The rise of Germany, The fall of England, and other countries


"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You come, seeking My Way, My Light, My Life. I know your heart, your mind, and your soul. And, I know that you are about my work. Sit upon This Mountain most pure, and breathe this rarefied air. Swing my swing, which goes back and forth in My Word, My Truth, and My Light. Fear not the lion, which approaches from arrears, for you go under my protection. I empower your mind with My Mind, your spirit with My Spirit.

Now, Child, see the three angels of great light behind you. Take the stairway down The Mountain. Your feet never need touch the ground, lest you so wish, for you go under my power. Now, Child write what you see, and as given you to write."

"My Lord, I am skipping along down these steps, aware of these three radiant angels. They are very tall, maybe twelve feet tall or more, dressed in white, with eyes of white fire. I come now to a step, which is broken. I will glide over this one."

"It is an illusion, Child."

"I see, My Lord, that this is an illusion. I look to my right now to see a black and white spotted rabbit. It looks like a cartoon character; it is about five feet tall, sitting on its hind legs. It is looking my way, laughing. He most certainly thought I would fall, but I am gliding under your power, My Lord Jesus.

I notice that I am wearing a small round, white cap on my head. My feet are most radiant of golden-white light. I am wearing a white robe, like yours, My Lord, with a golden sash. I lift my arms, and am now levitating, gliding above these stairs, gently descending This Mountain. The air is crisp and clean. I am looking far below where the darkness is dense. These steps follow right into the middle of this great darkness."

"‘Tis so, Child. And, for this reason, I have sent three mighty warrior angels to accompany you. These have great skills in warring the darkness; and you will need this.

"Yes, My Lord. I have come now into the fullness of the darkness at the base of This Mountain. I am looking behind me at the great light atop Your Mountain, and am aware of such great contrast. I find myself here in the courtyard of The United Nations for a second time. I see flags, still flying high, but the numbers flying have diminished considerably since my last visit. All is dark within The UN World Headquarters Building, except for a faint light, which I see flickering from one of the windows.

My eyes are brought to these flags again. One of these angels is holding up The Flag of Canada, which has fallen into the mire. Dirt and muck are all over this courtyard. This flagpole for The Canadian Flag is broken off clearly at the base. I am getting an image that black horses have trampled this flag. There is much black mire and red muck all over this flag that I can hardly discern this as a flag.

The Flagpole of the USA flag is broken, and the flag is almost invisible. It has not been severed at the base, but is pushed over within a foot of the ground, The Flag in the mire. The stripes have been trampled, so they are no longer visible. All but ten stars are gone. I see ten gold stars at the top of the flag, shining brightly. The rest of the flag is virtually covered in red muck.

I see a black flag, flying high with a gold half moon. I do not know what this represents. Other flags are flying high, but I do not recognize which countries they represent. My eyes are guided toward a hill in the distance, where I see the Australian flag waving.

Next to the Australian flag on the hill is an army tent. I see soldiers come and go from this tent, carrying wounded soldiers into the tent on stretchers. The wounded keep going in, but I never see any come out. I see a soldier hobbling, with one wooden leg. He carries a sign, which reads, ‘I hate Iraq.’ Then, I see a red cloud start to descend upon the hill. A fine, red mist covers this flag, and the Flag becomes deep red, as the mist is soaked into the flag. Soon, deep red drops begin to fall from the flag.

Elsewhere, the red cloud hits the ground and begins to saturate the ground with red moisture. This liquid moves to low places and collects. Small tributaries begin to form in the low places. These meet one another and form red rivers. These red rivers move fiercely sucking people under their currents. I see homes, factories, and farms disappear. Everything in the path of these red rivers is sucked into them, and carried along.

I hear a rooster. Then I see it--a red rooster-- sitting atop the flagpole. It crows repeatedly. The red storm has settled and all in sight is utterly destroyed. The forests look like someone has taken huge machetes to the trees. Everywhere, houses are rubble. I see untold numbers out in the streets of the cities, dead. I see the Pope go here and there holding mass. Yet, only a handful of people are at his feet, worshipping him. Most run the other way when they see him. Here and there in the forests, I see the eyes of those seeking shelter. They collect in small numbers of two or three, shivering from fear. Tanks and army trucks rumble over the terrain, pushing the dead up into piles. The soldiers, running this military equipment, are Chinese. These poor people and their land have been utterly destroyed by The Red Chinese.

