From the Mountain, Book X

Chapter Six


"Up High in My Kingdom"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven; yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, as you know, I showed you a few days past that I would take you up high in My Kingdom and that I would show you great and awesome things."

"Yes, Father, You told me this."

"And, as I have given you a brief time of rest, I have held back these things, for it was not yet the time. But, My Little One, now is the time and now we shall go forward with what I have previously told you."

"Yes, my Father and I am eager to receive this information so that those, who are hungry can be fed."

"My Little One, it is true that some are hungry; but in this country, the USA, not many are hungry as most are full with the world. But, in other countries, wherein My people are oppressed, they are hungry and they are thirsty, for the darkness is great and the weight of evil is heavy. Now, My Child, come hither. Come up high to My beautiful places and I shall begin to show you these things."

And, suddenly, I am caught in an updraft; and on a beautiful rainbow the Spirit of God carries me. All around me are beautiful fireworks of every color of the rainbow. The colors change rapidly from mauve to purple to blue and to various shades in between. Up ahead, I see an opening and I pass through the opening into an area of total white. I see a beautiful room with white carpet, white walls, and white furniture. On a white chest is a pitcher of radiant liquid with a singular goblet beside it. As I look at this pitcher and goblet, the Spirit of God says, "Go there. Drink of the radiant liquid and be blessed!" I reach out, grasp the handle of the pitcher, and pour a glassful of a thick, radiant liquid. This liquid has the consistency of syrup, but is full of light. It is clear, save for the sparkles of fire and light, which fill it. Looking at this fire, I think that this must be a liquid fire, but there is no smoke, only radiance. I put the goblet to my lips and drink the liquid, which goes down easily, just like water, and when I have consumed all, I put the glass back on the top of the chest. I hear a sound in the bottom of the glass and I look back at the glass and see what appears to be a golden or gold/platinum coin. For, the coin is somewhat golden, but also of a silvery color, depending on the light. The Spirit of God says to me, "Take the coin and eat it."

I pick up the goblet, dump the coin into my left hand, and heat emanates from the coin; for it begins to get hot very quickly. I toss the coin into My mouth and begin to chew upon it. Suddenly, I feel a great heat of fire in my mouth and this fire is both very cold and hot at the same time. I feel a mighty explosion begin to erupt and great power begins to explode out of my mouth. It feels like a rocket has just exploded in my mouth and great ripples of power run though me all the way into my feet and out the bottoms of them. My hands feel very hot and this fire, though very hot, is also cold. This explosion has ripped me to the core and I find that I am perspiring heavily.

I back up to one of the white chairs, which has a high back and straight legs, and I sit down. The cushions are very soft, like the down of a goose and as I sit I feel light-headed. Great waves of energy course through me, one after the other, almost like the waves of an ocean, but more quickly and with a deep intensity, full of intense colors of the rainbow. I grab hold of the chair arms; for even as with ocean waves, these waves are causing me to feel light-headed and nauseated. I hear the Spirit of God say, "Ride the blue wave!" And, I enter into only one part of the rainbow color and this color is a deep blue, like that of the Lapis Lazuli stone. It is a deep, deep blue, a rich, vibrant blue and I enter into this light and find that I am sitting upon a stump, where a very large tree was cut down. Oh, this is a beautiful blue and I could stay in this for a very long time without wishing to leave; for this blue is so electric. It is so serene, yet powerful and I feel such joy, yet pure power of God.

I reach down beside the tree trunk and I break a straw, which is about three inches long. I hold this straw between my two index fingers and I wonder what this means; for in the Kingdom of God, all things mean something. As I ponder the significance of this straw, I look up to see our Lord Jesus. He is so very tall and so beautiful in His white robe and is bathed also in this electric blue light. "My Little One," He says, "Do not get up; for I will sit beside you. There is work to be done and mysteries to be revealed that My people will be the wiser. My Little One, you are seated on a very large stump."

"Yes, My Lord."

"And, when you look behind you, you will see that it is hollow."

"Yes, My Lord, it is hollow and has been hollow for a very long time."

"’Tis so. Now, My Child, do you know what this stump is?"

"No, My Lord, I do not."

"Well, climb down. Peel back the bark and read."

