Chapter Fourteen




November 10, 2005


“The Dawning Of A New Day!”

“My Precious Child, I am your Saviour, Jesus, Yahshua, yes, My Little One, Saviour of Humanity! My Beloved Child, do you not see the dawning of a New Day and the beginning of a New World, already in the hearts of a few? Do you not see it? Can you not feel it? As now, My Child, some truly realize the futility of the Old Way! They realize the ending of an age, and the closing of a door on an old way of life, which did not profit. Can you not see this emerging, My Child? That, as some prepare for the emergence of the dark leader from ashes and ruin, that a few already look to another world? Do you not see this, My Child?”

“My Lord, I see it and I feel it! As so many strive to hold on to the Old Way, a few are being made buoyant and filled with great expectation for a beautiful day of light and love!”

“And, so, My Little One, all this time of warning has sunk in and it has made a difference, or it has not.”

“But, my Lord, it seems that few have heeded the warnings.”

“Yes, this is so, but now comes the time of accelerated changes throughout the Earth and others must awaken quickly and come full circle, or they will ‘miss the boat.’”

“My Lord, I know.”

“Now, My Little One, what I was just telling you in the Spirit, I now also reveal to you to share with others, that they may also benefit. And, this, My Child, is about the importance of forgiveness, to forgive all, to love all, even your enemies. And, I want you to understand why this is so. My Little One, those, who have done evil to you, or to any one of you, are worse off for it. They are in bondage to their evil, if they do not repent. Unrepentance and unforgiveness create bondage, and this bondage will hold one back, even from receiving their heavenly inheritance, if they do not repent and forgive. My Little One, repentance, love and forgiveness, these three are central to freedom and spiritual growth.

My Little One, I love each of you more than you will ever know! Great are your rewards in Heaven and these rewards await all, who truly want them. Why would any of you give up such beauty to stay trapped in these lower vibrations?”

“My Lord, I believe that the problem is ignorance and as You say, lack of forgiveness, repentance and love, but also, My Lord, lack of understanding. Many people really do not understand. They lack truth, My Lord, and they perish for lack of truth!”

“My Little One, this is well-said, and this is very true. But, a New World is at hand, a beautiful New Day; yet the lure of illusion, and of things of the flesh, are keeping many bound to the flesh and to the lower vibrations of this world! Think of this, My Child. Think! What is worth staying in a maelstrom of utter evil and darkness?”

“Nothing for me, My Lord. I do not want this.”

“And, most would not want it either, My Child, if they truly realized that lack of repentance, unforgiveness and love, one for another and love even for one’s enemies, causes one to be bound to them. So, it is wisdom to forgive them all, to repent of harsh feelings and to love them and set them free! In this way, you can each walk in freedom and be ready to go to higher spiritual levels. My Little One, when one truly grasps these concepts and puts them into action on a daily basis, then this one is on the road to freedom. Now is the time, My Child, for all to let go of all hurts, sorrows, pains and other negative emotions, to forgive, to repent and walk in love. This is freedom, My Child, and there is truly little time left for all to walk in this way, so as to move on up spiritually! This is what I was saying to you, My Child, and is what all must understand and implement to be free! I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of November, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman




November 10, 2005



“My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. My Child, do you see well where you are now, carried here through My Spirit, one foot in the Earth and one foot in my Beautiful Kingdom?”

“Yes, My Precious Father, I see and I see that You are with Me in this beautiful place of great serenity, which is warmed by Your beautiful light; and nearby is a beautiful waterfall, which feeds this part of the most awesome River of Life. I see such wondrous trees, golden and radiant with Your beautiful light and they exude great joy, love and exhilaration. Around me are perfect and radiant flowers of many colors and shapes and they all make perfectly hormonic and melodious sounds as they sway back and forth, with the life of Your beautiful Spirit. From these most beautiful of flowery gardens emanates the most heavenly fragrance and all that I see is absolutely beautiful and cannot be adequately described by this frail human language. I feel that I could lie here on this bench beside You, My Father, and I could sleep for quite some time, as I am very tired. The assaults have been so great for so long, my Father, and I am very weary. It is hard to believe that the evil Satanists have microwaved me since 1999, almost seven years and the there have been great numbers of attempts on my life through stealth weaponry, so much so that I could never keep up with all of these things! Plus, my Father, the implants, which they have put in my body, through which they have tortured me and have tried to control me, makes me tired!

My Father, the fight has been unceasing and I have become very tired, yet some days moreso than others. But, Father, even so, I feel ashamed to complain of any of these things; for You have been so good to me! You have been so faithful, Father, and the very fact that I am alive is a great testimony of Your great love, Your great power, Your great mercy and grace! So, Father, forgive me if I seem to complain, for I do not wish to complain, but only to state these things, which You already know and to explain why I would so like to lie on this beautiful bench in this glorious garden and sleep, to rest, and be refreshed. This is all, my Father, for today, I am somewhat tired and I do get tired, very tired, from time to time.”