"‘Tis so, Child."

"My Lord, I am wondering where The Queen of the Kingdom is."

"Child, we shall come to this. For now, go back to the flags."

"My attention is now back to the front of The United Nations World Headquarters. I am looking at these flags here amidst this darkness. I am aware of five flags toppled and consumed by this red muck. I see others swaying, about to fall. I do not recognize many of these flags. The Flag of France is hanging low, but Germany’s flies high. As I think of England, I am getting a vision of her overrun by black boots, which have trampled this flag into the black mire. I am searching for flags of South American countries, but I see none. Instead, I see a ring, which reminds me of a key ring. Within the center of this ring is a white flag-- The Flag of The UN. I am looking for other European countries. Belgium is still flying high, alongside The UN flag. It looks like the flags of most European countries are trampled into this mire. I see The Flag of China, flying high on her soil. Yet, I see the sword of China--the red sword--clash with the black sword from of The Arab alliance. This is taking place on Chinese soil."

"Child, you see the war go after the industrialized nations. One by one, these will succumb."

"Then what remains?"

"Some of the smaller island countries?"

"Like what?"

"Look for self: The Philippines, Singapore, some of the South Pacific Isles and other remote island countries."

"My Lord, it is very dark here at The UN. In the window a candle flickers, giving off little light."

"Child, go in."

"My Lord, I am trying, but all is locked and barred. One of the angels with me now takes a swipe across the doors with his sword of light, and cuts the doors into four pieces. Then with the power of his hands, he melts the doors. They vanish."

"That is my power, Child."

"My Lord, I am so tiny and they are so tall and mighty with your spirit. I am so humbled. I do not feel that I am worthy to behold such power."

"Were you not worthy, Child, you would not be called. Now, walk the trail of light."

"I am walking this trail of Your Light, as it goes before me. It leads up to the podium, where I came for the last UN Prophecies. As I look around, I see that no one is here. All is quiet. The lone, white candle is nearly burned out. It has dripped much wax onto the table, and has cascaded from the table onto the red carpet. All that remains of the white candle is a bit of liquid wax in the candleholder. The wick is black and almost burned away.

I have moved to the podium, where I see the same manila folder on a shelf just beneath the top of the podium. I take the folder and place it atop the podium. All is very easy to see and to read, as the light is most brilliant. I am very aware of these great beings standing around me, and am very grateful for their presence."

"Open the folder, Child, to part two."

"My Lord, I have opened this folder to Part Two. Beneath the words, ‘Part Two’, is written ‘Gulf War Syndrome.’ Why this, now? The Gulf War Syndrome is something of the past."

"No, Child, it is not in the past. This is very much alive, here and now."

"How so, My Lord?"

"Open it and you will see."

"I have opened ‘Section Two’, to find several pieces of white paper. On the second page is a skeleton at a black, grand piano. Sitting on the black piano, above the keys and to the left, is a red rose in full bloom, placed in a white bud vase. The skeleton is playing a catchy tune. He plays harder and louder, with many base notes. It is a funeral dirge. To the left of the skeleton on the wall is an open window. The wind howls through the open window, causing the curtains to flap furiously. I am noting that these curtains are white with a small amount of black trim.

As I look through the open window and into the distance, I see the castle of The Rothschild and Rockefeller families. From previous prophecies, you have shown me that this castle is divided into two parts. One door, I have seen labeled ‘Rockefeller’; and the other door I have seen labeled, ‘Rothschild.’ You have shown me that these wish their works to appear as good, but that their works are in fact dark and evil. Now, I see that this castle has taken a hit through war. The Rockefeller side of this castle is now empty; and the door bearing the Rockefeller name is gone. In fact, the whole wall bearing the door is gone. Two partial walls and a floor remain. The third wall is part of the Rothschild section of the castle.

I see great activity around The Rothschild part of this castle. Large, black bats are swarming over this castle. Before my very eyes, these bats turn into black helicopters; and they darken the sky. Behind the castle, I see a large, bright sun in the sky. The sun is playing a tune. In the castle, I see men in black suits sitting in small chairs like those of children. These men are playing musical chairs. When the sun plays the music they stand and move around this circle of chairs. When the music stops, each takes a seat in a child’s chair. I see many vacant chairs. As I count, there appear to be 24 chairs, but only eight men.