So, I climb down, kneel at the base of the tree and peel back a very large section of the bark, which was loosely clinging to the stump. As I peel the bark away, certain words begin to come into my vision and these are the words: "My people the world over have deserted Me and our Father." Feeling a big lump in my throat, I try hard, but cannot fight the tears. As the tears begin to stream from my eyes, I see in small print below these words, "They profess a kind of godliness, but deny the fullness thereof." I fall upon my face at the feet of our Lord and I cannot stop weeping; for my sorrow is great. Streaming before my face now are thousands upon thousands, even millions upon millions of little children of every race. Some are filthy and others are very hungry. Some have plenty of worldly toys and others have none. Some ride tricycles and bicycles and some of the older ones drive cars, but they all share one thing. They are devoid of the Spirit of God. They are devoid of our Father’s truths. They are full of loneliness and full of the spirit of the world. They are cut off, cut off, and I feel so sad. I feel so overcome with grief that I can hardly bear to look at their precious faces. Through my tears they are all a very big blur and now as I look at them, I am deeply sobbing and my tears are rolling onto the feet of our Lord. "I am so sorry, my Lord. I am so sorry! These children have no heritage. They have no future. They are cut off from You and our Father and they will not receive their inheritance. Oh, My Lord, if You do not intervene, what will become of all these Precious Little Ones? Do not let them go by the way of the grave in this state! Please, my Lord, do not let Satan devour them! I am begging you on behalf of every soul! Please, my Lord, do not let them be lost!" As I say these things, I am clinging to His feet with all my strength, never wanting to let go; yet feeling such a great sorrow, an utter emptiness and desperation for all of these Precious Little Children, who are all captives of the devil. "My Lord, why have You brought me here in this blue light and why did you want me to see this now? And, why did I pick up the 3-inch straw? Why, my Lord?"

"My Little One, these dead and hollow churches are never going to reach the hearts of the lost. The lukewarm have hollowed out My church. They have created a great hole in the heart of My work and because of this hole, My People, the world over are empty and hollow-eyed. As you can see, My Child, I have hewn down this tree. All that is left is a stump. All that is left is the root of My word, a root of My power, a root of My strength in My people. This root, My Little One, is what is real. This root and this stump is what remains. For, I have cut off the trunk of the lukewarm and I have severed their branches."

"Oh, my Lord, this is a terrible thing to see."

"It is, My Child, and what you see is accurate and true. These errant preachers have caused My people to be cut off from Me, from our Father, and from the Spirit of God and I have hewn down this tree. I have cut them off and now these people the world over are empty. They are vacant and save they seek Me and our Father with their whole hearts, save they see their wrongs and repent, they shall go the way of the evil ones."

"Oh, My Lord, this grieves my soul!"

"And, so it should, My Child. For, I have few ministers, few teachers, few evangelists, few prophets and apostles, who are real. Yes, there are many, many, who say they serve Me and our Father. They have many degrees and many titles, but they are not Mine. They are the lukewarm and they have deceived My people! They have led My people astray and this tree I have cut down."

"Oh, my Lord, the tree is cut down and it shall soon go into the fiery furnace!"

"You see the tree. It is cut down and it shall soon go into the fiery furnace; for this is My punishment to the lukewarm preachers, who have taught the lie and it is My punishment to the lukewarm children, who wanted to believe this lie."

"Oh, my Lord, this is an awful thing."

"It is, My Child, but remember the root. Remember the stump; for it still lives and those, who are firmly rooted in Me, shall continue to grow in the depths of My word. They shall thrive in the depths of My Spirit and these few shall now be empowered as never before. As you drank today of My liquid fire, so shall others, who are part of this stump; for they are fully rooted in Me."

"My Lord, what does this mean? I drank the liquid fire and I felt the great power, but what does this mean?

"My Child, it means this: You, My Child, are part of this stump. You are part of My root system. And, from this day forward, I shall empower you as never before. Let those be afraid, who would come up against you; for My words shall flow out of Your mouth with a power that you could never imagine. Even as you speak, My Child, these things shall come to pass. The evil ones will come to fear you and others will know for a certainty that you serve Me and our Father; for the judgements shall be quick and severe and the blessings shall be immediate and powerful. What I put into your mouth to curse, you shall curse with power and speed. What I put into your mouth to bless shall unfold with an awesome quickness. My power through you, which is the power of the Most High, shall roll through you in awesome words and it shall roll forth according to our Father’s rainbow. Today, you have entered the blue wave and there is a reason for this."