“My Child, few know or understand My great love for you! But, some do! And, some of these are your enemies. Some of these are raging Satanists. Some of these are leaders of nations. One of these is the new black pope, who remains in the background, while the lies continue that the old black pope is still alive. They know that he is dead and I, myself, put him in the grave because of the horrendous things, which he did to you. This is why he is dead!”

“But, Father, you let the rapists go unpunished. Why is this?”

“My Child, they have not gone unpunished. George Bush has truly gone insane, and this is witnessed and documented by many at this time. Within days of the ordered raping of you, the elder Rockefeller was found dead, just as foretold in visions, which I gave you (in Book Seven of these prophecies). Within few days, Bill Clinton had major heart surgery and suffered extensive brain damage, but he lived, and now thinks to rule the world. But, George W. Bush also thinks to rule it, along with Prince Charles, and others. But, only one of them had the head wound and did live!

“My Little One, why have you come up against these antichrists, these world leaders, and this one, who calls himself, President of the Earth, Satan’s general?”

“Father, I cannot so easily define this.”

“No, my Child, you cannot, but I can! You, My Little One, are the White Buffalo Calf Woman, My prophetess, My servant, My Child, who rides the spiritual white buffalo. Now, I know, My Little One, that you do not fully understand this, but they do. For, they know that all that they do is based on lies and illusion and that it will be destroyed! They have their fake woman, their red harlot church, who is riding a beast system. Yet, who is the woman in reality, who will ride this beast? For, this woman is both a group of people and an actual woman.”

“I do not know, Father, unless it is the Queen of England. She is closely allied with the Jesuits and the Catholic Church, the “Red” church system; and she surely sits atop the Beast System!”

“My Little One, you have seen well.”

“So, Father, this scarlet woman is both an individual woman, the Queen of England, and also a collection of evil people.”

“This is correct. And, likewise, you are the woman, who is attired in white, who also rides the White Buffalo. The Native Americans have foretold that you would return and have named you White Buffalo Calf Woman. So, my Little One, you are the true woman in white, who rides the white buffalo. They have their scarlet woman, (the whore), who also rides the buffalo, or beast, and these representations of the same are all over Europe. Likewise, My Little One, the woman, who rides the white buffalo, this buffalo being also My Beautiful Spirit, is also a collective group of people and is therefore both singular and plural.

My Child, the woman, who is dressed in scarlet, the whore, is set to ride this beast and you, My Child, and the rest of My white and clean ones, are an affront, a great affront, to this evil system. My Little One, you can in no way, imagine the hate, which all of these world leaders have for you. You cannot imagine how much they want you dead and how much they have wanted you dead for years! You cannot imagine the billions, and I said “billions” of dollars, that they have spent to destroy you, and to cause you to take your own life, or to act in an unseemly way.

You cannot imagine, My Child, the terrible mind control, which they have subjected you to, the drugs, which they have injected you with against your will and without your conscious knowledge, or consent, and/or the great lengths that they have gone through to trap you and to snare you any way they could. You cannot imagine the numbers of people, whom they have picked up and mind controlled, including certain of your family members, all to isolate you, so that they could have you all to themselves, and in so doing, to “break you” through their mind control assaults, torture and isolation.

But, My Child, they forget one very important part of the picture! You are My Child! You belong to Me and I fight your battles! And, not only have I allowed them to do all that they have done to you, My Child, I have also brought you through it all; for I am bigger than all of their mind control! I am bigger than all of their surveillance! I am bigger than all of their torture and I am bigger than any and all of their chip implants! Those, who think otherwise, do not walk in faith, but in fear!

My Child, I told you several years past to get ready for the Daniel experiences, and you have surely lived them and continue to live them. But, even so, My Child, I allowed all of these things to happen to you; for it was My desire to do so and it has been My desire to bring you out the other side, unharmed and stronger spiritually because of it all. And, yes, I know that you get tired, My Child, and for many reasons. But, know one thing; I will never leave or forsake you. I am always with you and I fight your battles. My Little One, leaders of nations hate you! Satan hates you and many of your so-called friends and family members have deserted you and they were phoney to begin with. They will grow up and get real with Me, or they will die in their sin and rebellion. But, Satan also did to them what I allowed; for now is the time of the sorting of the souls, and the fakers will be fakers, and they are being sorted out!

My Little One, do not dwell on these things, for this must be all across the board and I am doing it. I am cleaning house. I am making My way plain and those, who choose evil and who choose deceit, will not be in My spiritual house. For, this is My spiritual house and it is not built by man; but by Me! And, I will not have the liars, the gossipmongers, the two-faced, the backbiters, the malicious, the sneaks, the adulterers, the fornicators, the addicts, and all kinds of sexual deviants and perverts, the workers of sorcery, witchcraft and iniquity, in My house! My house is a house without walls, and it knows no skin color, but connects one to the other through My pure love, and honor, love of Me and honor toward one another, while operating in repentance and forgiveness.

