Chapter One


“The Coming of our Saviour and the Great Rapture Lie!”

For many millennia, our Lord and God has warned us about the subtle and deceptive Luciferian tricks and schemes of illusion; but most do not take seriously these warnings as they believe that they are able to withstand, outsmart, or outmaneuver Satan and his evil followers. This is absolute fantasy! Save we know our Saviour and have His Beautiful Spirit and the power of God in our lives, we are all hopelessly captive to Lucifer and his evil hoards!

The great war is on! And, humanity is facing Star Wars scenarios all over the world, but not in television or movies. We are all facing Star Wars scenarios in our own homes; and I CANNOT POSSIBLY STRESS THIS LOUDLY ENOUGH!! The people of the world are totally unprepared for the Luciferian war, which is at hand, and even the most spiritually strong individuals are basically without a clue as to what we are about to deal with; for our Lord and God has warned us that there “there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time …” Daniel 12:1.

“The Great Rapture Lie”

Will those in the churches be “raptured” out and not have to face what is at hand? Why do the lying preachers and the false prophets, choose to ignore the following Scriptures, to the detriment of the people, who are in their care? They preach the “rapture” lie, and they are leading their congregations down a primrose path of deception. They are preparing them for the Great Falling Away and they will pay a terrible price for deceiving the Children of the Most High!

Dear Ones, you are well-advised to read on, as you must awaken to the reality of what we are now facing in this dark, dark world! Do not rush through these scriptures. Read them slowly and take time to digest them! Study these words and get them in your heart and in your spirit. Then, you will know why the “rapture” is a lie and why you must flee from such nonsense!


Rev. 13:7-10 And it was given unto him to MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS, and to OVERCOME THEM: and power was given him over ALL KINDREDS, AND TONGUES AND NATIONS. And ALL THAT DWELL UPON THE EARTH SHALL WORSHIP HIM, WHOSE NAMES ARE NOT WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE OF THE LAMB slain from the foundation of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword, must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and faith of the saints.

Please note that I have capitalized and emboldened certain words for your own understanding; and I have done so that you might not be deceived, for many are teaching another doctrine. Read these words carefully! This first beast MAKES WAR WITH THE SAINTS AND HE OVERCOMES THEM! HE DEFEATS THEM! HE HAS POWER OVER ALL PEOPLE, THE WORLD OVER! ALL WILL WORSHIP HIM, IF THEIR NAMES ARE NOT WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE OF THE LAMB! Through these great travails, you will have to wait upon our Lord and God to help you and to carry you through the great tests and trials that you face. The immediate gratification, which so many of us have learned in this fast food world, will be done away with as we learn the patience of waiting upon and trusting in our Lord and God.

So, who is raptured out?

Do we read in the above Scriptures that any are raptured out? Many in the churches obviously believe that they are BETTER THAN THE SAINTS OF GOD? Many of the Saints of God will be persecuted and killed but those in the churches will be raptured out! Does this make any sense to you?

We are in the midst of the Antichrist War!

Dear and Beloved Ones, I have been a victim of this antichrist war, which is being waged against the Children of God, for years; and this is a war, which is straight out of hell! You cannot win in this war, save you have the testimony of Jesus Christ and great faith in our Father in Heaven. You will fail every time and you will be deceived over and over again if you do not have a strong spiritual foundation, which is built upon love, obedience and honor toward our Father in Heaven and toward His Wonderful Son! Dear Ones, you must understand that when you are on the right path, Satan will make war with you; and right now he is busy making war with those, who really love and serve our Lord and God in truth, honor and Spirit!

Study the Book of Daniel!

In the Book of Daniel, we are told that the antichrist overcomes and defeats the saints of God! Dear Ones, we shall now take note of some verses in the Book of Daniel:

Daniel 7:21-22 I beheld, and the same horn MADE WAR WITH THE SAINTS, and PREVAILED AGAINST THEM; until the Ancient of Days came, and judgement was given to the saints of the Most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the Kingdom.

