Chapter Fifteen



My Precious Brothers and Sisters, some of you will recall that I left South Africa in the fall of 2004 for a trip to Sweden, but most of you do not know that particulars of this trip. This is another one of those most amazing events, which our Father in Heaven organized and it is still amazing that this dear bother, who invited us, could find me, even to get the correspondence to me! But, he did and he asked me to come to Sweden and offered to pay the way for two persons. What I did not know at that time is that this dear and precious man, studied for seven years with perhaps the greatest prophet that Sweden ever had. This prophet’s name was Victor Johnson. It was Victor Johnson, who followed our Father’s directives to make sure that the borders of Sweden were secure and protected during both the first and second world wars, and many of you know that Sweden remained neutral during these wars and that no war came to Sweden, though it swept much of Europe. This elderly and dear man in Sweden heard the call of our Father in Heaven, that he was to invite us there and for very specific purposes, for I was sent to Sweden to secure the borders of Sweden once again according to the directives of our Father in Heaven, and to bring love and blessings to the King of Sweden and to the country of Sweden, so that this nation would once again escape the effects of the coming war. Our Father in Heaven told me how I was to go to different locations around Sweden and pray for Him to post great angels of protection along the borders of Sweden! But, this was not to be so, as the King of Sweden rose up and joined forces with other Satanists, all to persecute us, to stalk us and even to kill us! Truly, a tragic event!

But, our Dear Brother in Sweden was blessed as he was critically ill when we got there, to the point that his spirit was coming out of his body, but our Father in Heaven healed him and restored his health. Blessed is His Holy Name! But, having us there was no easy task for this dear brother as, he, too suffered the much persecution, just for having us there. But, as he was faithful to the directives of our Lord and God, he, too has been greatly blessed! Praises to our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, as I have told you, the King of Sweden joined forces with the Bushes and the Queen of England! Together, they filled the streets with intelligence agents, who stalked us everywhere we went. We encountered Swedish intelligence agents, English and many CIA agents, who were parading around with their backpacks, their cell phones, stumbling over themselves in their long trench coats, milling around the grocery stores, pretending to shop and buying nothing, sitting around us, or across from us on the subway trains, gawking at us, intercepting e-mails and stalking us to the point that it was almost impossible to get or send e-mails, etc.

And, there were also suspicious men, who were certainly killers! And, one of these killers made himself so obvious after they set fire to the apartment building in which we were staying; and we had to flee in the cold of the night on Christmas Eve! The streets were full of ice and snow at that time! And, there came on Christmas day a terrible snow storm, which Antonietta and I had to walk through in order to get something to eat! There, at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm, Antonietta spotted the killer, who came and sat across from us, watching us! He ordered food and never touched it, but continued to stare at up. As we got up to leave, this huge man followed us, a man of perhaps 250 pounds and solid muscle! He looked like a wrestler. As we paid, he nudged past us and went to the very front of the restaurant, where he stood by the door. I whispered to Antonietta that we would not leave, but that we would wait for this killer to go on! He had exited the door and stood outside in the snow, waiting for us to come out! But, we both stood inside and looked out at him through the glass wall of the entrance way and at that point; it was a test of wills. This man was watching us as we stood watching him, and he knew as well that we were ever aware of his motives. But, after a while of this eye-to-eye contact, this evil man gave up and walked around the corner into the night. Still, we had to walk about ten blocks back to the hotel in a blinding snow storm, these two nights of hotel stay, compliments of the very government, which helped to set fire to the very apartment building, in which we were staying!

I have previously written about the witch doctor, who was in the fifth floor apartment, across the terrace from the apartment building in which we were staying in Stockholm! But, I will refresh your memories! And, for some of you, this may be the first time that you have heard this most astounding tale of darkness and evil! Antonietta was the first to see this witch doctor in the window of the fifth floor across the way! She came to get me up after midnight on the 21st day of December 2004 and she asked, “What is that up there in the window? Is it a dummy, or is it a real person?” As we were on the second floor, this evil man obviously took great delight in towering over us with his evil chants and ceremonies, in a building, which was numbered, “11.”

When I looked with my binoculars in the early morning hours of Dec. 21, 2005 and looked up at this fifth floor window, which had the curtains open for all of the world to see, I could see that this man was indeed a real person, a black man with a huge stomach, who was naked from the waist down, but wore a white undershirt on the top of his body, and a red sash across his shoulder. This red sash then wrapped across his back and across his chest with the two ends of it coming to connect at his side. As we watched him, he stood there, waving his hands back and forth to another man, a thin, black man, who was seated at a table nearby. This black man sat before candles and we believe that he was reciting chants and/or curses of some sort. Outside on the patio was a roaring fire, which was enclosed with a glass covering of sorts and even so, the whipping wind was fanning the flames; for it was indeed very cold outside and a strange site indeed to see a fire on a patio in the midst of such cold and windy conditions. In the adjoining room, the lights were on, but we could not see what was going on in there, but most likely a high black mass, as they planned to kill us, especially me through their black magic that night, in their building eleven, the apartment being listed in the name of a Jewish man.

As I was in my bedroom that night, which also faced the same terrace, I saw a spirit of a black and white cat come into my bedroom. This cat so much reminded me of my cat in the States, and at first I thought this to be the spirit of my cat, that she was perhaps ill! I did not understand at the time that this “spirit” cat was actually the travelling spirit of this evil witch doctor. And, Yes! They do such things! Truly, this evil witch doctor had left his body and appeared as a cat in my room. I also saw voodoo spirits, which came into my room and attacked me, my head, and my body. But, I just prayed and the Spirit of God delivered me of these terrible voodoo spirits.

