From the Mountain, Book X

Chapter Three


"The Russian Lab"


Last night, I dreamed that I was in a Russian lab. This lab was a filthy place with stainless steel tables, just as one would see in an anatomy lab in a medical school. Obviously, there had been many people in this lab before as there were body fluids and dirt and filth all over these tables and all over the floor. People, including myself, were being forced to lie on these tables for various examinations. Those in charge of this lab were very evil people and I was keenly aware of one, in particular, who kept eyeing me. The work that was being done there had something to do with "120 degrees or greater" and I believe that this work is genetic and also a kind of mind control work. There were others there, who were busy doing the tasks that they were assigned to do. All, who were there, looked and acted like zombies. This was a very dirty work and it would be impossible for anyone to do this sort of work without getting this filth on them. As I watched them doing this work, I had no idea what they were doing, but in a short time this evil-eyed man came to me and attempted to show me what he wanted done. I watched as filthy water was being poured between crevices and even though I was there and knew that they expected me to do certain things, I had no fear of this evil man or of this place. I awoke to this dream on the 16th of February, but it was on the morning of the 15th of February that I awoke to find two needle marks on my left thumb, which were about a millimeter apart. But, on the 17th of February, I found four needle marks on the upper back of Dennis and these marks were close to his spine. Now, I realize that both of us were abducted and taken to this lab.

In the following messages, you will read what our Father in Heaven has to say about these abductions and what He is going to do about them.



"The Russian Lab was No Dream!"

"Father, Oh, Father, Oh Father, I come to You this morning and You know why. Father, I know that this dream about the Russian lab was no dream; for they have kidnapped me and they have taken me there."

"My Little One, it is a very bad dream and it is true, but listen to Me, My Child. The Russians believe that they have really pulled off a very good thing. But, what they do not know is what I am going to do to them for this evil."

"Father, this is a treacherous world."

"My Little One, it is a treacherous world and the evil ones believe that they can trick you into working for them. They all believe that if they keep up in their attempts to make you work for them that they will succeed. But, My Child, they have not yet figured it out that My wrath is about to be unleashed on them like they could never imagine. My Little One, come up hither."

And, I look high up, high up to the top of the Holy Mountain of the Lord and standing there is our Lord Jesus. In a flash, I am there at his feet and I am weeping. "My Lord, why was this allowed?" As I cling to His feet, I see my tears fall onto one of his feet and with the drop of each tear, I see a radiant explosion."

"My Little One, come hither and weep not for this." Then, He takes My hand and I rise and sit beside Him on a bench at the top of His Holy Mountain. With a soft white cloth, He wipes my tears and says to me, "My Child, look afar and see the mighty explosion." This explosion is extremely bright and looks like a mighty flash of lightening as it rips across the sky. This looks like an all-consuming explosion as it tears and rips at the sky, consuming everything in its path. I look wide-eyed at this explosion and gasp at what I see; for suddenly the clouds part and I see beneath the fire and this is nuclear. Far below, I see this terrible thing and I hear the words of our Lord when He says, "This is Russia." Then, He says to me, "My Child, take this cup and pour the contents of the same into this lab."

So, I take the cup and going in the Spirit, I pour the contents of it into the Russian Lab and I see that the contents of the cup begin go spread in this lab and grow like a red river, which is also foamy, like soap. And, this red river expands and begins to branch out into other avenues. Then, I see these avenues move out to certain locations in Russia, even and especially into the Kremlin. The contents of this red river begin to manifest on the faces of certain ones in the governing body, and their skin becomes full of dark blotches, which look like mold, and one by one they drop dead. Their bodies look terrible, as if eaten up by mold and ulcerous sores. The tributaries of this red river flow out all over Russia, but they now seem to be centered in the Kremlin and the tentacles of this red river remind me of a spider with many, many legs. Then, I am aware that this red river goes into Alaska and from there to certain locations in America. Yet, these locations are underground and I see one in Montana. I see one in Maryland. I see one in Hope Arkansas. I see one in Delaware and I see one in Nevada. The branches of this red river go to these specific places that I plainly see through tributaries that spread out to other places all over this country. And, I have not even mentioned New York, where the security is so tight, that they hope to never be found out. But, this is seen; for the light of God shows it. Oh, My Lord what does all this mean?"

