From the Mountain, Book X

Chapter Five


"Not by Chance, by My Design!"

Part I

"My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, remember the night of March 04, 2004; for on this night I opened a very special and very powerful avenue for My people that has been heretofore closed. You experienced the violent storm, which was preceded by violent sunspot activity."

"Yes, Father, this was a very violent and fast-moving thunderstorm with high winds. When the winds were at their height, I walked the length of this little house praying in tongues. And by the time that I got to the end of the house, I looked up to see the most awesome angel, who must have been 100 feet tall. A great radiance of pure, white light shone upon this angel and bathed this angel and the moment I saw this angel, the wind stopped and all became very still. Father, this was so amazing and absolutely beautiful and I will always be thankful for this beautiful angel and for Your power, which came through this angel. And, Father, I felt such a power come upon me, so that when I sat down in my usual prayer chair, I saw a whirl of fire. Oh, this was a beautiful, rainbow fire with many colors and this fire was so powerful! Then, when I went to bed, this fire followed me and came to rest above my body and after a while I was in the fire and the fire was in me. And, it seemed that I was engulfed in this fire and even consumed in it, but it was the most beautiful experience! At times, this fire was absolutely white, while at other times, it was the most beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. Even today, I feel the power from this fire and Father, this is a beautiful thing; but even so, Father, I do not understand what I have seen or experienced, only that this has been a beautiful thing, Father and that I love You so!"

"My Little One, you know that 6+6=12."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, you know, My Child, that My creation is orderly. The universes are orderly. The makeup of all things is orderly and according to My holy design."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, My Child, you know that this is a system of mathematics, that all is based on mathematics and by My own design I have created things this way."

"Yes, my Father, I know these things."

"And, you know, My Child, that what has happened to you is not by chance, but by My design."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, I have told you, My Child, that there would come a time and soon when I would put My fire on you and that others would also see this fire."

"Yes, my Father, You have said it; but I do not believe that anyone, but me would have seen this fire last night."

"’Tis true; for no one would have, but in due season others will and they will be afraid when they see this fire and some will fall down from fright. And, others will be healed, delivered and set free. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father, You have told me these things and I accept what You say, but as I have never experienced this, it is hard for me to imagine it."

‘But, even so, I have told you these things and I am telling you again that on the night of March 04, 2004, an interdimensional shift took place, which will affect many. This interdimensional shift will particularly affect those, who really love Me and My Son and who honor Me through obedience to me laws. This interdimensional shift is going to affect many people the world over; for not only have I given you this very special gift, but I will begin to bestow My power and gifts upon many all over the world. Yes, My Child, you see it in the Spirit. And, to you it is as if something cracked or broke and in a sense this is so, but not altogether accurate. It would be better described as turning a key to a different position on a mantle. By inserting and turning this key, the vibratory rate has been altered. It has been elevated somewhat."

"Father, this is what they wanted to do in the pyramid with the crystal. They wanted to raise the vibratory rate and to alter the course or timing of the coming of Planet X, or Niburu."

"Yes, My Child, this is so; but this has not been done by them, but by Me. And, I have done this that the greatest numbers of souls may be saved, as you have prayed so often, that there will be a mass turning back to what is true and right before huge numbers of souls exit this planet. Now, My Child, admittedly, there is not much time; but this shift will allow for a shift in the consciousness that is needed for this change, for this transition in the human race."

"But, Father, did this have anything to do with this storm?"

"Yes, and for reasons that I will not go into right now."

"What more should people know, Father?"

"My Child, they should know that I love them very much and I do not delight in destruction of this planet. But, societies the world over have become so wicked that I must judge this evil. However, because of My love for humanity, I have caused this thing and I have also begun to pour out My fire in you as I have promised.

My Child, dire times are at hand for the whole Earth. The warnings have gone out for many years but few take them seriously anymore. Yet, the righteous will take them seriously and they will do as I have commanded. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of March, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman




Part II

"A Time of Purification has already started!"

