Chapter Twelve







“My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Look up, My Little One to My glory and My power; for this is a new day, a wonderful day, a day of awe, of light and glory for My Faithful Remnant! Yea, they are few! Few, indeed! A handful, who are scattered here and there amidst the darkness of the whole Earth. They are as brilliant and sparkling diamonds in a sea of darkness; but they are truly My diamonds, full of My light, My power and My glory! Yes, they are few, but they are! They exist, not for themselves, but for Me! I have carried them through great fires, through great trials and tests and through the heat of My fires, I have made them clean. I have made them strong and fearless. Yes, they are few, only a handful, who are scattered here and there, all over the world. Yes, they are not many, but are purified, whole, strong and brilliant with My light and power. They have not bowed down to the idols of this world. They do not worship what is in and of this world; for I have long ago removed them from love of this world and what is in it. So, they have given up the world for love of Me and I have given back to them what I want them to have. They are bold! They are strong, yet mild and meek! They are full of My love, full of My power and through all of their trials, I have made them free!

Now, I shall use them as never before! I shall take but one and I shall move great mountains, only through the love, the dedication and faith of but one! For, just one of these can do more than one million of the weak of faith! Yes, it is truly a time for My Faithful, for My Tried and True to rejoice and to be at peace; for these have known the darkest of hours in their own lives and they are not afraid for what is at hand. Yes, it is a time for them to rejoice; for now comes the time of their greatest victories, of their greatest joys! But, as I said, these are few!

Sadly, My Little One, now come the darkest hours for those, who have walked lukewarm before Me. Now, come the darkest hours for the cowards, for the fearful; for I am going to shake this world from one side to the other, from top to bottom. I am going to shake and rattle this world and soon enough, I will turn it upside down. Like a dog emerging from a swim in the water, who shakes the water off his back, I am going to shake the evil off the back of this Earth! I am going to displace islands and tear down cities and I am going to uproot places of evil with mighty storms. I am going to uproot evil off this Earth! I am going to use evil to do so; for I created evil! I created the Destroyer and I will now turn him loose on evil! Those, who have loved evil, will now bow down further to evil, or they will repent! There is no longer any middle ground. You will serve Me with your whole heart, or you will serve Lucifer! But, My True Remnant, I hold in the palm of My hand and they will not fear! I will use them now as never before, but for some of them, it is also a time of resting, for a time to wait upon Me until the evil passes them by. For, a storm of evil is now being released upon the whole world and all shall be tried and tested according to their own faithfulness. For, it is a time of My indignation, wherein I am pouring it out over the whole Earth. A time of wars, great wars, famines, diseases, pestilences, earthquakes, volcanoes, and a time of rumbling and shaking in the Earth as you have never seen it. Get ready, America, for soon, very soon, you shall literally be divided into two pieces! Two individual land masses, wherein you were one! As you seek to divide Me and My work and My land for My people, Israel, I will now divide your land into two pieces and this is not far into the future, but soon. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Get ready! Get prepared for hard times, very hard times, are upon America!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of September, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



Oh, my Precious Brothers and Sisters, look at these tragedies, which we all face! Read what Our Father in Heaven is saying about dividing America into two pieces! Remember the sword vision, which our Father in Heaven gave me a few weeks past, which is also in this book of prophecies. In this sword vision, He warned of a civil war, which is coming to America. This was the sword, which cut across America, dividing it into half, from north to south. Then, His sword came down across Canada and America and divided the land from East to West, another division. This division, from East to West, surely represents the literal division of America into two distinct landmasses! Many other prophets have been warning that our Father in Heaven will divide America into two pieces as this government has now divided Israel into two pieces! In 1998, or so, I saw that this very thing! In these visions, I saw America literally divided into two pieces. I saw that the Mississippi River became very wide, almost like a great bay as it connected the Gulf of Mexico to what was once the Great Lakes. I saw that these Great Lakes had somehow emptied into the Mississippi River and this river became absolutely huge, devouring great amounts of land in its avaricious path the sea! Much of the land, which we now see alongside the Mississippi River, as it flows south, as well as the Ohio River and the Wabash River will soon be under water! That’s right! Large amounts of land, on which many people now live, will be forever lost and totally under water! As these Great Lakes empty their huge amount of water into these river tributaries, and move south to devour great landmasses, a great flood and drowning will take place that few can ever imagine! And, this will happen suddenly and without warning to those in these lowlands! At this time, I do not know if this great and terrible catastrophe will happen all at once, or in stages, but it is going to happen sooner rather than later, if people do not repent.