"My Child, it means that My Father and I are about to judge Russia. This means that a nuclear explosion of gargantuan proportions will soon hit Russia. And the cup represents plagues that I have had you to pour out on these evil people, who operate these labs, who have concocted these labs, and who cooperate with them and work hand-in-hand with them in the USA. My Child, because of what they have tried to do to you, my Father and I area about to retaliate against them and their network in a very big way. They had best get their coffins lined up; for I am about to slay them in huge numbers.

The plagues that are about to hit them cannot be remedied. And, do not think that this is just one plague; for it is not. But, many plagues of a kind that they are unfamiliar with, are about to take them out by the thousands and thousands. My Little One, you will see and you will hear what I am about to do to those, who put themselves above all laws, and who believe that they are accountable to no one. And, aside from this, My Child, I want you to raise the rod that I have given to you and I want you to take this rod and put out the left eye of Putin."

So, I take this fiery rod and stick it into Putin’s left eye and hear the noise of burning flesh as the rod puts out his left eye. Looking at his face now, I see a black hole, where his left eye had been."

"Now, My Child, I want you to take this rod and poke it right through his belly at the area of the navel."

So, I take this fiery rod and poke it through Putin’s belly at the area of the navel and I see a gaping hole. Looking through this hole, I see what appears to be a whirlwind, and going through this hole I see Putin at a table with many of his own, giving orders. Across his left arm is a rod, which looks like a baton. He is holding this baton in his right hand and resting it across the top of his left arm. Seeing me, he hisses, and out of his mouth comes the forked tongue of a snake.

"My Little One, do you see his right arm, which bears the rod?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, take my fiery sword and cut off this arm, high up by the shoulder. Then, take this arm and his rod and toss all into the Lake of Fire."

"Yes, my Lord." So, I take the sword of our Lord, which is His sword that He has given me, and I do as instructed. The arm falls down by his side, then the arm and the rod hit the floor. Now, Putin is really angry. He gets up from the table and he is hissing loudly. With his black Hitler-style boots, he is stomping mad and his face is as red as a beet. I do not know what he is saying but he is furious.

"’Tis so, My Child. Now, My Little One, take his right arm and his baton and throw them into the Lake of Fire."

"My Lord, I have both and I gladly toss them into the Lake of Fire."

"Now, My Child, take My sword and cut off his right leg at the knee."

"Gladly, my Lord." And, I do as He says.

"As with the arm and rod, so with the leg." So, I pick up the lower right leg of Putin and throw it into the Lake of Fire. I look back at him and see that he is now very crippled and he falls back on the blackboard, which is behind him. He picks up the chalk and struggles to write. What is written is backwards and upside down; but with the help of the Spirit of God, I believe I can see it. Now, I see the words clearly and they read, "I surrender." Then, the vision is gone. Putin is gone and I am back with our Lord on His Holy Mountain."

"Look, My Child," He says. And, suddenly I see great darkness, and within this darkness is a duel. It is a duel between George W. Bush and Putin. Putin is very quick with his sword even though he is minus some body parts and in the darkness, there is much fighting going on with these swords and I hear the clashing for what seems to be a very long time. After a while, all is quiet. Then, I hear the roaring of a beast, which resembles both the roar of a lion and the bellowing of a raging bull and I look to see a beast emerge from this fight. It is a black, tall, and hairy beast and its eyes are very red. All the while, it is blowing smoke and fire. The beast goes forth, gets on a very large motor cycle and begins to ride. As it goes along, the beast throws out flowers and candy and the people are grateful; for they see the beast as an angel of light. Then, the vision ends and I am back up on the Mountain of our Lord Jesus."

"Oh, My Lord, this is all very bad."

"My Child, it is all bad, but from all the suffering of My people on this planet, goodness shall prevail. My Lord, I want to ask You what all this means; but for some reason I feel that you, or our Father, will cover this a little later."

