From the Mountain, Book X

Chapter Two


"The Crowns of Horns and more"


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, I have sent you in the Spirit to do a mighty work for Me. First, My Child, I called to your remembrance the crown of horns that has been upon Richard Cheney’s head. As you remember, My Child, a few weeks past, I told you to cut his crown of horns in half and to throw half of it into the Lake of Fire."

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, later, I told you to cut the remaining half into two pieces and to throw half of this into the Lake of Fire."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, then, My Child, I sent you back to further reduce this crown of horns until a singular horn was left."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, this singular horn, My Child, is a horn of ego. Since I have cut away his crown of horns, Richard Cheney has begun to fall. You have read many rumors that George W. Bush wants to drop him as a running mate."

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, you read that he is a bad image for Halliburton and they want to be free of this bad image, in so many words."

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, I have sent you to Bush Sr. to rip off his crown of horns, which is a much taller and greater crown of horns that that of Richard Cheney. Then, I have told you to rip off his claws on both hands and to rip off his claws on both feet and to throw them into the Lake of Fire as well."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, after this, My Child, I have told you to take My sword and to cut off his head at the neck."

"Yes, my Father, you have."

"And, with this, My Child, the whole world shall soon see My judgement on George H.W. Bush."

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, My Child, I sent you to rip off two of the three crowns of horns, which are on the head of George W. Bush. This, you have done, leaving the crown of horns of the middle size, the one in the middle between the larger crown and the lesser crown."

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, I want you to take My sword and to cut off the right arm of George. W. Bush at the shoulder. Then, throw this right arm into the Lake of Fire."

"My Father, I have done as You say and the right arm has fallen. I now pick up this right arm and throw it into the Lake of Fire. Oh, My Father, this is a terrible sight; for as the right arm hits the Lake of Fire, I see a mighty explosion and I hear terrible moans and groans coming up out of the Lake of Fire. Oh, My Father, what is this right arm?"

"This right arm is his Father and soon he will no longer be the right arm of George. W. Bush in his killing and murderous rampages."

"This is an awesome thing, Father, and I praise You and thank You for the day when You will remove this evil man from off the face of this planet. I do not take any joy from the suffering of any person, or of any of Your creations. For, to witness it brings sorrow to My heart; but Father, this man, George H.W. Bush is no doubt the most evil man on the planet."

"Certainly, My Child, one of a very select few; but his time is soon to be finished!"

"Then, My Child, I told you to go and rip the crown of horns off the head of Karl Rove and to throw it into the Lake of Fire."

"Yes, Father, and I did so."

"Then, I told you to rip the crown of horns off the head of John Ashcroft and to throw it into the Lake of Fire and you did so."

"Yes, Father."

"And, next came Rumsfeld and you did as instructed, ripping off his crown of horns and throwing it into the Lake of Fire as well."

"Yes, my Father, I did as You asked."

"Now, My Little One, know this. What I have sent you to do is a very important measure. From henceforth, they shall begin to lose power like a tire, which is going flat. And, this shall lead to the fall of them all. For, I decree it! I am telling you how it shall be. Now, My Little One, be observant and watch what I shall do. Do you see George W. Bush at the roulette wheel?"

"Yes, my Father. He throws something into a spinning wheel and it is a round object, which looks like a piece of wood. The wheel spins and the round object spins. When the wheel stops, the round object is sitting on a section of the wheel, which is white. Written on the white area are the words, "You are out!" George W. Bush does not like what he sees, so he climbs atop the roulette wheel and begins to stomp it with his cowboy boots. He stomps the wheel until he creates a very big hole in the wheel, itself. He begins to lose his footing and he begins to fall into the very hole that he created. As he is begging for help to get out of the hole, someone comes down the stairway, which is nearby. It is his Mother, Barbara Bush. "Oh, Poor Baby! What are you into now?" She extends a hand to help him out when a wind, a fierce wind, comes up from behind. This wind catches the dress of Barbara Bush and blows it over her head. Interesting that she is wearing old-fashioned pantaloons, with lots of rows of lace and these pantaloons come to her knees. Now, the roulette wheel begins to spin and Barbara Bush is leaning over it, holding onto George. W. Bush, who is falling farther and farther down into the hole that he has created. With the wheel spinning and the wind blowing, Barbara Bush cannot see, for her dress is over her head. In an instant, she, too, is swept down into the hole and all I hear is a loud scream. The wheel continues to spin and I hear a very loud bump, like the sound that a washing machine makes when the clothes are all on one side and the machine is unbalanced. But, the wheel just keeps on spinning. The banging noise just keeps going and; and suddenly something from behind catches my eye.