My Dear Ones, for weeks I have driven the low lands around Conway Arkansas and North Little Rock and I see the houses with water up to their roofs and even above their roofs. When these Great Lakes are dumped into the Mississippi River, massive flooding will come in, even past Little Rock, AR and many, many will drown in the churning waters! The land from Little Rock, AR eastward is totally flat, flat, flat!

I honestly do not know which will come first, the massive flooding, or the looting and famine; as in visions of these recent weeks, I see people looting and killing in North Little Rock and no food on the shelves of the grocery stores. I have recently been to Wal-Mart in Conway and have seen cobwebs growing on the walls and the pavement buckled up outside with grass growing between the cracks. Visions of the flooding in the lowlands in this part of the state reveal massive flooding! This flooding extends from this area all the way to the Mississippi River! The city of Little Rock is a little over one hundred miles from the Mississippi River!

Something terrible, most likely a massive earthquake in the New Madrid fault is going to wipe out much of the Mississippi Delta region and many, many millions will die! And, this terrible division of this land is soon! Our Father in Heaven is saying that it is “soon,” not a thing of the distant future! Many will be swept out to sea as this great destruction comes over this whole area. And, I believe that such a thing will come upon the state of Arkansas, as so much evil has come out of here! Satanist Clintons came out of this state as New World Order pawns and even now, some are billing Bill Clinton as the Saviour of the world. “Father in Heaven, have mercy on us, as we go through this great beating, which is at hand!”

Those on higher ground have at least some refuge from this great flood, but even so, I have also seen that Little Rock airbase is nuked. In the summer of the year, 2,000, I got caught up in this vision as I was coming out of a grocery store, which is in a shopping center in North Little Rock, AR, just ten miles south of the airbase! In this vision, there were no houses remaining, not as far as I could see! There was nothing, but a few tree stumps scattered here and there! As I stood there that day, looking at this great devastation, I reached down, picked up a few grains of sand and saw that they were melted together like glass! This should tell everyone that the airbase at Jacksonville, Arkansas, Little Rock Airbase, is going to get nuked if people do not repent in a very big way. In addition to this most terrible catastrophe, the lowlands in this whole area are going to get flooded, and many, many stand to die, if people do not repent in a very big way!

In these visions, from time to time, as I go in and out of Little Rock and North Little Rock, AR, I am seeing great burning and looting of Little Rock, AR and North Little Rock, AR and great famines, with the grocery stores closed; and in some of these stores, there are a few people with 50 lb bags of beans and rice. And, these few food items are being divided out among the poor and homeless, who stand in line to get them! Oh, my Dear Ones, this is coming so fast and we will not get over one catastrophe before another hits! This is the judgement and wrath of our Father in Heaven against a nation, which has not only deserted Him, but has mocked, scoffed, scorned and persecuted His prophets! The churches have continually turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to many, many years of our Father’s warnings through His prophets; and now comes sudden destruction, if they do not soon repent in a very big way!

Do I believe that most will repent? No! I am sad to say that I do not; for we now have generations of the lawless, generations of the rebellious, and they do not want to change. They do not see the need for it and they still believe that they can have their cake, all of it, and eat it too!! This great lawlessness is what you have witnessed in New Orleans, as people looted and killed and raped and robbed as so many lay dead and dying. This kind of great tragedy upon the top of great tragedy is what is coming to all of America as this whole nation falls to its knees. People, who lie, will steal and many of them will kill! The lawless see no reason to abide by any laws, whether they are of government or of our Father, but when they will not obey our Father’s commands and live according to them, they will not live according to the laws of the land. America has become a nation of liars and deceivers, or sorcerers and perverts of every description, a nation of baby killers, who see nothing wrong with killing the innocent and unborn! This nation has fallen to every kind of chicanery and has led the world in whoredoms and gross rebellions of every foul kind!

