Latter Day Prophecies relating to The Fall of the Vatican


The prophecies and visions in this book come from The Mountain of The Lord. God carries me there on The Wings of His Spirit after deep prayer and spiritual seeking. But, from time to time, God gives me visions in different ways. The following vision is one such vision. I include it because of its relevance to The Vatican Prophecies.


Vision of Pope John Paul II and The Red Giant


I was standing over the kitchen sink washing dishes and praying, when I clearly saw Pope John Paul II. He was pushing a very large casket through the streets of Russia. On the casket was a white flag with black letters that said: USSR. The casket was closed and was situated on a low platform with wheels.

As The Pope pushed the casket along, he would reach into his left pocket with his right hand and grab a large handful of gold coins. Then, he would take the gold coins and throw them across his left arm to large numbers of peasants, who were standing alongside the road, separated from him by a fence. He dropped some of the coins on the street, but seemed unconcerned as his pockets were overflowing. Then, he would repeat the procedure with the other hand. The gold coins had the likeness of Lenin engraved on one side and Stalin on the other.

He kept at this for some time. After a while, I saw that the casket was being pushed open from the inside. I saw a large red giant rising from the casket. The giant rose up and came completely out of the casket. Then it pushed the casket off the platform and stood on the platform very, very tall, being pushed by the power of The Pope. All along, The Pope continued to toss gold coins to the peasants.

After a brief while, The Pope pushed the red giant to a very steep cliff. The platform eased off the edge of the cliff and the giant tumbled forward. He rolled forward not as a red giant, but as a huge, black ball, which hit the ocean with a great splash.

The huge, black ball traveled beneath the ocean for some time. Then, I watched as it emerged from the ocean and went into a tunnel. The giant then appeared and knocked on a small door with a very small window. A person peeped at the giant through the tiny window, and said, "Come on in."
I looked to see the name of the person, who answered the door. The name was "Florida." The giant then went up Florida and stopped at Cape Canaveral.


An Interpretation of this vision through Our Lord, Jesus:

"Child, it is I, Master Jesus. As you will see in visions to come, all is not as it seems with this Pope. His works are dark and his hands are soiled with gold. For, he has stepped in to feed the peasants but has bought them with glitter. Yea, The Pope is working in darkness to bring communism back to new heights. For, he has plans of his own.

Child, do not believe that what you see is real regarding him and his works in the media. For, he is caught up in illusion. He gives the masses what they desire and in darkness he carries out his own agenda which is to bring down The United States.

His idea is to rule the world. But, all shall not be, as he believes. For, soon he shall die and behind him even more wicked shall follow who shall also be puppets of the antichrist.

You ask about the infiltration of Florida by communists from Russia and whether The Pope has played a role in this. Child, did you not see him help to raise the red giant? Did you not see this in vision? Yea, there is much which goes on in darkness which will shock, yea surprise the masses. Stand strong in me, Child, for I shall reveal all. I am Jesus, yes I am one with Jehovah."

This interpretation is given of Our Lord on January 29, 1998 as I am getting these prophecies ready for Internet distribution. See below for more:
Around mid-November of 1997, the 6:00 news shocked my senses. I watched as Florida law enforcement officers worked feverishly to fight The Russian Mafia, which has taken a stronghold in Miami. The news reporter described this Mafia as without conscience, infiltrating the Miami area with scams and violent crime. The report showed Russians killed senselessly and left on the streets like dogs. Florida has become a select area for migration of Russians. Why?





July 1, 1997

In a vision, I went to the top of a huge, radiant, golden-white mountain with The Spirit of God, The Spirit of Truth, sent by Our Lord, Jesus. The Mountain was situated well above all activity on Earth, and I was aware that from this vantagepoint, I could see whatever might be going on down below on The Earth.

The Holy Spirit said, "Look down there."

I looked far down, and my attention was directed to The Vatican. There, I could see that The Vatican was flying its flag at half-mast.

"Who died?" I said.

"Go in and see," The Holy Spirit said.

