"

"To have a stronghold in the area to monitor you as a nation."

"Then, My Lord, what of the white UN flag with the red cross?"

"Child, The UN is gone. The red cross is not the red cross as you believe it to be, but the red German Cross. It is red with communism. The UN has been dissolved. It has been defeated. It is no more."

"And, My Lord, the white petals, India and the new train?"

"Child, the white petals represent My Spiritual Movement."

"And, the golden centers of the daisies?"

‘Child, the gold represents the radiance of My Spirit, and the white represents the pure of heart."

"But, My Lord, Your Spirit is a white light fire."

"Yes, Child, but ‘tis gold when it hits the human flesh. For, you are human, and not of my strength."

"So Your Spirit takes a hold in India?"

"Child, there is great, great bleakness, great darkness in India, but a great revival in me comes through India. This is the train full of people. Child, they rise up and know me and my joy."

"Why the ten tracks, My Lord?"

"Child, they shall find many depths in me. For, as you know, not everyone is on the same spiritual level. I speak to you and accept you at the level where you are. My word goes deep--the meat--or it feeds the babe with milk, the shallow walk. I love you, nonetheless if you are a babe. You grow with desire and discipline over time."

"The vulture, watching from the tree…this is Europe?"

"Yes, Child, Europe watches India. More specifically the ‘R’ family of Germany watches India. They do not like this revival. You have seen pile of lamb bones, as these have been eaten by the ‘R’ family."

"My Lord, I thank you for your help in this, and hope that others will profit along the way. For, we must know the enemy, Lord, that we may be the wiser."

"‘Tis so, Child. Walk in My Spirit, all of you, and be free in me. For, I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of August, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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