From the Mountain, Book X

Chapter Four


"Bush/New World Order Plans to Terrorize the Poor people in the South"

On the afternoon of the 21st of February, I took a nap and dreamt that I was talking on the telephone with a friend when the conversation was interrupted by loud clicks and noises as well as the weird voices, which were very scrambled and hard to discern. Then, the telephone connection was lost. I called back and our friends’ Mother answered the telephone. When I asked to speak with our friend, I was told that He was called out and I believe that she said to "Oklahoma." Then, this woman blurted out, "Jackson Mississippi just got nuked."

Without speaking a word, I hung up the telephone and hurriedly went to my Mother’s house. Once there, I asked her why Jackson Mississippi was nuked and she said that she did not know.

When I entered her house, it was daylight, but shortly after my conversation with her, I went to the door and looked out and the sky was full of so much dust and debris that it looked almost dark. I saw My Mother and my Stepfather sitting outside and I warned them to come inside as they were breathing radioactive particles. They got up and came back inside and once again I asked my Mother why Jackson Mississippi had been nuked. As soon as these words began to come out of my mouth, a radio on the wall came on and as I spoke the radio got louder and louder until I was shouting at my Mother, continuing to ask her why Jackson Mississippi had been nuked. I awoke never hearing her reply.

During the course of time since this dream, I have shared it with others, who have confirmed through several intelligence sources that the Bush Administration definitely plans to commit a great terror act in the state of Mississippi. Just last week there was an earthquake, which was over 5.0 in Mississippi and our Father in Heaven tells me that this earthquake was a "caused" earthquake." I pray that this registers with you! Several different intelligence sources have confirmed that the Bush Administration and their New World Order cronies plan to commit a terrorist act of great proportions in the state of Mississippi. These are their plans. It is up to each of you to take this warning seriously and pray fervently against it. Read on for what our Father in Heaven has to say!



"Planned Terror for the South!"

"Father, I come to You for a greater understanding of this dream. You know that since this dream I have received word that intelligence sources confirm that the Bushes and their New World Order crowd plan an attack on Mississippi.
But, the word is that this attack is more of a biological attack."

"My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. In this dream, I have shown you as it is; for there are several attacks on the South, which are being planned at this moment. One is nuclear. One is biological and one is chemical. The point is, My Child, that many states in the South have a history of voting Democrat. The point in creating this terror is so that the Bush crowd can then come in and be the heroes, thereby getting the votes of the people in the South. Why Mississippi? Because it is a very poor state. It falls behind in many areas and they believe that these people deserve to be destroyed, plus they think they are so ignorant (in Mississippi) that they will never find it out. If Mississippi fails, they have other targets in the South, but Mississippi is their number one target and "Jackson" as you have seen."

"Oh, Father, I hate this evil and I pray that You will smash these evil ones in the head with Your rod of judgement. I am fully disgusted with their evil!"

"You are right, My child. Take My rod and smash it into the head of Karl Rove."

"Father, I take Your rod and I smash this rod into the head of this evil man. At first, I see a blazing white light. Then, I see black snakes scatter in all directions. Father, what are these?"

"The demons, who control him. Gather up the snakes and throw them into the Lake of Fire, for they give him power."

"Yes, my Father." And, I reach out and gather them up under the power of God and I have thirteen of them in my hands, which are now bound up in ropes. Now, I give them a fling and they go straight into the Lake of Fire. I look down at Karl Rove and he looks like a skeleton. He tries to speak, but no words come out. "My Father, this is awful."

"It is and it won’t be long before he follows his snakes. Now, My Child, take My rod to the head of George W. Bush."

"Yes, my Father." I now take His fiery rod and I slam it into the head of George W. Bush. His head falls off, which has one crown attached and I look to see that the severed head is hollow. "Father, this man’s head is hollow and his body is hollow. How can he even think; for he has no brain."

"You are correct. He has no brain. His Father is his brain. Now, take My rod and smash it into the head of George Bush Sr."

"Yes, my Father." And, I do as asked. The rod of fire hits his head of George H.W. Bush and the head explodes, leaving thousands of snakes. They are pouring forth and the heads are peering in all directions, all are hissing at once. "Oh, Father, this is an awful mess!"

"It is."

"What is to be done here?"

"Take My cup of fire and pour this cup of fire onto these snakes."

I take the large cup, which more closely resembles a pitcher, and I pour the cup of molten lava and fire onto the hissing snakes. These snakes begin to groan and to pop and sputter as the molten lava and fire hits them and simultaneously they begin to dry up, like plants that have dried up in the sun. The head of George H. W. Bush is gone and the snakes area all withered and dead, or dying, and from the belly of George H.W. Bush comes a terrible groan. "Let me out! Let me out!"

"Oh, Father, what is this?"

"My Child, it is another very large snake, which is coiled in a circle."

"Take My sword and stick it into the belly of George W. Bush and pierce this snake."

