"Hear me, Oh, child, from The Mountain. It is my voice, the voice of Your Savior, Teacher and Confidante, Jesus, Lord of Earth. You have cried out to me in earnest, as you seek my truths, my direction. You sit high upon The Mountain. The air is most pure and cleansing, the garden, most radiant. Yet, all is not devoid of Lucifer and his traps set for you. Behold the dark tree. It has many dark roots, but no leaves. It has a dark door; and across the path leading down the mountain, he has placed a stumbling block. There are many paths down the Mountain, Child, the least of which is to walk.

Now, be aware of your son-glasses. And know that your feet are shod in my word, my wisdom and power. Behold your ears as large radiant cones for receiving my word, and My Spirit, enveloping you. Child, I have given you extra protection today; for, you shall need this in your travels. Now, Child, behold in your hand a radiant umbrella of golden light. Take it and open it, and glide slowly down The Mountain. Write as you see, and record as you are told."

"My Lord, I have the umbrella. It is opened, and I feel myself rising above The Mountain. I go now among clouds and feel the moisture on my face. I am aware of a thick shield--a force field--around me. Lord, I see the angel, Kikiara, beside me. I am approaching now the land below, and find myself on a wall. I am not sure what this wall is. It looks at first like The Great Wall of China. I see mountains to my left, and to my right I see a paved courtyard, a brick square. There are several flags, flying outside. I see The Canadian flag, The US flag at half-mast, The UN flag, and several other flags. I do not recognize many of them. My Lord, I am counting, and have stopped at 20 flags. There are many more than I had originally thought. I am looking past these flags at this huge building, which is United Nations World Headquarters. I see this sign over a set of double doors."

"Go up to the doors, and go in, Child."

"My Lord, I am here, and am trying to push these doors open, but they are stuck together with a substance that is like chewing gum, but thicker."

"Shine My Light upon it, Child, from the flashlight you have in your pocket."

"My Lord, I have done so, and the goo is now melting, falling onto the floor, and making a puddle. I have opened the doors, My Lord, and see a large rotunda below, filled with many rows of seats. I see open walkways around this area, with a vaulted ceiling. I see a vine hanging in front of me, My Lord."

"Ignore it."

"Yes, My Lord."

"Go down into the rotunda and up to the podium."

"Yes, My Lord, I am doing so, and am now here. All are gone, and it is very quiet in here, except for a cricket."

"You know who this is."

"Yes, My Lord, I know that it is another of Lucifer’s tricks to distract me."

"Look at the manila folders in front of you, filled with many papers. Place it on top of the podium."

"I have it, My Lord. The vine has now moved over, My Lord, and is wrapping itself around the podium. It is trying to keep me away from these papers."

"Curse it."

"Hayi heshno odi!" The vine became dust, My Lord."

"Open it up."

"My Lord, I am trying, but here is the glue again. I shine the flashlight and it has melted it into a puddle, which is dripping into the dust. I have opened the folder, and the papers are starting to fly out one by one."

"Command them back."

"I command you back in the name of Jesus Christ! My Lord, they are returning, but I smell the most peculiar odor."

"Command it to die."

"Hada ishi oyihi! Oh, My Lord, the evil herein is so thick, so terrible. It is an awful thing."

"Yes, Child, ‘tis so, but you are in charge here. You go under my power, which is far greater than that of any evil on Earth. Now, Child, look at the first page."

"My Lord, I have it. I see a library card on the left, and it looks as if many have checked out these pages. They are stamped by many, many countries in various years."

"‘Tis this, and much more, Child. Now, look at the first page and record."

"My Lord, I see some writing and a date, but this sticky stuff is all over the page again. But shining your light makes it clear. It is written: ‘We have entered into an agreement among undersigned nations to pursue this war to the end for purposes of a better government, designed to serve all equally in government, in restitution of trade, and balance of power. Military force will be used as deemed necessary to make sure that all are governed fairly under this agreement of freedom for all. All for one. One for many. The United Nations World Government, June 03, 1999.’ My Lord, once again I am lost in this. Please explain."

"Child, as is written…one government for all, all treated or deemed equal by this government, world communism, the forerunner of the Antichrist takeover. He is orchestrating all, and will shortly embody."

"Oh, My Lord, this is most frightening."

"And should be, for the hourglass moves to the last few grains of sand. Turn the page, Child."

"My Lord, I have turned it and see a limb of a tree devoid of leaves. It is a limb divided into two parts. One part of the limb goes away from me. It shoots down, and is burned. It is smoking. There is one part of the limb, which is brown. A bluebird is sitting on the limb. The bluebird is very fat and is whistling merrily. I believe this fat bird must be one of the ‘R’ families."

"This and more, Child."

"How so, My Lord?"

"‘Tis a blue bird with a red stomach. Is it not?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"It is red with communism. It sings opposite the decree for one world government. It is more than just The Rothschilds; for these have swayed many nations to join the Bluebird Way. Remember the bluebirds, flying as bats, then bluebirds. Well, this is what you see. The flag of the USA is at half-mast. The Rockefeller arm is still smoldering, burning. War abounds. And this arm rises to world prominence. Did you not see that Germany was the one to help in the tossing of the casket of a dead USA over into The Swiss Alps? They nail the nail in your coffin through finances in The Swiss banking system. Child, this has been planned for much time. Be not brokenhearted in this. The greedy must fall. These must be brought down, and it will happen, one by one, until my return. Many innocents will go, but do not be overcome by this. Child, there is a higher way."