As I look back, I see Al Gore emerge from behind the stairs with his wife. He is holding up the hand of his wife and they are smiling! I see a star on the right front tooth of Al Gore. Al Gore is a star! He picks his wife up, goes up the stairs and he takes a seat in the Oval Office. Outside, I see reporters and crowds, who are gathered. And, someone, who is dressed in a black suit and a top hat, comes forward and says, "Mr. President, are you ready?"

Suddenly, I am up in the Oval Office with President Gore and his wife and I take the President’s bare feet and anoint them with oil. I anoint his eyes and his ears and I say to him, "Mr. President, these are going to be four very difficult years." Then, the vision ends.

"Father, I do not know what all this means. You have explained about the crowns and I understand about George. W. I also understand about his Father. But, Father, what is meant by this roulette wheel?"

"My Child, George W. Bush has taken a huge gamble. And, without his Father to control him, he is gambling with a wooden nickel; for George W. Bush is a very foolish man. He will lose. He is even now losing in a drastic way. His Mother will come to his aid yet he will still lose and she will lose. He has created a very large hole for himself. It is time for the rightful heir to the Presidency to step forward and do the work that I have for him to do. This is it, My Little One. It is time for Al Gore to take back what was stolen from him."

"Yes, Father, I know."

"And, with this, My Child, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 4th day of February, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman





"The Rainbow Army"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Come hither, My Child and take your seat high up on My Holy Mountain. Sit here beside My Son; for He is to visit with you today."

"Yes, my Father." And, I run upward, quickly climbing several flights of stairs, and I come suddenly to a small room, which is surrounded by glass on all sides. Outside, I see a white balcony and far below, I see eagles flying, and below them, verdant pastures. Before me is our Precious Lord Jesus. He is dressed in white and around His waist is a golden sash. Hie eyes are so full of power that I feel weak in my knees and this is all just as well. For, it is at His feet that I long to be. Bending now and hugging his feet, I feel such peace come over me that I feel at last that I have come home. I hear the chirping of birds and look to see blue birds swirling around outside of the glass."

"My Child," our Lord says, " bright is today, but tomorrow is a day of gloom."

"Oh, my Lord, it is so beautiful here and it is so wonderful to see You that I hate to think about the gloom that awaits us." And, as I say these words, I feel a tear hit the top of my head and a feeling of such darkness and sorrow sweeps over me that I can hardly bear it. Suddenly, our Lord Jesus is gone. The room is gone and I am out standing at the edge of a barren, wind-swept field. Off in the distance, I see a burning fire and the smell of smoke is filling my nostrils. Picking up the soil, I see that it is charred and still hot from the raging fires. I take a seat and begin to weep; wondering what is left after this roaring fire. As I sit there, a beautiful angel appears and hands me a note. I open the note and it reads, "Your house in on fire." I look up to see that the angel is gone and I crinkle the note in my hands and drop it to the ground. Covering my face with my blackened hands, I begin to weep before our Lord and God. Tears flow down my cheeks and before long my hands are full of tears. I know my face must be a mess; for the tears have combined with the soot to create a running, black mess. Again the angel appears to me, picks up the crinkled note and hands it to me. "You only read the front part of the note. Turn it over and read the other side."