Now, comes the end of this nation as we know it to be! For, soon, very soon, the Russians, the Chinese and an alliance of many nations will come up against this nation and they will utterly destroy it! Millions upon millions of souls will die from the nuking alone, around one third of the people (this, from visions past); and I am not even speaking of those, who will die in the floods, the earthquakes, the storms, the pestilences, the great famines and diseases, which will flood this nation. And, I am not speaking of all, who will die in the killing as this nation is invaded by these barbaric hoards! No, my Dear Ones, I am not speaking of these things, but only of those, who die from the initial nuking of this nation and this is sooner than most would ever believe! Much of this nation will be absolutely uninhabitable for a very long time in many areas because of the great radiation poisoning, which fills so many cities. Literally, dozens of cities stand to be nuked, and I believe that in previous visions I saw over two dozen. Yet, some people have seen some cities get nuked that I did not see, so there probably be closer to three dozen cities, or more, which get nuked!

Will America escape these things? I so wish that I could say, “Yes.” But, my Dear Ones, based on the years of warning that I have given to the American people, their utter disregard for these warnings, and their continued rebellion and self-sufficiency, I must say that I do not believe it. But, even so, as long as my Father in Heaven allows me to do so, I will continue to warn the people about what is at hand, for surely some will come full circle. Some will repent, if not now, then perhaps when these most horrendous of things come into their very homes. I am powerless to do anything more than to warn and to pray and I continue on as our Beloved Lord and God directs. For, He is wonderful! He is beautiful and I love Him and His Precious Son with my whole heart. Blessed is the Name of Jehovah, Most High God! To Him is the praise and the glory forever and ever!

Reach out and take the hand of our Saviour; for He is our Only Way!

Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk



And, now, my Dear Ones, these things having been said, I wish to share with you a message of suffering, courage and hope, a testimony, which a Precious Sister sent to me from Oregon! I include this now as you must know and understand that Jesus is the Hope of the World! You must understand that regardless of your sins, Jesus can set you free and He will forgive you if you ask. This dear woman had four addictions and our Lord and God delivered her of every one! I do hope that all of you read this testimony with open eyes and ears and KNOW THAT JESUS CAN AND WILL DELIVER YOU FROM THE CLUTHCHES OF SATAN, IF YOU BUT ASK. HE WILL MAKE YOU FREE, IF YOU BUT ASK, FOR HE CAME THAT ALL OF US MIGHT BE FREE FROM THE YOKES, BURDENS, SHACKLES AND HOLDS OF SATAN, LUCIFER, THE DEVIL.

There is one, who is reading this right now and you look like and act like Satan incarnate. You are male and your name begins with the initial “C.” You are deep into the occult and you have done terrible and evil things. But, of all the evil that you have done, you cannot and will not ever forget what you did to Melanie. You need to know, “C”, that you do not have to live this way! Yes, you have done terrible things, but you have done much in ignorance. Jesus can and will forgive you if you fall on your face and ask Him to do so. Right now, I am asking our Lord Jesus to save you, to touch your heart and to convict you with the power of His convicting Spirit. He is able to make you free and I ask Him right now to make you free and to forgive you and to save your soul. I beg you to forsake this evil, for you are a Child of God, who has gone astray. You know that our Lord told us about the Shepherd, who had 100 sheep, that if one went astray, that he would leave the other ninety-nine and go out and search for the lost one. You, “C” are lost, but you do not have to stay that way. You have the capability for so much good. Now, it is time to know this great capability, which is your free gift from the Spirit of God! It truly is the love of God, which makes the world go ‘round and you really need this beautiful love! I send you the love of my heart!


Laurie’s testimony



Dear Friend, my name is Laurie. This is my testimony, a part of my life, and God’s miracles in it. We never realize just how blessed we are, at least I didn’t realize it. On August 02, 1986, life for me was very sad and I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t happy with my husband and would probably divorce him some day. This made me very sad because I loved him.

