Jesus presents most visions to me after seeking Him in prayer from 30 minutes to one and one half hours in the early mornings. Each time, I feel the power of The Spirit of God as it descends upon me and I see its white flames, lapping upward. The presence of His Spirit illuminates any dark entities or dark attachments they have made to me, to this house, property or anything around us. Through the power of The Holy Spirit and under the authority of Jesus, I work in conjunction with Holy angels to bind any demons and send them into The Pits until Jesus sees fit to let them out. He has told me that they of ten do not stay there long, but at least this gets them away from me. It is so important to seek out and get rid of any demons every day as Satan will often sneak in and try to tie me up or bind me in my sleep. I can clearly see any attempts as chains or ropes bound to my hands, feet, legs, head etc. The Fire of God burns away these things which look like ropes or chains. This Fire comes in and cleanses my soul and surroundings. It is very important for anyone serious about prophecy to do this every day. Satan is so subtle and so oppressive. The mere presence of these ropes and chains is terribly oppressive. Where these are you find attempts of Lucifer to bind the Light Bearers. Once I have prayed long in tongues and have done the above spiritual warfare, I am surrounded by God’s Spirit, which blocks out all interference until my focus is squarely on God, what He shows me and speaks to me.

I do not always get a firm grasp on what He says through His Spirit. Sometimes, I am totally lost or learn by bits and pieces. This is especially true of the unfolding visions.

When I started receiving prophecies, I saw myself as a child with two, long, brown pigtails skipping along on various journeys. Later, Jesus put me on The Path of the Prophets and give me a white prophets robe with a white hood.

Prophecy is a journey. It can take one to many places and many levels. Prophecy requires great discipline, if one is grow in The Wisdom and Power of God.

When there are no words to describe what I see and hear, acknowledge my feeble attempts. For, instance, there is no way to describe the feeling of peace at the top of The Mountain, or to describe the beauty of The Light there. I cannot describe the feeling of The Power of The Holy Spirit, or the deep humility I feel for knowing such love and power.

You may be left with many questions, as I am. But, if you keep searching for God’s wisdom in all things, He will hear you and give you understanding. The same Light, which has brought me truth and understanding, will illumine all to you.




July 01, 1997

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. The winds of war rage, Child, and unknown to you and the rest of the world the mighty military equipment sits on ready. Pluck the pearls from your eyes, sleeping children, for your days of merriment are numbered, and run shallow to the last of the pail.

Now, Precious Child, your heart wonders on the last vision from The Mountain and into the Vatican, as you were shown there a long line in a sequence of pictures, yea visions to be given you. And, as I speak through My Holy Spirit but truth, Child, you shall be fed more truths from The River on this subject.

Now, My Child, come up onto The Mountain. And be not afraid for the height is great and the air is fine. From this stance one is given to see the tiniest of specks. From this vantage point My Child, the River runs pure, yea, crystal clear.

Now, Child, dip your cup into The River and drink of water so pure that the soul is illuminated. Yea, every speck stands before God, for all is known. Known, My Child, of your frailties before me, yet, you keep coming back to this River to swim and drink. Known, My Precious Ones, all your frailties. For each of you stands naked as the day of your birth. You hide nothing, for I see all. The pure of heart does not exist among you. I see and know your hearts. I seek the willing of heart, who strive to be perfect, even as I am perfect.

Fear not, those who keep coming to The River, for you shall never thirst. I fill your cup full and running over. For, I am He, who sends The River to you, that you may thirst no more. Yea, I am Jesus,…Jehovah, Most High God of Earth.

Now, Precious Child, behold the long line of pictures running from the Vatican. You have been shown the first and the last through vision and prophecy. And now reach down, My Child, and pick up the second picture."

From the heights of The Mountain, I was suddenly carried back into The Vatican; and the long line of pictures lay before me. I picked up the first picture and I saw on it a weathered, half-opened door with heavy door facings. The lock to the door required a skeleton key. It was of radiant brass, clean as if it had been kept polished through repeated usage of the key. Outside the door was a well-worn path with a beautiful array of flowers dotted carefully here and there.

"Go on in, My Child," Jesus said.

I stepped over the threshold, which was raised quite a bit--maybe six inches. Once in, I could see that the door did not open into a house but a countryside. I found myself on a well-worn path, which led into a forest. The path dropped off rather steeply up ahead. Dark woods loomed just ahead on the left; and to the right was a huge black bear. He wanted to get at me, but could not as a steep wall of glass suddenly appeared between us. He followed my every step, clawing at the glass.

I looked in his direction, and the huge black bear turned into a fairy the size of a person, with a magic wand.

"What would you wish, My Child?" She asked.