Wiping my tears and taking the note once again, I flip it to the reverse side. And, there on the other side is a singular blue bird in flight, and under its right wing is written. "You are the blue bird." Coming from the bird’s mouth are musical notes. I flip the note back and forth, not understanding what I am seeing; but feeling so hopeless, as if it really does not matter. So, I take the note, crumple it again and throw it to the ground. Getting now on my knees before this rock on which I am sitting, I weep once more, cupping my blackened hands over my weeping eyes and crying out to our Lord Jesus. "Oh, my Lord, look at this war. Look at these fires. Look at this ground. All is burned up and I feel so sad. How can any or it make sense? And, how can it make any sense when You tell me that My house is on fire on the one hand and that I am a bluebird in flight on the other? A bluebird even singing a tune! My Lord, I am in this destruction, in this war, in this blackness, and You show me this bluebird. My Lord, what is all of this and why have You sent me here?"

I feel a touch to my right shoulder and I hear the voice of our Lord Jesus. "My Little One, it is a day of doom and gloom for the whole world."

"But, My Lord, what does this mean? How can You show me that I am a bluebird in flight and even singing a tune, in the midst of this great darkness?"

"My Child, you are My bluebird of happiness. You bring Me joy, My Little One."

"But, You tell me that My house is on fire and all around me if fire and devastation. All is burned to the ground. My Lord, what joy is in this?"

"My Little One, there is no joy in devastation and destruction. There is freedom for you in doing My work. There is hope for you in doing my work."

"But, my Lord, what is meant by, ‘Your house is on fire?’"

"My Little One, this is what is meant. Times, devastating times, are coming into the Earth. Great wars, great famines, great devastations, and rampant diseases. Devastating times are at hand and these will not be put off for much longer. But, My Little One, I am going to set your spiritual house on fire in a way like you have never known. Even in the midst of great destruction, you are going to feel a spiritual freedom like you have never known. Yes, My Child, these things are going to make you sad and you are going to shed many tears; but even in the midst of all this, I am going to set your spiritual house on fire in ways that you cannot imagine. So, My Little One, it is not for you to feel overcome by what you all must go through; but realize, My Child, that these things must come to pass. But, even so, My Little One, I am going to empower you as never before. Now, My Child, this is not just you that I am speaking of. My Little One, know this. I have wrapped you in My holy rainbow, as a gift to you, from our Father in Heaven. Yet, even so, My Little One, this gift has come through Me to you. My Little One, this holy rainbow is being gifted to My people through you. To date, many have received the gift of this rainbow and some have taken it seriously, while others have not. Some have steadily prayed with their cloths and these are steadily receiving what I have sealed into them through the Spirit of God. My Little One, the gifts in these cloths are deeply multi-layered. These gifts go deep and those, who seek what I have sealed in them, will get these gifts. Those, who only want a little will get a little, but those, who deeply want what I have put into these cloths, will get the deep things. And, then, My Child, at their time of great need, will also be as you. They will also rise as My bluebirds, amidst great adversity and surprising even themselves, they will know My joy and freedom, even amidst great sorrow, great loss and great persecution. My Little One, this is the gift of our Father’s rainbow through Me to each, who wants it deeply."

"Oh, My Lord, this is a beautiful thing."

"And, you, My Child, the White Buffalo Calf Woman, come adorned in this rainbow and this rainbow, My Little One, will take you into many places, wherein you will bring the miracles of our father and you will come out unscathed. But, My Little One, as you know, for you to get to this level has required great diligence, obedience and honor toward Me and our Father and what is being given through you, you have been blessed with and you have earned. So, My Little One, the gift of this rainbow to you shall grow in power. It shall grow in strength, until many shall be afraid of you; for many shall see this fire upon you and they shall be sorely afraid. For, as you have been faithful in a little, My Child, and I have given you more and now, My Child, you are bathed in this rainbow and wherever you go, this rainbow shall be seen on you. For, it shall never leave you."

"Oh, My Lord, this is a beautiful thing and even in my hands is this rainbow and on my feet and all about me, My Lord. And, when I jump, it jumps and when I sit, it sits. Oh, My Lord, thank You. Thank You, my Precious Lord. And, praises to our Father in Heaven forever and ever; for He has sent this rainbow."

"Yes, My Child, He has sent it to Me. I have sent it to you and you have sent it to others, that they will be a part of the rainbow army if they want it deeply enough. But, as I have told you before, most do not want this deeply enough. Only a few; but I will raise up a few, who receive these cloths, and they will ride with you in My Rainbow Army."