When I married him, it was for life. You see, my dad left when I was two-years-old. I always wanted children, to have two parents, a mom and a dad. That was so important, I thought! My husband was an atheist. He was abusive, and in his eyes, there was nothing wrong with him. He stated boldly that he wouldn’t go to a marriage counsellor with me. I, in his eyes, could rarely do anything right. I didn’t, I couldn’t live a life like this. I wanted to die!

I talked to God, and I said, “God, I want to be with you! Please, could You just let me walk in front of a car, or a truck, to be struck and die instantly!” I thought about suicide, but I wasn’t brave enough to do it, but knew that I couldn’t take much more of this life.

On August 04, 1986, two days later, I was picking up my grandparents to go to a doctor’s appointment. My grandparents were in the back seat, my 1-˝ year-old son was next to me; and my five-year-old daughter, next to him on the passenger side. We were hit by a full-size Mac Dump truck at a flashing signal light. We were at a dead stop when he hit us doing almost 50 mph. The dump truck hit on my side of the car. My car wrapped around his bumper and he pushed us for 20 to 30 feet. We stopped a few feet short of a telephone pole. In the front seat of my car, buckled in half, stop short of the dashboard. (Laurie, did you mean to put I was at the first part of this sentence?) The steering wheel came down into my stomach.

God was watching over us that day, but was definitely teaching me a lesson. Neither one of my kids was hurt. The paramedics cut the top of my car off with the Jaws of Life cutters, and did a life flight for my 72-year-old grandmother. My grandfather died ten days later. I miss him, but I know that he is with the best Father, ever! God is taking care of him now!

I know there is a heaven. I had two out-of-body experiences while unconscious for three days. I woke up in the intensive care in Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland Oregon. I must have thanked God one hundred times that day for letting me live.

Live for each day. Please don’t take God for granted, or His Son Jesus, who died and shed His blood for your sins. Would you give up one of your kids to be killed for everyone’s sins? What a Father He is!

But, I did learn my lesson! I broke my pelvis in three places, and ruptured my spleen. They saved my spleen, but did exploratory surgery to find out why I had lost five bags of blood, because I was bleeding internally. My left lung was collapsed. I had three or four broken ribs, a fractured elbow and a bruised bladder. I was on a respirator. It took me a year to heal, and I had to learn how to walk again.

I never take God for granted (now) as he has been so merciful to me. I love Him! He continues to show me His miracles in my life. I never should have survived that day. The paramedics called me in as a 95% chance that I wasn’t supposed to be alive by the time that I got to the hospital. And, Ya’ know what? Since then, ten years later, I had another baby. He is a miracle in a miracle, in a miracle! I almost had him at the Red Hot Chili Pepper concert in 1996. My water sack broke, while I was walking into the concert, but I didn’t realize it until later. He survived in a broken sack for three days. His heart stopped before birth. The doctors took him (through) emergency Caesarean section in three to four minutes! He is a great boy!

I found out the other day what his whole name means, which is beautiful, to me because it just confirms to me how God really is! This is the meaning of his name. By the way, he has two middle names. We were trying to appease two grand parents. Meaning: Lucas=Bearer of Light; Alexander=Protector of Mankind; Riley=A small stream and Hyman=Life. His whole name is Lucas Alexander Riley Hyman. He is the light of my life, second to the Lord, of course!

I do have faith. Even though I can’t see the Spirit (of God), I know every day it is in my heart. And, that God loves me and you, too. He desperately wants His people back! Romans 10:9. “For, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe with your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Please read with your eyes my miracles, but believe with your heart that this is God’s work! He wants to bless you too! Have a good day and thanks for reading this. Love, your Sister, Laurie.


Laurie’s Continued Struggles and the beautiful Gift of Freedom, which our Saviour gave to her! Laurie passes out her testimonies to the homeless and the lost in Oregon!


Her Second Testimony!

Hello, my name is Laurie. This is my testimony, for coming down and climbing back up again from Hell! Satan thought he had me bound, but God shows me every day through His mercy and grace, that He is our Father. Jesus, His Son, is our Saviour and King!