I had never fought a voodoo spirit until I went to South Africa, but my Dear Friends, they are terrible things, yet truly nothing for the Spirit of God to conquer. However, I can clearly see how these voodoo spirits could kill the spiritually weak, and or cause people to go insane, as they are very oppressive. But, twice in South Africa, when I had to deal with them, I felt so much of the power of God come into me that I felt my spirit actually rise above my body as the fire of God literally came down on these spirits, and twice I saw them fly off as a black wind. I tell you, my Dear Ones, that this evil cannot stand up to the Spirit of God! Blessed is His Holy Name! But, through all of their evil efforts that night on their evil holi-day, the 21st of December, the Bushes, the Queen of England, the King of Sweden, and their Satanic accomplices really thought that they could or would overcome us all and defeat us all through the black powers of this most evil servant of Lucifer!

Eventually, on that night of December 21, 2004, the fat body of this witch got stiff as he left his body and came to kill us! But, earlier when Antonietta had seen this evil witch doctor talking and waving his hands, she had wondered if he were a real “sangoma” the South African word for witch doctor! For, she said that the real witch doctors get very stiff in their bodies when they go into these trances! My Dear Ones, I was so ignorant about these things, but Antonietta was not as she had lived in Ethiopia some thirty plus years of her life! But, it was not long before this evil man’s body did get very stiff and he was off in the spirit to do his great evil! And, he was there in that window, stiff as a board until well into the next morning, which was the 22nd of December! And, later that day towards 6:00, there he was, back in the window again!

That night, on the 22nd of December, as I lay on the sofa in the living room, our Father in Heaven showed me the spirit of the witch doctor as he was travelling a portal of some sort! Then, the Spirit of God said to me, “See him!” And, I said, “Yes, my Father, I see him.” Then, the Spirit of God said to me, “Go there and take my hammer and my spiritual nails and pin him down in the portal.” And, so I did as He directed and penned down the spirit of this evil witchdoctor in the portal and then, he could not get back to his body. That night, I lay down and slept like a baby, but I tell you, my Dear Ones, this evil witch doctor was in trouble the next day. His stiff body stood in the window most of the day and finally late in the day, they took him down. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this evil man’s spirit did not leave his body to kill another human being! Blessed is the Name of our Lord and God; for He is mighty! He is truly to be feared and respected; for HE IS MOST HIGH; and THERE IS NONE LIKE THE GOD OF ISRAEL! BLESSED IS HIS HOLY NAME!

But, these evil ones did get a hit on me as I got a severe kidney infection and although Antonietta and I prayed very much for our Father in Heaven to heal me, I still had to go the emergency room. They told me that this was the worst possible infection that I could have, that my urine was full of infection. I stayed in the emergency room all day and when evening came, I was given antibiotics so that I could leave.

I was healed of the infection, but after the obvious loss of their prized and famed witch doctor, the evil ones, the Bushes, the Queen and the King of Sweden were even more determined to get us all, but especially me, whom the hate greatly! As Antonietta stayed up most nights, she was constantly watching the witch doctor apartment and the street below. And, she then told me around the 22nd of December that something very strange was happening below that night. She stated that people, who were dressed very well in suits and top coats, were busy leaving from the terrace outside and going beneath the building in which we were staying and that all of this was taking place in the early morning hours! She believed that they were surely plotting something and she was right! For, on the 23rd and all day during the day of the 24th, we began to see a quick flash of white light, which periodically came from this apartment window of the witchdoctor, the very apartment being under the ownership and control of a Jewish man! As we watched the flash, we determined to shut our blinds to the windows, as we did not know what they were actually doing with this strange flash. But, in very quick time, we would know that this flash was indeed the flash of a timed detonation device!

For, it was on the night of the 24th of December that I went into my bedroom and smelled smoke! We were all puzzled at first, but then heard a calamity outside on the terrace. We looked out to see firemen, who were standing in the ice and snow and they had firehouses in hands, pouring heavy streams of water into the opened skylight, which provided light to shops below the terrace! Great volumes of billowing smoke rushed up from the area below and filled the frigid night air; and within very few minutes, there was a series of loud explosions beneath us. We watched in horror as great curls of fire ascended up from the open skylight; and at this point, knowing that the whole building was on fire, we opened the door to the stairway, but just as quickly shut it, as the small hallway and the stairway was thick with black smoke. I told Antoinetta and our dear and elderly Swedish brother that we must pack up a few things and leave quickly as the whole building was ablaze underneath.

My Dear Ones, have no doubt that the Bushes, the Queen of England and the King of Sweden got one very great delight in setting afire this apartment building! They surely did it and out of revenge for the loss of their most esteemed witch doctor! Amidst great smoke, we fled this burning building and Antonietta, who stubbornly stayed behind to get our suitcases down the stairs, surely had smoke inhalation damage to her lungs! I told her to leave them, but she was determined to get them out. Bless her heart! She has so many good ways and I will always love and cherish Antonietta! As thick, black smoke rushed out the door of the apartment building, the fireman came out with Antonietta in tow; and in the end, we all made it out all right!