"My Little One, all will be explained, but know one thing. A great judgement is coming upon Russia and upon all these secret Russian labs, wherein they are out to make My Loved Ones do what is against My will for them. My Little One, you will see and you will know what I am telling you about. Be at peace this day; for there are reasons beyond your conscious awareness that this has all been allowed to happen. I am your Master, yea true Lord of Earth, yes Jesus."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 17th day of February, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



"Our Father in Heaven’s Explanation of the Previous Prophecy"

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Be at peace, My Little One; for I hear your cries and I am going to answer all of your prayers. Within one month, you will see Me move in spectacular ways and you will know My miraculous hand in all these petitions. I am mindful of you, My Child. My eye is always upon you; for yours is a particularly difficult walk in this world and you are always swimming against the river. But, My Child, I am your tailwind. My hand is upon you and all things that happen to you happen for a reason. You may believe that this happened with this Russian lab by chance. No, My Child, I saw it all in advance and I allowed it all that My judgement upon them may be complete. Yes, My Child, they abducted you and they have also repeatedly abducted your husband, the same as you. And, others that you know of, have also been abducted by the same ones. You will not agree consciously to work for them, so they are trying every so-called ‘trick in the book’ to control your minds and to make you work for them. And, they continue to believe that they will get away with the evil that they do. But, My Child, they have no idea that a great judgement from Me is at their very door. Yes, My Child, eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do to these Russian labs, which are not only in Russia, but all across America. But, I tell you now that this judgement is going to be severe."

"My Father, will You tell me more about the nuclear explosion, wherein You said, ‘This is Russia.’"

"Yes, My Child, I will tell you more. Take this key and unlock the book, which is before you. The book will open to a specific page and you are to read what is written."

So, I take the key and put it into the lock. The lock clicks and the book falls open to page 272. I squint to see the words; for what is written before me is a swirling, red, whirlwind."

"Father, what is this? I see no words."

"No, you do not, not now; but look closer and you will see."

"Yes, my Father." And, as I look at the whirlwind I see the following words emerge. "But, you denied me once and you will do it again." These words appear in the middle of the whirlwind, and are black words on a white background. And, this is all that I see. "But, Father what does this have to do with a nuclear explosion in Russia?"

"Oh, my Child, it has a lot to do with the nuclear explosion. For, within the red whirlwind, you see these words."

"Still, I do not get this, Father."

"My Little One, what is taking place in America right now?"

"Father, would this be the "red" whirlwind, as in red of communism?"

"This is it. When you look at this very government and what is taking place, you see "red" communism spreading like a whirlwind. You see your rights being striped away. You see martial law. You see staged violence. You see police brutality. You see innocent people, who are being harassed and jailed. You have no justice in the courts .You see an assault on Christianity. You see a destruction of morals. All these things you see, which tells you that communism is alive and well in America. And, My Child, the very same Satanists, who caused it to thrive in Russia, are causing it to thrive in America. The very same banks. The very same families. The ‘old money’ crowd, My Child. Things have not changed. They are simply going along with their plans to take over America without firing a shot."

"Well, Father, they may not be firing a shot, but they are creating explosions. They are burning down and tearing down to create their own system."

"All of this is so, My Child, but communism is a satanic ideology, which is intended to do away with all opposition and to make prisoners out of all of you. Now, My Little One, remember that on March 15th of last year, I had you to bind up the strange fire in Canada and America. As you can see, My Child, since that time, many, many have risen up against the abuses of this government. Several have had major victories in the courts and more and more are now willing to stand up and risk all for what is right although these numbers are still few. But, what you see now, My Child, is a tide of anger, a tide of grievances against these Communist/Satanists, which is quickly turning into a great flood against them. And, they are getting into a panicky state; for their plans are not going forth as they want them to. There are too many lawsuits, too many in government, who will no longer go along and too much of a probability that they may lose what they have gained. So, here comes Russia, now staging military maneuvers, to show the world how great they are. But, My Little One, two of their very public demonstrations of firepower backfired in their faces, as I deemed it so. They state that a satellite malfunctioned. My Child, I am this satellite and I put "egg" on the face of Putin. But, he has seen nothing yet; for he and his had the audacity to touch you and your husband."

"But, Father, how does all this relate to an atomic explosion?"