"My Lord, what is this reason?"

"My Child, this is the reason." And, He touches my head with one finger and waves roll over me as the waves of an ocean. I can even hear the lapping of the waves and the roar of the seas.

"My Lord, I see this and feel this. I am experiencing all of this, but I still do not understand."

"My Child, you are experiencing herein a wave of the cosmic universe. This wave is much greater than you and it is greater than anything you can imagine. It is called the ‘Blue Wave’ and "My Child, you will often ride this blue wave."

"But, My Lord, as the stump of Your tree is here, what does this mean?"

"My Child, it means an awesome empowerment for this stump, for this root, as has never been seen, nor imagined! This is the ‘Blue Wave’ of cosmic power as few have ever seen and today through you, My Child, I am empowering the root and the stump through this Blue Wave. Today, I am cutting it loose."

"Oh, My Lord, this is beautiful. And, the straw, My Lord, what does this mean?"

"My Child, you see that this straw is about three inches long."

"Yes, My Lord."

"And you hold it between your fingers."

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, I have put this straw between your fingers and not between the fingers of anyone else."

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, you sit in My ‘Blue Wave.’"

"Yes, my Lord."

"Then, know this, My Child, that this empowerment of My stump, of My root, is the last great wave, the last great empowerment before the tree is burned in the Lake of Fire."

"Oh, my Lord, this is terrible. It is very terrible."

"And, what about the three inches?" The straw is about three inches long."
"This great wave will rise up in My stump, in My root, and it will empower My people for exactly three years."

"Then what?"

"Then, the tree will be burned."

"All of it?"

"All of it."

"But, will some of these errant preachers not come back? And will other errant children not come back?"

"Some will; for those of My root, of My stump, will rise up in such great power that many will be healed. Many will be delivered. Many will be set free. This is the last great wave of My power before many are killed and carried away into the Pits or into the Lake of Fire."

"Thank You, My Lord. I love You so! You are so beautiful! You are so precious!" And, I put my head on his feet and feel such a peace come over me. I find myself back in the white room. Our Lord is in the soft and downy, white chair and I am on a white loveseat, where I am seated beside an Indian woman, as from India. She is adorned with bracelets and chains and wears silk clothing. On her forehead is a red spot and she pours a cup of tea for herself and one for me. She offers me the tea and I decline; for I want nothing to do with paganism. I look to our Lord and back down at my hands; for I know that this is one of the lost ones. The Spirit of God says, "You are correct! Partake not of those things, which are prepared by the pagans and do not commune with them."

"Yes, I say to the Spirit of God, "but how shall these be revealed?"

Then, the Spirit of God says, "Not by socializing or fraternizing, but by the power of The Spirit of God."

I look at the woman as she sips her tea and I reach out with My right hand to touch her on the forehead. I feel the waves of the Spirit of God as they travel through my hands and pass through her head, and beyond her head I see hundreds of thousands of Indians and their dark eyes are lit up with the Spirit of God. They have joy on their faces and I know that they have been set free of paganism. The children are full of joy and their faces are aglow with the beauty of God’s Spirit. Joy fills my soul. Our Lord Jesus looks at me and He says, "I will send you to India!" The vision fades. Our Lord is gone. The room is gone and I am back at home. Praises to our Father in Heaven, for He has given His Precious Son, that we all might have life more abundantly. Holy is His Beautiful Name!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of March, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman




"Sound the Alarm!"

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, do you hear the bells, as in the bells of a chariot of old? And, as this chariot comes to a stop, it sounds the bells so that other passengers will be ready to board. This was the way in olden times, but now much more sophisticated devices are used to sound the alarm indicating that soon it will be time to board the carriage. All is much more complicated now and all is heavily dependent upon electronics and electricity to function. In fact, My Child, the world over, societies are dependent upon this very fragile way of operating in day-to-day transactions. Most records are kept in computers and many businesses do not have paper copies made of their day-to-day operations.

My Little One, the day will come when this very way of doing business will lead to a standstill in the world of business. It will lead to an abrupt halt in business transactions all over the world; for governments and businesses worldwide are dependent on this electronic process. But, herein, my Child, is a grave weakness and this very weakness will be exploited by the warmongers all over the world.