Look at this scripture! Satan wins in his war against the Children of God until our Saviour returns! Now, take careful note of what comes next! He wins in this war up to the time that judgement is given to the saints, AND he wins in this war up until the time that the saints possess the Kingdom of God! So, Dear Ones, be wise! Look at the war, which is facing all of mankind! We are in the midst of this Great War and the masses are following after the false prophets and the scheming preachers, who are leading them right into hell! The Great War is on, but the leaders of the people are telling them not to be concerned as they will not have to go into battle. So, the enemy is within and has taken over! The Gates have been torn down and the enemy is treading down the people, who still do not believe that they will ever have to face a war! The blind, the deaf, the dumb, the ignorant and lazy sleep on!

So, who has been raptured out? Read on …

Daniel 7:25 And he shall speak great words AGAINST THE MOST HIGH, and SHALL WEAR OUT THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH …

Look at this Scripture! The Evil One wages such a continual war against the few, who are faithful and on target, that he wears them out! The Evil One wages such a sustained war against the faithful day after day, that they become very tired. They become worn out with the constant war, as there is no let-up in this war! These precious few begin to become weakened spiritually and physically and they are heavy-laded with the burdens of war, war and more war! Satan wages such a great war against them, that they can hardly go on, for this is a constant and sustained war and there are few, who befriend these, who are the true saints of God!

What I know about this war!

I will give you an example of this war against me and against these works. The evil ones have stalked me via assassins, who travel out of body. They did not win in this, so they put their evil ones in antigravity machines, who have abducted me many, many times via their antigravity machines. For two solid years, they have monitored me via their antigravity machines and they are in the skies around me night and day. These same ones have directed audible frequencies at me for almost 5 ½ years. They have sent stalkers, who have tried to kill me and they have tried to break in the house. These evil ones have kidnapped me and raped me and have injected me with all manner of terrible things, but still I am alive, and this is only because of the love and grace of My Lord and God! They have sent microwaves through the telephone for about three or four years and continue to do so. And, in so doing, they have continually burned my face and head, causing me to have terrible headaches. They have sabotaged my mail and e-mails and they have spied on me every way that they can, but Dear Ones, in spite of all of this, I can only say that I am delighted to suffer persecution for the love of my Lord and God. Praises to His Holy Name!

These are the kinds of things that they do to the true believers, who really love and serve our Lord and God. And, Dear Ones, these are but a few of the assaults that I have suffered because of this work! But, still I continue to serve our Lord and God, and I absolutely delight in this opportunity to do the wonderful will of our Beautiful Lord and God! Praises to His Holy Name! But, I can tell you Dear Ones, that from time to time, I become very tired and if it were not for the love and grace and the refreshing that our Lord and God gives to me, I could not go on!

The People are full of sin and rebellion all over the world!

Daniel 8: 23-25 And, in the latter time of their kingdom, WHEN THE TRANSGRESSORS ARE COME TO THE FULL, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And, his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall DESTROY THE MIGHTY AND HOLY PEOPLE. And, through his policy also he shall cause craft (witchcraft) to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and BY PEACE SHALL DESTROY MANY. He SHALL ALSO STAND UP AGAINST THE PRINCE OF PRINCES, BUT HE SHALL BE BROKEN OUT OF HAND.

Dear Ones, these are the latter days! And, the people in this land and all over the world are absolutely full of every kind of wicked device! They are full of rebellion and darkness. The true remnant is scattered and the churches are rotten to the core. This is the time, the time when the transgressors are come to the full! Look around and see for yourself! Soon, the Antichrist will appear, and he will destroy the mighty and holy people!

Daniel 11: 32-36 And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he (the antichrist) corrupt by flatteries: BUT THE PEOPLE THAT KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG AND DO EXPLOITS. AND, THEY THAT UNDERSTAND AMONG THE PEOPLE SHALL INSTRUCT MANY, YET THEY SHALL FALL BY THE SWORD, AND BY FLAME, BY CAPTIVITY, AND BY SPOIL MANY DAYS. Now, WHEN THEY FALL, THEY SHALL BE HELPED WITH A LITTLE HELP: BUT MANY SHALL CLEAVE TO THEM WITH FLATTERIES. AND SOME OF THEM OF UNDERSTANDING SHALL FALL, TO TRY THEM, AND TO PURGE THEM AND TO MAKE THEM WHITE, even to the time of the end, because it is yet for a time appointed. And, the king shall do according to his will, and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished, for that that is determined shall be done.

