A Better Way

July 11, 1997

"Precious Child, it is I, Master Jesus. I honor your self-discipline to get these messages out. The hour draws near, My Child, when you shall be hunted like an animal for writing the truth. But, have no fear. For, none shall lay hand on you until I say your work is finished.

Now, My Child, you find yourself upon this Mountain, most beautiful, indeed. Take the hand of Kikiara, The Keeper of the Book of Life, and descend the steep path. You will come to a cavern across your path, and rushing currents, but do not worry. For, you have the most adept angel to carry you; and remember My Child; you have The Power of God. This Power will remove boulders from your path, even mountains. Now, go and record as given."

"My Lord, I descend now, aware of this very tall angel, with eyes of fire, attired fully in white. This angel is just to my right, and slightly behind. These rocks are slippery, My Lord. I am falling on them. I am sliding down this path over very slippery rocks. A slimy goo like that of algae is clinging to me."

"Curse it, Child, curse it."

" Hada, esheo, hada." It is translated, "You melt and fade as nothing." Then, I see all of it disappear at once and I know that it was one of Satan’s tricks. At once, a most unusual red flower springs up on one of the rocks. These are very tall rocks and smooth, where no flower could grow. But, one springs up with great roots, which pour over the top of the huge boulder. This small flowering plant quickly grows into a large tree. It becomes tall and bushy with many red flowers and a thick trunk.

A door appears in the tree. A cuckoo bird hops out, and sings, "Cuckoo, cuckoo." Then, the "cuckoo" sound dissolves into gibberish, as if many voices are speaking at once. "Hayi heshno, ashidi." This is translated, "I curse you to ashes." And, the tree dissolves into gray ashes.

I see ahead on the path a dark overhang. It is made of rocks and hangs over the path like a cave. "My Lord, I know this is The Devil’s den, and I do not cherish going through it."

"Then, Child, go not through it. Use the Power of God, and go over it."

"My Lord, how shall I do this?"

"Reach in your pocket, Child, for a small set of controls. Just push the control, which says, ‘up’, and The Power of God shall take you over this trap."

"So, I reach for the controls, and when I find them, I pushed, ‘up’. I travel up and over the path. The Mountain breeze is cool and refreshing. I soar over great mountains, valleys and wide, swift streams, suddenly aware of wearing my Son-glasses, and carrying in my left hand a small, square, lunch box, something like a child would carry to school. "My Lord, what is this lunch box for?"

"Child, this shall feed you, as your journey shall be long. When I tell you, take out and eat what is therein; and it will empower you as you tire."

"My Lord, I see The Square. I know I am headed back to The Vatican."

"Yes, Child, for many pictures remain."

"My Lord, this must be the most evil place on the planet."

"My Child, ‘tis one of many."

"Now, stop there on the wall. Sit and watch below, and take out the pear and eat of it."

"My Lord, I am eating this pear. It is most juicy and delicious. The juice is pouring from it, and dripping onto my hands and clothes. Everywhere it touches, it radiates white light. I see that my body is glowing, My Lord, my hands are glowing. Even my head is glowing."

" ‘Tis so, Child. This is food from above to nourish you, for your energies are low."

" I keep chewing, My Lord, but it just doesn’t go away. The pear just builds in my mouth."

"When I tell you, Child, spit it out on the worker you see below, sweeping the square."

"As you say, My Lord."

"Child, look through your microscopic eyes at this man, do you recognize him?"

"No, My Lord."

"Look at the sign on his back. What does it say?"

"My Lord, it says, ‘Frank Sinatra.’ Frank Sinatra is sweeping The Vatican."

"He is."

"In what way, My Lord?"

"Spit it out, My Child, on his head, and you will see."

"My Lord, I spit it, but it only bounced off his head, as a hard ball and it caused him to split in half."

" ‘Tis so, Child. And what do you see now?"

"My Lord, it is a semblance of Porky Pig. He has a cookie sheet, which had sausage, as there are remnants, but no sausage. He holds it up and turns it over. A few sausage crumbs fall out along with a few drops of grease."

"My Child, look at the grease spots."

"I see them, My Lord. This Porky look-alike has turned into Mr. Sinatra. He is busy scrubbing, trying to clean up the grease spots."

"Look, Child at these grease spots, and follow them all the way into The Vatican and beyond. Do not step on them, just follow them."

"Then, My Lord, I shall use The Power of God to fly above them, as I do not wish to walk near them. Is there a contol button so I might be able to fly over these spots? Where are the controls, My Lord?"