I opened the heavy doors in front and went into a large building. Inside the building, it was completely dark, except for the whites of dark eyes, which seemed to fasten on me and follow my every movement. I saw these eyes in every corner, from every part of the hallway, from the ceiling and from the floors. As I looked at the floor, I saw slithering, black snakes as they scattered in all directions.

I slipped on something, and almost fell. "My Lord, Jesus," I said, "guide me through this, for this is one dark, wicked mess."

Jesus spoke to me through His Spirit saying, "Child, I am with you always. I in you, and you in Me."

I looked back to see what I had slid on, and it was a banana peel with rows of tiny mirrors. I instinctively knew that the peel had been put there to make me slip, and the mirrors were there to watch my every step. The mirrors sent signals up to a large balcony. I looked up to see two thugs dressed in black on the balcony waiting with a snare. They were hoping to catch me and hang me in their noose.

"My Lord," I said, "Look at that!"

I felt The Holy Spirit coursing through me and I blurted out, "Hashi, Shiya, Hafta!" This was translated to me by The Holy Spirit: "You hang on your own snare!" Then, I saw the thugs snatched up. Right then and there, they hung together from the balcony on their own snare. Soon, they took their last breath and died.

I traveled on with The Spirit of God as my pure friend and companion to an open area. The area was a round, tiled foyer of sorts, with a stained glass dome overhead, affording light from above to the area. I saw something fall from above and hit the tile. It was a small bottle cap like that of a carbonated drink bottle. The cap was bent on one side, as if an instrument had pried it off the bottle, leaving a turned-up corner. I picked up the bottle cap and looked on the top of it. On the inside of the cap was a small round piece of cork, which apparently had been used as a sealant. I took my fingernail and lifted the cork from the cap.

Something came pouring out from beneath the cork. There were many pictures connected one to another by plastic holders. These plastic holders reminded me of the ones used to hold pictures in a wallet, and were about the same size. The long line unfolded like an accordion, and fell from my chest area all the way to the floor. It kept unrolling all the way down the hall and into The Square outside where it finally stopped by a brick wall.

Someone climbed out of the last plastic picture holder. He wore cowboy boots and saddle pants with jeans. I followed his feet as he climbed a ladder by the wall. He kept climbing up the ladder until he stood on the wall. "Who is this man," I said.

Then, I saw him pull off his cowboy hat. He stood there on The Great Wall of China waving his hat back and forth and smiling. It was Bill Clinton.

Someone from the Secret Service ran up to Mr. Clinton, and said, "Mr. Clinton, you must come down from there. We’ve had a bad explosion, Sir. America is burning. The United States has been bombed, Sir."

"By whom?" The president said.

"We do not know, Sir. Our towers aren’t functioning. We can’t track it. We can only tell that we’re surrounded, Sir."

There was not another word, and the picture faded. I said to The Holy Spirit, "Is there more?"

"Yes, The Spirit said. "Look at this."

I realized that I was still standing in the foyer, and my eyes fell on a picture just in front of me. It was the first picture in the sequence, and when I picked it up I saw that it was a picture of a pig. He stood in front of a black and white wood-burning stove wearing a white apron and holding a black frying pan. He was cooking link sausage one at a time in the pan; and he held a plate of hot biscuits, which he placed in the warmer above the stove. Now and then, he would toss the sausage into the air. He was cooking his last one when the stove caught fire from the grease dripping onto the stove.

Then, the pig caught fire. His apron was burning. His flesh was burning. The kitchen caught fire, and the house burned down. The Pig managed to escape, but it was not the pig, which I saw emerge from beneath the flames, but a man, who looked like Clint Eastwood.

"Clint Eastwood!" I said.

The Holy Spirit said, "Yes, Clint Eastwood."

"Why?" I asked.

The Holy Spirit said, "Would he not make a good Marlboro Man?"

I said, "I don’t know."

"Well, they think so," The Holy Spirit said.

Then I saw the Clint Eastwood look-a-like going through fields of rice patties in The Orient, giving away cigarettes to little children. They were smoking them, their eyes running with tears. These children grew up into adults, wearing black, and dying early of lung cancer.

I said to The Holy Spirit, "Why are you showing me this to me now?"

And, The Holy Spirit said, "Look!"