Dear Ones, go back and read the above paragraph again. Look at the beautiful works of God that the Saints do, but see what they must go through! And, these things they must endure, even until the THE TIME OF THE END!!!

You have read all of these scriptures and I ask you again, “Who has been raptured out!”

The Works of the Antichrist!

Dear Ones, when you read on in Daniel, Chapter eleven, you will read how this evil King honors the god of forces and gives glory to the god of forces. The evil antichrist will divide the land for his own purposes. He will make war with and overcome many, but a King of the South will rise up against him and fight him! But, this antichrist shall have power over money supplies! Still, forces in the East trouble him, and he shall plant his tabernacle in Jerusalem! We must look and watch for all of these things!

Trouble as the world has never seen!


Read this Scripture again! And, again, and again! Our Saviour returns to deliver His People when there is war and oppression against the people on this planet, which is so severe, that in all the history of the Earth, there has NEVER BEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT! Dear Ones, have you seen this war yet? Have you seen the Antichrist yet? Have you seen his feet planted in Jerusalem yet? No, but if you are vigilant, you will see that this evil beast system is well in place and that the true servants of the Most High are under great persecution!

The Great War has begun!

Now, Dear Ones, you have read all of these scriptures, and no one has been raptured out in any of these scriptures! And, we still have more scriptures to read! For, we have not even spoken of the second beast, who gives honor to the first beast, and makes the people take a mark! Read on and get wise!

The Second Beast

Nazi Germany is Ruling the World

Rev. 13:11 And, I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth, and HE HAD TWO HORNS LIKE A LAMB, AND HE SPAKE AS A DRAGON.

So, the second beast arises and as he appears to be a LAMB, A CHILD OF GOD, and he deceives many, for he truly has the appearance of a lamb, of a Christian; but he does the works of evil.

Rev. 13:12-18 And, he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein, to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And, he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth, by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast, saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And, he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image should speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast SHOULD BE KILLED.

And, he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads, And that NO MAN MIGHT BUY OR SELL, SAVE THAT HE HAD THE MARK, OR THE NAME OF THE BEAST, OR THE NUMBER OF HIS NAME. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of man; and his number is Six hundred three score and six.

Nazi Germany is Ruling! It Only Went Underground!

Dear Ones, much has been written about these scriptures and many wonder about the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. Some seem to think that this first beast is Nazi Germany. We know that the Nazis never went anywhere, but underground, where they have continued on with their evil mind control and terrible killing sprees all over the world. The true Nazis, such as the Bushes, have paraded as Christians, all to fool the people, while their satanic art of mind control and killing has gone on unhindered!

We know that Nazi Germany suffered a deadly wound when it was forcibly divided into two parts and it was stripped of all of its power. And, we also know that this wound was healed when the wall, which separated East Germany from West Germany was brought down and the people of Germany were once again reunited. So, we see how this deadly wound was healed, but as this first beast has power over all people, the world over, we are certainly about to see a very great rise in Nazi Germany, a second time, which will give this beast system power over the whole world?

We can clearly see that this beast system was crippled; but in darkness, it has risen to new and greater heights. Hitler lusted after the Satanic New World Order, but it was not yet time! He wanted the New World Order and openly talked of it! The Bushes, who helped put Hitler into power, and their Satanic allies, have kept this Nazi system alive and well, in covert and dark ways! George H.W. Bush publicly mentioned the New World over 200 times when he was president! Now, many of the elitist Nazis, even in the Congress and Senate of the USA, openly speak of the New World Order, the One World Government, the world-wide Nazi police state.

While the masses have slept on, these evil ones have slowly taken the world captive and the New World Order is here and now! It will not be stopped until the indignation is accomplished as we see in Daniel Chapter 11. So, the rising of this evil Nazi police state is our Father’s judgement and will go on until such time that He determines that it is finished. But, it would not be, if the people were not ripe with iniquity!