The Swedish government was indeed kind to have a bus ready and to have a hotel lined up for those, who were now without a place to live on Christmas Eve! And, they supplied us with a hotel room for two nights and then said that the building was safe to live in even though the smell of smoke was so thick as to be oppressive, burning to the lungs and nauseating. Antonietta came to me and suggested that we apply to the Swedish government for asylum as we had no place to stay and little money and at first I did not wish to do so. But, I also felt great compassion for Antonietta and hoped that the Swedish government would give her asylum especially as she was now separated from her alcoholic husband and had an Ethiopian passport; and this meant that she would be forced to return to Ethiopia within about one month if she could not get an extended visa for Sweden, so she had some real concerns. But, in truth, we also had no place to stay! We were the victims of government persecution. We had no place to go and little money and so we applied for asylum. And, also at that time, we did not fully understand the great involvement of the King of Sweden in all that was done to us. However, in the end, the Swedish government did not even consider our request but decided within one day that this request would be denied. They also determined to send me back to the United States, which I did not choose, but demanded that I be allowed to go back to South Africa, where I had come from! They tried to stop this and were determined to send me back to the States, but our Father in Heaven had warned me in a dream not to come back to the States at this point. So, in the midst of a great confrontation with them, they gave me back my passport and I was allowed to leave and go back to South Africa. But, they would not give Antonietta’s passport back to her and they browbeat her and wielded their power over her as they colluded to send her back to Ethiopia, where she could have been in great danger as she knows no one and there was an an-going war in Ethiopia! They were cruel, heartless and unrelenting in their arrogance assaults against her! I left quickly for South Africa and within a few weeks, Antonietta was sent back to Ethiopia; and I could do little to help her, but pray for her safety as I had very little money of my own. Our dear brother in Sweden bought Antonietta a ticket from Ethiopia to England and she was able to get out of Ethiopia with no problems! Blessed is the Holy Name of our Lord and God! For, He is full of miracles!

But, my Dear Ones, all was not lost on the immigration agency in Sweden. On one of our few trips to this office, there was a young woman, who was blind and she was seated across from us. I noted how she could not see and how she depended on others to help her get around. My heart went out to her so and as I sat there, I pleaded with our Father in Heaven to restore her sight. As I prayed, He told me to go and put my hands on her eyes and to pray for her. So, I got up, went across to her, put my hands on her eyes and began to pray for her. I first tried to communicate with her, but quickly realized that she did not understand a word of English and I did not understand a work of Polish, so I just bypassed all the language problems and began to pray for her. As I prayed, I felt the power of God as it coursed through my hands, but I also knew that our Father in Heaven would be the One to decide if she were to see again! And, having prayed, I moved back to my seat, across from her and sat looking at her! Very quickly, she began to rub her eyes and to turn her head and to look around. To me and to our dear brother, it was quite obvious that she could now see and he went to try to communicate with her! In so doing, he determined that our Father was at that very time restoring her vision. Yes, indeed, our Father in Heaven had mercy on this precious woman, and then and there in that office of great pride, arrogance and even persecution of the poor and downtrodden, He gave sight back to this precious soul! This was a most beautiful testimony to the great and wonderful love and power of our Lord and God and a great miracle, which was also witnessed by a small group of Muslims. And, on that day, this great miracle touched not only this blind girl, but all, who beheld it. Even these Muslims could see the power of One Great and Holy God of Israel! Blessed is the Holy Name of our Lord and God; for He is so worthy to be praised! Oh, how I love Him!

But, as I said earlier, I had to quickly leave Sweden and Antonietta was forced to stay until the Swedish authorities decided that she could go on. After I got in South Africa, I tried to maintain contact with Antonietta daily by phone! On one of these occasions, after seeing the way the Swedish government treated her, I told Antonietta that our Father in Heaven told me that He is going after the family of the King of Sweden! I told her that our Father in Heaven told me that HE is going to judge them because of their great evil! And, my Dear Ones, the following incidents will clearly show you what is happening to the King of Sweden and to Sweden! My Dear Ones, I have absolutely no doubt that these great judgements are upon this king and upon his country because of the horrible things that they did to us!

But, before I leave off this topic of the gross mistreatment that we all received in Sweden, I wish to tell you one more very interesting event! On the morning of the 21st of December, as we got up and stood around chatting, Antonietta said, “George Bush was in my room last night!” At first, I believed that she was kidding! But, then she continued on, “No, really, George Bush was in my room last night!” And, she proceeded to tell me that George Bush appeared in her room around 4:00 on the morning of the 21st day of December 2004. She said that he stood there with his arms folded and with a great smirk on his face; and my Dear Ones, we have seen some of these pictures of George W. Bush’s smirking! She told how she was awake, but lying on her bed reading when this “light” image of George Bush was projected into her room. She told of how she got up and actually felt this light image and watched it for approximately 30-45 minutes before it disappeared. My Dear Ones, this is but one testimony of the fact that George Bush has stalked us all up and down the world. George Bush was one of the ringleaders in setting afire the apartment building in Stockholm! Investigators did in fact, find that there were several fires, which had been set in the basement of the apartment building and that these evil people had also set fire to the bicycle shop below us! There was apparently a large amount of fireworks in the bicycle shop in preparation for holiday sales. So, these fireworks added zip to the delightful fire of these deranged Satanists! But, truly, my Dear Ones, these evil ones truly told us what they were doing when they set the detonation device in the window, so that we could see the piercing white light as it counted off the hours and minutes before detonation! Interestingly enough, the nature of this fire was never solved and the cause was determined to come from the explosion of the fire works, which was caused by an “unknown” source of ignition! And, so it goes with those, who put themselves above all laws! But, they do not escape our Father’s laws! And, you will read of our Father’s judgements against this Swedish King and against Sweden below!



I had barely left Sweden when a terrible storm ripped through Sweden and tore up the Southern part of Sweden! This great storm devastated utilities and flooded subways, from what I am told and did great damage to much of Sweden as the winds were great and furious! Many trees were downed in this storm, which would be set afire by lightening the following summer, and thereby cause a great burning in Sweden. For, the aftermath of this storm was felt many months later!