Let all be warned; for I have set up My church and I am coming back for a white, a pure, a clean church. So, My Child, rest and be at peace because of all that I have done. For, I have shown you the true state of this evil world. But, let all know that I am true to My word and I will soon make a most beautiful way for this pure and white woman, who travels on the back of My white buffalo, through the power of My Beautiful Spirit. For, the time is at hand when these evil ones will clearly see what I will do for My clean ones, as I love them greatly!

But, the hate mongers, the liars and deceivers, the gossipmongers, the backbiters, and all, who do, say and think malicious things, for which they will not repent and come clean, will be under foot of Satan for 3 ½ terrible years and many, many will fall to his lying wonders and deceiving miracles and they will sell their souls for a piece of bread. For, all who continue to live in this sphere, will be tried and tested in severe ways, My Child, just as you have been tried and tested in severe ways. And, as you have been faithful, I have preserved you and have kept you, and I will do the same for those, who are yet to get clean. But truly, a time of upheaval and trouble is upon the world, as never before in the history of the whole earth. And, you, My Little One, have experienced many of these horrors, of which I speak.

And, I have said before that many, many of you have already been chipped, all without your conscious awareness and consent and you are being steadily mind controlled via satellite, microwave towers, television, movies, radio, music, etc. The great stealth and cunning, which is in your midst, is far greater than anything than you could or would, ever imagine! But, in the midst of it all, you as a people, remain oblivious to it, as you sleep on! Truly, you are headed over the cliff and into great destruction, but still you choose blindness, deafness and ignorance. But, in the end, none of you will escape your choices, for it is because of your own choices to go against Me and to live in rebellion, that you choose slavery over freedom. You choose to follow Lucifer and you reject My Son. And, so, you will soon see what the antichrist and false prophet will do for you. But, My few, white and clean ones will also see what I will do for them. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. My Little One, put this on the website.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of November, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman




November 12, 2005


“The Stalkers!”

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. Blessed are you, My Little One, for you have been through great trials and you have suffered great persecution for love of Me! And, now, My Child, I am about to do a work and a wonder, a marvel through you. Yes, My Little One, many have risen up against you, your so-called friends have deserted you and your family alike, save one, have all turned on you and have tried to destroy you. Satanists the world over have risen up against you!! Leaders of nations have stalked you and have repeatedly tried to kill you! The CIA, the FBI and occult government agencies have set traps for you! They have pounded you with stealth weapons and have repeatedly tried to kill you! They have abducted you repeatedly via their technologies and abilities to carry out such things and they have injected you with all manner of chips, in order to torture you and to track you like a dog!

But, My Little One, they get bored; for you do little save serve Me and attend to My work! Through their mind control of so many that you know, these evil Satanists have sought to isolate you, to break you, My Child, and to cause you to harm yourself, or someone else. They have called your house with their mind control messages and have sent them through your computer speakers, but My Child, My Spirit shows you what they are doing and the meaning of their evil.

Now, My Child, you asked Me to do something spectacular on their 11-11-07 day, which when added together is also another 11, their favorite number for their two-horned god. So, this is what I did, My Child, and I did it for you! For, you have been under foot of Satan for many months, stalked, persecuted and tortured. But, as you have spent much time in prayer, repentance and forgiveness, I have forgiven you all and you have forgiven them all, and thereby, I have made you free, more free than you have ever been, in all of your life.

Yes, they have stalked you in their orange saucer, which is US military, and they are hot after you, My Child, and this is because of the fact that they are shut out of the interdimensional portals to their moon, Mars and Saturn bases and they know that you are able to travel these time portals. But, you cannot travel what does not exist any longer! Yet, they are busy searching for alternative means, as yes, they are desperate! But, in their desperation, these evil Satanists have now made a fatal flaw! It is not enough for them to torture you by sending electrical currents into the many implants in your body, and it is not enough for them to drug you and to do all they can to mind control you and to seek to ruin your life! They have shot a beam into your lungs and have ripped a small hole in the lining of your lungs. They have implanted your face and nose and have caused bleeding in your nose!

And, in all things, My Little One, there is a limit, and this is their limit. Now, My Little One, I will turn the tables! I will turn this game around and I shall get all the key players and many of them, you do not even know. And, I shall do this through you, My Child, for in their arrogance and in their ignorance, they do not even think that I will rise up and smite them severely! For, I have allowed you to be under their feet to try and to test you, My Little One, and not only have you passed the test; for you have grown spiritually in a great way, My Little One. You have learned to walk in love and forgiveness, but even so, My Child, to hate evil. For, truly you do forgive your enemies and you even love them, but you are given to hate evil and to pray against this evil in this Earth. This is your lot, My Child, and the lots of each of My Faithful. It is not your lot to lie down before evil and to be complacent about it but to rise up and to pray for My righteous judgement against them. This is the lot of My righteous ones, but too many of these are not seeking Me as regards such great evil in this Earth.