You can also read about the rise in Nazi Germany in the prophetic visions of Book I of From the Mountain Prophecies. You must take note as well, for now there is a very evil German Pope, who is parading as good! Wake up; for Nazi Germany is ruling the world!

So, Dear Ones, even at this point, we are now well into the Antichrist war against all of humanity, and who has been “raptured” out?

Because they loved a lie!

Why do so many hang onto this rapture lie? Truly, the masses have wanted to believe lies and our Father in Heaven has given them an even bigger lie! This lie is certainly punishment from our Father in Heaven! Because they loved not the truth, our Father in Heaven has certainly closed the eyes and ears of the lying preachers, the false prophets and of every person, who chases after them. Truly, this lie is a curse of God upon the rebellious House of Israel!


How will you stand against this evil system?

In view of this great persecution against those, who love our Lord and God, how do any of God’s true servants survive at all? In Revelation 12:11, we are told, “AND THEY OVERCAME HIM BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, AND BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY AND THEY LOVED NOT THEIR LIVES UNTO DEATH!” (Read this again and get it in your heart and in your spirit!)

Jesus Christ is Saviour of Humanity!

What does it mean to overcome the Antichrist by Blood of the Lamb?

Dear Ones, our Beloved Saviour, Jesus Christ, was sent by our Beloved Father in Heaven, to set the captives free! He was sent to heal the sick, to give sight to the blind, to open the ears of the deaf, to heal the lame and even to raise the dead! He was sent to bring every kind of miracle into the Earth, but most importantly He was sent as the Ultimate Sacrifice for all of Humanity. Our Wonderful Father in Heaven sent His Only Son to set us free, from henceforth and forevermore from the clutches of Satan, Lucifer, the Devil.

If He had not intervened and if He had not sent His Son to be the Ultimate Sacrifice for us, we would not and could not have been set free from the controls of Satan! But, He did send Him and His Son came and showed us the Way home. He showed us the truth about many things; and through His Beautiful Spirit, He gave us Life more abundant!

Through his death upon the cross and subsequent resurrection, our Saviour showed us that He has overcome the curse of death, both spiritual and physical for all of humanity. Through the blood of the Lamb, we can all be free! But, Dear Ones, it is useless to profess with our mouths that we want to be free if we continue to choose in the lusts and traps of the world! We must take a stand for what is right, obey our Father’s commands, and come away from this worldly system! But, in all things, we are given this free choice! And, herein is the dilemma! Too many believe that they can do as they please, confess a belief in Jesus Christ and then go on to receive Eternal Life. Many of the preachers teach another lie, “Once saved, always saved,” and they will also have to answer to our Lord and God for carrying many to hell with this bold-faced lie!

During these dark and terrible years, which we are now living in and which we still face, each of us will constantly choose the Way of Jesus Christ, the Beautiful Way of Truth and Life, the Straight and Narrow, or we will continue to choose the way of Lucifer, with all of its lies and deceptions. Each of us will constantly find ourselves in situations, which will try us in our areas of weaknesses! Our continued choices for the good or bad will reveal who we are and who we really follow! These difficult times will TEST OUR PATIENCE AND OUR FAITH!

The Tests of Patience and Faith!

It is easy for anyone to say that he or she is a Christian, but the real tests of faith come when we are each persecuted for our faith. It is during these times of persecution that we see how spiritually strong we really are. At these times, we see how great our love for God is and just how much we love this world and what is in it. It is during these times, that we see our weaknesses magnified many times and we see just how far we have to go to let go and get sold out to our Lord and God.

Yes, it is easy to call one’s self a Christian, but when persecution comes because of one’s faith, then one will know just how deep this faith runs. But, Dear Ones, it is only because of tests and trials in our faith, that we come to know the power of faith and that our very faith sees us through the trials and into the miracles. We come to understand that our Father must try and test those, whom he loves, to see if we are in fact ready and worthy for greater works and if we are ready to bear more of His power and more of His Spirit; for He sees and He knows all and because of this, He knows our weaknesses and where we will fail when times get rough.