Since the King of Sweden did to us what He did, and refused the love and grace of our Father in Heaven, but instead collaborated in such persecution and attempts on our lives, this is what has happened to him and to his family. And, I do not rejoice in these things, my Dear Ones, but tell you these things with sorrow in my heart. For, these things would not be if this King had accepted the love of our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven!

1. The King’s younger daughter was involved in a car wreck, shortly after I told Antonietta our Father’s words; but she was not hurt! As this was only a warning, but went unheeded as well!

2. The Kings older daughter, the Crown Princess of Sweden, was the victim of a stalker, who was out to kill her! This man was finally caught; and this was just one more warning!

3. The King was found to have his own harem! His love nest was found and exposed and this disgrace came into the light of day!

4. The King of Sweden was in a head-on-collision in his expensive car; and this happened within a very short time after our Father’s sword touched the neck of the ruler of Sweden. This was in one of the visions, which I posted on this website! Whether this man had a neck injury, we do not know, as little is known about his injuries, or lack of them from this wreck. But, my Dear Ones, there is a great possibility that he may very well have suffered such an injury!

5. A very good friend of this royal family, a woman who was only in her 50s suddenly died!

6. The King’s long-time secretary developed a very serious disease and must step down!

7. The King’s son was apparently involved in a wild party at the royal house when he reportedly decided to slide down a stairway banister, and I believe on a cooking sheet, or something of the sort! He reportedly suffered some broken bones, but otherwise survived it.

7. Bands of well-organized thieves began to stop the armoured trucks, which haul the Swedish money, and huge amounts of money began to evaporate out of Sweden! So much so, that when people went to the banks there was no currency to be had! There was in effect, a run on the Swedish money as it came under short supply! At this time, I understand that the Swedish Krona is the lowest currency in the world!

8. And, lastly in this long chain of our Father’s judgements against Sweden is a most interesting event, which has taken place within the last week, or so. An asylum tribunal, which was orchestrated by representatives of several European nations, and headed up by a well-known South African lawyer, convened in Sweden to bring charges against Sweden for their ghastly treatment of those, who apply for asylum in Sweden because they are mistreated in their own countries, only to be sent back! This asylum tribunal found Sweden guilty of many things, and all of these I am not aware of, as I have only received second-hand information about this tribunal. But, apparently among those things, of which Sweden is guilty, is in not taking seriously the threats to the lives of many, who have sought asylum in Sweden, as well as the horrendously untimely response to their needs. They apparently found it disgraceful that the Swedish government has added further assaults to those, who have been persecuted by their own governments! For, many of these, whose lives were truly in danger, were sent back to these very countries by the arrogant ones in the Swedish government! This tribunal has come out with around ten, or so, charges against the Swedish government for their mistreatment of downtrodden and needy refuges! Who knows where this will lead? I do not know, but I do hope that it leads to the swift termination to two atheists, who mistreated the two of us, only because of the fact that we serve our Lord and God! The woman, who is in charge of Swedish asylum, whose name if Guinn and her Chinese associate, were unusually cruel, mocking and scorning, and truly elevated themselves above all through their pride and arrogance!

What I have to say to all of them is one thing! And, this is what our Father in Heaven has told me on several past occasions before He let His hammer of judgement down on the rebellious! His very words were, “I WILL NOT BE MOCKED!” And, so it is and so it has been with Sweden, with the monarchy and with the Swedish Immigration agency. They will all see that OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN WILL NOT BE MOCKED! FOR, HE IS MOST HIGH! A HOLY AND A RIGHTEOUS GOD! BLESSED IS HIS HOLY NAME!

And, so it goes, my Dear Ones! If the people of the nation of Sweden do not soon repent in a very big way, the land shall suffer greatly through war, great famine and disease! Great natural catastrophes will destroy much of Sweden and when all of this is done, the Swedish monarchy will surely be destroyed and the castle in ruins and the king will flee with the clothes on his back! When such destruction is complete upon Sweden, barely 10% of the people will be left! Oh, Swedish People, wake up! Stop the great evils that you do! Stop the sins! Stop the fornicating! Stop the rebellion and come back to the One God, who loves you and who wants to save you! For, surely a great war and a great devastation will soon overcome you and many will die amidst the terrible wars, diseases, upheavals in the earth, and terrible famines, which are ahead! Weep, Oh Dear People of Sweden! Weep for your sins, for the sins of your loved ones and for the sins of your country! Weep for your rebellious king and pray that he will see the errors of his ways, that he will turn to our Lord and God, he and his whole family, to repent and receive the love and blessings of our Most Wonderful Lord and God! For, great is the love and mercy of our Father in Heaven and He hears the penitent prayers of a humble heart!



My Dear Ones, I have but one more message to give to you and this message was given to me in August of this year; and at that time, our Father in Heaven told me that He would allow me to decide whether this message is to be given out, or whether I will keep it for myself, alone. And, as the months have passed, I have kept it to myself and have also wondered whether it would serve a common good to share this message with others, for surely this message also relates to many people! But, before we get to this message, I must give you some background on my childhood and earlier years, which I feel is so important. For, this information will also help you to understand this message!


The Earlier Years of My Life!

My Dear Ones, there were five of us children and we came up very poor as my Mother and Father were divorced and my Mother then became the sole bread winner for so many children. And, though she always kept us fed and kept our clothes clean, times were hard; and my younger brother and I spent a great deal of time with our Grandmother, partly to give her some company, but also because my Mother worked and it was hard for her to take care of the needs of so many children. During those years, my Mother had rented a house, which was called the “Old Moody Place” and was out in the country, on a paved road, yet still rather remote, as back then, there were not so many houses. And, the nearest neighbor could very well be a mile or two away, or more! But, even then it was rumoured that strange things sometimes took place in Toadover Swamp, which was behind us a bit. And, rumors of these things made me a bit frightened, even as a child; for during those times, we had no locks to speak of on our doors, as there was really little crime, so I really never understood what these vague references were about.