"My Lord, how is Your Rainbow Army any different than the rest of Your army?"

"They are different because the have the power of the Rainbow."

"And, what does this mean, My Lord?"

"Oh, My Child, this is what it means." And, He raises his hand toward the black sky and a fire, with all the colors of the rainbow, begins to color the sky and to follow His hand from left to right, creating a brilliant rainbow in the dark sky."

"Yes, My Lord, I see, but I still do not know what You mean."

"My Child, the Rainbow Army is full of this fire of God. They will do great and mighty works that involve the literal manifestation of this holy fire. My Child, this rainbow fire is an all-consuming fire and it is also a holy, pure, cleansing fire. This rainbow fire will either devour and consume, or it will heal and cleanse. With one touch, it will do either. Those, in power will greatly fear those, who have this rainbow fire in its full manifestation; for many will drop dead when hit by this fire. Others will be so full of fear that they will flee. And, others will be instantly healed, delivered and set free. Now, My Child, as I have given you this rainbow and you continue to give freely of it, I will put you at My side in charge of the Rainbow Army. And, My Little One, as you are a multi-dimensional being, others all over the world, who are in the Rainbow Army, will often see you in their midst, helping them to fight against the enemy. My Little One, this is a mighty thing and eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am going to do with My Rainbow Army."

"Oh, my Lord, this is the most beautiful thing."

"And, beside me at the head of this army is White Buffalo Calf Woman. This is you, My Child. You are My warrior princess."

"Why do You call me, ‘warrior princess?’"

"My Child, you are My warrior and you are also My princess, who will one day be one of My Queen."

"Oh, My Lord, this is beautiful. Who would think that such a beautiful thing would come out of such darkness?"

"They would not, My Child; but I tell you now that this shall come to pass. I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of earth and heir to the same. And, with this we shall stop for now."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of February, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman





"More About The Rainbow Army"

 "My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, you have come back to Me; for your heart has been heavy. Yes, My Child, the month of January 2004, was a very difficult month for you, as the evil from many sources came up against you and your husband. This was a difficult time, My Child, but do you see, in part, why it was a difficult time?"

"My Father, does this have to do with the beautiful news about the ‘Rainbow Army?"

"It does and Lucifer tried to kill you over and over through the telephone, by sending harmful currents through it, and he caused others to rise up against you in an attempt to beat you down and to destroy you emotionally and spiritually. But, My Child, you made it through all of this and you have received this beautiful honor to ride with My Son at the head of My Rainbow Army."

"Oh, my Father, when the hard times come, often I do not see how I will make it through, for the evil is so great. But, when by Your love, mercy, and grace, You carry me through to the other side of the darkness and I can see why it was, to begin with, it is so beautiful, Father. But, Father, my heart has been so heavy as well; for You have said that Book Ten will be the last Book of warning and that it is time for your people to go into the Ark."

"My Little One, every day of their lives, My people should be in the Ark of My Covenant and they should stay there. They should also make their homes holy places and an Ark of Safety; for the world is full of evil. But, yes, My Child, ‘tis true that others need to prepare an Ark of Safety underground as I have instructed; for there will come a time and soon, that many will need to go there."

"Father, often I have asked You about the incoming planet and when it will appear and you have not said for sure. There are many rumors all about concerning the return of this planet, but still you do not say."

"No, My Child, I have not said for sure, but I will tell you one thing and this one thing is that the rumors are wrong. And, they are all wrong because I control the speed at which this planet comes in. With My hand, I control it. Therefore, any and all can only guess. If I wanted, I could bring it in within six months. If I wanted, I could bring it in within ten years. The point is this, My Child. I created it and I control it. No one else. Therefore, no one can tell, for sure, when it will come in; for they cannot determine my timetable. But, I will tell you one thing, My Child, and it is this! Because of the cries of My people and because of the sorrows in their hearts, I have touched it and once again I have slowed it down. Some will think this to be a kind of punishment; for many of My people now pray for destruction of the evil on this Earth. Many beneath My altar are now praying for revenge. But, do you know why I have put My hand on it and why I have slowed it down?"