Then, I saw four dark railroad ties situated to form an entranceway into a dark tunnel. The tunnel traveled far into The Earth.

The Holy Spirit said, "Get into the railroad car."

I said, "But, it has no power."

"But, you have me."

So, I climbed into the car and took off through many mountains at high speeds to the end of the tunnel, where it came out at the edge of a lake.

"That tunnel," I said to The Holy Spirit, "where did it begin?"

"Saint John’s Lake," The Holy Spirit said.

"Where did it end?"

"At The Lake of Our Lady."

"I don’t understand," I said.

"You have a man-made tunnel connecting Saint John’s Lake in the Soviet Union with Our Lady’s lake in Rome."

"Why is this?"

"They are one and the same," The Holy Spirit said.

"What are these lakes?"

"They are fed from the same spring," The Holy Spirit said.

"What spring?"

"The Spring of the Equinoxes," The Holy Spirit said.

"The equal days and nights spring?"

"That’s right," The Holy Spirit said.

"I don’t understand this."

"My Child, go back and look at the label on the train."

I did. The label said, "I kill women and children."

"I still don’t understand," I said.

"My child, those leaders connecting these two shall try to make the days and nights equal, the blacks and whites, the rich and poor, equal in all ways through communism. These springs feed these lakes in The Soviet Union and The Vatican, Child. The train going through the cave connecting the two will kill women and children."

"Why women and children?" I asked.

"To control population," The Holy Spirit said.

"Why will these leaders not kill men?"

"Men are needed more for war and labor."

"Yea, but why Marlboro?"

"It is systematic now in China for population control."

"But, why Clint Eastwood? Is this real?"

"It is," The Holy Spirit said.

"So, we go from a pig, to one, who looks like Clint Eastwood, to killing in China, to making people equal, to killing women and children. What does it all mean"

"See the Vatican burning?" The Holy Spirit said.

"Yes," I said.

"See the Pope dead?"


"See Russia laid to waste?"


"See major infanticide and killing of huge numbers of women worldwide?"

"Yes," I said.

"Child, these are beautiful lakes on the surface and the pig is fat and fun on the outer. The pork is fat, but the fat burns, My Child, and all, who partake of the fat die in the fire."

"What is this fat?"

"This fat, My Child, is the taking of innocent life by any means. All shall die a horrible death in the fire," The Holy Spirit said, "but, the ring leaders shall never leave the fire."

"You said ‘never’," I said.

"Look at the Lake of Fire, My Child. Do you see them leave?"

"No," I said.

"Then, ‘tis so. This is the fate of The Pope, who is raising The Soviet Union to bring you down. He wishes to make you all equal through war. He plans to rule the world, but he is a fool. Russia plans to rule the world. She is a fool. The Syrian plans to rule the world. All are fools, for The Red Dragon says, "I shall rule it." But, he is a fool, for The Lamb has already paid the price. He is the heir."

"This is a lengthy procession," I said. "And, all those pictures in this long line give a piece of the puzzle?"

"They do," The Spirit of God said.

"And, will you open them up to me? " I asked.

"I will," Jesus said through His Spirit.

"Then, break the seal and let them roll," I said. "By the power and blood of Jesus!"


From henceforth, I will make a statement at the end of each vision: as witnessed, dictated and recorded. This means witnessed and recorded by me, Linda Newkirk, and dictated by Our Lord Jesus, who is one with Jehovah. The above vision was witnessed, dictated and recorded on July 01, 1997.
Linda Newkirk


I was in the super market in the week of the 7th of October 1997 and picked up The Weekly World News tabloid. When I opened it up, cold chills ran up and down my spine. Near the front of the magazine was a picture of a Chinese youth with his mouth brimming full of lighted cigarettes. There must have been 100 plus cigarettes in his mouth! The article went on to describe how Chinese children are smoking themselves to death. Many promising students are dying from nicotine poisoning as these kids bid to see who can smoke the most cigarettes. According to the article, businessmen sponsor these smoking contests. The Chinese Government is described as "concerned."
The Chinese Government is not concerned, as The Spirit of God has spoken differently.


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