I now take our Father’s fiery sword and push it into the belly of George H. W. Bush and the snake is hit by the fire. Oh, this thing is furious! It is now screaming like a wildcat and hissing at the same time, but the screams and hisses soon die down until there is only a moaning noise, which gets weaker and weaker until there is no noise at all. I withdraw the flaming sword and out comes green bile, stinky, rotten, putrid, gangrenous fluid, and it falls down and builds into a pile at the feet of this evil man. "Oh, Father, this is foul! It is so foul!"

"Stand back, My Child."

Then, suddenly, the body of George H.W. Bush crumbles and falls into the stinky mess. "Oh, Father, this is awful! I can hardly stand the sight! I feel sick all over!"

"As it should be! And this, My Child, is the fate of George H. W. Bush. With his demons gone, he, too, shall soon dry up and fall into the stinking mess that he has created."

"Oh, Father, this is an awful thing; but I delight in Your righteous judgement! Praises to Your Holy Name, Father. I love You so!"

"And, with this, My Child, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of February, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Since I received word from the intelligence sources above, I have received other words of confirmation that other intelligence connections confirm that the Bush administration plans to commit an act of great terror in Mississippi. But, also remember our Father’s words that this could be any location in the South and for the reasons as outlined above. It is up to each of you to get serious in prayer that our Father will intervene and stop these evil plans! Once again, we are facing serious concerns and know one thing. This is not going to get any better any time soon! The Satanists have taken over and they plan to kill every person. They have bankrupted the country and hope that all are either dead or enslaved before they wake up. Dear Ones, the great war is on and you will either stand up and fight it spiritually or you will die in chains to the New World Order!



April 21st, 2004

Since the above warning regarding the New World Order plots to create terror in the South, we have read of explosions in an oil refinery in Texas. Because of the severity of these explosions, this refinery had to be shut down and it is supposedly the third largest in the USA. The word, which came through the news reports of the Internet, was that this great explosion would surely lead to an increase in the gas prices in America; and we are surely seeing a steady increase in gasoline at the pumps! But, the word that we have received through some, who have contacts in the intelligence agencies, is that the super elite thieves need to keep the oil and gas prices high so that they can make a huge profit on their oil derivatives. If oil drops, they lose! Now, we understand why OPEC has also cut oil production to accommodate these thieves! It is all about money and greed!

Also, since the above warnings about "terror" in the South, we have received word about other explosions in an oil refinery in New Mexico! But, this is not all, reports have come in about an unknown aerosol, which was disseminated in the Miami Airport and another report about a package, possibly an explosive, which was found in the Atlanta Airport. I do not know the outcome of these situations in these airports as I only read one article about each of these "terror" events.

Let it be known that these events are our Father’s warnings coming to pass. Never, ever underestimate His warnings and never take them for granted! He gives them for a reason! This reason is so that you will repent and pray to stop these things. If people take these warnings for granted and do not even care enough to pray for our Lord and God to stop them; He will simply let them come to pass!

Does this tell you anything about why we are seeing these things come to pass in the South?







"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen to Me, My Little One! Just as you hear the clock ticking in your kitchen, the clock is also ticking for My people. Just as you have heard My voice speaking to you about the wake-up call that I have given through the Mel Gibson movie, you have also heard Me say over and over, ‘Time is running out for My people.’ Just as I have given David Booth the same warning for ten nights in a row, I have given My people the same kinds of warnings and messages through you, now into the tenth book. My words to you are, My Child, that time is running out for My people. The day and the hour of judgement is approaching for all of humanity."

"Father, I know that we are facing grave situations on the Earth. Yellowstone could blow any day. We are looking at wars and more wars. The whole world is on the verge of an economic collapse."

"And with reason, My Child. For, the world, as you know it, is coming to an end. People have spent their time getting spiritually prepared and ready for the return of My Son, or they have flitted away their time and energies on the vanities of the world. There is no in-between. They are ‘for real’ with Me and My Son, or they are lost in the world of illusion. There is no in-between. You are either for Me or against Me. Lukewarm, I despise! So, where does this leave most of humanity?"

"Out in the cold."

"’Tis so."

"Father, the Earth is now wobbling severely."

"It is. And, next it is turned upside down."

"But, Father, still you do not say how long we have."

"I do not. When I told Noah to get into the ark, did I tell everyone else?"

"No, my Father."

"So, why should I tell those, who do not love Me and who do not serve Me?"

"I understand, Father."

"But, My Little One, those, who have taken these works seriously will be prepared spiritually and physically to remain, or to go home. These are the wise ones. But, the rest will not be prepared; for they are foolish. If they have not prepared by this late hour, will they take these words seriously and get prepared now? The foolish will be foolish and the days of the foolish are fast coming to an end. But, My wise I will continue to guide and it will be on a one-to-one basis. My wise ones will hear Me and they will obey Me. The foolish will not. I will not continue to cast pearls before the swine, who trample on them and render them useless. ‘Tis true that My words through you have blessed the wise and the foolish alike. But, at this late hour, the foolish will go their own way and the wise theirs. When it is time to go into the ark, the wise will know, but the foolish will perish. I have much to speak to the wise, but My days of warning the foolish are coming to an end.