But, one morning, my Mother awoke, as she told it, around 5:00 AM and a little dog, which we had, a cute little, white furry animal, and very protective, was barking furiously! Upon going outside that same morning, my Mother did not see anything suspicious at first. But, soon saw the most unusual thing at the side of the yard in the sand. There, near where the sand met the grass was one, very huge naked foot print. And, this foot print was not just big, my Dear Ones, but absolutely HUGE, so huge that it must have been near 20 to 24 inches and beside it were footprints of little children. This was the strangest thing to all of us and my Mother called out the Sheriff to take a look at this singular, monstrous print, which accompanied these small children’s feet prints! But, none of us could make any sense out of it and for many years, this remained a mystery to all of us.

It was around this same time also that my two brothers and I were out in the front yard playing late one afternoon, near dusk, and I looked up to see a fiery, flaming ball of fire soaring across the sky. I gasped and called out to my brother, who also looked up and saw it speeding across the sky; and I asked him what this could be, to which he replied that this was a comet. Now, being a young child of perhaps seven, or so, I had no reason to doubt him, as I did not know what a comet was. But, as the years have passed, I have often thought on this fiery, speeding ball and what it really was, but to be sure it was no comet! And, I have also never forgotten this giant naked footprint in the sand and the little naked footprints of children beside it.

During my youth, I was sometimes confounded by a scar beneath my left knee, and I wondered why I had received a smallpox vaccination beneath my knee when other kids had received theirs on their arms. And, as the years passed, I noticed two additional strange scars on the inside of my left thigh, and also wondered what these were. But, from so much research and from so many accounts of others, I now know that these marks on my leg, both the one below my left knee and the two on the inside of my right thigh, are both what people commonly refer to as punch biopsies, or “scoop” marks, which are left by those, who abduct these people via their saucer-shaped craft!

And, in 1993 when I fell, while playing badminton and damaged my left knee, I was very shocked to wake up and hear the doctor saying, “You have had surgery on your left knee!” When I told him that I had had no previous surgery on my left knee, he told me that a round area of bone was missing from the inside of my knee! He maintained that I had surely had surgery on this knee, but little did he know that all had taken place, without my conscious knowledge or consent! I tell you, my Dear Ones, that this was shocking to me, and also solved a longstanding mystery. And, it was also most strange that my husband was right there when the doctor said this to me and he said that he never heard him! But, as time would go on, I would see a great deal of this denial in my husband about these strange and other-worldly things!

For many years, I have had an interest in UFOS in “saucers,” even without knowing why! The very first term paper, which I did when I was only seventeen and a freshman in college, was the collective research, which was available at that time regarding UFOs and abductions! Very strange for the 60s.

So, my Dear Ones, this is some background for you and will help you somewhat to understand what I am about to tell you. Also, as regards the very huge foot print and the little children foot prints, I do believe now that this large footprint is a footprint of one of the “watchers,” and the little footprints are footprints of two of us children, most likely those of me and my little brother. Unfortunately, my younger brother died when he was only nine years of age. As it happened, we were on the way to my Grandmother’s house, and were almost there, being the last stop for the school bus, when my sister turned to see my little brother on the floor of the school bus and he was having a severe seizure. My Dear Ones, this was 1959 and medical attention in the small community hospitals was not good at all, and only four days later, as the Real McCoys played out in the waiting room, the doctor came in and announced that my little brother had just died! He was an angel, if there ever was one, a beautiful child, who was always so full of life and constantly singing. How blessed we were to have him for those precious nine years, but I do wonder, my Dear Ones, whether his death had anything to do with these evil children of Satan, and what they have done to enslave the “holy seed” and to use them in their time travels, where they kill so many!

Only our Father knows all of these answers, but as for me, I bear the scars of so many of their abductions and still they continue with them and they stalk me from day to day, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. What a blessing it will be to be taken off this planet and to live with our Lord and God in a land of love, beauty and peace.

So, my Dear Ones, because of the great slavery of so many souls and their continued enslavement and forced work through these Satanists, I am sharing with you this message, which our Father in Heaven gave to me in August of this year. I am sharing it because it is time to share it and it is time to let many know what these evil ones have been doing with so many of us! And, all right in front of our own government as they are the ones, who made the deals to let these evil hoards kidnap us and use us against our will and without our conscious awareness in exchange for their horrible technology! But, now, my Dear Ones, these most evil of creatures and the current governments cannot be separate one from the other as they have combined their technologies and their databases to make slaves out of every one of us! What a great shame upon the face of this Earth, but the truth, my Dear Ones, is that humanity on this planet has always been under bondage to Lucifer! It is only through the love and grace of our Father in sending His Precious Son to set us free, that any of us could ever be free at all. So, take note of what I am telling you, for this very message, which our Father in Heaven gave to me, also involves many millions of souls! For many have been singled out, just as I have been singled out, and put under bondage, having been made to work for these Luciferians, not by choice, but by force! And, these horrible things have been done to many only because they are of the holy seed. But, it has all been done one’s conscious knowledge or consent, or even awareness, as these evil ones are so adept at erasing one’s memories of all of the evils that they have done!