Plus, A Message for South Africa"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Yes, My Little One, I have given you a reprieve, a brief time of rest, that you may draw close to me and My Son, that you may be refreshed and renewed spiritually. Now, My Child, as winter passes away and as spring brings renewal, so do I bring renewal of My Spirit in you. Yes, My Little One, this year past has been a very difficult year for you. It has been a year of great battles and the fallout continues on with high-level government officials coming under My judgement and facing their own demise. I am dredging the bottom of the stream, which to you, My Child, does look like a river, but even so it is the stream of humanity. And, I am dredging this stream, even now and I am pulling up all manner of filth and darkness and I am laying it all aside to be cast into the burning fires. For, a time of purification is at hand in the Earth and it has already started. Yes, My Child, the dregs are being brought up and they are being put aside for My judgement and in the world right now, you are seeing a manifestation of all that I am telling you. Yes, My Child, the dregs are being brought up and the whole world is looking on at these filthy dregs and they are observing the darkness of these dregs, the lies, the confusion and the outright evil that they have brought into the world. And, try as they might they cannot hide who they are for their words are full of trickery and contempt and the evil of their ways is manifest outright and before the public. And, as you are remembering, My Child, yes this is partly due to the interdimensional shift that I described to you earlier. This interdimensional shift has brought in more of My light and this light is propelling Mine forward, but it is also illuminating the evil, which has hidden under cover of darkness for a very long time. And, you are right in your thinking again, My Child! Since this shift, two very important events have taken place in the world. The Bushes and their New World Order allies in Israel and England set out to control the election process in Spain by a huge act of planned terror and it backfired in their faces. What they set out to accomplish failed. It turned an angry tide of public disapproval against them and they lost their ally in the Spanish Government through the election process. The second event of major importance, which took place, happened in Taiwan, also near the election process, wherein they set out to do away with the current leader of Taiwan and put in their own choice. However, this also blew up in their faces! And, as you have heard, certain investment groups, in which the Bushes and the Clintons are involved, waged "put" options against the Chinese Currency, just days before this attempted assassination, all betting that the Taiwanese currency would fall. However, once more they failed to accomplish their goals and their evil plans backfired in their faces. Again, My Child, this also relates to this interdimensional shift and the increase in My light and conscious awareness that I have promised."

"Oh, My Father, this is so beautiful! The people need this so badly. And, still Father, I pray for the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. Father, we still need translators for Chinese, Russian and Arabic. Father, I know that time is short, but Father, but Father, you are Most High and You can make this happen. Father, please send these translators."

"My Child, I have heard your cries about this and other things of great import. One month past, I told you that within a month, your concerns would be answered and to date, they have been. One you do not see yet, but this has been answered. My Little One, I will not turn a deaf ear about these translators. I realize your love for the lost and I know that you want the greatest numbers saved and I continue to open doors to make this so. Continue to seek Me in this and have faith; for faith does move all mountains.


Prophecy for our Brothers and Sisters in South Africa

"My Little One, herein is another prophecy for My people in South Africa. Write the same and publish the same that My People all over South Africa and Zimbabwe, and even those in other countries in Africa, wherein they are scattered, will know My love for them. For, I look upon them with a great love and My heart is full of kindness toward them. I moan for the burdens that they carry and I repent, myself, of the judgement that I have brought on them for their wayward ways.

My Child, what I would have them to know is that my anger has been only for a little while, just a little while, My Child. What I have felt toward them in this way is lifted and I reach out My long arm over them, and I am striving with them. At the same time, I am pushing against their enemies; for I see the love of My people toward Me and My Son and it is renewed, just like the renewal of the leaves in Spring. I see their love. I see their obedience. I see this renewal of My Spirit within them as they have chastised themselves before Me. This I see, My Child, and it is spreading like the Sun in early morning. This discipline among them is spreading and they are humbling themselves before Me.

My Little One, I hear their cries! These are the cries of Precious Babes and beautiful Precious Little Children as they come to Me, and I receive them with open arms. For, I see their repentance. It is beginning to spread and My heart is overflowing with love toward these Little Lambs.

And, know, My Child, that I am rising up. I am rising up in My anger. I am rising up in My wrath against the heathen, who encompass them and I am beginning to shake away the dust and to tear down the cobwebs, which have grown among My people and over them. And, with My rod of judgement in My hand, I am coming against their oppressors and one by one, I shall begin to break away these shackles and I shall set My people free!


Yes, My little One, these are the best of times and the worst of times; for herein I shall raise up a Standard of Righteousness in South Africa and I shall take those, who have been the Most Hated and I shall cause them to be the Most Loved! For, I shall use this small and dedicated group in the Daughters of Zion, who have maintained My causes and My purposes through great trials and hardships, and I shall use them to reach the unreachable. I shall use them to break down and tear down the strongholds of evil, which have been upon the land for a very long time. And, many may hate them still, but when others see My miraculous hand upon them and how I use them and carry them through the fires and out the other side, they will no longer mock and scorn, but will humble themselves and reach out to them in love; for they will know that it is I, Jehovah, Most High, who has done this thing! And, while many fall by the way, My hand shall be steady upon them; for My promises are sure and they do not fail.