And, now, My Child, I told you that on 11-11-05, I did to a spectacular thing, as you asked me to and this is what I did! My Child, I raised you up and I began a greater empowerment of you. I began a process in you, wherein I will use you in a greater way, My Child. I shall put My sword in your hand for great judgements against the evil ones! And, when I speak through you, My words shall go out to accomplish My purposes. And, for you, My Little One, I shall move mountains, and I shall shake this Earth! And, the evil ones will hate you more, but they will also fear My power in you, for they shall see it with their own eyes! And, they shall see it in their own kingdom; and Satan will not have power over you as I have allowed him to do for these past months. But, I shall cause you to stand atop his back and to whip him and to beat him and to divide him and to conquer him through the power of My sword and through My spoken word.

My Little One, do you see this fiery sword?”

“ I do, my Father, and it is unlike anything that I have seen.”

“And, do you see your radiant clothes of white and shimmering light; for you shall wear these now!”

“I do, my Father, and a dress so beautiful and full of light with many ornate intracacies, such as I have never seen.”

“And, a beautiful and radiant crown, My Child, with twelve beautifully radiant stones of various colors and shapes and many brilliant diamonds.”

“And, diamonds along the front of this beautiful, flowing robe, which I wear atop this white and radiant dress.”

“My Child, when did you first see this beautiful dress?”

“Yesterday, my Father, al 11-11-05. Our Saviour took me to the top of the world and I stood there with Him and as I looked at myself, I saw this most beautiful attire, which I was wearing and the crown I was also wearing. And, then our Saviour told me, Father, that the angels of Heaven had made this dress, and that it took them quite a while; for they put so much work in it. And, it is so beautiful, Father; for it is alive with Your love and your light and is radiantly beautiful.”

“Now, My Child, I gave you this on their double, yet triple devil day; for on their day, as they surrounded you with their military vehicles and as they stalked you via their orange saucer, I did a wonderful thing for you, My Child. And, I did a wonderful thing for My people in this Earth. For, as you walk in My love and forgiveness, you now also walk in My great power! Yes, My Child, so many months, you had to walk under the foot of Lucifer, all to try and to test you and to make you white! And, you have now earned this beautiful dress as the Woman of Revelation 12 and you wear My crown. And, now look, My Child, I shall give you two new things! I shall give you a sceptre, for you are a queen over My people, and I shall give you a new sword, with so much of My holy fire and My power, that this light is almost blinding to you. And, others would not be able to see this sword, or to operate with its power, My Child, but this one is reserved unto you! And, I tell you now, Go and take this sword, for this beautiful angel has waited a long time just to give it to you! For, with this sword, you shall do great and mighty things in this Earth and Satan will hate you greatly; but the angels of Heaven will sing and rejoice; for they have also long awaited this time!”

“Oh, my Blessed Father, I am so humbled, yet so full of joy, so full of expectation; for I so long to see the defeat of these evil ones! Blessed is Your Holy Name!”

And, suddenly I see our Saviour, who is somewhat to my left; and all around me I also see many angels and great crowds of souls, who extend for as far as eyes can see, and suddenly I feel so weak; for I realize that this is a very important event! And, feeling weak, I fall to my Saviour’s feet, and I hug his feet and kiss his feet; for I love Him so! And, I hear these dear souls as they clap, and I also hear the sounds of angels wings! At this time, it looks as if a heavenly space opens up right above me, and as I look up I see a throne and on this throne a white bearded being, who is full of love and light and over Him is a crystalline rainbow, which seems to be made of the most beautiful of colored diamonds! Around Him is a holy and radiantly white fire and when He speaks, His voice truly does sound like rushing waters, and it is carried by the wind of His Spirit; and I am so deeply humbled and also weak all over. For, I feel so lowly before Him!

And, as He sits so majestically on His most beautiful throne, He says, “Be at peace, My Child; for you have born the bruises of Satan’s heel and now he shall bear the bruises of your heel. For, out of tragedy now comes My mighty hand of deliverance and blessings for you. Worry not, My Child, for I shall put him under your foot and the whole world will know that I have called you! I have chosen you. I have sent you and I love you very much!”

And, with that, I see something black and dark; and it looks like a bear trap and I see in the Spirit, that Satan has had this bear trap around me and I could do nothing about it until our Father in heaven determined that I could be free!”

“My Beautiful Child, take this bear trap. Crumple it up and brush the pieces of it into the Lake of Fire.”

So, I take remove this bear trap from around me. It is large, but surprisingly light! I crumple it into many pieces, and these pieces fall at my feet. Then, an angel hands me a broom and I sweep all into the orifice of the raging inferno, which now appears at my feet, and when all of the pieces are gone, the orifice closes up and the angel takes the broom.