"So, My Lord, the fat Rothschilds are now in charge of world communism?"

"They are ringleaders, but not all. There is a group, who has long sought world dominion, called the Bilderbergers. These are the red stomachs of the Bluebird, and these include many world leaders as well as others of leadership quality. The rich wish to get richer and keep the masses as slaves. They are closing in on you more and more every day. Truth is a scarce commodity among them; and they have taken such control over your media that you, as a people, are strangulated. You starve for truth. You are served their rendition of truth. You are to know no hint of war, Child, until you are destroyed. Many parts of the world know of the great military maneuvers being performed with the sole purpose of bringing you down. Your secret government most certainly knows; but you, as a people, are being kept in the dark. Child, your time as a free country wanes."

"God, help us! God, help us!"

"Precious Child, many of you shall not make it through The Great Tribulation. This is so, and this great tribulation is upon you. You sleep. Awaken in me! Serve me that you--all of you--have eternal life! Now, Child let us continue. Look to the next page."

"My Lord, I am here, but this page is covered with a dark page, coated with a sticky boundary. I will take your light and burn it off. I am lifting this top page, which is gray in color. Now, My Lord, I see a page radiant with your light. And I see a leader. I believe he is the ruler of Egypt."

"‘Tis so, Child."

"He talks with a woman. She looks like a dark-skinned Indian woman, adorned in Indian dress with a red dot in her forehead."

"She represents The Country of India."

"So, he is speaking with India, My Lord. She puts her hand on top of this small glass table, and he puts his hand atop hers. I see blood flowing from her hand onto the table, and off onto the thick, red carpet. He is sticking what looks like a very sharp nail right through her hand. He has her hand pinned to this table, but she makes no attempt to get up. He gets up and walks off hurriedly, and she gets up, My Lord, with a big hole in her right hand, which looks like a burn hole. She gasps and runs from the UN Building. There are German warplanes overhead. The Indian woman is frightened. She is running; and the warplanes are chasing her into the mountains where she hides.

I see a German commander walking the streets of India. Every now and then, he clicks his heels and salutes someone, who comes by. My Lord, I cannot make out their faces. They move by quickly and are fuzzy in appearance, like ghosts."

"‘Tis so, Child."

"My Lord, I am quickly becoming lost in this. Please explain."

"Child, you have seen the Egyptian befriend India under false pretenses."

"How so, My Lord?"

"He gave India a hand. India believed it was sincere, but Egypt ‘stuck it’ to India."

"Stuck what, My Lord?"

"Child, bloodshed through war."

"Egypt attacked India?"

"It blew a hole in her hand."

"And, her hand is?"

"Her hand is her youth."

"I still do not understand."

"Look at the piece of white paper, Child, folded and then folded again. Open it."

"My Lord, it is opened. I see a piece of paper with a hole burned through the center. Behind it, I see dry, dusty earth. Sitting amidst this dry, dusty earth, I see an Indian peasant woman, washing filthy clothes in a tub of filthy water. Behind her is an army tent, and outside the tent is a German soldier with a telescope. He looks at a mountain far, far away. Across many mountains is desert. In this desert, I see the country of Egypt.

The Egyptian President is in his office. He picks up the phone and calls the tent of the German soldier. The Egyptian says something to the German soldier, which I do not understand. And, The German soldier says, ‘Well done, My Friend.’

So, My Lord, Egypt has double-crossed India, promised them something, yet teamed with Germany to help invade India."

"There is more, Child."

"Like what, My Lord?"

"Child, see the old lady washing clothes? She has no shoes. Her teeth are rotten, and all but gone. She is a beggar with no food in her tray. In her pockets, she has a large roll of money--a loan from many countries. Yet, this money is still in her pocket, as she is truly a beggar. It was never spent on her youth, who are truly starving. She cannot defend herself, as she has no shoes--no military. Her military might--her teeth--is gone. Remember that Germany is in charge. The Egyptian has double crossed India, and has actually helped The Germans invade her."

"But, why, Lord?"

"To eradicate, to kill and to control in the quest for world power."

"And, India is washing dirty clothes. What does this mean?"

"She is washing her sins, Child?"

"Which are?"

"Everything under the Sun. India has degenerated into the foulest of behaviors. She washes through superstition and religiosity."

"My Lord, are there not some Christians in India?"

"Yes, Child, but few."

"My Lord, what of the German soldier and the ghosts?"

"Child, the German soldier in India salutes ghosts of people quickly passing into oblivion. Death is rampant and moving on at a very fast pace."

"So, India was given money by those in power, yet they had no intention of her ever using it?"

"‘Tis so."

"And, Germany/UN quickly took over India?"

"There is more?"

"Like what, My Lord?"

"Every disease known to man."

"So, Germany and the UN One World Government unleashed germ warfare on them?"

"Along with nerve gas and chemical warfare. This is why you have seen the people in India flee to The Mountains, where she will not be hunted by the military."

"Oh, My Lord, this is terrible."

"Yes, Child. You must remember that The Antichrist has given orders to decrease the population of the world, such that the remaining numbers will be small. When he comes, the world will be in a terrible state, and those, so suffering, will be eager to take ‘the mark.’ Those, who establish themselves far into the mountains, will have a chance to survive this.

Now, Precious One, I see you tire. Get these typed. I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of July, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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