And, now My Child, I am calling for a unification of My People in South Africa, that you all bury your congregational differences, that you bury your pride, that you bury your egos and come to Me on bended knees as My Children, as Brothers and Sisters. For, I have a work to do among you that all the world will marvel at. And, when it is done, all will know that I and only I have done this thing! Therefore, I am calling you to bury your differences and to come together in love and humility; for you all face serious trials and you will not get through them at one another’s throats. This is not My Way, but the way of man and this sort of bickering must come to an end. Therefore, I am telling you now! Call this alliance and come together in humility, prayer, loving kindness and thanksgiving, that I may begin what I long to do among you all. For, My great blessings await you and My love is ready to be poured out on you in great measure. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yes Yahveh, Yahweh, Most High God."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of March, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



Part III

"A Message to Nelson Mandela and others"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, Jehovah, Most High, The One God, the Only God of My People, Israel. Listen to Me, My Child, and write this; for these words are for Nelson Mandela, one ruler of South Africa.


Prophetic Message to Nelson Mandela

From Jehovah, Most High God, the God of Israel

"Behold," says I, Jehovah, Most High God, "for I am Most High and there is none, who can compare to My power and My authority. For, I am Supreme Ruler of the Earth and the heavens and I am Creator of all. But, you and all in direct alliance with you in the government of South Africa, serve other gods of darkness and great evil and in your secret hours, you do great evil, all of which is an abomination to Me and is an abomination to any, who know truth and who serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit.

I tell you now that you believe that you and others, who serve with you, have been placed in power because the dark gods and spirits put you there; but this is a lie! For, in them is no power, only illusion. What you see is here today and gone tomorrow. What I give goes on into the eternities.

Yes, erroneously, you, as a group, believe this lie: that these forces of darkness have put you in power! But, it is I, who have put you and others there! And, I have given you power over My own People, for they have strayed from Me, loving what is in and of this world and not Me. And, for this, they have been given over to the world.

But you and your allies have made another mistake in believing that I have given them over to you to do with as you please. You have made a third mistake in believing that I have given them over to a treasonous New World Order to do with as they please. These things I have not done; but I have brought them under judgement, My judgement, that they may be chastised for a season, that they would humble themselves and come back to Me. For, they belong to Me, and not to any of you; but in your high-mindedness, Nelson Mandela, you have forgotten your own lessons with prisons and you have forgotten that you are but flesh and bones and I can remove you anytime I wish. For, I created the Earth and the heavens and I am in control of all things. But, when many become puffed up with evil as you and others in positions of power in South Africa have become, you erroneously believe that you are in control. Herein is another very great error in thinking.

Listen to My warnings herein; for if you fail to do so, My judgement shall begin to fall on you, on your household, and on all, who work directly with you in the government of South Africa. You have imprisoned many of My people and you have falsely accused them of all manner of terror, when in fact they are innocent and you know that they are innocent. But, as you and your co-workers in evil are paranoid and wish to do away with any perceived opposition, you are out to make examples of My people before the whole world. This is another gross error in your thinking. For, save you and your cohorts in criminal enterprise open up the prison doors and release all, who are currently being tried in the high-level mock trial in Pretoria, I shall come against you in a mighty way. I shall send terrible plagues upon you and your household and upon all, who work directly with you, in the government of South Africa. And, save you let Me People go, greater curses shall fall upon you and your government allies and upon all of South Africa until a great confusion of mind begins to grip many all over your government and madness of a great proportion sets in. The skies shall become as dusk, even during the day and I shall begin to shake the hills. And, volcanoes shall begin to pour forth fire and smoke. Great shall be My wrath against you and your government allies, and all black people of South Africa shall suffer. They shall weep and wail and flee into the streets; for the signs in the skies shall be so severe! And, fire and great hailstones shall begin to fall from the skies and many, many shall perish, save you and your government allies in South Africa open the prison doors and let My People go! And, not only those on trial in Pretoria, but every one of Mine, who is imprisoned and falsely accused! Every one of them you must let go!

No longer will I tolerate this kind of abuse against My people! You and your government allies have not been given free reign to torture, to maim, and to kill My People; but you have taken it and save you and your allies reverse this course, I shall rise up in My wrath against you and your cohorts in crime and I shall begin to systematically destroy you and the entire government of South Africa until few of you are left!

Yes, you look to the day when you will turn your black people loose and they will destroy all whites! But, I tell you now that this shall not be! For, soon, very soon, if you do not follow My counsel, as given herein, I shall attack you and all your government allies with such a vengeance that there are few of you left! But, My hand is upon My People and just as I delivered them from the Pharaoh in olden times, I will deliver them again from captivity. You and your government allies have a choice in this. These are My warnings! And know one thing: The clock is swiftly ticking. I am Jehovah, Most High God, the True God, the One and Only God of My People, Israel"


As witnessed, dictated, and recorded this 8th day of March, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


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