"Not exactly, Father."

"I have done it, My Child, for I am giving a little more time to My people in the USA to see what they will do about the evil in their land. My Little One, many in the USA love Me and many more are awakening and praying. Therefore, My Child, in My mercy I am giving a little more time."

"But, Father, if you are giving a little more time, why are You going to stop giving Me warnings after Book Ten? Why are You stopping at Book Ten?"

"My Little One, do you know why I decided to stop the warnings at Book Ten?"

"No, my Father, I do not."

"My Little One, I made the decision on a whim."

"But, Father, You are Most High and why would You make a decision on a whim? This does not make sense."

"My Child, it makes a lot of sense from My perspective. Few know or understand the beating that you take on a daily basis just to get this work out. Few understand the torture and persecution you have been through. My Little One, if I had not intervened over and over in your life, you would have been dead years ago. Few realize how difficult your walk has been and most in the USA, who read these messages, take them for granted. Certain ones do not and they are grateful for these works; and I certainly have intended for you to continue the warnings and blessings to certain of my people, especially in South Africa. But, My Child, when My prophets are under constant persecution and the greatest numbers, who read the warnings, take them for granted, I have always had to assess the situation to determine if I should continue to use these prophets to warn. But, My Child, as I realize you desire to work for Me, I will also leave this up to you now, as to whether you wish to continue on with the warnings to My people. For, My Child, I also know that you have become very tired. You have become very weary."

"Oh, my Father, all of Your people get tired. All get weary; for the fight is great."

"My Child, there are prophets and there are prophets. My Little One, few desire to get in the gutter with Lucifer and attack him and his minions head-on. Many will dance around the issue, but few want to slug it out with the Evil One and his hoards. But, My Child, this has been your destiny well before the foundations of the Earth."

"But, Father, why would I want to miss my destiny? I only want to do Your will."

"Yes, My Child, you only want to do My will, but in My mercy, I also take note of the numbers, who consider the gravity of these works and who truly appreciate the dangers you go through just to do them. As I said, My Child, many more are waking up; but when I see that many appreciate these works and that many are praying for you; for your husband and for your safety, and that many want these warnings to go on, then, My Child, I will reconsider My position. But, for now, I will leave My position as I have spoken it earlier."

"But, Father, know this. As long as You will allow me to do so and as long as You will give me the strength to fight for the lost, I will do this, Father. For, my greatest desire for these works is for the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. And, I know, Father, that You are full of love and mercy and that You will hear the cries of the people. But as for me, Father, I always want to fight the good fight for You."

"My Little One, I know you. I know your heart and you have a heart after doing what is right and I shall continue to use you in great and mighty ways so long as you are in the Earth. But, My Little One, I want to know, as well, that others are grateful for My works through you. And, while I am extending My hand of mercy once more upon America, I am also extending My hand of mercy upon you. For, I know that you are very tired."

"Father, many are tired. This is the nature of this war; but I only want to serve You and to help save the lost."

"And, this work you shall do; but as I stated, My Child, I will listen to the appeals of the people and we will go from there as to My warnings through you for America. But, as stated, My Child, I have still a mighty work for you, a work that you know little about and you will continue in My work in great and mighty ways as I have outlined herein. Do not fret in this, My Child. It is time for people to wake up and get behind you in My works or they will suffer for it. You have much to do, My Child and even now need a part-time secretary to help you, but you cannot do so without funds. I know that you do not solicit the help of others; but My Child, it is time for others to help with the financing of these works so that they can go forward. For, there is now more work than you can keep up with. If they want these works to continue, more will help. Plus, My Child, I need to send you elsewhere to minister My word and you shall need the backing of more people to do these things. So, if others really want these works to continue, they need to show gratitude to Me for these works and they need to support these works through prayer and financial help so that they can go forward. For, there is more and more to do. You need help, yet cannot afford to pay for it. Therefore, My Child, we will see how serious people are. It is time for them to rise up in gratitude and be serious about helping and more can be done. With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of February, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



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