"Nay, I do not wish you to fly above. You must walk alongside. Precious One, your controls are gone nowhere. They are in your left hand."

"My Lord, I do see."

"Then, hop from the wall and follow these spots. The angel is beside you."

"My Lord, I am down here. I see these spots, which looked so small from above, but they are actually huge. The pig is scrubbing mightily, but he cannot get them up. They have become like amber, but much darker. He scrubs them furiously with a wide flat broom but only scratches them. My Lord, what are these spots?"


"In what way are they sin?"

"Child, take the control, point it at the large spot behind the pig, and cause it to open."

"I am doing this, My Lord, and I see a stairway going down somewhere. Mr. Sinatra, maybe twenty years of age, is following this stairway down."

"Then, what?"

"My Lord, I see people drinking, smoking, partying, and gambling. Then, someone drops a pitcher of beer onto the floor, and as it hits the floor, it starts a fire. Flames are leaping high, but few notice. I see only one woman, who is running hither and yon, shouting. She is the one, who dropped the beer. She is dressed like a Las Vegas showgirl or like a Playboy bunny without the tail. She is wearing fishnet stockings and high-heeled shoes. She has something on her right wrist. It is a cuff only of a shirt, which is for decor. This cuff has a cufflink, and it looks like a Lapis Lazuli stone is set in it. My eyes are called to this blue and white stone. I do not know why. The fire spreads up the legs of this woman, and burns off her stockings. She drops something, My Lord."

"Get it."

"I have it. It is a picture."

"Go into the picture, Child."

"My Lord, I have stepped into the picture and I am here in the study of The Pope. I see Pope John Paul II talking to someone, who is seated on a sofa beside him. He hands this person something, which she puts into her wallet."

"Child, whom does he talk with?"

"My Lord, I cannot make out the face. But it looks a bit like Cinderella."

"Are you certain?"

"No, My Lord."

"Look at her feet."

"I see them, My Lord."

"The tops of the shoes open up. Open them and take out the papers from both shoes."

"My Lord, I open the left shoe from the top and I take out the paper. It is at first only a blank sheet of paper. But, now I see that it has one black spot in the center. This black spot spreads and becomes a red spot, which consumes the whole page. The paper is now soaked with this red substance, which drips from the paper. This red substance looks like blood, and it is dripping onto the floor. My Lord, it falls to the feet of this woman, and is making a puddle."

"Get the paper now from the other shoe."

"My Lord, I have it. It is a very sticky paper, and hard to open."

"Curse the sticky part. You know who put it there."

"Hayi heshno odi." It translates, " I curse you to nothingness." As the sticky part vanishes, My Lord, I see Joan Crawford, standing in front of a mirror at a very old dresser, one reminiscent of the 40s or 50s."

"What is she doing, Child?"

"My Lord, she takes something from a drawer. It is a gun."

"Then, what?"

"She shoots a man in the heart, and kills him."

"Then, what?"

"My Lord, she puts him in a trunk under her bed, locks him up and hides him. She then goes to the window and opens the window. I see her looking out at the ocean. It looks like there is a thatched roof. I see straw hanging down outside."

"What more do you see?"

"My Lord, I see her put on a hat with a single feather. She pulls the trunk out the door and into the night. She drags it across the beach and goes out into the waves with it. The tide is going out, and she sends the body out into the dark waters. Then she gets out of the water, puts sand between her hands and rubs them together. I hear her say, ‘I am done with that bastard.’ My lord, this is an awful thing. Did she actually kill someone?"

"She did."

"Why did no one look for this?"

"They have."

"Then, why did they not find that it was she?"

"No evidence to speak of."

"No blood?"

"Not that they could find."

"My Lord, what am I looking at here with this man trying to clean up in The Square, then the trip down the stairs, then Sinatra partying, then The Pope with this woman?"

"I shall tell you, My Child, but first let us go back to The Pope in the study. Who stands beside this woman with the shoes?"

"My Lord, I see a man behind this woman, who is Joan Crawford. He is not looking at her, and he is not looking at the pope. But he is holding onto the back of the couch behind Joan Crawford, gripping it with a great strength. His grip is so strong that his knuckles are turning white. He looks out the window and he cries. He says, ‘My poor baby. I want my baby.’"

"Child, who is this man?"

