Chapter Thirteen




October 31, 2005

(Note: on the day, in which I received this message, a great prayer of intercession began to pour from my heart and all of this, I prayed in “tongues.” So, I did not know what was troubling me so! I prayed, and prayed, all afternoon and well into the morning hours. A deep pleading was coming from my heart and a great sense of dread as I have seldom felt, literally consumed me. As I prayed, the prayers actually bellowed from my lips, as I was agonizing in pain from what I felt deep within my soul! And, it was during this time of deep prayers that our Father in Heaven gave me this message! Blessed is His Holy Name!)


Our Father’s in Heaven’s Message regarding this Winter


October 31, 2005

“Oh, My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. Look, My Child! Look ahead; for these are dark times! Look ahead, for these are perilous times! Look ahead, My Little One, for a great howling shall go up! A great dearth shall lay in the path of this country and in the path of the world in the coming months! Oh, a great winter of peril, of sorrow, of many woes! A great winter of darkness and bone-chilling cold! While the people of this errant world sleep on, a great cunning is afoot! A great sorcery on the backs of the people, the likes of which you have never seen! For, the forces of hell rise up against this nation! The forces of Satan the world over rise up against you and you are now in the quiet before the storm.

Oh, My Child, bellow for the dead! Howl for the dying, for before this series of calamitous events comes to pass, the great sorrows of it have rent your soul! They have cut into your heart! They have pierced you deep in the spirit and the howling that you now hear is coming from your own lips, is the howling of My people as they behold the dead and the dying! Oh, the powers of darkness rush headlong, a great fierceness upon the backs of the unsuspecting. Oh, the horrors! Oh, the mayhem! Oh, the killing! Oh, the dying, which awaits this errant land! For, you have been My first love and now your first love is not Me, but Satan and His Kingdom. And, he comes to devour you! He comes to destroy you, but you, as a nation, do not want Me and My love! You want him and his destructive ways and now comes your hour of retribution. Now, comes your hour of darkness, darkness as you have never known it. Oh, rise up, My people and howl for the dead and dying. Howl for the destruction comes upon you as a thief in the night! Weep, My Beloved, and wait upon Me; for the redemption draws nigh for the clean and the white, the pure, the tried and true, the righteous and holy ones. Though you are few, I shall not forget you!”

“Oh, my Beloved Father, what is this dark winter? What is this death and dying? What is this great destruction?”

“My Little One, it is the death of disease and dying. It is the death, which is caused by upheavals in the land, of violent storms, of wars and revenge. It is the stench of death, which is coming into this land. Get ready; for this is your dark hour. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 31st day of October, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

My Dear Ones, think ahead and prepare for hard times this winter! In the warmer parts of the USA, and elsewhere, you may not be affected, but it is always good to be prepared for hard times any season of the year. For this world is becoming increasingly unstable from year to year and it should now be plain to all that this government is just not equipped to handle a major emergency and has repeatedly bungled its feeble attempts to do so. And, many are now coming to this sad, but true conclusion,, that each person, each family is left to fend for self! And, it is wisdom, my Dear Ones, to be prepared for hard times!

From what I have been hearing, many in Florida are still struggling to overcome the most recent devastation, which has been caused by Hurricane Wilma! Yet, there is a total news blackout about the great devastation, which was caused by Wilma in Florida! So, take note, Dear Ones, and get some provisions on hand for you and for your family and get prepared for hard times; for these are all ahead, very hard times, indeed, for this nation and for others around the world! Also, if you are in the colder parts of the USA, or elsewhere, even in other nations, get alternative heating strategies if you furnace is dependent upon electricity to function.




October 28, 2005


“Separating the Real from the Unreal”

“My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God! My Little One, this message is both for a select few, who are to be told first and then to those on the Internet website. For, My Little One, times are very bleak in the whole world; but those, who have the eyes to see, can see that Satan has been almost totally cast down into the Earth, and that he has come down with a fury. The great world war is now being directed against the USA, as Satan now comes to devour what he has so artfully and skilfully corrupted. But, I tell you, My Little One, that he is being allowed to do so, as this nation is utterly corrupt, from the highest levels, to the worker in the street, this nation is corrupt.

As the horrendous calamities hit this planet, some of Mine are awakening to the hour, My Little One, and some are repenting. But, I tell you in truth, that the ones, who repent, are few. Yes, they see. Yes, they hear. Yes, they know, but they do not necessarily repent at all, but go on loving this world and all that is in it. But, there are a few wise virgins, and they know that the midnight hour is upon them. So, they watch and wait, walking in love, faith, forgiveness, obedience and humility; for they are prepared spiritually for the great hour of darkness.

And, great darkness it truly is, My Little One, for the time of great upheavals is in the Earth. And, yes, much suffering could or would be avoided if people all over the Earth would repent, but they do not, choosing instead to believe the seducing doctrines of demons and devils. And, so many professing to love Me, are out to kill and destroy My true servants. Oh, it is a time of great turmoil, and a clear time of the sorting of souls, wherein some will be counted worthy to escape all these things, but these are few.

I warn Mine once again to come out of this worldly system, to forsake Satan’s traps of television and movie mind control, to come away from these things and to get spiritually clean and stay spiritually clean, through confession of your sins, repentance, forgiveness, and walking with a penitent and contrite heart before Me; for if you will not give up the world of illusions and lust, you will be carried away by the greater illusion of the antichrist and false prophet. For, this Beast System is about to unleash a worldwide system of lies and illusions, which even the most faithful may fall to! You are on the verge of seeing this one world government, this antichrist system, come into full swing, and it will come about through great lies and deception and many false miracles and lying and deceiving wonders. But, truly all of you, who love this world of illusion, and will not give it up, will get only what you deserve.