"Oh, My Child, it relates and it relates in a very big way. Too many are getting out of hand and it is now time for them to create some great enmity between the USA and Russia, who are long-term partners in crime. The top of your government right now cannot be separated from Russia; for these very ones, who govern you, receive constant direction from a Russian general. You have now the USA of the Soviet Republic. But, My Child, as I see that more and more are trying to correct this situation and as I see a tide of those, who are turning back to Me to do what is right, I will continue to keep the strange fire bound up. I will leave it bound up until December 15th of this year; and I will go from there. But, what you must know is that a nuclear diversion is being planned between the USA and Russia right now. This nuclear diversion will be either accidental or deliberate according to their plans, but either way those within your government, along with Putin, are planning this diversion. Do not believe all that you read about the USA and Russia being enemies. It just is not so a this point; for those at the head of your government and Putin have a common goal and that is to destroy you as a people and as a nation."

"But, Father, You have told me as well in the past that You have put a hook in Putin’s jaw and you are pulling him forward."

"I have told you and this is so, My Child, and he has been pulled forward to the extent that you now have Russia ruling America. You now have communism infiltrating every facet of America. Do you not see this?"

"Yes, my Father."

"So, this nuclear blast may very well be in America?"

"This is so, My Child, and either an accidental or deliberate attack by Russia, to arouse the Americans to war against Russia. For, they are now your enemies. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father, I get it. And, did this have anything to do with their abduction of me and Dennis?"

"This had everything to do with this abduction and more. My Little One, who else, besides you, continually warns of the plans of the enemy?"

"I know no one."

"There is no one in America, or elsewhere, who continually warns of their plans as you do; for I have called you, in part, to do this job of warning against this evil, so that it can be averted before it can take place. So, My Child, your work is very important."

"But, Father, if this work is finished in Book Ten, who will do this work?"

"My Child, there is no one."

"But, Father, my soul would be devastated to know that I could have done this, that I could have warned and prevented the loss of lives and the advancement of the enemy, and I did not."

"My Little One, I know that you have a heart after loving Me. I know your desire to serve your fellow brothers and sisters, warning to save the rebellious, right alongside the lost. But, My Child, as I stated earlier, you are getting very tired. There is now too much work for you to keep up with and if the masses, who read these works, want to continue to read them; and if they want to continue to receive these warnings, they must help financially and consistently so that I can provide a secretary to help you. If they really want My work to continue through you, they will do their part, My Child. It is simple, very simple. You bear a very heavy load and most of it you must do; for Dennis has a very stressful job. And, I am not upset with him as he often lags behind in posting the translations; for I know the long hours that he works and that he must work to pay the bills that you have. Therefore, I have been merciful to him; but My Little One, I am also merciful to you and I expect more out of those, who benefit from these works. How many of them tithe to My works anywhere? How many of them will tithe to these works so that they can go forth? How many of them will give ten percent of their income to help share the expenses for these works to go forward? I have spoken it, My Child; I have told you what I will do. Now, it is up to those, who reap from these works to sow into them. And, time will tell who will sow. Now, My Child, you know of the planned nuclear exchange between Russia and the USA, so let us go forward."

"Father, You gave me a cup to pour out on this evil lab and I did so. Then, the contents of this cup began to flow to parts of Russia and the USA. My Father, this cup was full of plagues and many died. What does this mean?"

"My Child, it means that it is judgement time for Russia. It is judgement time for these Russian mind control and DNA labs in America and the cup of My wrath is being poured out on them."

"And, many will die, Father."

"Like flies. For, I have had enough of this evil."

"Praise You, Father! I delight in Your righteous judgement."

"But, why is this a red river?"

"My Child, this is a cup of my wrath."

"So, Father, You state herein that a nuclear blast will hit Russia."

"I have stated it. This is a planned nuclear exchange! ‘You nuke me and I will nuke you.’ This is Bush and Putin in dueling it out."

"Father, I hate to see this. I have a deep dread within me. Father, don’t let them nuke America! Now, Father, tell me, what is meant by putting out the left eye of Putin?"

"My Child, what is the left, as in the far left?"

"I don’t know, Father."