"My Lord, I do not know. He is dressed in a dark suit with a black and green plaid vest. His shoes are black and white. They are clown shoes. The toes are very big and inflated in size. My Lord, he also has a very big, red clown nose and is crying big tears. These tears are falling down on the head of Cinderella/Joan Crawford and are melting this Cinderella appearance. Her head, her dress, everything is gone now, melted. It looks like the wicked witch of the West has taken the place of Cinderella. I see her now in a basement area. There is no one there but her, and she is standing before a black potbelly wood burning stove. She is steadily feeding wood into this stove. The fire is blazing hot, but she just keeps on pouring in the wood. She is all dressed in black, and her teeth are dripping blood. I see, My Lord, that each block of wood is hollow."

"Go there, Child. There is a written message in the piece of wood now in her hand. Take it out, and read the message."

"I have it, My Lord, and I open it up. On the piece of paper, I see only this Porky pig look-a-like out in The Square with a broom, trying to clean up spots."

"Look below, Child, and read the message."

"My Lord, it says, ‘I am a murderer of innocent women and children.’"

"Who is a murderer, My Lord, and what does this mean?"

"My Child, you are in The Inner Sanctum of the pope again."

"But, My Lord, he professes no birth control and large families. He is against abortions. This, he speaks."

"My Child, he speaks lies."

"Why, My Lord, would he go before the masses and urge people toward these large families?"

"To deceive them."

"How, My Lord?"

"Who sits with the pope?"

"Well, it is Joan Crawford, the murderer, and someone I do not know."

"Child, this one you do not know is the hidden voice of Joan Crawford, the clown."

"My Lord, how was she a clown? I do not understand."

"Child, do you see the wicked stepmother there in the carriage, going to The Ball?"

"Yes, My Lord, I do. And, beside her is Joan Crawford, looking like Cinderella."

"But is she Cinderella?"

"No, My Lord, she is the wicked witch. But how does this make her a clown?"

"The inner self, the hidden self, is dressed in black. It is evil. It wears a vest of black and green close to her heart. The green represents money. The black represents death. The clown has a red nose, as it belongs to the Red Dragon. The clown has white shoes, as this is the foot she wished to put forward…a white pure foot. Yet, it was a foot, adorned with black in parts, as she could not hide her true self from those, who knew her."

"But, My Lord, why is she talking to the pope?"

"For forgiveness, Child?"

"But, My Lord, surely she had no religious connections."

"Oh, she had religious connections!"

"With The Pope, My Lord?"

"With his kind."

"What do you mean, ‘With his kind?’"

"They serve the same master."

"So, she did not actually go to The Vatican?"

"She did not need to."

"How is this?"

"Satan’s temple is everywhere."

"Why do you show me this?"

"To show you, My Child, that the most unlikely ones serve the same master."

"And, what of Frank Sinatra and the pig scrubbing and the drinking and the smoking and gambling? And who is the cocktail waitress, who started the fire?"

"Do you remember what happens to the fat? That the fat burns, for it has participated in the taking of innocent lives."

"Yes, My Lord, but how does this relate to Mr. Sinatra? How has he participated in the taking of innocent life?"

"Through his hidden works, Child."

"Like what, My Lord?"

"Pornography and prostitution."

"I have never seen this."

"Nay, you would not."

"My Lord, he has presented a certain image to the public."

"Child, do you believe you are naive?"

"My Lord, I am in certain ways."

"Go to Mr. Sinatra there at the table in the bar. Take the knife from his pocket. Open it up and read what is written on the blade."

"My Lord, I have a large knife with a pearl handle. I open it and on one side it says, ‘I kill’, and on the other side it says, ‘innocent women and children.’"

"Child, look at Mr. Sinatra. What do you see?"

"My Lord, I see someone with thick, black, slicked back hair. His fingernails are long and look like knives. He is chewing something and smacking as he chews. It is a ball of something. I do not think it is gum. He is fully dressed in black with a little bit of tan trim along the front where his shirt buttons and along the edge of the fly of his pants. His shoes also look like clown shoes, with big black toes. But the heels are missing in the back part of the shoes. I see drops of bright, red blood on his shoes, My Lord, which are dripping from the knives/fingernails. His teeth are white, but his mouth is like one, big black cavern."

"Look in the cavern. What do you see?"

"My Lord, I see blackness with a few twinkling stars."

"Go on in."

"I will as you ask me, My Lord, but this is no joy, as it is foul in here. The fumes are awful. They are burning my nose."

"Take the white handkerchief from your pocket. Cover your nose, and you will no longer smell it."

"Yes, My Lord, I am fine, now."

"What do you see?"

"My Lord, I am shining this light as it is so dark in here. I see bats hanging from the roof of his mouth."

"What more?"

"A fountain of a black liquid is gurgling from his throat. It looks like black ink."