Along with this world system of lying illusions will come even greater forms of mind control through the microwave towers and through chips to the head and body, many of them implanted without your conscious awareness and permission. For, Satan is come down, along with all of his lying minions, and he now controls the governments of the world.

Yes, they are fighting among themselves, for many now want to rule the world! And, he is both allowing and causing this in-fighting in order to clear the playing field. His hotbed of conquest right now is the USA, and with reasons. You profess to be a Christian nation, but are not! Many spiritually dead “Christians” fill the churches. They fill America, but through great trials and hardships, I will separate the real from the unreal. In the end, only the Tried and True, the white and clean, will go with Me! Those, who love this world, will go the way of the world. The masses the world over, are ready for the mind control chips and many of Mine have been picked up and chipped against their will and without their conscious knowledge, or consent, but as long as these are faithful to Me, I will preserve and keep them. And, I have allowed these things to make them white and pure; for the hour of reckoning is at hand.

You wonder, My Child, about the great upheavals, which are at hand, and I tell you that they are massive and already well underway in the Earth. These things I warn Mine of, for times shall be severe this winter in the USA and in other parts of the world also.

Prepare for sudden blizzards and ice storms to hit much of America, with loss of power and once again very high gas prices. Many stand to freeze to death in cities and even in country areas from loss of power. Therefore, have back-up heating plans, and ways to survive with loss of power. Many gas furnaces must be powered by electricity so with no power, there is no heat. If you are able, get a separate heating system, or plan with a friend or neighbor for survival, in case of loss of electricity. Have food and water on hand to last for weeks through inclement weather.

Get ready for unexpected situations in the government of the USA as warring factions fight for control of the country. This could lead to sudden planned terrorist schemes, which can and will cripple much of America. These schemes are being prepared as the West Coast and the New Madrid faults crack and groan as they weaken.

Prepare for the great famine, which is at hand; and prepare for the great flu outbreak, which will be created and administered through vaccines. This flu will be spread also via aerosols in large inner cities. This is their plan. You have heard the rhetoric about martial law ensuing after the flu outbreak! And, these plans should be obvious to you by now.

My Child, you ask, “”What about Niburu?” And, I open up your vision now to show you that Niburu is indeed real and you in this Earth, along with the rest of the solar system, are feeling its effects right now. The signs are everywhere and unmistakable! You can expect continued and increasing major calamities within the Earth as you see more and more volcanoes going off and more and more earthquakes and tidal waves. More weather manipulation and wars and rumors of wars as well, as Lucifer sets up his One World Government. Greater surveillance, a world-wide police state, and greater stalking, torture and killing of those, who speak the truth.

You are now on the fast track for destruction of the world, as you know it to be. A total dismantling is going on, both in governments and in the world, as you know it to be. These great upheavals will soon bring massive losses of life. This is inevitable. Get ready for it. Get spiritually ready, as I have directed, but otherwise also prepare for very hard times, famine, economic downfall and collapse of the world economies, greater police state, great numbers of deaths through famines and diseases and plagues, and I have told you above, of sudden destruction all over the Earth.

“And, Father, asteroids and meteoroids?”

“All are coming and all are part of the Niburu dust cloud, and some of these shall be huge and their impacts will re-shape continents.”

“Is this what will cause the near-mile-high wall of water to come over California, Nevada and into Utah?”

“What I must say to you here is two-fold.”

1. The giant space rocks will pummel the Earth facilitating and making ready the flipping of the Earth.
2. The great wall of water will surely come in and devour California and much of the Southwest of the USA if people do not repent in a very big way!

“But, Father, I do not see many repenting.”

“This is so.”

“And, for the same, or similar reasons, my Father, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and other states around the Mississippi River will flood.”

“This is so, My Little One, at or near the same time, the Earth will flip and the new electromagnetic poles will then match the new physical poles.”

“How long, Father?”

“Not long, My Child. Not long. Watch! Wait! And, be ready! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 28th day of October, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman





(Earlier visions as given by our Lord and God on show that the False Prophet is a Muslim!)

Dear Ones, take note of some very important happenings in recent weeks. Perhaps many of you read an article on some weeks past about the Muslim Holy Man, the Mahdi, who reportedly landed in the capitol of Nigeria. Sorcha Faal writes on her website how the Muslims have long awaited their Mahdi, or their Holy Man, and that, according to the Muslims, he is to return to rule over them shortly after the two eclipses on the month of Ramadan! And, these two eclipses did take place on their month of Ramadan in October of 2005. From her article, we are told that a great cloud descended upon the capitol of Nigeria and that this Mahdi descended from an airplane and went about the capitol city healing large numbers of people. From there, he was apparently invited to visit the President of Nigeria and afterwards took a plane to Mecca, along with approximately 100 others. But, as her article entails, this plane was shot down by the US military; and the Mahdi and about 50 others were enveloped in a blue bubble of light and survived. Reports coming out have contradicted this claim and we cannot tell from these reports what actually took place. But, word is that this plane was shot down by the US military and that the president’s wife, who was having surgery in Spain, was also assassinated by the US military. Dear Ones, take note of this! Is this Mahdi, none other than Maitreya, the Muslim-looking, dark-skinned, magician, who has been known to perform all sorts of stunts and “miracles” and lying signs and wonders, even having been known to go through walls! Are we seeing the emergence of this fraud as the holy man of the Muslims?