As I look at this sun, I am aware that this is no ordinary sun. It has bright, golden flowers around the borders. In fact, this border is rather thick with bright, golden flowers. Within the center of this sun is a smiley face. Suddenly, half the sun disappears before my eyes. It is as if someone took a knife and cut half of this sun away. A dark gray area takes the place of the missing half. This darkness seems to be causing a shadow to fall on the remaining half. It appears that the remaining half-sun shall be setting soon, as it is just above the horizon.

Suddenly, the game of musical chairs comes to a halt, and one from The Rothschild Family stands. He puts a telescope to his eye and he looks far in the distance toward Ireland and beyond. He focuses on The Bank of Man; then picks up a walkie-talkie and speaks to someone in this bank, saying: ‘We will be shutting down this thing soon. Get ready for the new system.’ My Lord, what is the new system?"

"Cashless, Child, cashless."

"Then, I see the man with the telescope compress the telescope until it appears to be a round object of approximately three inches in diameter. He puts this round object into his pocket. As he does so, a great explosion ensues. This explosion causes streaks of light, similar to lightening, to go in all directions from the castle. I look closely at one of these beams, and see written on it: ‘I hear everything.’ What is this, My Lord?"

"Surveillance, Child."

"So, The Rothschilds will be surveilling everyone?"

"It is their specialty."

"So, they are behind the cashless society?"

"They are."

"But, why?"

"They have managed to acquire a vast amount of it and they wish to keep others as slaves--keep others from having any."

"What is this sun?"

"Is it real or is it fake?"

"It is fake, My Lord."

"Who is the fake son?"

"Lucifer, My Lord."

"Well, he smiles on The Rothschilds, directs their every move. They obey him. He has led them to great wealth."

"And, they continue on, My Lord?"

"Yes, Child. They wish to rule the world."

"It seems that many wish to rule it."

"Yes, Child, they have worshipped Satan for much time, and each has been told that he would rule the world. Is this not his way?"

"Yes, My Lord. I see that eight play the musical chairs now. Each of these eight thinks he will rule the world?"

"Remember, you saw eight of The Rothschild clan play musical chairs. These are eight, who have joined The Rothschilds. They know that they are in The Rothschild Castle."

"And the black helicopters?"

"They belong to Germany."

"So, this worldwide blitz of black helicopters belongs to The Germans?"

"And to Lucifer."

"How, My Lord?"

"Child, you have heard of the men in black, the clones in these black helicopters. These have been created of Lucifer in conjunction with Germany, primarily."

"And also in conjunction with the USA?"

"Yes, indeed but at this point, The USA has fallen."

"So, Germany will use the clones to terrorize?"

"They will use them to terrorize and to spy."

"In what way?"

"Child, they possess super-human abilities. They are part Luciferian--given to have abilities of mind reading, and mind altering, which you do not have."

"So, these so-called aliens, or Luciferians, kidnapped women? Then, mated with them and created these clones, or the men in black which some have seen?"

"‘Tis so."

"And where are these mostly?"


"Are some in military bases?"

"Yes, within mountains, deep within Germany. Also in your military installation currently within the desert."

"So, these clones, or the so-called men in black will be unleashed in great numbers? How many are there?"

"In excess of 200,000."

"So, they will help round up Christians?"

"‘Tis so."

"Are they expendable?"


"In what way, My Lord?"

"Through sickness, disease, war--the same as you. They are half human."

"This is disgusting. Will these be done away with?"

"Yes, when I return all will be wiped out instantly."

"So, you know each one and his whereabouts at all times?"

"I know every one."

"What can people do to defend against them?"

"Be free in me. Live my laws. Know that the physical body is for a short while, only. I promise eternal life to those, who love me, and honor me through living my laws."

"So, My Lord, when the US military acts like they do not know anything about the aliens or the men in black, they lie."

"They do."

"Are all flying saucers Luciferian?

"The USA and Germany have them."

"Those over Mexico?"


"And, the rest of the flying saucers?"


"My Lord, do those of your kingdom, or others on benevolent missions, ever use such crafts?"