"Touch this ink.

"It is greasy."

"What more, Child?"

"My Lord, it is sticky. It sticks to my fingers like thick glue. I cannot get it off."

"Curse it, Child."

"Hayi heshno odi." I curse you to nothingness. Then, it disappears from my hands and from around me. The inside of the mouth becomes a light tan, still with twinkling stars. Yet, the black spring still gurgles. And, the fumes still pour forth from the spring. "My Lord, tell me what all this means."

"Child, you are seeing the inner Frank Sinatra, not the outer image. You have heard of his underground connections. But, they go far deeper than what you know: into prostitution, gambling, drugs and other vices. The woman, who dropped the pitcher of beer near the table of Frank Sinatra, was the woman of prostitution. She dropped the beer and it caught fire, as he was engaged in the spreading of the vices of liquor and gambling through the underworld. His connections through this spread like fire and grew to include drugs. Do you see that he looks like a gangster all dressed in black with thick black hair? The state of his soul is black, devoid of My Light. His shoes look like clown shoes, and he would have you believe he is pristine."

"My Lord, how is he a clown?"

"He dances a jig for Satan with his black shoes. The backs are out of the shoes, as he has a very large hole in his image before the public. He is a clown, because he is an act. People see through this hole in his makeup, but he is blind to what others see and know. His clothes are black, as he is evil through and through, save it be the small border along the front of his shirt, and fly/"

"What is this border, My Lord?"

"My Child, this tan border has to do with image. It has been carefully sewn into these places to create an image of caring. Along the opening of his shirt just outside the buttons, to project an image of ‘I would give you the shirt off my back’, and along the fly to mean, ‘I would give you my own pants. Even this, Child, is tan. It is not white, as the motive is not pure. It is good but for show. Therefore, it is seen for what it is, something added to, something sewn on the exterior of his shirt. My Child, his hands have knives, which drip blood on his shoes, as his works have caused numerous people to die. The pearl-handled knife is a utensil. It is pearl on the outside to show good intentions, works done to show good. But, if you look beneath the surface, you will see that through his works with the mob, he has killed many innocent women and children."

"My Lord, how?"

"Through alcohol, drugs, prostitution, pornography, and even kiddy porn and abortions. This is how, My Child. This kind of thing The Mob does."

"My Lord, this is very sad, as this man is dying."

"Yea, My Child, for it is one soul to hell."

"My Lord, is this man one of the Ring Leaders, who never gets out of The Lake?"

"He is not, My Child. For, much of what he has done has been through ignorance, and he has taken such bait as that offered by The Pope. Child, there are many, many, who will end up in hell, because they have traded their souls for power and fame. Most of these are lost, My Child. They hear the call of the worldly, and begin to worship money and material. They become lost and know not why. I do not fault the ignorant, My Child. But, I hold great judgment against one, who knows truth, who knows me, and casts me aside for a life with Satan. Child, the punishment for this one is much more severe. Now, My Child, I do hope you understand why reincarnation is a necessary thing. Child, look at The Lake of Fire, what do you see?"

"My Lord, I see many, many souls in great agony. Many are cursing you. Some are weeping. Now and then, My Lord, I see one say, ‘God help me.’ Then to this one, I see an angel throw a life vest, and I see this one pulled up to the top of a dark mountain and given something to drink. Now and then, My Lord, I see one of these weeping being led to the door by this one, who gives the drink. The door says, "God is The Way Out.’"

"‘Tis so, My Child. It is not my desire to have any suffer more than what they need. But, you must remember, My Child, that a rebellious spirit is un-teachable, save it be through trial and error. And, this is a very long road."

"So, My Lord, those who are the most rebellious will have many difficult roads?"

" ‘Tis so. For, they must be broken of self will, that a higher will can bring them to a better way. The way of the material is the way of destruction--here today and gone tomorrow. The way of My Spirit, My Way, The Higher Way, is eternal. Child, one’s journey is about recognition of me as Lord of Earth. It is also about evolution of the soul to higher, more purified levels.

Child, I cannot and will not wave a magic wand and cause negative parts of you to dissolve. Satan waves the magic wand. I bring you along the rocky roads of self until these are purified through My Light. This is not overnight as many in religious circles would have you believe. Child, this involves a great desire to walk a narrow course and it is great work to stay on the course.

The grease spots you see in The Vatican can never be cleansed with a broom. Neither, can The Pope wave a magic wand. But, I will give you, each of you, the soap and water of My Word; and you will do your part.

I am Jesus. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of July, 1997,
Linda Newkirk

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