On the heels of the appearance of this Mahdi, we now see Bill Clinton travelling all over the world, embracing the poor and seeming to promise them the “moon.” I have seen some articles on the Internet, which describe Bill Clinton as the Saviour of the World. My Dear Ones, we know that he is gunning to be Secretary General of the United Nations! Is this about to happen? I tell you, my Dear Ones, that many will embrace Bill Clinton in this bid! Many believe the lies, that he was the best president that America ever had! Many believe that Bill Clinton gave America an unprecedented time of prosperity, as has never been known in the history of the USA. Why do they believe such things? Because the lying “box” told them so! But, many also forget the big list of those, who died mysteriously just because they know the Clintons! Yes, indeed, many have forgotten that this man, Bill Clinton and his power-hungry wife are serial killers! They have forgotten how this very strange couple have clawed their way to the top, and all over the top; and continue to claw and to climb to greater positions of power, and all of this on the backs of the ignorant and the unsuspecting!



So, get ready! Clinton wants to be the antichrist and King Charles and “Mrs Piggy” also want to be the antichrist and his wife; but even the blind, the deaf and the dumb can tell when they get enough “cake!” Who would go out to plant a tree with a fake flower on his lapel?? You guessed it! The Prince of Pomp, the poor little misunderstood Prince, who is just never respected because of the great and big gold spoon, which pokes out from between his teeth. What a shame that this murderer is so misunderstood! How many times can we say, “This rotten family killed the only true flower that it will ever have!” Princess Diana! And, people the world over are not mocked at the loss of this most beautiful flower from our midst. All I can say to this poor misunderstood prince is, “Take your fake flower and go back to Cornwall!” We don’t need it here in America! We have had our “cake” days!





And, on top of these most horrendous signs of the impending end of the world, as we know it to be, the Bushes and their antichrist puppets are out to kill any semblance of truth and to annihilate all, who dare speak it or put it out! I cannot begin to describe the great assaults of the Bushes and their Satanic legions, which continue in their assaults against me from day to day. One of the dastardliest deeds, which Bush has done, was on the early morning hours of November 13, 2005 when a terrible thunderstorm came over this area. I can never recall having seen such horrendous lightening; and towards the end of the storm, as I watched from the kitchen window, five or six speeding balls of fire rolled across the sky, just above treetop level and they dissipated in explosive blasts right before my eyes, some of these balls of fire larger than others! One of these balls of fire came right over my house and fizzled out just outside my kitchen window and the others came along the side of my house, just above the treetops.

During the course of the storm, I heard two very large blasts right outside of my living room window, but did not look out. However, later I could find no visible evidence that lightening struck anything! So, I can only assume that more fireballs were exploded outside my house. And, after this storm, there was a stronger ozone smell than anything I have never smelled in my whole life. And, even at the end of the storm, when I saw the balls of fire, there was still unbelievable lightening, as I had never seen in my whole life! Giant fingers of fiery lightening were streaking across the sky, literally illuminating the sky from one end to the other, as these giant fingers branched and forked in many directions. But, the rolling balls of fire were the strangest of all! These balls of fire were coming from the East and going west, but the storm was quickly moving form the West to the East and was nearly over when I saw the fireballs. I believe that there were massive numbers of these fireballs and that these balls of fire are indeed weapons of war, which were directed at me by George Bush and his fellow Satanists! Such things have been associated with their Electromagnetic pulse technologies, the same technologies, which they use to create killer storms and earthquakes!

Behind me to the East are two military bases, Little Rock Air Base and Camp Robinson, the former obviously an air force and the latter army! These balls of fire were either shot from an aircraft, or possible saucer, or they were sent from one of these bases, or both. At any rate, a military assault was directed at my house and I am alive now and able to tell about this only because of the love and grace of my Lord and God. This is what happens when insane men, perverts, drunks and worshippers of evil and darkness, take the reigns of power!

I wish to let it be known at this point, that I have been witness to a large, orange fiery saucer-shaped object, which has visible on many occasions around this house since the first week of September. This orange saucer-like object usually sits in the north sky, anywhere from 30 to 45 degrees overhead and it moves, but in an erratic manner. However, I have also seen it in one place when I went to bed and that it was in the same place in the sky when I woke up the next morning! One night, I saw it streak quickly across the sky, but it was then moving from a southerly to a northerly direction! With the binoculars, I am able to see a fiery field beneath this craft! This changing field appears as a “wobbling”, “erratic” orange fiery mass at the base of this craft! For the last three to four weeks, this craft is in the sky every night and is not to be confused with Mars, which is also an orange and rather bright ball of light, but not as bright as this craft! Plus, Mars moves from East to West in an overhead movement and can be seen and tracked via this path from night to night. The reason I mention this is that these flaming balls of fire, which pummelled the skies during and after the violent lightening storm on November 13, 2005, may have very well come from this orange, fiery craft! And, this is what I believe to be the case. I believe that the US military is using their “saucers” to wreak havok and intimidate, burn up and destroy as they please, even as a way of announcing the coming reign of their king of terror! Yes, indeed, it is terror in the skies as Satan, the Prince of the Air, comes to rule over the unsuspecting, and to terrorize the world with his weapons of mass destruction!