Now, all of the souls are looking at me. Our Saviour is looking and our Father is looking as the angels stands nearby with a beautiful, new sceptre in one hand and a new, brilliant sword in the other. I look toward my Lord and He says, “Take the sceptre.” So, I move toward the beautiful angel and take the sceptre, which at first seems heavy, but then becomes as buoyant as light. And, as I take this beautiful scepter, which is full of beautiful gems and stones, the crowd cheers and at this time, I hear the most beautiful music, like that of many harps. And just at this time, an angel, who is atop a mountain, begins to blow a trumpet, and tears of joy begin to flow down my face, and as these tears hit my dress, they turn into diamonds and fall to my feet. A great joy and a great happiness, as I never recall fills me and I lift my arms to my beautiful Father! I thank Him and then rush to My Saviour and fall to His feet once more and hug His feet and kiss His feet once more.

At this time, all of the people begin to praise our Father in Heaven and shortly thereafter they erupt into a most glorious and buoyant singing and as I rise up, I see two creatures at the front of the crowd and both of them have seven heads and many eyes. As I look at them, I ask, “Who are you?” And, they say, “We bear the seven candlesticks, and we stand before the throne of God and we praise Him forever, for He is worthy to be praised!”

At this point, I would have rushed up to hug them both, for I felt such great love for them; but our Saviour said, “Do it not.” And, I was feeling somewhat sad and lacking in understanding as to why He would not allow it. And, then our Saviour, sensing my thoughts, said, “ To touch either one, My Little One, is to open up powers and great knowledge and wisdom, which you would not understand; and this would be overpowering to you. They know your love and they love you as well; for they are here out of love for you on this very important day.”

Then, the angel motioned for me to take the radiant sword, and I must tell you that I felt butterflies in my stomach about this. But, I moved toward the angel and reached out for the sword! As I touched the sword, I felt such a power as never before; and this power pulled me up and over the great crowd of people; for this is not power, which I have known in the Earth. This is a new and more divine power than anything that I have ever known. And, as I soar above the people, I arrive at a door, and on this door are the words, “Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

I look then at our Saviour, who is down below me now; and the crowd is there just below as well, and it seems that we all have such a sense of great expectation. And, so I knock on this door but once and the door disappears and before me are vast libraries, all interconnected to one another. And, I step across what was the threshold; for the door is now gone and I am now on a beautifully tiled floor; and I know that this vast library contains much information about what was, what is and what is meant to be. And, as I begin to walk the halls of this library, I now see that our Saviour is by my side and He looks at me with such love as He says, “My Little One, you are given all of this today as you have earned this place, My Child. And, all that is here is for your access; for you will need much vision and knowledge and understanding for from this library to do what you must now do in this Earth. For, you are now given the power, yes, but you will also need much more. And, these angels, whom you have seen in this library, are at your attendance, My Child; for as you ask, as you need, this will be provided for you!”

“Oh, my Lord, I am so grateful and I am so blessed! How I love you and how I love our Father and all of the beautiful souls, who are here today! My Lord, what am I to say? Thank you is not enough! You and my Father know my great love for you and for other souls and for all of Your creation! But, for lack of any other words, my Precious Saviour, and my Most Beautiful Father, I can only say, ‘Thank you!’ And, then I rise from the table, where we are both seated, and once more we are suddenly standing before this vast number of souls and the wind of the Spirit begins to whip my hair. And, a beautiful, sparkling, living rain begins to fall and as it falls, it turns into the most glorious and radiant light. And, as I look at our Most Wonderful Saviour, He says, “The Latter Rain.”

The rain soaks through my clothes and bathes me all over, but it is not a wet rain, but a glorious rain of a mighty, white fire and a diamond-like radiant anointing. Now, standing still with my sceptre in my left hand and my sword in my right hand, our Saviour says, “Put the sword in your sheath, which is on your right side, and take the sceptre in your right hand. When you need the sceptre, you will have it, and when you need the sword, you will also have it.”

“Now, My Child,” He says, as the crowd suddenly disappears, “this is your new day and a new day for all the world; for now comes anointings and blessings for many and great power given to you, My Child, to destroy Satan and His Kingdom. So, with this My Child, we shall stop for now, but later I will show you great and mighty things. I am your Saviour, and all has been the wonderful will of our Father in Heaven.”

“Blessed is His Holy Name.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of November, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Yes, my Dear Ones, this was a most beautiful occasion and one of great joy! Praises to our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven; for He is so awesome and He loves us so! And, I love Him so very much, that words can never describe the great love that I feel for Him in my heart! He is absolutely full of love and continually faithful. How blessed we all are to know His beautiful love. Blessed is His Holy Name!