A time is coming, and it is soon, that whole societies, whole countries, will grind to a halt because they did not give forethought to this weakness in advance; but have placed all their eggs in one basket. The power outages in the Northeast should have been a wakeup call to all businesses to have manual backups and tangible copies of all records, so that business can go on as usual in case of emergencies. But, few saw this as a wakeup call and when something much greater happens, this narrow-minded way will lead to great chaos and terrible hardships for the people.

Let all receive these words as grave warnings wherein all their business transactions are dependent upon computers and electronics; for a serious time will come when this very process will be interrupted. It will be broken down and all businesses need a back-up, manual system of operating. This very warning, if taken seriously, will save many a heartache. Let the wise be warned to have tangible records and alternative energy or manual backup systems for their businesses and services; for My Little One, the plans of the enemy are devastation for the whole world. And, what better way for them to disable it than to attack weak and vulnerable systems. I tell you now, and this you already know, that computers are weak and vulnerable systems and with electronic pulse weapons this very basis for business and government alike can be readily broken down and made inoperable. My warning to all is to be wise. Take this warning very seriously for plans are under way to carry out this sort of devastating attack prior to other terrorist activities in several cities all across America."

"Oh, Father, there is no end to this evil."

"No, My Child, there is no end. Not now! But, the wise will listen, they will prepare; but the foolish will not listen and they will all suffer for it. I tell you now that the reptiles, the Seed of the Serpent, who are in power, never plan to give it up! They will blow up much of the USA and much of the world before they will ever give up their plans to conquer and control it all, thereby making slaves of all of humanity. But, in this, I am warning all; for this is but one more of their plans. Pay attention and be prepared. Reject this warning and you, as a people, will greatly lose. And, know My Child, that while I am directing this warning to the USA, it is not just for the USA, but to countries and governments, to businesses the world over, which depend on computers, electronics, and electricity to do business."

"Father, thank You for giving this warning and for giving all warnings to Your people; for You are a God of great love and mercy and I know this great love! Praises to Your Holy Name! My Father, what is the timeframe for this warning?"

"My Child, all the previous blackouts in cities in different parts of the world were a test-run for this big event. I tell you now that the Bushes and their serpent counterparts plan a very disruptive even soon and they have multiple plans of terror, any one of which they could implement. Know them for who they are: Seeds of the Serpent, Lucifer, Satan, the devil.

They hate all of humanity with a great hate and their driving force is the demise of all of you. Never, ever underestimate them. And, never underestimate what they are all capable of doing. When they are cornered, as the Bushes and their allies are now, they would have no qualms about setting off a round of nuclear devices, just to distract the whole world and to save their necks from the chopping block. Be the wiser! Know them and know that they have no respect for life. They have no moral values. They honor no laws; but will break every treaty, every law, that they ever agreed to. Yet, they are constantly watching all of you to make sure that you adhere to all laws. They are constantly looking for ways to entrap you all, yet they put themselves above all laws.

It is up to each of you to demand accountability of them all; but if you will not do this and if you will not jail and imprison them for their crimes against humanity and against nature, they will continue with their evil until few of you are left.

But, My Child, this is the dilemma of mankind. You, yourselves, are a rebellious lot. You chase after the very ones, who are out to destroy you! They set the examples of immorality, of gross depravity, of sex and violence and you lap it up. You train your children in their ways. You allow yourselves to be programmed and mass-mind-controlled through their television and newspapers. You absorb their evil and you follow their ways. You, as a people the world over, lie! You steal! You cheat! You fornicate! You commit adultery! You engage in aberrant sex practices, which I despise! You swear and you use My name in vain! You fill yourselves with wine and liquor and drugs! You are gluttons and you are drunks! You do not honor My Sabbath and you backbite one another! You are full of greed and you lust after what does not belong to you! You are blessed, but you never have enough! You are base and vulgar and cannot be separated from the Seed of the Serpent!

How many of you obey My commands? How many of you put Me first? How many of you truly love and honor Me and My Son? How many of you take care of your body, for it is the Temple of the Living God? How many?

