Chapter Ten



Hello, Stew Webb, you have invited me, Linda Newkirk to stand up, the real Linda Newkirk that is. I am now standing up and coming out into the open about things that you have done to me and have said about me. I am a private person and have lived a private and quiet life, that is, until so many chose to take up the stones of hate and malice and pound me with them.

I have known you for several years, Stew, and I have worked hand in hand with you to help save this nation. Our Father in Heaven has revealed many, many plots and schemes of the New World Order Satanists to me, which I have revealed for the world, so that they would be stopped and this country spared. And, you, yourself have verified, after the fact, through your intelligence sources that these things were proven true.

As a result of doing my Father’s work, the Satanists in the US government, in the South African Government, the British government, the Swedish government and even other governments have made me a prime target of theirs. I know of no other person on this Earth, who has been stalked with such intensity over such a long period of time except for you, Stew and possibly a few others. But, I doubt that even you have been stalked by so many in antigravity machines at one time, and neither have you been hauled before the high-level satanic governing body of the world. And, most certainly they have not raped and sodomized you for exposing the truth!.

As I have told you before, many, many people are being abducted via these craft, subjected to all manner of despicable things, implanted with all manner of devices, many of them of spirit, and mind controlled! These things, I have told you and these things I have warned you about. You were on this land last year and you saw these craft with your own eyes and you also saw the plane come over this house and spray it with chemicals.

You, Stew Webb, may think that you are above their mind control and above their implants and beyond their abductions, but you are not. In fact, you are and have been one of their prime targets! You, yourself, admitted to me that you have had marks on you from what you perceived as abductions. You have complained of severe leg pain, which I previously thought to be due to a possible deficiency of certain minerals, but I no longer believe this at all. From what I can now see in the spirit, this pain in your leg is from an implant in your leg and via this implant, they are able to track you and to send painful stimulations into you to punish you for the work things that you do that they do not like.

But, really, Stew, this is minor right now. You want the real Linda Newkirk to stand up so the real Linda Newkirk is now standing up. The real Linda Newkirk is a visionary, a seer, a prophetess of God. The real Linda Newkirk has been in the lion’s mouth and has lived through so many Daniel experiences that they can no longer be counted or kept up with. The real Linda Newkirk has lived through many assassination attempts and has survived much witchcraft and voodoo, which has been directed at her through the Satanists of the world. The real Linda Newkirk has risked her life repeatedly to save the people of this nation from certain destruction. The real Linda Newkirk has suffered great losses just to live in this world and to continue to do this work of God, and the real Linda Newkirk has also lived to tell about it and has grown greatly spiritually because of all that she has been through. Stew, I am the Real Linda Newkirk, there is none other and will never be! But, you Stew Webb, are not the real Stew Webb, the one that I knew before I left and went to South Africa and now, Stew Webb, as you have invited me, the real Linda Newkirk to stand up, that is exactly what I am going to do! And, I am going to tell you exactly why you are not the real Stew Webb, the federal whistleblower that I knew when I left the States and went to South Africa. Somewhere along the way, Stew, you stopped being a whistleblower and you became an intelligence operative. And, as such you are no longer free and cannot be free as you are now of their mindset, which is controlled! In other words, Stew, you are now under control of the Satanist factions, whether you believe it or not, the very ones that you have hated! You are putting out innuendos that I am not the same person and this is exactly what the Satanists and the government operatives put out in South Africa and elsewhere, who are being controlled by the Bushes and their disgusting counterparts through the Denver FBI and other government agencies, which you have often spoken against. But, Stew, something happened to you. You are now spouting their garbage.

Be reminded, Stew, that I have already told you to your face exactly how I felt about the bold-faced lies, which you spread about me behind my back and also to said them to my face! I told you, Stew, that you are full of pride and arrogance and that you need to repent. I confronted you about your lies and also told you that it is better for you to shut down your website and to even sleep under a bridge, than it is for you to go to hell.

Stew, you know how you treated me when I was going through terrible times and you also know that you showed no mercy toward me for what I was going through. Yet, rather than look at what you did, you refused to believe or accept a word of what I wrote to you personally. Now, you want to drag this into the public and you do so via your disagreements with David. Your disagreements with David are between you and David. I had nothing to do with the letter that David wrote to you and did not even know that he was writing to you until after the fact.