I ignored her and continued to follow the path. It was steep and the rocks were jagged. I had bypassed the forest, but now found that the boulders were huge--so huge that it was impossible for me to walk further. The path seemed to disappear, and I found myself out on a ledge overlooking a deep canyon.

"My Lord, I am stranded on this ledge," I said.

"Behold, My Child," Jesus said. As he spoke, great angels came with hands like cotton; and they picked me up and sat me in a very tall tree.

"What do you see, My Child?" Jesus asked.

"Oh, My Lord, I see a funeral procession. It is coming down the very trail I just traveled. Many people are coming through that door, every one of them is dressed the same, … in black."

"What more, Child?"

"My Lord, the only thing of color I see is The Flag of the USA draped over a bronze coffin. This is a great contrast to the black suits and white shirts worn by all the women and men. Now a woman with flaming, red hair comes into view. She wears black high heeled shoes, and has twisted her ankle just now on a rock."

"What more do you see about her?"

"I see that she has a very big, black purse, and that she takes something from the purse."

"And, what is this, My Child?"

"My Lord, it is something black. It is a black roll, kind of like a black roll of film, but seems to be heavier than film, almost like a very small black tarp on a roll. She rolls it out on a table, and then I see miniature dancers appear and start to dance on the black roll. There are two of these very small dancers. Soon, they stop dancing and go into an army tent."

"Who are these, My Child?"

"My Lord, they are Bill Clinton and Nikita Khruschev. It looks like they are fighting, but I cannot see very well. I see men lurking in the shadows. Clinton’s hands are tied behind his back and Khruschev stands with his feet on Mr. Clinton’s back. Then, Khruschev says, ‘Guard, get me some seltzer water.’

"My Lord, why would he need seltzer water?"

"Look, My Child!"

I see Khruschev cut his wrist until he draws blood. Then, he drips the blood into Mr. Clinton’s mouth.

"We are blood brothers," he tells Bill Clinton. Then, he unties Clinton, and lets him up. I watch as they both drink blood from the same cup of seltzer water, which contain the blood of Khruschev.

"My Lord, Mr. Clinton’s teeth are red!"

"Yes, indeed, Child, his teeth are red."

"I do not feel good about this."

"Neither, should you, My Child, for The Red Dragon has the most unlikely acquaintances."

"What about this woman with the red hair. Who is she, My Lord?"

"Look on the purse, Child. What do you see?"

"It says, ‘Everything is fine and dandy here.’"

"My Child, what of her shirt?"

"It says, ‘United Nations’ on the right pocket of the shirt."

"And, what of her back, My Child?"

"My Lord, the back of her shirt says ‘Dead and gone.’ I am not sure I know what this means."

"Child, look at the casket."

"Yes, My Lord, I see it. It bears the flag of the USA."

"Look inside."

"My Lord, I see nothing but one ball. It is rotating, with one half, which is black and one half, white."

"Take it out, My Child."

"I have it."

"Look inside, open it up. What do you see?"

"My Lord, I see a golden dragon, like the ones seen in The Orient. It is not alive, but steam is from its mouth."

"Look in its mouth, Child. What do you see?"

"I see a Chinese blacksmith with a long piece of metal. He is melting the metal into the shape of a sickle, like the kind used in harvest of olden days."

"What more do you see?"

"This is all. Just the man in that hot oven, forming the sickle. Oh, My Lord, I see more! There is a vulture, a very large, black vulture over the man’s head. This blacksmith does not see the vulture. But the mouth of the vulture runs blood for the steel worker."

"Who is the steel worker?"

" My Lord, I do not know. I see only his feet working back and forth, pushing the pedal, which makes air, and feeds the flames. Now a name appears on his feet. And, the name is ‘Red China’. The vulture is waiting to eat Red China."

"Who is the vulture?"

"I do not know."

"Look, Child, on the back of the vulture. What do you see coming from the back?"

"My Lord, I do not see anything, but I hear the words ‘Hong Kong’. My Lord, how shall Hong Kong eat China?"

"My Child, look at the hands of the worker there with the iron. What do you see?"

"I see that he has brass knuckles, but the knuckles have holes. What does this mean?"

"Child, look at his knees."

"My Lord, his knees are also covered with brass fittings. These brass fittings cover the knees, just as the brass knuckles cover the hands, but these too, have holes. My Lord, I do not know what this means."

"Child, look at the big toe."

"My Lord, I am looking at it. I see a door in the big toe. The worker does not know it is there, as he is so busy working. I then see Chinese peasants go in and out the door of the toe. I see one now with a basket."

"And, what is in the basket?"

" My Lord, the basket is full of fish. As they hop out of the basket and onto the ground, I see that they are not fish, but people. People, My Lord! And they are running from black helicopters. They run through the fields, and hide here and there. I do not understand."