Remember that the Apostles were told to give up all material possessions and to go out with only the clothes on their backs. They were sent out to walk in faith, trusting our Lord and God for all their needs. Are you ready to give up all, if necessary, for the love of our Lord and God, even your very life?

Get ready, for the time is at hand, when many will either do so willingly, and/or be ready to do what is necessary for love of our Lord and God, or they will willingly go and take the mark of the beast, just so that they can have a piece of bread! Remember Solomon’s words! Proverbs 28:21 “To have respect of persons is not good: for for a piece of bread that man will transgress!” How many will sell their souls for a piece of bread? What will you do when the trial comes? Will you wait upon the Lord and believe for His provisions, or will you do what seems expedient at the time?

Great is the Betrayal of So-called Friends and Family!

Dear Ones, I have seen so-called friends jump ship and run to the side of the enemy over and over again because they found some sort of personal gain in doing so! I have seen so-called friends, who have seen the miracles and the healings, which our Lord and God has given to them, stand up and deny the miracles and the healings that they had personally experienced and witnessed! I have seen people sell out these works and sell me out for money and status! I have seen these so-called friends rise up, take the side of the enemy, and throw stones at me and at these works over and over again, ganging up like wolves to devour and destroy me and these works, for some sort of attention or personal gain! I have seen these so-called friends attest to the truths in these works and then turn around and deny what they had said, calling them instead lies and deception. I have seen these so-called friends deny the Spirit of God and call it cursed just because they were among others, who did so! Over and over again, I have seen these so-called friends climb on my back and persecute me, just so that they could elevate themselves and draw others to their own perverted works. I have seen family members turn against me and persecute me because they hate these works! Dear Ones, I have seen these things and more as I have seen people do what was expedient at the time! What will you do when you are faced with persecution or rejection of our Lord and God and His true servants? Will you stand firm and do what is right, or will you go along to get along? Remember the words of Daniel: “And, some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them, and to purge them, and to make them white…”

Your Spiritual Foundation

You are either sold out to our Lord and God, or you are sold out to Lucifer!

Remember that you are building your spiritual foundation from moment to moment each and every day in the choices that you make! If you will not get your priorities straight right now and get sold out to our Lord and God, you will sell out to Lucifer! In the end, you are either sold out to one, or you are sold out to the other.

What will you do?

Look at the following and answer them truthfully!

When persecution comes your way because of your love for our Lord and God, will you jump ship?

Will you shun His true servants, who are suffering, because you, too, might get persecuted?

When you are faced with death because you are a Christian, will you confess our Saviour’s Name, or will you deny that you know him?

(Rev.3:8 I know thy works: behold I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My word and has not denied My name.)

Do not put off repentance!

Assess your life situation now!

Dear Ones, do you love this world and what is in it?
Are you an addict of any kind?
Are you obsessed with getting more and more things of this world?
Are you a shopoholic?
Are you a night club fiend, or gambler of any kind?
Are you hopelessly hooked on television or movies?
Are you hooked on sex or porn?
Are you a drinker, or smoker?
Do you constantly lust after things, which belong to others?
Are you a gossipmonger, hatemonger, or a liar?
Are you an adulterer, or a fornicator?
Have you taken secret oaths?
Are you a member of a secret organization?
Do you curse the name of God?
Do you love your earthly Father and Mother, and do you respect them?
Do you say that you love our Father in Heaven, but seldom pray and seldom read the Bible?
Are you full of pride and rebebellion, living life as you please, and ignoring the commandments of God?
Do you study astrology, and consult mediums and partake of witchcraft and see nothing wrong with it?
Do you know our Saviour personally and do you have His Beautiful Spirit as your friend?

Answer these questions as truthfully as you can and you will see where you need to repent in your life. And, this is only a partial list. You will add more things that you need to repent of as you truthfully survey your own life!

We are all Sinners!