My Dear Ones, I had a most interesting “dream” about a day, or so before I was given this message. In this dream, I was clearly in a building, but it was lighted very poorly and I was saying to myself in this dream state, “For such a very long time, I have been in and out of this chair!” And, my Dear Ones, as I was saying this in my sleep, an electrical current hit me in the face and woke me up! Because of the tiny glass-like implants, which they have so often put around my eyes and nose, they so easily can follow my dreams and even my thoughts and even for thinking certain things, or dreaming certain things, these evil ones have sent beams of torture to attack my body, even in my sleep! And, these evil ones truly did not want me to remember what I was seeing and what I was saying to myself, but I did remember!

And, I remembered the young girl, who was acting as guide for time traveller and hit man Dennis Bossack and that she was sitting in a chair. I remembered the words of Stew Webb as he was the first one to tell me about this chair and how they drug the intended “guide”, put this person in a double pyramid and then do something with this pyramid to cause it to carry this person into the time portals. These things they do in Area 51 and elsewhere! I do not know how this works, but it works and has worked for them for many decades!

Yet, my Dear Ones, never in my wildest of imaginings would I have thought that I would have been one of those in these chairs! However, you will read differently and you will then understand why our Father has chosen me and why He has allowed me to go into these portals and shut down these portals for Him, and thereby shut down Lucifer and his hoards from the Upper Realms! And, in so doing they have now become confined to the Earth, where they will all soon burn in the fiery pits of hell for their horrendous deeds!

And, I tell you, my Dear Ones, if I were never allowed to do another thing for our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven, I am surely the most blessed person in the whole world; for He has allowed me this most wonderful opportunity! For, not only does this cut off the kidnapping, the drugging and the forced slave labor for so many, this most wonderful opportunity of being able to do this work for my Father is surely His great gift to me for spending 50 years of my life, having been made to travel these portals as a prisoner of Satan!

To shut them down is my great reward; and as Oprah so recently said regarding her calling to put the child rapists and molesters in jail because of what these same types did to her, I, too, have heard the call! And, this call is that our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven has also blessed me to help him in putting behind the bars of hell, these hideous monsters, who have raped and enslaved humanity for a very long time! Now, my Dear Ones, this is the main reason that Satan, Lucifer, the devil is so very angry with me; for when you read Revelation 12, we are told that Satan is indeed very angry with this woman! And, my dear ones, this is why! But, clearly I am greatly blessed and free and alive only because of the great love, mercy and grace of our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven! Blessed is His Holy Name!

I was working on the previous writings on the night of the 22nd of November, 2005, when I became very aware of powerful microwave beams, which were coming in through the windows and hitting me in the head, creating an uncomfortable, burning sensation. At that moment, I had the suspicion that the bright, white-light aerial craft must be out there, as it was somewhere around 6:00 at the time, and this is when it usually appears, give or take 30 minutes, or so. So, I got up and went to the living room window, looking due south, and there it was, about 75 degrees up from the southerly horizon. My Dear Ones, with the naked eye, this craft looks like a giant star, but one can clearly see that it is within the atmosphere, and not outside of it. And, with binoculars, one can plainly see that it is a round object, which emits a white light from the underside of it; and the light seems to change shape somewhat and swirl around in a slow and unpredictable manner.

So, in seeing its presence, I went outside with my spotlight and shined the light on this object, and then I sang praises to our Lord and God! Blessed is His Holy Name! Afterwards, I called a dear friend and we both prayed against this evil presence and as soon after our prayer, I looked to see that it had moved due south about 30 degrees. I watched it later, as it moved further due south and then finally was out of sight all together. This took approximately three hours and this is somewhat the way this object presents itself on many occasions. As I have told you, this object does not like to come out on weekends, but consistently appears at approximately the same time, but not exactly in the same location.

My Dear Ones, THIS IS NOT VENUS, AS SOME MAY THINK. VENUS IS NOT VISIBLE AT EITHER SUNRISE, OR SUNSET AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR! CHECK OUT THE POSITION OF VENUS AT THIS TIME OF YEAR FOR YOURSELF, AND YOU WILL SEE THAT I AM TELLING YOU THE TRUTH. A couple of weeks past, I read a post on the Internet and an individual, who was raising questions regarding this white light object in the southerly sky and what it might be! Some speculated at that time that this is Venus, but I tell you for a fact that it is not Venus, but a very large aerial craft of some sort! Is this Lucifer’s craft? It may very well be, for my Dear Ones, he is cast down now! And, mad as a hornet! He is hopping mad; for he knows that his days are numbered; and he is out to make war with all of humanity. I tell you for a fact, that he is greatly angry with me and that he persecutes me greatly from day to day, just as we are all told in Revelation 12 and this must be so; for these words must be fulfilled. So, I post these things, that you may be the wiser, and also that you may know that we are in the very last few remaining years of this Earth as we know it to be!

I stopped on this work last night at the above time, and went to bed rather late, somewhere around 12:00, I think, but there was to be no sleep, as is so often the case. For, they come immediately after I go to bed; and they begin to pummel the implants with electrical currents in order to torture and persecute me! And, last night they did this and shot beams into my knees and my feet, in particular! These beams caused considerable pain in my knees as they have put the implants into the knees now in a deep position, so there was burning, and this pain went deep into my knees. But, when I prayed early this morning, our most Wonderful Lord and God took away the pain. Blessed is His Holy Name!