You stuff yourselves with swine’s meat and with fats and with every vile thing; yet you say you are My Child! You follow after the serpents, worshiping things of this world. You make idols of your homes, your cars, your boats, your movies, your football and basketball games, your movie stars and rock stars, yet you know Me not and neither do you honor me! You cannot be separated from the children of the devil for you follow after them! You lust after them! You obey them! You believe them!

And, I ask you now, "Will you jail them for the evil that they do! Will you stand up to protect the constitution of your land, when you break every one of My commandments?" Yes, I said "every one!" And, you may say, ‘Well, I am no murderer!’ But, you are murderers; for 50-60 million plus babies have been killed in America in recent years and what have you done about it? Perhaps, you did not have an abortion; but did you confess this heavy sin of this of this land to Me and to My Son, and did you weep and repent of it? If not, you are guilty of murder! You may not take seriously what I am saying but I do!

You, My Children, have become the Children of Satan. And, I ask, Will you stand up for what is right? Will you stand up against this evil? And, I say to you, "No, you will not; for you do not see the evil!" Your very behaviors have blinded you to this evil and you cannot see it. This is the price of rebellion. You eyes are closed. You ears are closed and you cannot understand the truth! Because you have blindly followed evil, you are blind to the truth! And, because you have loved a lie, I have given you bigger lies, that you would be further deceived. Why? Because you chase after evil and you have finally caught it and now that you are in the hands of the evil ones, and they know it, they are picking up the pace to destroy you all.

Remember that few of you are of the Seed of the Serpent! Most of you contain the Holy Seed, but because you choose evil, your very vibratory rate is very low and you do not have My Spirit. You are not filled with My light and you are devil bait, which the evil ones are ready to consume!

Yes, many call Me evil! Some call Me a demon-god! Some say that I take pride in punishing My own! They will say what they will, but the wise know Me for who I am, that is a fair and just God! I have given you moral guidelines that all might be well with you! I have been strict with you so that at the end of the age, I could truly bless you! I am the same today as yesterday and do not change in My fairness, in My righteousness or expectations of you!

But, you, My Children, have always been full of pride and rebellion! I bless you and you grow in arrogance and self-sufficiency; and when you have plenty, most of you no longer know me! You become wrapped up in the world and you become lost! The glitz and glitter of this world captivates you. You can no longer hear Me and you no longer care for Me and My Son. You no longer desire My Spirit; for you love the spirit of the world, the spirit of Satan, himself! And, this is where you are now!

Very few, and I mean, very few of you live righteous lives! I am ashamed of what I see in America! And, I am ashamed of what I see of My people, who are scattered all over the world! The churches are full of My people, who say they love Me and My Son, but inside they are full of filth. Their hands are full of filth. The preachers are full of filth and as this country teeter-totters on the brink of collapse, the blind masses party on, oblivious to the grave dangers. They cannot see! They cannot hear! They cannot understand; for they are cut off from the Spirit of Truth.

They do not see the plots of the evil ones and they do not even believe they are evil! Blind pastors leading the blind sheep, are all falling at the feet of the Bushes, all insisting that George W. Bush is a Christian, when in fact he is a Satanist, a genuine seed of the serpent! But, this is the lot of the rebellious. They call evil good and good evil. They return evil for good and good for evil! They deny the truth and live a kind of godliness; yet deny the power thereof! Out of their mouths come empty and vacant words, which have little meaning! They perform no miracles! No one is healed! No one is delivered and no one is set free of the bondages of Lucifer; for they do not have the power of My Spirit! These are empty people, empty preachers, empty churches, all the more the Children of the Devil, and they are steadily making their way into hell, and taking the masses with them!

And, this, My Child, is the dilemma of My People in America and their dilemma the world over. They cannot fight evil, for they cannot see it! Therefore, the plans of the evil ones are accelerating at lighting speed! This is why, My Child, that there are few, very few, who will help you with these works! There are few, very few, who want to hear what I have to say through you! There are few, very few, who will stand up for what is right and this is why this country is in serious peril! It is rotten to the core! It has become a curse upon this Earth and few, very few even realize the state of this nation. It has been hijacked by the Seed of the Serpent, who plan to kill you all, to steal all your belongings, and to destroy all your children and you, the blind, the deaf, and the disobedient neither see, nor care. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 31st day of March, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


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