But, my Dear Ones, Satan was not at all happy about what took place on November 12, 2005, this most beautiful of events. For as November 12th waned a terrible storm began to move into this area, with terrible lightening and violent and whipping winds. Twice during this storm, great explosions took place just outside my living room window! As the storm passed through, as very strong smell of ozone began to filter into the house, unlike anything that I have ever experienced after any storm! But, as I have written before in these writings, that I witnessed 5 or 6 fireballs, which I saw, even near the end of this storm; and it was utterly shocking to see these rolling balls of fire roll across the sky! After witnessing these rolling fiery balls, I then understood why there was such a thick amount of ozone in the air. These massive fireballs had torn apart the oxygen molecules and had then created the very unstable molecule of ozone! The ozone molecule contains three atoms of oxygen, instead of the more stable, two atoms, which is the way that oxygen normally exists, and this is the kind of oxygen that we breathe. Ozone is unstable and reacts quickly with other substances and gases as the extra oxygen atom makes it unstable, and this instability also makes it also very caustic. As it is so reactive and caustic, it is not a good idea to breathe such concentrated amounts of ozone! These evil ones not only carried out a terrorist act, but they also endangered the lives of those in this neighborhood by making them breathe gases that are not meant to be inhaled in such great amounts!

From first accounts, this attack via these military weapons, via these fireballs, seemed to be a military threat, which was directed only at me, but our Father has since showed me that this is not the only reason for Bush and his satanic hoards to send these massive fireballs! He and his satanic, military accomplices sent them to attack this Earth and to destroy an interdimensional portal, which our Father has established nearby.

It is absolutely shocking and absolutely true what our Father in Heaven has told regarding the Satanic plans to blow up the Earth and flee out through one of two possible time portals. For, this attack on this portal was nothing more than an attempt to destabilize it and thereby steal it for their own purposes, but this did not work. And, because of what they did, there ensued a fight in the spiritual realm, wherein these reptiles lost approximately one third of their upper command officers! Blessed is the Holy Name of our Lord and God; for He is so wonderful! Oooooo-eeeee! Glory to our Father in Heaven, forever and ever! For, He is so very worthy to be praised!

Shortly after this most wonderful visit to the Upper Realms, which I have described above, the Spirit of God showed me a man, who works in black ops in the US military and he and others are at the center of this bid to destroy this earth and to leave out through one of two possible time portals. But, it was on the 16th day of November, that He finally gave me a message about this for you, my Dear Brothers and Sisters. Read on and be shocked!




November 16, 2005


“Hatching a Plot to blow up the Planet!”

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. My Little One, I have much to tell you today, much to speak to you about regarding the hidden and the unknown. And, first, I shall speak to you of the continuous calls, which you get telling you to call “Mrs. Black,” and leaving then a number for you to do so. And, as of now, these same callers are calling and telling you that, ‘This is “Mrs. Black.’”

My Child, this most recent call is related to their abducting you once again last night, and drugging you and subjecting you to their mind control messages. And, all that they have done has been for the purposes of causing you strife, to cause you to be angry to the point that you wish to harm yourself, or someone else. But, the truth, My Child, is that you wish to harm no one, much less yourself, as you love yourself and you love others.

My Child, the push against you has been very great, the push to cause you to harm yourself, or to harm someone else, as they have tried so often to kill you, but I have kept you alive! These evil Satanists have stalked you and they have made their various threats toward you! They have surveilled you and have orchestrated many attempts on your life and in failing in these attempts, have then set out to try to make you kill yourself, or to harm someone else. And, just last night, these evil ones abducted you again via the very large saucer, which you see just south of your house. They took you last night and they bound you up and threatened you and did all they could to provoke you and to cause you to feel alone and helpless. They drugged you, My Child, for two nights in a row, and did these things to you, to cause you to be very tired, depressed and to give up. But, My Child, true to My word, I am faithful to you, and today, I will not only tell you much, but I will show you My power.

My Child, these Children of Satan are very angry that I have revealed to you the name of one of their biggest human players and I did this on November 12, 2005. And, they are very angry that I showed you their Star Map, which depicts their desperate bid to get through the time portals and escape a blown-to-pieces, burning earth. For, this is surely their plan. Now, for all to know, My Child, I repeat that the name of this military man is William Green(e). William Green(e) is the commanding officer for this very evil project, a much-decorated air force man first, but also of the elite space travel squad; and you all know nothing of this. This special group also has another subtitle, which is the “torture” squad, as they are also torture specialists. And this group is also otherwise known as “SKORPION.”

My Child, this group, “SKORPION” is headed up almost entirely by the reptiles ( the children of Lucifer) and many of them are parading as human! And, this group is also headed up by a few humans, who no longer have a human soul, but are mind-controlled slaves, and are kept in this capacity because of their servitude, their exacting nature and their ability to interact with other humans.