When I got up, around 3:00 AM, or so, I got my binoculars to look for the persecutor. But, the persecutor was not visible outside my window to the north, as it usually is, so I looked to the south, where I saw nothing of particular interest, and then to the west! There, almost due west was the glowing, bright orange, aerial craft. This craft does not appear to be a perfect circle as it also has an energy field, which moves around it in an unpredictable manner, causing the object to seem to change shape, especially the lower part of it. This was indeed the culprit from which the torture emanated, but they wanted to remain out of sight, as I had filed a police report with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department a couple of days ago. In this report, I told them of the numerous balls of fire, which roared over and near this house on the night of the 13th of November, 2005; and in this report, I warned the officers to be on the lookout for this orange craft, which is believed to be the responsible for sending these roaring balls of fire out into the atmosphere. So, for this reason, these cowards had moved to the west; but after seeing it, I called the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Department around 4:00 this morning and told them the location of this craft! Immediately after this call, I went back to the window to view this craft; and saw it disappear before my eyes, as it took its cowardly occupants and went due west!

Thereafter, I went back to bed around 5:00 this morning, and the persecution continued with a huge beam to my throat and thereafter audible frequencies directed at my head. I heard a beam hit the closet where this small laptop is sometimes kept and I felt then that they were attacking the computer. When I booted up the computer this morning, the screen saver was a star wars screen saver, which I told the computer company to take off months ago as I do not like Star Wars! And, as this laptop was a loaner/gift some months past, I had no choice as to what was put on it. This man at the computer company told me that he had removed it, and I had not seen it since than; but when I booted up the computer this morning, there it was, the Star Wars screen saver, which these most evil of Satanists changed with the flick of a beam light last night!

This, my Dear Ones, is their way of telling all of us what we are all up against and I do hope that you hear this great warning as I tell you what you, too, are headed for. For, these evil ones, and many of them not even human, have come down to make war and they are going to make a terrible war against humanity. It will not be long before they begin to “sting” people all over this planet with the beams from their other-worldy, and worldly aerial craft! I can only warn you, but in no way can I actually prepare you for what you, too, will soon face! But, I tell you again that you must repent and come clean before our Lord and God and cease to do evil; for if you will not do so, you will not have the power and protection of our Lord and God when you need it most!

I wish to add here as well that when I went to sleep around 5:00 this morning, there was indeed an aerial vehicle, which was parked due north, and this vehicle was emanating red and green lights! It was indeed a stationary object! My Dear Ones, this is your US government and these planes come from Little Rock Air Force Base. They are torture machines and spy machines! The last two nights that we were in Sweden, there were an estimated 200-250 of these aerial crafts above us! And, they stalked us, me and my Dear Friends, all over South Africa! Yes, these stalkers were Bush, the megalomaniac and his Satanic allies! In Sweden on those last two nights, some of these night stalkers were near treetop level and some higher, but all was done to show that Lucifer is indeed come to rule on this planet! These red and green blinking craft have stalked me personally and have sought to terrorize me since May 01, 2003! And, all of this at the orders of the new black pope and the satanic leaders of this suffering world that we live on! This is your US government, my Dear Ones, and now it cannot be separated from Satan and his very own government; for they are one in the same!

As far as the orange aerial craft, I believe that the USA has orange, triangular craft, but this large orange night stalker does not seem to be triangular in appearance! Who are they? Those in this orange aerial craft and the white-light aerial craft? There is no doubt in my mind that they are Lucifer and his children! I cannot speak this anymore plainly! I believe that this white-light aerial craft may very well be Lucifer! These evil ones have taken me aboard this craft, wherein they have put torture implants deep into my tissues. On the left side of my left arm, just within the last two weeks, or so, there have appeared scars, four or five of them and they are all in a circular pattern and faint. On several occasions since then, they have sent burning beams into these implants, which are deep between the bones in the lower arm, and these beams have burned greatly, but when they do this evil, my Dear Ones, I pray; and our Lord and God takes away the pain.

I can warn tell you that huge numbers of people will soon experience this torture as these evil hoards begin to stalk and terrorize the masses. Lucifer and his earthly slaves will surely now combine their data bases and all of the holy seed, who have been implanted against their will, will be sought out, terrorized and tortured. Even those, who are not of the holy seed, but bear these implants, will be tortured as many of Satan’s aerial craft come up out of their underground bases to sting the people! And, my Dear Ones, there will be no relief, but what you can get from our Most Wonderful Lord and God!

Do not think that these things will not affect you, or come near you, or that you can somehow hide yourself away from them; for if you live long enough, you will see this terror unfold quickly now in this Earth. For, Satan is cast down totally and he is now in our midst, like a roaring lion. But, this must also be; for He and all of his evil hoards will be defeated right here in this abused and tortured world! Therefore, my Dear One, you must live righteously, or you, too, will receive the fate of Lucifer, which is the burning lake of fire! And, this is no joke, but plain English; for the great time of the sorting of souls is now well underway. Some to Eternal Life and some to eternal damnation! What do you choose?

Now, my Dear Ones, comes the most shocking revelation, which I have ever received! You, too, will be shocked, but maybe not so shocked as I have given you the above details of my earlier life and the evidence of the stalking of these evil ones, which goes back to my early childhood! So, read on and you will then see how greatly humanity has been enslaved and how it is even now under a greater bondage than ever thought possible!




August 27, 2005


“The Most Shocking Revelation That I Have Ever Received!”

“My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. My Blessed Child, you are called and you are chosen and I have set you at the head of My people on this planet; for you are the White Buffalo Calf Woman! You are the Woman of Revelation 12 and it is at this hour and this day, My Child, that this is your year of Jubilee!