In addition to this round, orange and fiery craft, I have also seen another large, fiery craft, but this one has a white-light, fiery base, also with the same kind of changing and moving appearance of this white-fire base! During the last month, or so, I have seen this aerial craft many times! It sits due South, and perhaps from between 25 to 75 degrees above the horizon. This saucer-like craft also sits in one place for hours! What is most interesting about this white-light craft is that it does not like to work on weekends! For several weekends, I have seen that it is definitely not in the sky, but will often be there every night of the week. I usually see it around 6:30 in the evenings and it will be there for several hours at a time. I have shot over two rolls of film, trying to capture it on film, but each of the negatives always comes up blank. As I shoot many photos at night these days, I can tell you with a certainly that there is always something in the photos, as the camera has a flash, but in these photos, they come out absolutely clean. It is as if someone has taken some cleaner and has wiped the negative clean, but the remaining negatives on the roll, which capture other things, will be unharmed! Obviously, some do not want to be photographed! And, so it goes with the deceitful and utterly evil night stalkers!

Just yesterday, a Dear Friend reminded me of Revelation 13:13 and this is what Revelation 13:13 tell us! “And, he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men …” These, my Dear Ones, are the works of the Beast, and we are in the very last days!



In addition to the fireballs, which these evil ones sent over and near my house, George Bush also sent four warplanes over my house about a week before. He did this about 45 minutes after I told a friend over the telephone that the Bushes and their evil hoards plan to create a worldwide flu epidemic, a pandemic, by putting live flu viruses into the flu vaccine! I told my friend that this “planned and well-orchestrated” flu pandemic could kill many millions, and this flu vaccine is totally worthless in preventing bird flu or in stopping the spread of it.

Well, it only took about 45 minutes for this conversation to reach Bush and his buddy, Rummy, and for them to dispatch the warplanes over this house. But, this is not the first time that George W. Bush has dispatched his airplanes to fly over this house in a threatening way! In the summer of 2004, he sent a yellow plane over this house, which sprayed this house with chemicals! This plane had two different tail numbers and neither of them matched the description of the plane, according to Federal Aviation authorities, which I reported this incident to! When I reported this spraying to the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Dept, the deputy told me that there were crop dusters, which were spraying down in the bottomlands! But, when I called back to ask him who these crop dusters were, he could not tell me of any specific crop dusters! Did this man lie, or was he just confused! I filed a report with the detective’s office of the Faulkner County Sheriff’s office regarding the chemical spraying of this house, but no one ever came to investigate.

In addition to this low flying plane, which sprayed this house in the Summer of 2004, in that same Summer, several large C 130s were also sent to buzz this house, even though, they normally have a flight path, which is near the airbase, at least some ten to fifteen miles away. The same day that these C130s buzzed the house, a series of crop dusters buzzed this house over and over. I will never forget this as the next morning, I read in the news that an owner of a local crop dusting service had crashed his plane! But, this is not all, many times black helicopters have buzzed this house, even before we moved out into the country! And, all of these have been sent out by George Bush, and with the sole purposes of intimidation, threatening and stalking! For information on another alleged abuses of George Bush, read about the rape accusations of one, Margie Schoedinger! Type her name in the search engines and read on! This woman in Texas claimed that George Bush and FBI agents raped her and her husband and she had filed a lawsuit against them, when she came up dead! Suicide? I do not believe it!



But, my Dear Ones, these are hardly the worst of things that they have done to me, in order to hinder, to prevent, or to stop these works! The Bushes and their evil allies have truly gone to extraordinary lengths to kill me. They have, as I reported back in May of 2004, raped and sodomized me! They have repeatedly picked me up and have injected me with all manner of drugs and also have implanted me with microchips against my will and without my conscious consent. And, via these microchips, they send painful electrical currents into my body at various locations. They send beams into these chips and can make various body parts jerk, as they implant them into nerves and in so doing, they have caused great pain in the radial nerve in my left arm and elsewhere. They have put them in my feet and regularly send electrical currents into my feet and in so doing, they have continually burned my right heel, causing it to bleed at times and the skin to continually thicken and to peel off. They have put needle-like objects, tiny and approximately a millimetre in length around me eyes, in my forehead and around my nose and mouth. I have repeatedly pulled these out, as they can be found with the tips of my fingernails and can be pulled out. These tiny receivers allow them to follow the REM sleep and to send currents into the eyes to stop dreams and or to control dreams and only our Lord and God knows what else they are used for! Because of the fact that I continued to find and pull out these tiny-needle like objects, these evil hoards then put implants on both sides of my nose near my sinus cavities and in the sinus cavities near my eyes and in this way, the can send electrical currents into and around my eyes, which feel like bugs crawling on and under my skin! They have put implants in my hands, and when I do something that they do not like, they will send strong electrical currents into my hands and into other body parts to torture me, to burn me, and to cause me sharp pains in these body parts. At times, I have been able to pull them out, but they abduct me again and put more in! They most recently put more implants in my lower left arm between the bones and in my leg between the bones and in my feet at deeper levels. They even put one in my navel area and just last night as I was praying against them, they sent a strong jolt of electricity into my stomach, which created a sharp pain. And, so it goes, my Dear Ones! This is what they have done to me and continue to do, all because of the work that I do for our Most Wonderful Lord and God. But, I tell you, my Dear Ones, that I am ever pleased to go through these most horrendous of things, for the love of my glorious and wonderful Lord and God! For, truly, my Dear Ones, He has kept me and He continues to keep me and to provide for my every need in the most miraculous of ways! It is ever true that these evil ones can torture the body and they can kill the body, if our Lord and God allows, but as these things are the will of our Lord and God, He will surely carry me through it all, if I am to get through it. And, if not, He will surely carry me home. Blessed is His Holy Name!