Dear Ones, there is NOT ONE AMONG US, WHO IS FREE FROM SIN! We are all sinners and we all fall short in many, many ways. I, myself, have been lost and have been among the biggest of sinners and I know what it is like to be cut off from our Lord and God and from His Beautiful Spirit! And, because I have been so lost, I also know the opposite and this is to be filled with the Spirit of God. I know our Most Wonderful Saviour and I know our Father in Heaven and I can tell you, Dear Ones, that we have a Great God of love, mercy and grace. He loves you, You are Precious to Him, for you are His! He created you and He knows you, whether you know Him or not and He is now calling out to you! He is reaching out to you, as never before; for times are so perilous! He is especially calling out to the lost! The Saints of Heaven are pleading for the souls of the lost and the angels of Heaven are eagerly awaiting the return of the lost souls to our Saviour. How they rejoice when just one lost soul returns to our Lord and God!

Oh, Beloved Ones, if you are caught up in sin and rebellion, please, please hear my heart’s prayer for you. Please, stop what you are doing right now, and pray this prayer with me. Beloved Ones, our Precious Lord and God will hear this prayer as you pray it and as it comes from your heart.. You must start somewhere and I beg you to start here, today, right now.

A Sinner’s Prayer!

Oh, My Beloved Father in Heaven, I come to You today, in the Precious and Beloved Name of our Saviour, the Saviour of all of Humanity, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Father, I acknowledge that You sent Your Only Son into this Earth, and that He is the Saviour of all of Humanity! He is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.

Blessed Father, I want Jesus as My Saviour. And at this time, Father, I make this formal plea to Your Son before You! “I ask You, Jesus, to be my Saviour! My Beloved Saviour, I am full of sin and I beg you to forgive me and to wash me in the Blood of the Lamb and to make me clean. I am so sorry, Lord, for breaking the commandments of My Father in Heaven. My heart is heavy and is full of pain and sorrow, for I sinning, even when I do not want to. In so many ways, I am driven to do evil and I cannot help myself at all. My Lord, I am hopelessly a prisoner to Satan, and I deeply want to be free! Oh, Please help me, for if you will not help me, there is no hope! Please, please do not turn a deaf ear to my cries, for I love You and I love My Father in Heaven, but I am weak and hopelessly captive to these sins; and I need You more than I have ever needed You! (Now, confess your sins to Him and beg forgiveness for all!)

Beloved Saviour, I beg You to wash me in the Blood of the Lamb, to bathe me in your Holy Fires, and to cleanse me in every way. Make my slate clean, so that I can now go forward and serve You! For, I am a filthy rag before You and totally unworthy, even to speak Your Name!

Oh, Beloved and Holy One, I beg you to break every yoke, every hold and every bondage of Satan, Lucifer, the devil, off of me and to make me free in every way. I beg You to uproot, to loose, to pluck up and to remove every curse from me and every foul way of behaving that is displeasing to You and to our Father in Heaven! I beg you to bathe me in Your holiness and in Your righteousness and to guide me in the Perfect Will of My Father, who is in Heaven. Make me clean and whole before You, so that I can go forward and serve You and my Father in truth, honor and Spirit.

Oh, Beloved Saviour, I beg You to keep me in the hollow of Your hand from day to day, and to guide me in all things, for I am but a babe and I need You now more than ever! Please, please give me Your Beautiful Spirit right now and start Me on Your Way, Your Holy Way, Your Righteous Way, the Way of Truth and Life!

Oh, My Beloved Lord and God, thank You for hearing this prayer from my heart! Thank you for listening to me, for I am alone and I need You so! I love you and I need you each and every day of my life! In Your Beautiful Name, Beloved Jesus, I pray these things. Amen!

The Love of God Makes us Free!

Beloved Ones, our journey through this sphere is all about love! When we discard all things, which cloud our vision, we can plainly see that it is truly THE LOVE OF GOD, WHICH INTERWEAVES ALL OF CREATION! This love binds the true believers to one another and to our Wonderful Lord and God. This love sustains us and carries us through and above all that is dark and evil in this world!

The Return of our Saviour

When our Saviour comes back for us, this beautiful love within us will draw us to Him! For, at that time, we will be full of His love! There will be no darkness in us! Carried away in His love, we are then free! The Gift of Eternal Life is within our grasp and we look back on these trials and tests with gratitude, for then we know well that all has been for the betterment of our souls!

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