"We do."

"Do you use them to come her into our midst?"

"We do not."


"These are not needed for me or mine to come therein. You have My Holy Spirit. My angels travel therein by projection. In other words, they image a place and are instantly there."

"And, Lucifer and his do not?"

"They can."

"Then, why the vehicles?"

"For transport, for research."

"What do they transport?"

"Dense objects."


"People, animals, equipment."

"So, The Luciferians created these flying saucers to operate in this sphere?"

"They did."

"My Lord, would you use them to travel to other galaxies?"

"Possibly, but they are not necessary, as we have The River."

"I read many years ago of other beings coming here in spacecraft from other stars to help with the ascension and Great War. Is this true, My Lord?"

"It is most untrue. The Father has entrusted Me with much power--all the power I need, and more. Remember, I have huge numbers of angels and saints at my disposal. Child, there are many, many, who commune with demons, and with Satan and his. Many are lost in this. What is coming upon you is one, great purge. It will rock the lifestyles of the comfortable. You will be forced either in My direction or in the direction of Satan and his. The force against you to keep you from going My way will be mighty. But, for those who stand for Me, and remain faithful, the rewards are great. Remember who you are, Child, and be not overcome by the darkness, which is surely about to fall."

"Thank you, My Precious Lord. For, I love you with all my heart. I have more questions so please bear with me. Will the British Empire fall?"

"For the most part, Child."

"And, Canada and Australia?"

"Great losses and destruction. When you, as a country, fall they will go swiftly behind you."

"Is there no safe place, My Lord?"

"In Me and My Word, Child. As you know, there is freedom in Me."

"I have picked up this Part Two of the United Nations Papers and have had an explosion of pictures, are there more?"

"There are, but we shall stop for today. Rest in Me, Child. For, the day is The Sabbath. Keep it holy and show reverence toward Me in all things. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of August, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You have returned to The Mountain, most wondrous; as you heart burns with unanswered questions from yesterday’s message. You question the words in Part Two, as is written: ‘Gulf War Syndrome.’ Are you not given to see death play a mighty tune? You see, as well, the winds blow upon death, the wind coming from the direction of the R. family of Germany. Is this not so?"

"Yes, My Lord, but how is this Gulf War Syndrome?"

"Child, those behind the creation of the Gulf War Syndrome are at it again."

"Please explain."

"The R. Family of Germany remains fully intact. Previous, there were two R. families in the castle on the hill, and a third you have not seen."

"So, the ‘R’ families concocted this idea to kill our soldiers?"

"They did so, along with other Luciferians. They are following directions from Lucifer, as the same worship him in secret."

"I hear this funeral dirge play. Then, I see this castle minus the Rockefeller family from The USA."

"Child, they turn on one another."

"Who is the third family I have not seen?"

"This shall be given. Shall I say, you have seen this one ride with Saddam Hussein?"

"You mean Queen Elizabeth?"

"The Royal Family."

"Now, I see, My Lord. In the original prophecy regarding the castle on the hill. You showed me the two R. families. But there was a third door. On this door, the screen was rusted and disintegrating. I commented on this screen. You said that all is seen. The screen, which once served a purpose of keeping out was no longer functional. The Royals can no longer hide behind screens.

I am looking behind the third door of the castle, and am aware of Queen Elizabeth in bed over in the corner. The light is very diminished in the room where she is sleeping. She looks very old, like someone of 120 years, at least. She appears to be no more that a skeleton with very wrinkled, pale skin stretched over bones.

The older Rothschild man comes in. He is very tall, and with his hair pulled back, black and balding in the front, he looks like a vampire. He has long, white, sharp teeth, which are dripping with blood. He goes to The Queen’s bed. She is turned away from him, and does not seem to notice him come in. He walks quietly to the bed, then reaches down and bites The Queen on the neck. The skeleton-like Queen begins to swell until every wrinkle disappears. Then, of a sudden, this skeleton, which has swollen to look like a balloon, pops. It bursts with a huge blast, and pieces of it fly everywhere.