Dear Ones, our Father in Heaven has made it perfectly clear to me that many humans are now implanted and do not know it. If you feel your skin crawl in a certain place, especially around your nose, your face, or eyes, you may very well have implants. But, these “crawling” sensations can occur on other parts of your body, on your hips, thighs, and on almost any part of your body. These crawling sensations may occur as well because of microwaving to certain parts of ones body. In many instances, where an implant is responsible for the “crawling” sensation, you will be able to feel a very small object just below the skin, at the area, where you feel the sensation! And, often you can actually extract a tiny implant with your fingernail! But, be sure to cleanse your skin with disinfectants afterwards. When you get the implant out, the “crawling” sensations in the skin will stop!



“If it be so, our God, whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning furnace, and He will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.” Daniel 3:17

I tell you, my Dear Ones, that our Father has allowed all of these things to happen to me! It is just as with Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach and Abednigo! If our Father decides that you and I should go through such things, He is able to carry us through them. But, if he decides that we must die in this way, He will be there to take us home! Blessed is His Holy Name! My Dear Ones, this Most Awesome God has kept me through terrible trials and great persecution! He has kept me alive amidst repeated abductions, mind control attempts, torture through implants and through electrical beams, which they have sent through the windows! And, He has kept me through seven years of microwaving and through other bizarre attempts on my life. Killers stalked us all in the streets of Stockholm and killers have stalked me elsewhere, but my Dear Ones, I am not afraid and have not been afraid of their evil. For our God IS ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS and TO HIM IS ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY! I do not fear their implants, for our LORD AND GOD HAS KILLED MANY OF THESE IMPLANTS, AND OTHERS OF THEM, HE HAS CAUSED TO FLOAT TO THE SURFACE AND I HAVE SCOOPED THEM OUT. WE MUST NEVER UNDERESTIMATE OUR MOST AWESOME GOD, FOR HE IS ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS!

Back in January of 2003, He told me to read the Book of Daniel and to get these words in my heart, in my Spirit and even then, I did not look forward to what He was telling me. But, my Dear Ones, I have lived a Daniel life and I am grateful for every day of this Daniel life, for truly our Most Wonderful Father has carried me through some horrendous experiences and He has kept me alive. Blessed is His Holy Name! For, He has been faithful to me! He has stood by me and He has provided for me when so many have mistreated and rejected me! A few of you have stood by me as well! You have been my faithful friends in spite of all that I have been through and I love you very much!



My Dear Ones, you must now get wise about their torture parade, for no one is exempt and soon, the whole world will see and know what these most evil ones are up to and what they have been doing to many, all against their will for quite some time! For, truly these evil ones delight in torture! They thrive on it and they delight in suffering! And, they delight in doing their work in stealth and cunning! They delight in causing people to BECOME SO BEAT DOWN, that they give up and kill themselves, or someone else! And, they will go to great lengths to pick up and mind control the unbelieving, the naïve and gullible! They hide behind their “terror” technology and carry out their dastardly deeds in the darkness of night when the victims are fast asleep. They then kidnap their victims and they drug them with memory erasing drugs as they carry out their mind control and other abuses to their bodies! For, they do have the technology to do so and few know or even believe what has happened to them! What “perfect” crimes they carry out on those, who do not even believe that they ever could or ever would be such victims!

These evil ones have abducted me and injected me with drugs and implanted chips in me so many times that I could never begin to keep up with these many assaults. I have awoken so many times in the morning with needle marks on various parts of my body that the sheer numbers of times are mind-boggling! But, I tell you now that their evil mind control does not work on those, who walk in love and forgiveness and as for me; I have forgiven all of the great evils that they have done to me! From day to day, I strive to walk in love and forgiveness toward all, regardless of what they have done to me. I have no malice in my heart and wish to harm no one, and especially not myself. But, these evil ones have drugged me and have surely tried over and over to mind control me! However, I belong to my Lord and God and not them! AND HE IS ABLE TO PRESERVE AND KEEP ME; AND HE HAS DONE SO, UNDER THE MOST ADVERSE OF CIRCUMSTANCES!



In the past two to three months, these Satanist CIA operatives and others have repeatedly called here and have left such messages on the recorder as, “Your ID NUMBER IS MR-------- And, after the MR, a series of numbers. I knew that this was one of their so-called trigger phrases, but it did not trigger anything, but a knowing of what they were doing. And, so after carrying on with this for a while, with no results, they began to call here and say, “Call Mrs Black.” But, why would I want to call Mrs Black? Is this not one of their trigger phrases for “go kill yourself,” or “kill someone else!” And as they station their spy machines, their antigravity machines, which blink the red and green lights, around this house 24 hours a day and seven days a week, they monitor all that I do, say and think. So, when I have a “bad” day, so to speak, and become the least bit upset about anything, they call here with the “Mrs Black” calls!



