From the Mountain, Book X

Chapter One


"The Last Book of Warnings"


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. As I have told you recently, My Child, this will be the last book of warnings to My people. This book will be shorter than most as it will consist only of ten parts. These ten parts will delineate warnings and plans for My people, even in different parts of the world. These books will survive the coming disaster and even after the coming disaster will be copied and translated by others in distant lands.

Soon, very soon, a law will be made which would ‘outlaw’ all religious faiths, save the one world Luciferian religion. There will come times of great and horrendous persecution for those of all faiths; for Lucifer, in his bid to rule the world, will set out to systematically destroy all, who will not bow to him. The whole world will fall into captivity and, as you know, much of it will be destroyed by natural calamities, wars, famines and plagues. But, the singular organized religion will survive, first through the Catholic Church, and then through obvious and blatant Satanism. In due season, as you know, the Catholic Church, will also be destroyed, for when Lucifer is through with her, he will destroy her. For, he will have no competition in the whole world. Now, My Little One, you know these things and many know these things.

There will come a time, and soon, wherein My people the world over will be forced to go underground to survive. I mean, literally ‘underground,’ for the evil ones will be in hot pursuit of all of you. And to meet, you will be forced to meet in homes, or out-of-the-way places. This is My punishment, as well, upon you; for as a people you have grievously strayed.

It is a sad day for Me, as well, My Child; for I weep at what I must do to an errant people. The world over I have blessed you and the world over you have become even more rebellious and hard-hearted. But, My Little One, this cleansing must be. No longer can I tolerate the putrid nature of what is within this Earth. There is great rottenness, which parallels the time of Noah and were it not for love of a few, I would systematically destroy the whole Earth with fire. But, I will not at this time; for I have told otherwise. Nevertheless, I will destroy much of it and many will die with the coming of this planet, which is soon. Those, who love Me and who remain, will be tried as never before and through your trials you will become white.

My Little One, I know that this troubles your soul; for already you have been through much suffering. But, most have not and they do not identify at all with what I am telling you. And, many are ready to go far from you as they may be labeled as ‘guilty’ by association. Yet the same ones, if they live, will be given a chance to stand tall and to do what is right or to deny Me and go the way of Lucifer.

I tell you right now, My Child, that if most of the so-called Christians were faced with death or a denial of Me and My Son, most would deny Me and My Son. It is easy to profess love for Me and for My Son, but who will hold onto this belief in the face of death? Those, who keep their distance from you because of fear of persecution will also keep their distance from Me and My Son when persecution comes to their door; for this is ingrained in them. Those, who are true, are true through and through. Those, who have integrity, have actions, which line up with their professed beliefs. So, I tell you now, My Child, that if most were faced with a choice of continuing to live or to die for love of My and My Son, they would deny Me and My Son.

In the end, all, who live on in the Earth, will be faced, with this decision. When it happens, it will be easy for most to deny Me and My son. Just as Peter denied him, when faced with danger, so will most.

So, My Child, this is the nature of the cleansing. The true will be true, but all will be tried over and over. The true ones will float up to the top like cream and in the end will be removed to go with My Son. The rest will sink like curds and they will not go.

My Child, the worst of the times are coming into the Earth and these hard times will bring out the best in people and the worst in people. Those, who love Me and My Son and who put Me first, obeying My commandments, will know mighty miracles. They will move many mountains and I will use them in great and mighty ways. But, the evil ones will be evil and they will do great evil."

"Father, I am sad to see these warnings coming to an end, but I know that this must be. Many believe that these warnings will go on forever. Some expect them. Others do not care at all. And, few even realize Your mercy; for you have warned and warned and enough have prayed that You have interceded and stopped catastrophes. But, I also remember what You said about My being one of the Seven Thunders. And, in the Book of Revelation Chapter Ten, verse Seven, it is written: ‘But in the days of the voice of the Seventh Angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets.’ And, in the previous verse, the seventh angel says that ‘there be time no longer.’ "

"My Little One, it is good that you ask Me about this; for as I have told you, you are one of the Seven Thunders and your time of warning will soon come to an end. And as this time of warning comes to an end, it should also be obvious to all that there is no more time left before grievous calamities come into the Earth. Those, who have ears to hear will hear. Those, who have the eyes to see will see. Those, who have a heart after understanding, will understand. But, My Little One, these are few. And, when the time of My warnings through you is up, you will not open your mouth to warn another, save I cause you to open it. For, it will not be a time to warn, but a time to prepare for what is at hand.

Many will rejoice that you are no longer warning. They will clap their hands with glee; but they will not rejoice when they see My judgements upon this Earth. No, My Child, they will not rejoice. They will howl. They will weep; for the death and destruction shall be so great. Many will lose all save their own life, and with a fist raised to Me, they will curse their own life.

Yes, My Child, the worst of times ever in the history of the Earth, is at hand and all who survive, will see the worst of human behavior and the best of human behavior. But, those, who love Me and who remain faithful, will do mighty exploits.

So, My Child, what can be said that has not been said? What can be told that has not been told? My people the world over have been warned, warned and warned and few listen. And, with this, My Child, I shall conclude Part I of Book Ten."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of February, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


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