Then, My Lord, I am aware of an island with a large ship approaching, called The Queen Ann. A woman gets off, who is a semblance of Queen Elizabeth, but younger. A huge crowd awaits. This one of the semblance of Queen Elizabeth begins to disembark. She joyfully looks over the cheering crowd, and tosses upon them large handsful of popped corn. She wears a large, tan hat with fake flowers around the rim. As she takes off her hat to wave to the people, little, white birds flutter out. These white birds quickly become little, brown sparrows, which fly into a huge oak tree nearby.

She reaches the last step of the gangplank. Prince Phillip is there and, he picks her up and carries her over the last step. As she leaves the boat, I see that she wears no shoes. The crowds quickly disappear as she walks along with The Prince. Along the way, I see that she stops for a minute to bathe her feet in a clear stream. This stream appears just to the other side of the sidewalk over which she and The Prince travel.

She wears the crown of queen, but she complains about the weight of the crown. She rubs her neck as if it is sore from carrying the weight of the crown. Her long skirt has two large pockets in front. She reaches down into the pockets in search of money. There is no money in her right pocket, but in her left pocket, there is one, gold coin. Around the outer rim of the coin is written ‘E pluribus Unum’. In the middle of the coin is a plain bridge.

She holds the coin up to her mouth and spits on it. In the saliva, she sees her reflection at a large ball. She is dressed splendidly. Her heels are high, but she walks painfully, as the shoes are too small. She manages to waltz for a while, but soon retires to a side room, where she falls into a deep slumber. A servant comes in and sees her sleeping and fears that The Queen is dead. For, her heart beats so faintly.

Suddenly, she hops up. ‘I am not dead! Damn you,’ she says. ‘The Royals shall never die!’ She gets up and goes to the barn where a solitary horse awaits. It has the coloring of a palomino pony, but it is of full size. As she gets on the horse, I notice that she wears a black patch over her left eye. But, with her right eye, she sees well. She has cowboy boots, with spurs and long fingernails, which look like knives. ‘To Ethiopia,’ she says!

She goes to Ethiopia and sits with a black man at a table for two. ‘I’ve got money,’ she says. And, she pulls piles of currency from her back pocket. Then, she opens a black treasure box, and takes out a small, gold crown, which she places on the head of this man from Ethiopia. ‘Follow me,’ she says. And, this black man, with this gold crown follows her. She storms into the Rothschild Castle, and puts listening devices in the part of the castle, which had once belonged to The Royals. These devices detect through the walls what is being said in the Rothschild part of The Castle. She is listening carefully. There are whispers, but she cannot make out what is being said.

‘Get me the dogs,’ she orders!’ And, two huge dogs appear. They must have been eight feet tall. One of the dogs scratches a tiny hole in the wall to the Rothschild Castle, and Queen Ann rolls a tape into the presence of these men. After a while, the Queen pulls the tape back and says to the two dogs, ‘Read it!"

The two dogs spend two and one half days back and forth, back and forth, trying to read the tape. It is encrypted. ‘Get more dogs,’ she orders! Then, 18 more dogs appear. They run the tape through many computers. After 21 days, the code is broken. The tape reads:

I am The Supreme Commander of all world forces.
I have been given authority, dominion over Earth, and all its people.
All are subject to me and my directions.

The Rothschild Manifesto

The Queen puts a telescope to her eyes and looks far away to The Rothschild Headquarters. She believes that she sees The Pope get into a black limousine. Following him are several men in black suits. Yes, he is in a black limousine, following a black hearse; she is sure of this.

My Lord, I am looking within the hearse, and I see a casket, draped with The Flag of the USA. On the side of the casket, is written: ‘Freedom, no more.’ There is an entourage of eight or ten black limousines filled with these men, dressed in dark suits following the hearse into this mountain. They have gone into the mountain and disappeared. I go in after them, and find myself on some rails, which lead off into the mountain. There is little light, save the small amount, which winds its way back from the opening of this tunnel. But, there is enough light to see before me two very large, polished, mahogany doors. Above these doors I see a sign, which reads ‘Hostile Control Center.’

Inside, I see The Pope, lying on a table with others, seated around him. Each person seated around him in a circle says the same phrase, ‘Omnibi usha’; and as each says this phrase he pours something from a small pail onto The Pope. What comes from the pail is a green substance. It falls onto the Pope and readily becomes green slime, which quickly finds its way off the table and onto the floor.