My Child, these evil ones, the children of Lucifer, are very, very angry with you and they have made you one of their foremost targets in the whole earth. Now, realize that their hate for you is basically bi-fold.

1. They hate you because you work for Me and you have been very bold in My work all over the world;

2. They hate you because I have sent you into the interdimensional portals with My keys to shut them down!

Repeatedly, they have abducted you, and they have sent you into these portals to try to make you open these portals, but they cannot get you to open them, as you do not possess the keys. These keys are under My possession.

My Little One, as I have shown you, this General Green (e) is the human, who is in charge of their desperate attempts to get off this planet and to flee to Andromeda, to a star called Tataru, which has 29 planets. Now, you must realize, My Child, that because you know about their plan, they have been in your house the last few days and have cut off your living room light, which was in the morning of the 13th of November (the same morning of the violent storm). True, the lights were out for four hours during that morning, but this did not cause this light to be switched off. Then, in the early morning hours of November 16, 2005, these very same ones opened the dead bolt on your door! All these things, they have done and more, My Little One, to harass and stalk you and to instill fear and doubt in you.

But, know one thing, my Child! Above all, these evil ones desperately want you dead and for the reasons that I have given; and they are now in a push to get rid of you! George W. Bush and others raped you and he also wants you out of the way greatly because of this cowardly and dastardly deed! But, My Child, this is not all. As long as you live, you are a threat to them; for you have the abilities to travel all of the known time portals, known to them, that is. And, as long as you are alive, you are a threat to them and to their last known operative time portals.

Now, My Child, you know that I allow them to do to you all that they do, and I have kept you still. And, through all of this, I will teach them some things and I will also strengthen and bless you, My Child. Do not be concerned for what they do, but be amused, My Child, for they are desperate! Yet, I am able to protect Mine and to keep them amidst such great assaults. Now, My Child, I have work for you to do. Do you see the door ahead of you?”

“Yes, my Father.”

“Open it, My Child, with the key, which is in your hands. Now, as you do so, you will be pulled quickly through this portal. Do not resist, but just follow the flow.”

“Yes, my Father.” And, once opened, I move quickly through the doorway; and as I travel rapidly within this interdimensional space, I soon come to another door, where I stop.”

“My Child, take this key and insert it into the door. Then, turn the key three times. After you do this, turn and move out quickly, the way you came; for this whole portal will collapse on itself and it will not exist anymore.”

I do as He tells me to do and then turn to move quickly out of this portal, the way that I came in, and on the heels of my quick exit, I see the portal collapse behind me and disappear altogether.

“Now, My Child, I have more work for you today. This is the second thing that I want you to do. There is now before you a second very important portal, as this is the second portal, which they intend to use, in order to flee to Andromeda.”

“Yes, my Father, I see this door.”

“Take My key and open it. Then, forge ahead though these are most unpleasant sensations in this portal, but forge ahead anyway; and move quickly past these two doorways, which you will come to. And, you will find that they are already open.”

“Yes, my Father.” And, I fly among these fiery and sparkling, even painful forces, or energies, but I am basically oblivious to these things, as my focus is very keen. I pass now the first open doorway and it is open. Then, forging quickly ahead, I pass through the second open doorway, which is within this interdimensional portal. And, I come quickly now to a closed doorway.

“My Child, as you know this is the second of the two portals, which could carry them to Andromeda. Here is My key. Insert it and turn it once. Then, the key will begin to move very rapidly in a circular pattern. After you insert this key, you must move out quickly; for this will also collapse on itself.”

“Yes, my Father!” I then do as He tells me and I flee quickly out the portal! I must push ahead against these fierce and fiery energies to get back; for this force is very oppressive, but I push ahead, first past the second door, then the last one and on until I am safely out! And, just as I do, a great fire rushes out of the doorway and within a millisecond, it seems, the portal collapses and disappears altogether.

“Now, My Child, this is not all that I want you to do; for do you remember your prayer to Me, that when these children of Satan call your house with their mind control messages, that I cause a great righteous anger to rise up within you, so that you will pray to Me against them?”

“Yes, my Father.”

“And, Father, I do pray that you destroy them and their evil works! I do pray that you destroy this evil and I do pray that You smite them and judge them, Father, for their evil plots to destroy this Earth, to blow it up and to flee, while all souls perish on a planetary explosion. This is the most horrendous thing that I have ever heard! Father, I pray that You expose every one of them, that you cause nations to rise up against them and that You destroy them all.”

“My Child, take this very bright and fiery sword that I gave you, and I want you to go to an underground base beneath Richmond Virginia. There, you will see the headquarters for your torturers and I want you to smite three people with My sword. Soon, they will all see the effects of what I have done to them and to their group.

1. William Green (e) Smite him three times with My sword!

2. Then, My Child, take My sword and look behind William Green (e), to another William, William Jefferson Clinton; and smite him five times; for he is “Mr. World” behind the scenes. Yes, indeed, as he and Hillary killed so many, he and the Bushes are working together to make sure that you do not survive. So, take My sword and smite him five times!

