From the Mountain, Book X

Chapter Eight


"A Dream of the Rowdy Children!"

May 07, 2004

 On the night of May 07, 2004, I had a dream about a group of rowdy children. They were all dirty and all had the appearance of young juvenile delinquents. One of the children had stolen an airplane and others knew it. I approached this child and told him that he would soon be in trouble with the authorities; and shortly after the words came out of my mouth, a hole opened in the sky and a ship appeared in this hole! A military man floated down from the ship and approached the young boy! He took him by the arm and then proceeded to gather up the rowdy children, who were standing around the boy! As he took them toward a classroom, I followed him and stood beside this military man at the front of the class until all the children took their seats. As I looked out across this class, I could not help but feel a great a pity for them as their clothes were disheveled and dirty and they had no respect for authority. They talked and yelled from one to the other, some pushing at others, while others were busy throwing balls of paper. My thought was that I was looking at a group of behavior disordered children, children, who were already on their way to a life of crime! The military man began to speak to the children and almost as soon as he opened his mouth, I went before him and told him to step aside, as I was able to deal with these children.

He then stepped aside and I proceeded to speak to the children. "How many of you would like to move a mountain," I asked? A few began to raise their hands and I said, "Suppose an actual mountain were before you and it needed to be moved. How many of you would really, like to be able to move it?" Than, more hands started going up until most all raised their hands. Then, I asked, "How many of you would like to see sick people totally healed?" Again, most all raised their hands. "How many of you would like to see the dead come alive again and be well and happy?" Again, most all raised their hands. Then, I asked the same for "miracles" and most all responded in the same manner.

Looking at these rowdy children, I knew that they never prayed and they never read a Bible, but I knew that I was prohibited from teaching them to pray because of the presence of the military man. So, I said, I cannot teach you to pray, but I can show you how I pray. So listen to me pray and then you will know how to pray.

Then, I awoke remembering that just two days before I had asked our Father in Heaven to let me see His people as He sees them and through this dream He has done that. The sad thing is that his classroom represents the state of His people the world over! They are full of rebellion. They do not read the Bible and they not only do not pray, but do not know how to pray.

However, I now know in my heart that most want to see the miracles of our Father in Heaven. They want to see the sick healed, the dead raised, and they truly want to be able to move mountains. But, first and foremost, they must be taught the very basics and the first thing they need to know is how to pray!

As witnessed this 7th day of May, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman




 "A Sword of My Judgement!"

 "My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Blessed are you, My Little One; for I have called you and I have chosen you before the foundations of the world for this purpose at hand. Though the heavens roar and the clouds roll back, I will never leave or forsake you. For, My hand is upon you, My Child and this day I shut tight a door of evil that has stalked you and I put in your hand a new sword.

It is a sword of My wrath, a sword of My fury, a sword of My judgement. And, what I tell you to strike down, you strike down. What I tell you to cut up, you cut up! What I tell you to pierce, you pierce; for this is a sword of My judgement. It is a sword of My revenge upon the enemies of My people.

My Little One, from this day forth, a new fire is upon you! It is a hot fire and it is straight from My throne! It is the fire of My wrath and My judgement upon an errant, a proud and a stiff-necked people and when I tell you to take My fiery sword and go into battle you go; but in a way that you have never seen. A fear, a great fear, shall begin to fall on those, who have stalked you, who have maligned My work through you. For, this is a day of My vengeance against the enemies of My Loved Ones!

My Child, too long you have born the burden of this sinful land! Too long you have born the weight of a rebellious people when it was not even yours to bear. Now, My Child, I am removing this weight from you and I am putting this weight on the backs of the rebellious. They will see and they will hear and they will know the depths of their sins; for they shall weep and wail beneath these burdens.

But, you, My Child, who have born much, and have been sorely burdened by this evil for many years, shall begin to feel a reprieve. For, you have done as I have asked, and when the masses weep and howl for what is before them, I shall put peace in your heart; for you have spent your years in weeping and sorrow for the sins of this land. And, no longer do I hold you accountable in any way for the evils of this country and of this world. But, a great debt is on the hearts of every unrepentant man, woman and child and this debt I shall require of them all!