Suddenly, I see a large, red spirit emerge. My Lord, they have summoned Lucifer or one of his great demons. This entity is talking to them, and now each one is on his knees with his head on the seat of his chair. There is a foul smell in this room. I see smoke rising from this evil thing, which is speaking, and from the green scum on the floor. This thing--this demon--is now possessing The Pope. It speaks through The Pope. They are all bowing in reverence to this evil. Each is making a peculiar hand signal to the other. I see Bill Clinton. His hair is as white as snow. He is smiling his agreeable way. This is full-blown devil worship and is disgusting. My Lord, this burning sulfur smell is overwhelming."

"Now, you see, Child."

"Yes, My Lord, I see who gives them power and plots to make slaves of every one of us!"

"But, not for long, Child. Not for long."

" I am focusing once more on the new Queen. I notice now that she is wearing one black shoe on her right foot; her left foot is bare. She takes the black shoe and tosses it into the river. ‘Cursed be this evil thing!’ she shouts. Then, she gets on the tan and white horse and returns home. She is distraught for what she has seen, and wanders back and forth wringing her hands. She is trapped--closed in on all sides by high walls. She sees no way out.

One day, she sees that a mouse has dug a hole under a wall. She goes face down onto the dirt and pushes herself under the wall through the small hole. She gets out in this way. All looks sunny out. The birds are chirping, and she feels a new day. But, she fails to see an old troll dressed in black behind her. He comes up from behind, and hits her fiercely over the head with a black cane. Then, he proceeds to beat her all over her body with the black cane. The ugly troll then assumes a man’s face. Dressed in a black suit, he is riding in a black sedan, with another. The one driving resembles Dracula. The troll-turned-man picks up the lifeless body of Queen Anne, and puts her in the trunk of the black sedan. This evil looking man at the wheel is The "R" man of Germany. He has beaten poor Queen Anne, and she lies lifeless in the trunk of the car. "My Lord, this is sad."

"Yes, Child. One by one, each goes."

"But, not The "R" family of Germany?"

"Yes, Child, even the "R" Family will go in time. Now, you see Queen Anne and her problems."

"Yes, I do. But, what is the situation with The Ethiopian king?"

"An alliance, Child for money. She has it. He needs it. Yet, he has a position in the world, where she needs to be in touch with what is going on."

"And, the walls?"

"She is isolated, sees no way out."

"And, the mouse?"

"A mole, Child, a mole."

"So, she follows a mole, and gets caught by her enemy? Do they kill her?"

"They do not, at first. But will in a short time."

"So, Lucifer has told this "R" man that he will rule the world? And, The Pope is possessed by The Devil or one of his?"

"Most completely, Child, from time to time. As you see, these worship in secret in this dark mountain. Much magic abounds, as you have seen at The Pope’s death."

"Well, My Lord, this has answered a lot. This kind of worship is what I have seen with those in the "R" family as they played musical chairs with the fake sun."

"Yes, Child, playing to the tune of a false son."

"My Lord, a question about the clones. How did they get souls?"

"Child these clones are created of Satan and his in a laboratory. They have no sense of self, save that, which is programmed into them. God, The Father has sent no soul to them through The River."

"How do they operate without souls?"

"Electrical impulses."

"But, My Lord, these have abilities much higher than we."

"‘Tis so, Child, but these cannot evolve. They are complex machines, created through the alteration of DNA in lab settings. They have been prostituted and do not come in through legal avenues of The Father. It is Satan’s attempt to prove that he is God. Each of you has power over them."

"How so, My Lord?"

"Curse them to die in the name of Jesus Christ--my name."

"And, then it shall be so?"

"It shall be so when you speak with My Spirit, and My Power. In fact, many of you shall help in the eradication of these in just this way. For, they are not legal before The Father. Each of you is a legal soul, with legal rights. You have many rights and much power if you honor me and my path set for each of you to follow. I promise you much and I give much."

"So, they do not have a soul?"

"Not a human soul."

"Then, what kind of soul?"

"An aggregation of darkness collected within tissue. Remember, darkness also has power."

"Yes, My Lord, I do remember this. I thank you, My Precious Jesus, for bearing with me. I desire so to do your work, and be some small part of your great victory."