And, while I am on the subject of David, I must say that I have known David for seven or eight years and I have never heard David utter one curse word. David has sent me prophecy news and articles via the mail for all of these years. I consider David a friend and he has been there when many others have flown the coop. So, I am left wondering what you really said to a legally blind man, who has been disabled all of his life. I understand that David contacted you after I went to South Africa so that he could have a friend. But, as I understand it, you told him to stand on his own two feet and you say that you refused to pray for him! I must ask you, Stew Webb, what sort of person would refuse to pray for a blind man? And, what sort of person would shun a blind and disabled man in need of a friend and tell him to stand on his own two feet? He does stand on his own feet. He is independent and gets about and takes care of himself! I ask you, Stew Webb, what sort of person would refuse to take up some time with a disabled person, who wants and needs love? Perhaps you can answer this, Stew, as you are obviously this kind of person.

I love the disabled people. I have worked with every kind of disabled child and have taught them and have worked with them in mental health and also in an adult rehabilitation center. I have seldom known such love as the disabled are capable of giving and I would recommend that every person spend some time with those, who are handicapped, and know their great love. I really believe that God put them here, just to show us the way to love. In fact, when I was in the airport in South Africa and saw a young man in a wheelchair, the Spirit of God told me to go and tell this young man these exact words. “Our Father in Heaven sent you here to teach others about His wonderful love!” And, the one, who was pushing the wheelchair said, “I know.”

So, Stew, you are missing and have missed a wonderful opportunity to receive love and to give love and in the process you have badly hurt David. You have opened up old wounds of rejection from David’s earthly Father, who rejected David, even in his obituary denying that he ever had a son. Old wounds go very deep and it is a shame that you have hurt David so badly, but you, Stew can do nothing about it, as you are incapable of giving love and/or receiving love. Now, Stew, I will tell you exactly what I see in the Spirit about you, as you have asked for it and I will tell you exactly why you are in deep trouble spiritually.

As I told you in the letter to you, you have been abducted and these otherworldly creatures and the very intelligence community that you work for, have implanted you and they have mind controlled you! Oh, perish the thought! Stew Webb, mind controlled! Yes, I said it and I will not tell you exactly what I see in the Spirit of God about your spiritual state. On your head, there is a very thick and black round ring. It circles your whole head and at the center of your head, there is one black hole. Around this black hole, there are black lines, which connect to the thick, black ring, which surrounds your whole head. I have seen this over and over on those, who are under mind control and I have also seen the Spirit of God break this off those, who are truly penitent! In the center of your forehead, there is something, which looks like the all-seeing eye! An implant! And, this implant is constantly radiating and receiving information to those, who have abducted you! Now, comes the very thing of which I have just spoken. In your heart, there is light, Stew. You have the light of God in your heart, but it is cut off from you and from the world. There is something, which looks like a pipe, which goes into your heart from your back and the same from the front. This pipe is very dark. On the inside of the pipe, there is a net, which surrounds this light within your heart and this net keeps this light from going in or going out. As this pipe goes out to the outside of your body, there is something, which connects to it, which is also round and is screwed into the pipe, on both the front and back of your heart. This is a cover to the pipe and is has bars on it and a dark shield, which is made of something, which looks like layers of plastic. There are several layers and I am now seeing five layers, and in between these layers, there is something, which looks like thick, sticky glue. All of these dark things in you, which I see, are made of spirit and can only be removed via the Spirit of God as Satan has put it in you, but he would not have had license to do so if you heart had been right with our Father! And, though these dark things, which are in you, are made of spirit, they have the same effect as if they had been physical objects!

All of this is on the outside of your heart and this is why you cannot give love and you cannot receive love. But, this is not all. In the middle of your back, just below your waist, or near your waist, there is a red, round pulsating ball of light and it is making a very loud noise in the spirit. This red ball of light is actually a demonic thing, Stew, and when you least expect it, this demonic force comes forward and takes you over. This demonic force also causes you a lot of pain! In your arms and hands, there are things, which look like sticks, and sensors of some kind in your fingertips. I also see these stick-like things in your left leg and this leg probably bothers you in some way as no doubt you back does as well. Such things in your heart will lead to heart problems and what is in your head will make you cold and mean-spirited!

Now, Stew, this is why you are cut off from the Spirit of God! You may talk God and you may think that you serve Him, but you are cut off from Him. And, this would not be so, except for the fact that you have sinned and refuse to repent of it. I have told you in my past letter that these evil ones took you, that they got you, and most certainly mind-controlled you, but you refused to believe me. You can accept what I say and repent, or you can go on in your pride and rebellion. I will be glad to pray for you, Stew, as you are in desperate need of prayer. You are kicking against the pricks and making more and more darkness for yourself. The choice is yours as it is now for a lot of people all over this Earth.