Through these works, My Child, I have blessed many and will continue to bless, even after the flipping of the Earth. For, the wise will make copies of all of the works, even and especially the fulfilled prophecies. And, in their time of quiet and rest, they will read these words again and they will be blessed over and over again. But, the foolish will perish and into darkness they will go.

Now, My Child, you must wonder why I am going to such great lengths to speak of the wise and the foolish. Remember that the wise virgins have oil in their lamps and the foolish do not. In other words, they are spiritually clean, but also physically prepared. These are the wise ones. The foolish say, ‘I will not prepare. Let tomorrow take care of itself.’ But, the wise know that when the Earth is turned upside down and few are left that there will also be little to eat. There will be no fuel for lamps. No oil. So, they prepare. They have oil and they have food.

Yes, My Child, I gave David Booth the same warning for ten nights in a row and his dream/vision is about the return of Niburu and the eruption of Yellowstone and the flipping of the Earth. He wrote these things into a book to sell to the people and he went onto the radio and did freely share this warning. Yet, when others criticized him, he folded up. Why?"

"Because, Father, he probably felt that people were ungrateful and did not like his putting these things into book form and selling them!"

"My Child, he was persecuted for what he was doing and he folded up!"

"But, Father, in a sense I understand."

"I know you do, My Child; for few, very few would go through what you have gone through and continue on. Most would not continue to stand and to fight when faced with such persecution. They would give up."

"But, Father, when we give up, we do not grow spiritually."

"’Tis so. Nevertleless, My Child, most would not weather the persecution very long to get the truth out."

"Father, I know, but still I understand how David Booth feels about this persecution. He believes that most want something for nothing and that most do not appreciate what is freely given. And, Father, I, too, believe that this is true for most people today. Most, but definitely not all.

Father, I feel so badly that this world is in this mess and that so many have become selfish and greedy, not only wanting something for nothing, they expect it. But, Father, even so, with all that You and our Lord Jesus have given me for the people, it is still up to each one to do what is right. No one can get spiritual growth from another person. Each of us must stand on our own two feet and we must do what is right before You. We cannot cheat our way into a spiritual connection with You and our Lord. This Way is based upon truth and honor and the rest fall by the way.

So, Father, I do understand how David Booth feels about the criticism, which is directed toward his warning. We have been sorely criticized by some for selling Books Five and Six, which You and our Lord told us to sell! Yes, Father, I know that there are many, many takers in this world. Greed is rampant! But, I also understand, Father, that we reap what we sow and as You have freely given to us, we have freely given. We do not expect anything in return, Father. If people help, we are grateful, but if not, we accept it as well. For, this is a work of love, Father and we do not expect anything from others.

Father, I hope and pray for the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. And, in my heart of hearts, I feel that this Book X may very well be the last book for the masses as I can see the severity of the times!"

"Yes, My Child, you can see the severity of the times. You can see the feeding frenzy of evil and it is escalating all the time. It is time for Mine to draw close to me and to get prepared to enter into the ark; for there is precious little time left for all of humanity. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of March, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman





Part Three

"Choosing to do Right with what we are given!"

"My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. You come to Me today, My Child, with questions about your conversation with Me on March 01, 2004. And, as you are now going forward with typing what has been previously given, you have questions about My words regarding one David Booth and his revelations of his dream/vision."

"Yes, I do."

"And, I have told you that I have given him this vision."

"You did, Father."

"Yet, My Child, at the time of My conversation with you, you only knew what I told you and what you heard from listening to his radio interviews."

"This is so, Father and I wondered why so many would give this man coverage from this dream/vision when so few would have me on their shows, and You have given me many hundreds if not thousands of visions, plus dreams, and so many have come to pass."

"Oh, My Little One, this is the way of the world. When most are given a few dreams or visions, they begin to usurp power. They begin to usurp authority and while they may start out on the right track, with only a desire to share what is given and to inform the world, most get off track. They get bloated with self and ego and they get caught up in greed. Now, with David Booth, he had a sincere desire to share this experience at first and he felt an urgency in his heart about what is truly coming to pass. Yet, in his haste, he began to undermine the truth. In his book, he stole the words of others and used them as his own. He devised a scheme in his heart to debase Me and My words and this became his downfall. Nevertheless, I sent him forth and at first his desires were sincere, that is to share this experience, this warning. But, as he devised mischief against Me, I allowed him to set himself up for a fall. He got carried away with ego, My Child, and this was all to his demise. Then, I put him to tests and he failed them all. So, while he started out with a real warning and a real message, his purposes became contorted and twisted and he did a lot of harm. He reaped a great deal of criticism upon himself, some justified and some not justified; for, his purposes became warped and crooked and he, himself, set up his own demise. Yet, My Child, he always had a choice as to whether he would take what was given and be truthful and honest, or whether he would take it and twist it for his own greed and glory. What started out as a blessing turned into a cursing for him as he chose the crooked way.

My Little One, I would use many, many for My purposes, but whom can I trust to serve Me without selfish agendas? And, so it is My Child, that this man has fallen because of his own misuse of truths. Let all be the wiser. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded, this 21st day of April, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


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