My Dear Ones, I REPEAT HERE, FOR YOUR INFORMATION AND FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION, THAT OUR MOST WONDERFUL LORD AND GOD HAS BLESSED ME SO, WITH GREAT LOVE; AND I HAVE FORGIVEN ALL FOR THE HORRENDOUS THINGS, WHICH THEY HAVE DONE TO ME; AND FOR THIS REASON, I HAVE NO MALICE TOWARD ANYONE! I LOVE MYSELF, FOR I AM A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH AND I LOVE OTHERS! But, still these Satanic CIA operatives and rogue Satanists keep on with their evil parade! Just today, the 17th of November, 2005, four calls from phoney numbers! But, first thing on the morning of November 17, 2005 was a “Mrs Black” call! She did not say, “Call Mrs. Black,” but said, “I am Mrs Black!” Yet, she was a talking machine! So, I answered all the rest of the phoney calls on Nov 17, 2005 with, “Is this Mrs Black?” to which, there was no response. Seems that Mrs. Black does not want to answer!

Dear Ones, pray for “Mrs. Black!” She is most definitely short of a meaningful life and she is obviously into the black arts and projects, from which she needs to be free. So, let us all pray for the freedom of Mrs Black, that she will repent and come to our Saviour, lest she end up in the Lake of Fire! I am very serious about this one thing, my Dear Ones! Please remember Mrs Black in your daily prayers and each and every person on this mind control team, that they will see the evil of their ways and repent before our Lord and God and come to know and accept our Saviour as Saviour of Humanity. My Dear Ones, pray for a great movement of the Spirit of God to come into their midst and to awaken them to the mighty love of our Lord and God and that they will be all ashamed and convicted by the power of the Living Spirit of God and repent of the dark deeds that they thrive on from day to day. My Dear Ones, our Lord and God is ABLE! So, put these mind controllers on your prayer list for complete deliverance from the clutches of Satan and for salvation through the love and grace of our Most Wonderful Saviour. And, pray for their freedom each and every day! Jesus is their HOPE and they need to KNOW JESUS! But, my Dear Ones, if they will not repent, but will only continue on in their evil, pray to our Father in Heaven and ask Him to deliver a great and mighty righteous judgement against them, that they will be punished for the great evils, which they have done to so many and continue to do. For, truly our Father in Heaven tells us that He delights in righteous judgement and you and I should also delight in His righteous judgement!



In addition to these aforementioned things, which these evil ones have done to torture and persecute me, they try to make it impossible for me to listen to Internet Radio as they simply cut off the stream. And, on several occasions as I have been listening to a radio program on the Internet, there has come a sound of a squeaky door slamming, which seems to be their “trigger” sound for me to shut down the computer and stop this behaviour, but I just go on. And, at other times, the stream will cut off and some of their “strange” music will come over the speakers! One night after the door slamming through the speakers of my computer, there was a “strange” noise on the speaker, almost like a growl, but not really a growl, either; and a few minutes later, a male voice said via the computer speakers, “You are strange!” The following day, as I was speaking to others over the telephone, I could hear the faint sounds of someone, who was laughing over the telephone! And, so they go, my Dear Ones, obviously some people do not have anything of interest to do in their personal lives, so their only pleasure is in stalking, threatening and harassing others.

I do pray that these most misguided souls get a meaningful and spiritual life, that they repent of their evil and come to know our Saviour; for they are all headed for a very hot and burning fire! Dear Ones, pray for their liberation from the great and dark spiritual prisons, in which they find themselves! Put them all on your daily prayer list for total deliverance from these evil pursuits and for a mighty outbreak of the Spirit of God in their midst and for the salvation of every one of these souls! My Dear Ones, make this prayer one of your great priorities every day! I believe that our Lord and God will hear our prayers and I KNOW that HE IS ABLE TO DELIVER THEM AND TO SHAKE THEIR FOUNDATIONS UNTO REPENTANCE!

I write these aforementioned things to you, my Dear Ones, as you need to know that that the CIA, the FBI and other government organizations have been used against me for some time. This Satanic government has turned the CIA on its own people and they are in full swing now against an unsuspecting populace. They are bringing out their covert tools of drugging, mind control, and other horrendous means of stealth, cunning and killing and they are using them on the unsuspecting American people! My Dear Ones, if you fall under their attacks, pray, pray, pray and do what is right in your life from day to day! We have a most wonderful and powerful God! There is none like Him and He is able to deliver you!



This note, I am adding as I am writing this newsletter! In the early morning hours of November 18, I noted that there were two very low government “antigravity machines,” which were parked about 45 degrees above the horizon, and due East. On this night, the flaming orange “saucer-shaped” object was due west at this time! I knew that they were up to no good on this day, on one of their #29 days, 11+18=29 and 2+9=11, their number and symbol for their two-horned god, Satan! I went to bed around 2:30 on the morning of November 18, 2005 and I was awakened almost immediately by my cat, who rose up on the bed and was peering toward the hall. In the hall, I heard sounds like those of shuffling feet and then in the living room, I heard the sounds of rustling papers. I ascertained that the “reptiles” were in the house and they were pilfering; and that they came from one of the “saucers”, which was outside.

I saw three of these reptilian creatures in the year, 2000, as they descended right into the hallway of our house and my cat was the first to see them! They were more of spirit, but clearly of a physical nature as well, as I could see that they wore some sort of armour and both had weapons. My cat saw them first and she ran and hid and when I looked I was shocked! For, there they were, some demons straight out of hell, but with weapons and armour. Earlier that day, as I was speaking on the telephone with a friend in Utah, we both heard a very strange and unknown series of words, which were directed into our conversation. We both were amazed and wondered what we were hearing. And, upon seeing them, I remembered these strange words! And, even later that day, as I was leaving my Mother’s house, who lived in the same mobile home park that we lived in, I saw three silvery saucers glide across the park, just above the trees, and they never made a sound! I believe that these three reptiles were definitely associated with these three silvery saucers. My Dear Ones, do not believe others, who tell you that these creatures do not exist! They do, and they are vicious!