About three years ago, I started using Meth. I have used a lot of other drugs too, But, I got hooked fast on Meth, first snorting it, then smoking it in a pipe. My boyfriend was a Meth dealer. We didn’t sleep, or eat for days at a time! I was as mean as a witch, as skinny as a skeleton and as selfish as an ogre! All I wanted was another high! I lost my family, my car, but most of all, I lost my self-respect.

My boyfriend cheated on me with several women. I felt so trapped, like I was in jail. Death and suicide seemed so easy, but I have three kids. Two are grown, but one of them is young. I am also a grandma. One day, when my boyfriend was off on a drug deal, I got on my knees and started talking to God. I prayed and cried. I told God how sad and confused I was. I told him (that) I knew I would die if He didn’t help me fight Satan. I asked God to take my craving away for Meth and strengthen me. He listened to My every word. He is like a good Father. He made me realize (that) He was always there. It was me, who had walked away and forgot Him.

I sat there and thought, “What are you doing to yourself, Laurie?” I was so involved with Meth, porno, lies, deceit, etc, and just pure evil people! All of them, pretending to be my friends! I asked myself, “What is so infatuating about this drug?” My answer was the sex. For anyone, who hasn’t done it, it makes you so full of lust for anything and everyone. Yes, this drug made me want to have sex for hours. But, it wasn’t loving sex. I thought it was a dirty, disgusting, chemical, satan sex.

When I was done having sex with my boyfriend, I was disgusted with myself and sickened by flesh. It wasn’t truly like making love with someone you really loved, or being held and comforted the way (that) God meant for you to feel, when you are married to someone! It was a continuous, unsatisfied, lustful craving!

I continued to pray every day, sometimes several times a day, for God’s strength. I felt His love continue to grow, the more I tried to stay away from the drugs and evil. I felt so sad and trapped. I finally decided to write my brother back east a letter for help. My boyfriend found the letter. He beat me up again. This time, it was in front of our seven-year-old son. He had a knife and threatened to kill me.

I got out of the apartment. I was sure that I would die that day, but God’s angels saved me. I called the police, (but) my boyfriend framed me. He said that I attacked him with a knife. They arrested me and him. They took our son and put him in protected custody.

So, I was beaten up, framed, and lost my kid, all in the same day! I had never been in jail, (and) it was pretty scary. My boyfriend admitted he lied. I got my son back and moved away.

Satan has a slippery tongue, though. Several months later, after much counselling and anger management classes, I was led to believe that my boyfriend had changed. Well, he hadn’t! That is what led me to Ashland. I gave up everything in my house, and a good friend drove me and my son to get away here. Those things (that) I left behind, are all material and replaceable. We are not!

God loves us all and wants to bless us! And, He did hear my cries. He took away all craving for meth! I don’t crave it anymore. Matthew 5:6: “Blessed are those, who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” I haven’t had any Meth for 16 months. I smoked marijuana for 29 years. I have not had any for 10 months. I am an alcoholic. I haven’t had a drink for 10 months. I smoked cigarettes for the last ten years and I haven’t had one for nine months.

God has strengthened and cleansed me with His love every day. I learned something in church the other day about David and Goliath. God used his most humble, least proud, weakest and youngest, to do some of his best work. I am the youngest of four kids in my family, the poorest, and at this point, the least proud. He is using me right now to tell you of His Glory and His Love. He would probably use you, too, if you believe in Him. Do You? Laurie

Laurie, thank you so very much for sharing your testimony. My heart’s desire is that your testimony touches the hearts of many and shows them the love, the grace and mercy of our Lord and God!


Thank you, Blessed Saviour and Most Wonderful Father in Heaven, for what You have done for Laurie, for me as a former practicing alcoholic and for each and every soul on this planet, that you set free and keep free from day to day. Blessed is the Name of Jehovah, Most High God and blessed is the Name of His Son, Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

(Laurie, I corrected some of your spelling errors, structured your paragraphs and edited, not for the content, but for grammar, a little here and there. I hope that this is all right with you. Linda)

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