For now, even now, this black cloud is sweeping across America as I am using foreign powers to make war against you. And, behind this black cloud is a red cloud, which is full of Russian and Chinese troops. Yes, My Child, all this and more is upon this land; for I have brought this great evil before the highest governing body of this land and to date, they have done nothing save talk. To date, I have brought this evil before the military leaders and they have done nothing save talk.

Therefore, today, My Child, I have had you shut this door. Yes, through this door, evil has stalked you, but through this door, a "window of opportunity" was also opened. This "Window of Opportunity" provided a timeframe in which leaders of this nation could have done something about the evil, which is rampant in the government of this land. But, this time has passed and they have done nothing, save talk. Now, this door is closed! This window of opportunity is closed! For, I warmed them! I gave them time! I gave them the opportunity and they listened not! Now, the black cloud has descended and there are Israeli Mossad agents and agents of foreign intelligence agencies all over America and these will be used to wreck this land.

Then, comes the Chinese, the Russians and martial law. When this happens, the rebellious will carry their burdens. They will weep and they will mourn, but I will be slow to hear their cries. But, you, My Child, and a few of My Faithful all across this land, I will shelter beneath My wings until the storm has passed over. And, even in the midst of great turmoil, I will put My peace in your heart; for you have born the burdens of the sins of this land for many years and I no longer require this of you.

Yes, My Child, I have a new work for you. Your work is only beginning in many ways. It is not at all finished; for through you I am going to exert My great power and through My power in you, I am going to make believers out of the most skeptical. Fear not what is at hand; for this purging most be. Move forward, My Child, with these works! Post what I have given you; for these warnings will soon be coming to an end. But, a certain few you will warn and when I tell you to speak to them and to warn them, you will. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of May, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



On the morning of May 13th, 2004 just after I had finished praying I saw New York City in a vision and around the city was what appeared as a black fence. At regular intervals around the fence were guard towers and at the top of each tower was a Chinese soldier with a machine gun! I went back into prayer to get discernment about what I was seeing and our Father in Heaven began to show me large numbers of Chinese soldiers, who were coming into New York City through the harbor area. They left their ships at night and came into tunnels beneath New York City, each soldier already in uniform and each one bearing his own automatic weapon. This was a huge stream of Chinese soldiers and the numbers I do not know, but what I do know is that this is not a vision, which involves a future date. This is taking place right now, today, and has been going on for some undetermined amount of time.

This vision goes along with what our Father in Heaven showed me a few days past about the red cloud and at the time that He showed me this red cloud, He also told me in a private conversation that the evil ones plan to create a great terror in the months of August and September, especially, and to release these Chinese soldiers in a martial law situation. I asked our Father why they are now targeting New York City again and He told me that for New York City to be in a crisis and under martial law will psychologically cripple America. He also showed me that this plot to create mass terror in New York City and to bring in martial law is being developed by several countries in the United Nations all in accord with Russia, China and the evil ones, who run this government.

While the plot to blow up the South comes through the Queen of England and her subservient criminals, this plot to blow up New York City comes from a second group, the Bushes and their evil cohorts being part of both groups, the end result being the destruction of this country! Time is fast running out for America! Repent and come back to our Lord and God! And then pray, pray, pray for the mercy of our Lord and God upon this errant land!


More Terror in the South and elsewhere Uncovered!

Also be advised that on the weekend of May 1st, intelligence sources confirmed a plot to disseminate a biological weapon in the Orlando Florida area. These same sources also revealed that Governor Schwarzeneggar pulled the guards off the Golden Gate Bridge! Was this done in preparation for a staged terror event? Word got out and the governor reportedly put the guards back on duty a few days later.


More Terror in the South Uncovered!

A few days past, a news article came our way, which described how two Israeli citizens were arrested outside of Johnson City Tennessee! They were apparently involved in a high-speed chase with officers, who reportedly witnessed objects thrown out the window of the Rider truck in which they were riding. These objects were reportedly determined to be a missile and a missile launcher! From the information available, it seems that these Mossad agents were near a nuclear facility! Both of these terrorists are reportedly in their 20s. Where’s the outrage?

Linda Newkirk

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