The very ones, who think that they are beyond mind control, are the ones, who are under it. These evil works of these Luciferians are massive; and they are moving forth with great rapidity to enslave all of humanity. These evil ones are and have been abducting the light bearers and the truth bearers for a very long time; and they have greatly escalated in their war against all of humanity. The very ones, who think that they will never be touched, are the ones that they are going after. This is a war of unprecedented proportions and it is against all of humanity. Most will not survive their attacks, but those, who do come through it will get right with our Father in Heaven. They will get clean spiritually and stay clean, and if they will not, they will go the plastic way of the world. This is the plastic in your heart, Stew! It is your plastic front to the world and it is time to shed it and to get right, get real and stay real. You can fool many, but you do not fool the Spirit of God.

As for me, Stew, yes, they have abducted me more times than I can keep up with. They have stuck needles all over my body. I have pulled out tiny implants, which look like tiny fragments of glass and tiny plastic needles in my face. They have put things in my legs and hips, tiny round objects, which pulsate electrical currents as they are also tracking devices and through these things, they have sent pain into various parts of my body to torture me. They have done these and other terrible things. Yes, they have done all in their power to stop my communications with my Father in Heaven, but they have absolutely failed!

They have abducted many, who have been my friends and they have mind controlled them; and they have turned against me like rabid dogs. They have tried to shut down these works through Dennis’s sabotage of the website and what they did to a copy of this website in South Africa; and they have spread vicious lies and rumors about me. They have raped and sodomized me and they have tried to bury me beneath hate and smear campaigns, but I have lived to tell about it and I have grown spiritually in a great way. Now, Stew, you come spreading their drivel that I am somehow someone else other than the real Linda Newkirk! And, this is proof positive that you are under their control and that you are working for the very ones that you profess to hate! It is time for a wake-up call!!

Our Beloved Saviour has appeared to me many times and He, Himself, has ministered to me. He has enveloped me in His love and He has erased the horrible things, which these evil ones have tried to do to me. He has healed me of the pains and the scars and the trauma of being raped and sodomized by the Bushes and their evil Satanist counterparts, and as a result of all that I have been through, I am now stronger spiritually, not weaker. I see better in the Spirit, and with a greater clarity and not worse, as they would have it to be. So, by now, all of their plots against me have failed, and in the process, my Father in Heaven has removed all of the fakers from around me.

He has kept me on His own Straight and Narrow and he has brought to fulfilment a vision from Book Ten, in which He told me then that I would be crucified, just as He was crucified. I also saw myself up on a hill all alone, with just a dog by my side. This was a small dog and I have not had a dog since Dennis let ours out and they were shot and killed. At the time of the vision, we had two very large dogs, and I have had none since I have been back in the States, but someone dropped off four small puppies last week. I kept them all, and they have only a little way to grow before they get the size of the small dog in the vision in Book Ten. As I hugged this small dog, sitting alone on top of the mountain in that vision, I looked below, down to the bottom of the mountain; and America was at war.

This very war is at the door of America and it will not be won through violence. After all of the fighting is over with, those, who live to tell about it, will understand that this is and was all along a spiritual war. Violence must be shunned as violence begets violence and those, who live by the sword, die by it. Yet, you talk of annihilating others! This is shameful and you must come away from promoting violence! Any revolution in this country needs to be a spiritual revolution and I have always said this!

Now, this little dog, or I should say these little dogs in my possession, have only a little way to grow, and they will be the size of the little dog in the vision in Book Ten. Then, comes the war to America! Every facet of this vision has come to pass and when the war breaks out and soon, I will not be afraid as my Saviour will keep me in His hand, high up on His Hill, and on His Mountain.

Stew, the Real Linda Newkirk speaking to You! You asked for it and you got it. Now, you can repent and come clean before our Lord and God, or you can continue to kick at the pricks! But, beyond these words, I have nothing else to write to you, or to say to you. If and when you ask me to forgive you, I will gladly do so; and I will forgive you even if you do not ask, as I wish to be clean and free before our Father in Heaven. I will also pray for you if and when you ask me to do so, but I will not be a part of hate mongering, backbiting, and gossip mongering. I have already told you in writing in my private letter to you, how I feel about the way that you have treated me, but you refuse what I have written to you. Instead, you wish to reject the truth and make me out to be another person. Rather than face your demons, you choose throw your dirty laundry to the world! This is by your choice, Stew, not mine! But, because you have asked me to stand up, I now do so.

Jesus is my Beautiful Life,
The Real Linda Newkirk

And, this is the way in this battle-weary world! Satan is on the prowl! All of you had better stay prayed up!

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