"Look at the casket, Child. This is the death of The United States of America. This was done in secret long ago. Clinton made a pact with the devil, himself, through blood agreement with Khruschev to go The Red Way. The death knoll tolls for The USA, My Child, and many will be involved in this secret--not only Russia but China, as well. All is not well in China. While China prepares for your death, she has a very large, black vulture on her own back. This vulture will help to devour her from within."

"My Lord, what of the black and white ball?"

"The ball within the casket is black and white, as the black and white issues, My Child, will help bury The USA. But, at the center of the black and white issues are not real black and white issues, but communism, being molded and fanned by Red China. Issues which may appear to be black and white issues are really communist issues being propelled by Red China."

"My Lord, what of the brass knuckles and knee coverings?"

"They show the hole in the makeup of Red China, My Child, which is Hong Kong. When Red China is not looking, Hong Kong will devour it. This is in the works. Red China shall not prevail as they wish, for internal strife shall be great."

"My Lord, you have shown me the red headed woman. Tell me about her."

"When the USA dies, she shall be very prominent. My Child, this is the Red Dragon of Communism. She is dressed in black, as she brings death. Her purse is large, as she will take from you all you have."

"My Lord, who are these in black at this funeral?"

"Look, My Child."

"I see Bill Clinton. I see Margaret Thatcher. I see several from Germany. In fact three from Germany now take the casket and lift it. They throw it over a steep cliff. There are mountains all around, and these mountains are named The Swiss Alps. Then, these three dust off their hands, and the others applaud them. Even Bill Clinton applauds. He is walking back up the path with several of them, and they are chatting. He is talking to the king of Saudi Arabia. Someone comes by with a copy of The New York Times. On the front of the paper is written, ‘US sells out to Oil Rich Countries.’"

"Clinton takes a copy of it and laughs. He says, ‘They will never know, will they?’ He sits there alone with the Saudi Arabian king. Night begins to fall and Clinton says, "Well, we must go. Something is beginning to bite me." He starts scratching all over. The crickets come out and start singing. The Saudi Arabian king stays on. Clinton pulls out a bottle of calamine lotion. He pulls his pants down and starts to rub this lotion on his legs. As he does huge sores appear on his legs. Each sore has an ugly black spider on it. Clinton is covered all over with these ugly black spiders. The king gasps as he sees the sores. He hops back, then turns and runs off."

"Clinton watches the king leave. He begins to tear at these wounds, and blood pours from each wound. Then, each wound begins to speak. They are each speaking different things at the same time and I cannot understand a single word. My Lord, this is a mess! This itch, then the spiders, then the sores, then the voices, all saying different things."

"My Child, look again, what do you see?"

"I see atomic bombs going off everywhere all over The USA. But what does this have to do with Clinton and his sores?"

"My Child, the itch comes from the conscience that he has sold his country for fame. This rash is red, as it is started by the red communist take-over. It will make him very uncomfortable. Then, My Child, this irritation will turn into deadly spiders, whose venom will destroy him. My Child, these spiders are the black military forces trained to take over The USA. You hear many voices speaking at once. These are from two sources: the many voices of foreign soldiers upon you, and the voices of innocent persons, he has murdered. These sores caused by atomic war, My Child, shall eventually kill him, and all who took blood covenants, as he has."

"Why did all forsake him but The Arab, My Lord?"

"My Child, as long as a single vehicle moves, you shall need oil. But, even The Arab shall forsake you. Does this show you your future state, My Child?"

"I see it, My Lord. But, who are these others at this funeral?"

"My Child, look! France is not there. England is there along with Russia, China, Mexico, and Switzerland. Canada is not there. Australia is not there. Belgium is there, along with Germany, who has three representatives. Peru and Columbia are there along with Panama. And, there are others. All in all you see 22. These are mostly countries, but there are three individual families represented. The Rothschilds of Germany are the most prominent. (Make not of the mention of these three families. You will see much about their evil.) These, My Child, have planned your demise for a very long time. It is no accident that Bill Clinton was in The Soviet Union as a war protester. His red connections run as deep as blood. He was hand-picked by Satan even before this life to do Satan’s work, as he is smooth and credible."

"My Lord, you say that Satan would hand-pick someone before birth?"

"’Tis so, My Child. Do not forget that he has access to much knowledge, which you do not have. Did you not see the black bear try to get at you as you entered the door just now?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"This was Satan."

"And, he then became the beautiful fairy, ready to grant my every wish. Yes, My Lord, I saw this."

"This is his way. He is the great deceiver, My Child. All should hold steadfast to their focus on me, lest they be deceived."

"My Lord, this is a terrible thing to behold, the funeral of The USA, and all the double-crossing liars. It is a terrible thing."

"Yes, My Child, ‘tis so. There shall be no turning back from this. This is done, My Child."

As witnessed, dictated, and recorded this 7th day of July, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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