Iraq, The Super Power


"Precious Child, you are upon The Mountain, most high, most wondrous. Look above and you will see my radiance…the radiance of The Son."

"My Lord, I am looking above, and I see a pure radiant, white light. Within this light, I see many angels. I see one with a magic wand, who stands apart from the rest. Who is this?"

"This is Lucifer. Though he may appear as brightness from above, he waves the magic wand. Child, I need no magic wand. Neither do others of mine. For, I have the Light and power of The Father and no magic is needed."

"My Lord, your light illumines all."

"‘Tis so, Child. I illumine every dark recess."

"My Lord, I saw a dark flutter, followed by something of white fluttering quickly behind. This seems to be a fight. What is the nature of this?"

"Child, even on This Mountain, tension abounds. Lucifer is becoming ever bold as he is within the Earth sphere. A war herein will soon ensue. He and his will be defeated, and cast therein. Scuffles are taking place daily."

"So, confusion abounds where he and his go?"

"It does."

"Child, I have sent you many protective angels today, to guard and protect you on this journey. For, you shall need them. Go in the Power of God to the base of this mountain. Write what you see, and as given you to write."

"My Lord, I have descended from the brightness of This Mountain, and have come now to its base. From this position in air, barely above the trees, I am able to see many houses. All is dark except for the lights emanating from the windows of these houses. I have come once again to settle in the courtyard of The United Nations World Headquarters’. I note that all the flags are gone except one. This is a white flag with a gold tassel hanging from it near the top of the pole.

One of the angels holds up the flag, showing that the interior of the flag has been cut away. This large jagged hole consumes most of the flag, leaving only a jagged white border, which is no more than one inch thick in some places.

The angel has motioned for me to enter the flag through this hole. As I do so, I find myself in an army camp in front of a green military tent. I am being motioned to the rear of this tent, where I see a fire made of wood. Around the fire is a number of folding chairs. Many of the chairs are empty. Most of the men in the chairs are seated with their backs to me. A soldier stands opposite these men, and seems to be explaining something intently to these men in another language. I am having difficulty hearing what is said, as the tanks are roaring to the rear of the soldier past a long line of tents."

"Move in and listen."

"My Lord, I am here behind these men, squatting on the ground behind them. I am listening, and do hear English being spoken. Someone says, ‘We’ll take them at 0400.’"

"What more, Child?"

"A man with blonde hair jumps up. He throws down his gloves and says, ‘Nein, nein.’ Then, he speaks rapidly and angrily. I do not know what is said. Then a fog rolls over these men. They scatter, leaving only burning embers, where once they sat. As morning comes, warfare ensues. I see bombs exploding and hear snipers. These bombs appear to be coming from The Russians. In the distance troops are encamped amidst mountains. These men in the mountains are firing upon the men in the valley.

Suddenly, someone jumps out of a German warplane into the midst of the soldiers in the valley. He is coming down in a parachute. I see writing on the parachute, which says, ‘Sickness and Disease.’ I get a picture now of a tent with many wounded soldiers. Someone is moving around in the tent with an object, which makes smoke. This one, dressed in white, passes the cots of the sick and dying. As he does so, he says a prayer in Latin, and wafts some smoke upon those, who are sick and dying. Soon, each of the dead and dying are surrounded by much smoke. The one dressed in white is The Pope. A German officer comes up to him and says, ‘Job well done.’

Then, I see that the infirmary is suddenly evacuated. It is cleaned of every person and every scrap of paper. Those in the infirmary are loaded like livestock into a train. The dead are stacked several layers deep in boxcars, then frozen. Those who are living are put in many separate trains and sent in many different directions.

The long train with the sick comes to a building on the right of the tracks and stops. This building appears to be a depot. The sign above the door to the building reads, ‘UN Peace Negotiations Closed.’ A little, old lady sits in the window. The conductor gets out of the train, and gives the little, old lady a note. The note is a white piece of paper, folded in half. On this paper is written, ‘call me tomorrow.’

The little, old lady is dressed in a white night cap and pink floral nightgown. She wears gold wire rimmed glasses. From her appearances, she looks as if she is about to go to bed. She takes the note from the conductor, and puts it in her mouth. As she chews on the paper, it swells in her mouth. Her cheeks bulge until they look as if they will burst. Finally, she swallows the white note, and it sits like lead in her stomach.

She starts to get up, and I see that she is a little old lady from the waist up only. She has the abdomen of a very large man. Her lower half is dressed in military pants with heavy, black military boots. She picks up the telephone and dials ‘O.’ Then, she gives an unintelligible message, yet it seems to go out as the same message in many languages. She removes the cotton from her ears and pours oil into her ears. Next, she pulls long strips of cotton from her nose. Quickly, her eyes begin to roll around in her head. She smiles and I see that her teeth are large, gold and sharp. She blows through her mouth, and her breath melts a candle on the desk beside the window. She takes one deep breath and pops the little, old lady gown. Off blows the nightcap. Underneath all is a military uniform. A very large man now appears. He flexes his muscles and rubs his biceps. ‘Of steel!’ he roars. ‘Of steel!’ He starts to speak in English, then German, ‘Get me the deal,’ he says. ‘Get me the deal!’

A little midget, named ‘Italy’ brings him a belt with many, huge bullets. He puts on the belt and growls, ‘I am not satisfied!’ Then, the little midget brings him two more belts full of large bullets. ‘More,’ he says. So, the little midget named ‘Italy’ brings him three anklets of large bullets for his right ankle. I look now at his ankles and see that these anklets come with leg chains. The military man is wearing leg chains, put there by Italy.

Now, the soldier is a giant. He growls, ‘Get me the sauce.’ Then, he seizes a bottle of red sauce, and pours it all over his food. Red sauce overflows his plate and runs from his mouth. I see white streamers flowing from his shirtsleeves. His hair is very black and shiny.