Before I went to bed in the early morning hours of November 18, 2005, I prayed to our Father in Heaven for Him to cut off all of the implants so that they would not be able to send any signals or pain into any of them; and as I lay down on the couch for a while and I saw that He did shut them down and these evil ones were not able to track me, or torture me and assault me via their electrical currents. And, my Dear Ones, this is what bothered them as they monitor me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And, this is why they sent one of their scouts into the house later on to see what was going on.

When I awoke the following morning, I could tell that they had pummelled my head with microwaves all night as the skin on my head was full of “crawling” sensations and this is the way one’s skin feels when hit directly with sustained microwaves. Also, by early morning, they were once again attacking my swallowing, by hitting my throat with weapons and causing me to swallow violently against my will. I was quite tired when I woke up this morning as it was late when I got to bed and I was attacked in my sleep by these evil hoards. But, almost first thing when I got up, I received the following call, which was left on the answering machine. Now, realize that when someone leaves a message, I do not hear this message, but have to push a button to hear the messages, which someone leaves on the answering machine. But, when these government stalkers call, they directly speak out their message into the house, as they want to make sure that I hear their harassing calls, when I would not otherwise listen to them at all. And, this morning, on the morning of November 18, 2005, this is what the CIA front, Chrysler Financial left on my telephone.



Chrysler Financial has been calling this house since around April of this year, when I got this telephone. They called here for Lennie Kravitz from April until around October of this year. I repeatedly told them that he is not at this number and cannot be reached at this number, but they continued to call here for him, often four or five times a day, and even threated to go to the police on one occasion when I told them that he was not here. So, approximately four weeks ago, I called the number that they left in one of their calls here and I got a man, who told me that this is the number that they have for this Lennie Kravitz; and when I stressed again that he does not live here and that they are harassing me, this man assured me that they would take my number off their list. But, I must tell you that the voice of the man, whom I spoke with was very strange, with a tone of puzzlement, when he said, “Oh, this is Linda Newkirk?” Be advised that their stalking picks up speed when I sit to type a newsletter or to type information for the website, but this is only part of their harassment!

Now, today, my Dear Ones, they are calling again from Chrysler Financial with the following message:

“Hello, this message if for Linda Smith. This is Bianca Cruise and I am calling you from Chrysler Financial. Linda, I need you to call back immediately. My number is 1-800-685-8300, Extension 7622. We have a very serious matter that needs to be addressed and I need you to call back immediately! My telephone number is 1-800-685-8300. And, I hope that you return this call before it is too late!”

So, I called the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department in Conway, Arkansas and filed a police report against these people for harassment and stalking and will continue to lodge complaints against them until something is done about them. By now, I have a huge list of on-going harassments and continued stalking and attempts on my life, as directed against me via George W. Bush and his Satanic CIA and FBI front organizations, and these complaints go back for a solid seven years! And, at the head of all of this harassment, as I said is one rapist, serial killer and stalker, George W. Bush and his “killer” father!

My Dear Ones, what a Great God we have! Every day, I know that I am one walking miracle and am alive only because of the awesome, love and grace of our Most Wondeful Lord and God! Blessed is His Holy Name!



And, now, My Dear Ones, we will continue with a very important bit of Biblical information and how it relates to the current president and what is now taking place with him! Remember King Nebuchadnezzar! Our Father truly made him king over the rebellious House Of Israel. He not only made him king, but also sent him in to conquer his rebellious people, and to humble them because of their proud and haughty ways! This King served pagan gods, but Daniel was called in before him from time to time to explain what his soothsayers and astrologers could not explain, and truly this king knew that there was no god like the God of Israel, but he grew in his pride and arrogance until he drew the wrath of the Most High God, Yahweh! When pride swelled up in this king and our Father in Heaven had enough, He humbled this man in a very great way and below you will find the king’s comments, after he spent seven years eating with the animals of the field, obviously insane! But, in the end, he saw the errors of his ways and below you will read his own words!

Now, my Dear Ones, we see a very similar thing happening with George W. Bush. Truly, our Father appointed him to bring a reign of terror into this nation as this is surely consistent with His words in Leviticus, Chapter 26, verses 15 and 16, wherein He says, “And, if ye shall despise My statutes, or if your soul abhor My judgements, so that ye will not do all My commandments, but that ye break My covenant: I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you TERROR, consumption, and the burning ague, that shall consume the eyes, and cause sorrow of heart: and ye shall sow you seed in vain, for your enemies shall eat it.”

But, my Dear Ones, this evil man, George W. Bush has risen up in his pride and he has risen up in his power and he has done horrendous and dastardly things all over the world. He has thought himself above all laws and has made himself dictator over this nation and over its people, without regard for any soul; and He has RAPED ME AND SODOMIZED ME and he kidnapped me repeatedly and drugged me and stalked me up an down the world, to which there are may witnesses! He has terrorized me and has harassed me via his CIA agents and has monitored me 24 hours a day, seven days a week with his government surveillance and torture aircraft, since May 01, 2003! He has drugged me repeatedly and has injected me with all manner of implants in order to torture me and to further terrorize me, and I am guilty of only one thing and this one thing is speaking the truth of his evil ways. And, now my Dear Ones, I told you in my Message for You, of May 2004, wherein I told you that George Bush and others had raped me and that he had sodomized me; that George W. Bush would soon go insane! And, at this point, this man has reached a height of great insanity, to the point that he is no longer fit to rule!