" ‘Tis not My victory, alone, Child. But, My victory for all. All, who stand for Me in faith across this short time shall be victorious. Come back to me, all who are lost! For, the darkness pushes in on you. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of August, 1997,
Linda Newkirk


Aug 05, 1997

Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. You have come once again, seeking clarification. And, your wishes have been granted. For, you have been chosen. And, you have volunteered to be my powerful messenger these latter days. Your heart is known to me. I know of your sorrow at what you behold. But, you must be at peace in me, Child. For, I reveal the same to you, that you might carry truths to many, who are lost in appearances, delusions, lies. It is a dangerous time to believe one’s senses. For, the senses are subject to believe what is of the world. And, the world, Child, is based upon illusion, here today, gone tomorrow.

My Spirit is in the spirit of those, who love and honor me. The same honor the ways of The Father and know eternal life. The way of the illusion is self-delusion; and is wrought with cheap good times, which leave one vacant. My Spirit fills to completion. It leaves no holes, but brings to completion all in me. You, each of you, know the physical as a means of ironing out your debts. Yet, soon all will be forgiven those, who walk the straight and narrow. For, grace abounds now in great measure to the humble of heart who honor me.

Now, Child, you have asked several questions. Let us start with your question about Queen Elizabeth. For, you have seen the kiss of death to her kingdom--the kiss of the vampire on her neck--and you now ask of this. Child, the skeleton represents the body of The Royal Family.

"Yes, My Lord, and what does her neck represent?"

"Her neck is the connection of her head to her body."

"And, this is?"

"The Position of Queen."

"So, the vampire does away with the position of Queen Elizabeth--the monarchy?"

"With his kiss, he inflates it. The wrinkles are ironed out briefly. And, then the whole thing explodes."

"How so?"

"Child, what do you see?"

"My Lord, I see the "R" man from Germany digging a hole in the ground. The hole is for a casket. I see a tombstone, which reads ‘The Death of Queen Elizabeth, 2002.’ I am looking in the casket at this grotesque form. Is this The Queen, or the position of The Queen?"

"Child, ‘tis her position as queen. Queen Elizabeth shall be no more."

"So, what of this old, wrinkled, bony skeleton in this casket?"

"It is the appearance of Great Britain."

"So, The Queen is dead also?"

"She is dead, and has been for five months."

"Then, what is this month?"

"See, ‘May.’"

"Yes, My Lord, I see May, 2002. What was it that she died of, My Lord?"

"Was she not bitten?"

"I thought that Great Britain, only, was bitten."

"How can she be bitten, and The Queen be utterly spared?"

"My Lord, I do not know."

"What is the specialty of The "R" family (of Germany)?"

"Germ warfare."

"‘Tis one."

"So, she was killed by germ warfare?"

"Chemical warfare directed at her. Remember the surveillance within the Royal Family, coming from the "R" Castle on the hill?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, ‘tis so. She was murdered by this source. This source kissed Great Britain with the kiss of death, which was war. And, through this kiss, most especially germ warfare and chemical agents, this kiss spread rapidly. It exploded among the body parts--exploding within the population, killing not just The Queen, but many."

"Not Prince Phillip?"

"Not at first, but he does not live long."

"Who appoints Queen Anne?"

"This has been decided for some time."

"So she comes to Great Britain on this boat?"

"She comes in on a tide of people. Many will support her."

"What is this popped corn she throws?"

"What do you believe it to be?"

"My Lord, I do not know."

"Look around yourself. What do you see?"

"I see a fairy godmother type."

"Exactly. This white, fluffy substance she throws on the people is fluff. It is airy. It tastes good, but has no substance."

"And, the people leave her?"

"Child, she is Queen in name only. She has no power. Look in her pockets, no money, just a single gold, coin of European currency."

"And she spits on this. Why?"

"She spits to see her reflection."

"What is her reflection?"

"Someone of the social scene. One of status, who is cramped. Her shoes are too tight. She does not like this cramped position. She flees for a while and others think she is asleep. She is angered that they think this, so she comes out fighting."

"Yes, Child, ‘tis so."

"And, Phillip is there with her for the last step?"

"Yes, Child, for the last step of The Monarchy."

"My Lord, Jesus, I thank you for you help. Without it we would all be lost."

"Child, I provide truth that all may be the wiser. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth.


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of August, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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