I am searching for his name. I see a patch across the left pocket of his shirt. I am peeling this away to get at his name. As I peel away the patch, I see behind it miles and miles of desert. I see men on camels with binoculars, looking far into the distance. Their eyes travel over deep sand dunes to a nearby country. This is the country of Iraq. I see some peasants just outside the boundaries of Iraq. They seem to be dancing a Turkish dance.

"So, My Lord, this soldier, dressed first as a powerless, little, old lady is Iraq. And, Hussein is indebted to Italy? He is indebted to Italy?"

"To The Vatican, Child."

"How, My Lord?"


"But, how did The Vatican get weaponry?"

"Remember who takes over The Papacy?"

"The Mafia?"


"So, The Mafia feeds Saddam Hussein military might?"

"They do."


"For power, world control."

"So Hussein is very indebted?"

"He is in no way free."

"He has greatly grown in military might."

"He has. And he has deceived many."

"My Lord, the military camp at the beginning, who was that?"

"Did you see one flag flying?"

"Yes, My Lord, what does that represent?"

"The UN Flag. All that remains of it is a fragment of self. It has been cut down to this."

"And, the gold tassel?"

"Gold remains, Child, but little else."

"I heard English and German spoken at this camp after I climbed through The Flag. Explain this to me."

"You see Germans and English disagreeing on how to proceed with war against The Russians. Many chairs are vacant, as many have pulled out of The UN. While they argue, chemical warfare rolls into their midst, brought in by The Russians. All that remains of The UN fire is a little zeal--burning embers. No real fire."

"And, the parachute?"

"The Germans bring sickness and disease."

"I was thinking that The Russians brought sickness and disease through chemical warfare."

"The Russians did in fact bring chemical warfare, but The Germans spread great disease through germ warfare."

"The Germans spread this upon themselves?"

"They spread it upon others of The UN camp."

"Why? Are these not allies?"

"Child, they have no allies. They believe that all is fair game in war. Remember, they desire to rule the world. And, they have managed to attain vast wealth, unknown to many of you."

"So, they send germ warfare among their own allies?"

"Your own army, in collaboration with the three powerful families, sent germ warfare among your own soldiers. You were the first great trial among military. They did this to your soldiers (in desert storm) to see how it disables. Most certainly, they will attempt to take out others in the same way until only they remain."

"So, The Pope moves among the sick and dying with his prayers of antiquity spreading a smoke screen?"

"He does, Child."

"Yet, he is double dealing with The Mafia and Saddam Hussein?"

"He covers all fronts, for he believes he will rule the world."

"And the smoke screen for the sick and the dead, what is this?"

"That their sins are forgiven, that all is well."

"That all is well, and a war is raging?"

"It is so, Child, for all must be kept in the dark."

"And at this point, people are still so in the dark?"

"More than ever, Child, for, they are looking for a religious leader to wave a wand, and make all perfect."

"Why is the infirmary cleaned out?"

"War shuts down in one area, and moves to another."

"Why are the bodies frozen and stacked?"

"Frozen to arrest the spread of disease among their own, and stacked to get a hold on the disease."

"Stacked to get a hold on it?"


"How so?"

"To organize disease, to follow its spread."

"And what of the train which departs for many areas?"

"Child, it is the war train. The train bearing the sick, the ill, leaves Europe and departs for many areas."

"Then, it stops at a building, which says, ‘UN Peace Negotiations Closed.’ And the little old lady eats the note, which says, ‘call me tomorrow’.

"The train loaded with sick and dying, Child, stops and gives Saddam Hussein a note. The note says, ‘call me tomorrow.’ He eats the note. It becomes lead in his stomach, then makes him strong. What is this train, Child?"

"It is a train of those, killed or diseased by germ or chemical warfare. So, Saddam will use this train in the near future?"

"In the near future. And, it will add to his stature and power."

"Why does this note grow in his mouth?"

"It grows behind his teeth--his military might."

"Why does it become as lead?"

"It is a heavy weight, Child."

"In what way?"

"How is lead heavy, Child?"

"Dense molecular weight."

"True and more."

"Like, what?"

"Its toxicity makes it very dangerous. It is very heavy in the tissues, making it a killer for the nerves."

"So, this is nerve gas?"

"‘Tis so."

"Who did he call?"

"He called Zero. What is zero, Child?"


"Yes, but more."

"Like what?"

"It is a circle, a line which meets itself, a closure, a completeness."

"So, he brings closure to a part of his military?"

"To a large part."

"And, the cotton from his ears?"

"Child, he is removing the stops, those he has listened to in the past."’

"And, what does he pull from his nose?"

"From his nose he pulls long lines of troops, heavily equipped in many kinds of warfare."

"What is his breath?"

"Nuclear warfare. After he begins to attack with nuclear bombs, others will see him for the large military threat he really is."

"And, the muscle flexing is war?"

"‘Tis so."

"And he is demanding some sort of deal with The English and Germans?"

"He is."

"And what is this deal?"

"Child, he wants more."

"More what?"

"More military might."

"So the English and the Germans do not respond, but The Vatican does."

"Italy arms him to the hilt to help him bring down England and Germany."

"And, the red sauce is communism?"

"‘Tis so."

"What are the white streamers?"

"Child, still he wishes to be buddy-buddy with England and Germany, with The UN."

"Yet, The Vatican gives him the military might to fight them?"

" ‘Tis so. As said, all wish to rule the world, and none can be trusted. For, all will attempt to kill everyone else in the bid for this power."

"My Lord, this is the worst kind of evil and perversion."

"‘Tis so. Child, go in my love and power. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth. I come for mine shortly."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of August, 1997
Linda Newkirk

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