"My Child, what is Washington DC?"

"It is "L" for liberal. Everything goes!"

"But, not with Putin. Everything does not go. He mows down and destroys all opposition. What happened to his opponent in the presidential race?"

"Father, he was kidnapped and drugged."

"This is so. So, his left eye, for liberal, is punched out and what is left?"

"Father, it is his right eye for ‘red’ communism."

"This is a good conclusion, but not all. If his left eye is taken out, which is liberal for Washington DC, then he is left with his right eye, which is China. China is his right eye and Washington DC his left eye."

"So, Father, does this mean that DC may be nuked?"

"Well, My Little One, this would solve a lot of their problems right now. Nuke DC or New York City, among other places. Get rid of this left eye and much would be solved for everyone, even if a few million were lost in Russia. After all, the ‘useless eaters’ must go, by their own design."

"Father, when the fiery rod is stuck through Putin’s belly and it leaves a hole, what does this mean."

"My Child, what is his belly?"

"The Kremlin, perhaps."

"This is part of his belly but not all, My Child. Do you see Putin’s doing a jig with his feet?"

"Yes, my Father, I see it."

"And, do you see the knife in his right boot?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, do you see him take the knife and put it to Bush, Jr.’s neck?"

"Yes, my Father, but I do not know what this means."

"My Child, it means blackmail. Putin has blackmailed Bush and few know, so there is some bad blood there; but still you have Russia all over America. This bad blood means nothing in terms of the New World Order goals, in which America must be destroyed."

"But, Father, what does this have to do with a hole in Putin’s stomach?"

"My Child, a part of George W. Bush wants to get back at Putin, to take revenge against him for this blackmail. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father, but your rod put the hole in Putin’s stomach."

"This is so, My Child, but even so, I use others to carry out My will. My judgement is upon Russia because of what they have done to you and I may very well use George W. to go forth with My judgement. Understand?"

"Yes, Father, but he will do only what he is told."

"This is so, My Child; but I am still on high."

"Forgive me, Father, I did not mean to say a thing negative toward You; for I love You so! It is just that at times I do not understand things at all."

"No, you do not, My Child; but I want you to understand and this is why I am telling you these things."

"So, Father, the world is on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe."

"It is."

"Can it be stopped?"

"My Little One, I reveal plans so that things can be stopped. Otherwise, the USA would have been finished long ago. When I hear people pray in earnest, I listen and I intervene."

"I know You do, Father and I love You so."

"Now, My Child, You wonder about the lineage of Putin; but You should wonder no longer; for you see him hiss."

"Yes, Father. What is meant by his losing his right arm, along with the rod?"

"My Child, the USA is also his right arm, and the arm, which has put the rod of punishment in Putin’s hand. The USA has made the agreement with Russia that they will be used to police the USA, Canada and elsewhere as directed."

"But, Father, You had me cut off this arm and throw it along with the rod into the fire."

"I did."

"What does this mean?"

"It means a severe parting of the ways between America and Russia and a severance between the two, a parting of the ways."

"Then, Father, the Russians in America must go."

"Or, so you believe, but it will not be this easy. This is the dilemma that you, as a nation, will face."

"Now, Father, we come to the right leg, which has been thrown into the Lake of Fire. Father, what does this mean?"

"My Child, it means that he will no longer be able to dance the jig."

"What do You mean by ‘dance the jig?’"

"Do you see him burning the picture of George W. Bush?"

"I do."

"Therefore, My Child, he is not going to be dancing a jig for long with the USA, but will become crippled when he cannot dance this jig any longer. And, all should be frightened and concerned; for what I have shown you is very perilous."

"Yes, my Father. But, once he loses his leg, he surrenders. What does this mean?"

"My Child, it means a time of great darkness, which is upon Russia, and in due season this man will buckle beneath the weight of it. When the USA no longer supports him, he will crumble."

"Father, the duel between Bush and Putin is self-explanatory."

"It is."

"And, the beast, Father. This is the New World Order beast."

"It is, My Child. The beast is looking to go forward with World War III so that it can emerge as an angel of light. Most, who see these evil works, will see them as good. And with this, My Child, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of February, 2004
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


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