3. Now, My Child, look beyond the two “Bills” and you will see a whole team of “mind controllers,” and torturers, but I want you to single out a specific Dr, and we will just call him, Dr T. for “Terieu.” Now, My Child, take My sword and smite Dr. T. seventeen times!

“Father, I have done this and I do not know when I have felt so wonderful!”

“Yes, My Child, Bill Clinton has purposely stayed out of sight for a long time, while these evil hoards have been grooming him to take over the world. Bill Clinton sits at the top of this worldwide torture program. Even the Bushes are now subservient to Bill Clinton and through his charm and smiles, he is deceiving the whole world.”

“Now, take My sword and divide this SKORPION up until it hardly seems any more divisible.”

“My Father, I have done as You have asked with Your fiery sword and this group is now busted up into literally hundreds of pieces.”

“My Little One, what they do, they must do in darkness, as their deeds are so dastardly. They are so horrendous, and they are all so cowardly! But, I am about to put them in their places! I am about to bring about a major correction; for a full-scale war is on and so far, My Child, you are the recipient of their war! You walk a humble and quiet way and you go at peace with Me and with all in your life. But, their great goal is to kill you and/or to make you kill yourself!

Yes, they abducted and mind controlled many. Members of your family and many of your so-called friends!” This very evil group of the children of Satan orchestrated the great attacks on your character and used your husband and your sister to try to put you in a mental hospital! This very group has implanted you over and over with microchips in order to torture you, and to track you like a dog; and these very ones have gone to great lengths to mind control you, and to cause you to do things to harm yourself and/or someone else. But, they have failed, My Child; for you walk in love and forgiveness. And, now My Child, I shall turn on them as you never could have envisioned or imagined! What they want done to you shall fall on them and George W. Bush shall fall under a suicide watch. Bill Clinton shall fall to depression and he shall be stalked with suicide demons. George W. Bush is headed for an insane asylum and Hillary Clinton, who also wants you dead, shall fall to erratic behaviour and angry outbursts.

And, I shall cause wars and infighting all over the Earth between humans and the reptiles and their robotoid “greys,” as the eyes of the leaders of nations are opened to the plots of these evil, mind controlled (non-human) humans and their reptile counterparts. Yes, I shall ring the bells in the heads of world leaders. I shall show them the goals of the Queen of England, the Bushes, the ten kings of Europe and many in the occult, who plan to blow up this planet with their electromagnetic weapons and thereby flee through the interdimensional portals into Andromeda, which has been possible and would be a very quick journey indeed!

But, now their only time portals, which could have made this possible, are not only closed, but they no longer exist! I created them, My Child, and I can shut them down as I choose! My Little One, I warned them to leave you alone, but they do not listen and now I shall begin to explode their saucers all over the Earth. They like explosions. They like to blow up things and to kill and destroy and for these reasons, they will delight in seeing their saucers going up in flames!

My Little One, with their horrendous weapons, they are destabilizing the electromagnetic field of the Earth and they are threatening the existence of the whole planet! Therefore, their time grows very short and they are very eager to establish their New World Order, with Bill Clinton as their leader, their illegitimate Rockefeller, Queen of England slave, their confident, who is under mind-control, a thorough New World Order pawn.

Be aware, My Child, that great hell is upon the face of this Earth! And, they shall come back for you! But, my next assaults against them will be greater! For, I love you greatly, My Child, and I fight for you! Now, My Child, there is but one more thing, which I have for you to do. Take My fiery sword and divide this person into two pieces, right down the middle; and the whole world will soon know that I did this thing.”

“Yes, my Father, I have done as You have asked; and I saw the sword go down the center of his head, down the center of his body, and then saw his body fall into two pieces.”

“This is so, My Child, and there is no need to mention a name here, for all of the world will soon see that I did this thing. Fear them not, My Child, but go in faith, love and obedience and be at peace; for I love you greatly and I will fight for you.”

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of November, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

And, so it goes, my Dear Friends, as we come to the end of Chapter Fourteen! At this point, Lucifer and his evil hoards have been shut down from their space-time portals and they are getting very desperate!

Organize a Lucifer watch in your area! Look for Lucifer in the southerly sky in the USA! Look for the “fallen star!” You can’t miss this “fallen star,” as he is quite huge! Get your binoculars and head on out to the Little Rock area! But, actually this “thing,” this “fallen star” is so huge that it can be seen for many miles. See if you can photograph this great deceiver! And, let the world know what you find! And, while you are at it, look for the orange disk-shaped craft! It, too, does not like to be photographed, but you never know! You might just be able to outsmart him! The orange ones likes to appear usually after 9:00, or 10:00 PM and is usually visible until around 4:00 or 5:00 AM!

Happy hunting!

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