George Bush and this very stealth and satanic government used my husband and sister to collaborate in their effort to put me into a mental hospital! They mocked the very fact that George Bush and his evil associates had raped and sodomized me; and they mocked and made fun of me as they plotted to put me away. And, then George Bush and his CIA agents stalked me in Africa and labelled me “insane”, and systematically attacked my character with lies, all to destroy me, when I was guilty of nothing, but telling the truth. And, now, my Dear Ones, George Bush, himself is INSANE and totally unfit to govern, a total drunk, who is an embarrassment to this nation and to this world; and there he sits with his fingers on the nuclear codes! And, so just as Nebuchadnezzar went insane because of his great pride, this man, who has sought to discredit and to destroy me all over the world, has now lost his mind, just as King Nebuchadnezzar lost his own mind because of his great pride and arrogance. My Dear Ones, I take no joy in stating these things, but tell you; for you must know, as well, that our Father in Heaven is a righteous God and that when He gets enough, He will make a righteous judgement; for He is a righteous God!

So, my Dear Ones, in spite of all their harassment and torture against me, my Father has kept me and has provided for me when I had little and many deserted me as they believed and promoted these Satanic, CIA lies of these most evil people! And, if this evil man, George W. Bush lives long enough, He, too will surely say that there is NO GOD LIKE THE GOD OF ISRAEL!!!!!

Now, we will continue with the words of King Nebuchadnezzar, which he uttered after our Father in Heaven restored his sanity! And, these are his words after spending seven years eating grass in the field with the beasts! “And, at the end of the days, I Nebuchadnezzar, lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured Him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and His Kingdom is from generation to generation. And all the inhabitants of the Earth are reputed as nothing: and He doeth according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth; and none can stay His hand, or say unto Him, What doest thou? At the same time my reason returned unto me; and for the glory of My kingdom, mine honor and brightness returned unto me; and my counsellors and lords sought me; and I was established in my kingdom, and excellent majesty was added unto me. Now I Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honor the King of heaven, all whose words are truth, and His ways judgement: and those that walk in pride, He is able to abase.” Daniel 4: 34-37



And, these words, this King uttered, but only after spending seven years eating among the beasts of the field, for pride rose up in him as he said, “Is this not great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honor of my majesty?” Yes, this king rose up and bragged at what he had accomplished when in fact, we are told in the Book of Jeremiah, that our Father in Heaven made Nebuchadnezzar king over His people, who were to go into slavery under him!

Jeremiah 27:6-7 “And now have I given all these lands into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, My servant; and the beasts of the field have I given to him also to serve him. And all nations shall serve him, and his son, and his son’s son, until the very time of his land come: and then many nations and great kings shall serve themselves of him.” AND Jeremiah 43:10 “And say unto them, Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, The God of Israel; Behold, I will send and take Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon, MY SERVANT, and will set his throne upon these stones that I have hid; and he shall spread his royal pavilion over them.”

Clearly, my Dear Ones, our Father in Heaven made Nebuchadnezzar king and He sent this king to conquer his people and to haul them off into captivity! Yet, this king also took great liberties against our Father’s people, as we read as regards Daniel and the Lion’s Den and Shadrack, Meshach and Agednigo in the fire, but our Father allowed him to do as he did against His servants, yet He also saw fit to protect them. And, so it has been with me, even until now that I have been under great persecution and have been harassed to no end and stalked and persecuted and tortured by this evil ruler, George W. Bush; yet in all things, there is a limit to what our Father in Heaven will tolerate! But, as for me, I wait upon my Lord and God; for He, in His great wisdom will repay unto each one according to his ways!

And, so it is now, my Dear Ones, that the evil ones have taken control of this once-great land and Satan has come in to devour it! Great evil is afoot, but would not be so if people had chosen to live according to the commandments. And, just as Daniel, Shadrack Meshach and Abednigo were greatly punished for love of the Most High God, so it is today, that these raging Satanists hate the true Christians and wish to destroy them through their great and constant attacks, but our Father in Heaven is able to save us and to preserve us, regardless of what these evil ones do. For, if it is His will for us to go through this great persecution and even torture, He can indeed save us and bring us out the other side, or He will indeed carry us home to a great and beautiful place. To Him is all the praise and glory, for truly THERE IS NONE LIKE THE MOST WONDERFUL AND AWESOME GOD OF ISRAEL, AND I LOVE HIM SO. BLESSED IS HIS HOLY NAME!

My Dear Ones, I do hope that you have learned something from what I have told you herein! And, I tell you once more, my Precious Brothers and Sisters, do not fear these evil ones, or what they can do to you, but walk in faith! Trust in our Most Wonderful Lord and God, for He is able to carry you through all things and safely out the other side, if this is His will. But, if it is His will for you to go on and be with Him, rejoice in these things. And, from day to day, my Dear Ones, live worthy, so that when that time comes, you will indeed go to a most glorious and wonderful place, even to the place, which our Precious Father in Heaven has prepared for each of us! Blessed is His Holy Name!

Blessed are those, who are counted worthy to go through torture and persecution for love of our Lord and God! To our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven, Yahweh, Most High God, is all the praise and all the glory forever and ever! Blessed is His Holy Name!

Your Sis, Linda

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