For fifty years, My Child, Satan and his evil slaves have hounded you, even since you were a small child, of only seven years of age. On your leg, you bear the scars of the abductions and the tissue samples that they have removed from your skin and from your bones. You bear the scars of the repeated abductions, wherein they have kidnapped you over and over, and have harvested your spiritual abilities to get them back and forth through the time portals! This has not been by your conscious choice, but has been done to you against your conscious wishes; and they continue on with your son and have also harvested your eggs to create offspring of you, so that these could also be used against their will as guides for these evil ones to get in and out of the time portals, as their frequencies are so low and their DNA so inferior that these evil hoards could not, in and of themselves, get in and out of these portals. For, it is the frequency of one’s DNA, which opens these portals and these evil ones would have been totally unable to go forth with the space-time work that they have done, if they did not have those of the holy seed to do this work for them! So, these evil ones have continually abducted those of the holy seed and they have injected them with drugs and have mind-controlled them so that they would forget this work; and year after year, they have used these same ones and the family members of this holy bloodline to make them do a work that they would not choose to do and to make them slaves in their bitter quest to rule this planet! But, today, My Child, marks a jubilee for you and a jubilee for many others, who have been continually abducted and made to do this interdimensional work against their wills.

Yes, these evil ones are afraid, My Child; for you are Mine! You belong to Me and you do My work; and they are very afraid for what you will not do. For, I have sent you to shut down and to close up many of their portals, including the Mars portal, the Moon portal, and the Saturn portal. My Child, I would not have given this work to anyone, save one, that they have so abused and made to do a work that they consciously chose not! And, you ask, My Child, why I ever allowed it to begin with, as you were only a very young chills when they began to do these horrible things to you! And, this is My answer to you! My Little One, you volunteered for and agreed to a very difficult job! I chose you and you both chose this work and volunteered to do it before you were born.”

“But, why, Father? They are evil and I despise all that they do!”

“My Little One, this is known, but who is better to set the captives than one, who has been a captive and knows the inside of the prison? Now, My Child, you agreed to go through all of this so that you could help set the captives free! This was a foreordained and pre-destined work. This is not a work of chance for you, but a work of destiny! You are destined to do this work! Now, you must understand as well, that much is required and expected of the one, to whom much is given. My Child, you are the White Buffalo Calf Woman and you are the Woman of Revelation 12, but you did not come to be this Woman by way of walking an easy path! For, fifty years, you have been hammered and pummelled by Satan! He has stalked you all over the world in everything that you have ever done! He has brutalized you in so many ways, and he has defeated you over and over as he has stalked you so; but you did not give up! However, My Child, for the first 39 years of your life, you were lost, alone and often afraid! You knew nothing about your life and who you really are! You spent much time seeking, but to no avail, as there is a time and a season for all things; and this, My Child, is the time and the season for you to know and understand what has been hidden to you!

My Little One, when you begin to pray around the year, 2000, and you would feel such a rush of power and a then see that a blue hole had opened up in the sky above your head, this was the beginning of the opening of My vortex, which you now call the Yahweh vortex and truly it is. You did not know that this vortex was opening, but they did! The evil ones did and from that time to this, they have never let you out of their sight.”

“But, why, Father?”

“Because, My Child, they know who you are and they want to own you and to control you. Therefore, They have intensified their efforts against you and have implanted you with all manner of chips and have used every kind of mind control trick in their repertoire, but they have failed. Their chips do not work, as they intend! Day by day, you grow stronger spiritually. And, they have been so desperate to destroy you, My Child, that they have worked very hard to destroy your marriage by picking up and mind controlling your husband to do as he has done against you. They have picked up and mind controlled your family members and have turned them against you. They have gone after your acquaintances and friends and have picked them up and mind controlled many of them against you! And, why, My Little One? To isolate you and they think, “to break you” and thereby be able to control you, or so they think! To have you all to themselves with no witnesses, as they are furious with you! But, still, they believe that they can break you and make you serve them of your own free will. They know that what they make any of you do against your will, via their mind controlling and drugs is against them, and not you! So, they want you to choose to work for them, which you do not choose and you have not consciously chosen it!

Now, My Child, comes the day of reckoning! Now, comes the day of payback against them! Now, comes the time that they have long dreaded; for they have known for some time about the calling that you have on your life, and they have continually tried to stop you, but over and over they have failed! Now is the hour that they have so dreaded, My Child, wherein I will raise you up and use you to destroy them! For, you, My Child, have spent a long time in the belly of the whale, in the mouth of the lion and in the tests of the flaming fires; and your time of trials is all but up! Fifty years, you agreed to! Fifty years I required of you! Fifty years under the feet of these evil ones! Now, I make you free and I will use you in ways that you could have never imagined and to destroy their space-time programs! My Little One, you are now their worst fear come full circle! You are their great dread; for you have paid your dues and now come victories so great that you cannot ever begin to imagine them! Oh, My Little One, they are trembling in their boots, for you are now in a position of great power over them and My sword of great victory is in your hands!

What they have done to the “holy seed” for so long, My Child, is soon coming to an end! In the beginning, I allowed Satan to have power over this “holy seed” because of your rebellion. So much I have allowed, My Child, because of open rebellion against humanity! But, remember that you volunteered. And, I also chose you for this fifty years of work, so that at the end of this time, I could and would raise you up to do a mighty work in this terrible world! In your 49th year of this work, you became the spiritual Mother of My Kingdom in this Earth! The babe was born in your 49th year, while you were under the foot of Satan. Seven times seven! Remember the numbers, eight and eighteen! (The birthing of this Kingdom began on August 18, 2004.) Eight for the birth, but eighteen, the three sixes, or 666 for the bondage! This babe was born while under bondage to Satan, but on the 50th year, you are being set free; and this babe, My Kingdom, will begin to flourish in the hearts of the righteous, as few could, or would ever expect.

To be this spiritual mother, My Little One, could have only been given to one, who was willing to pay the price, and you, My Child, have paid the price! Now, you shall know a freedom that you have never known, not in this life! And, you shall see victories, that you could have never imagined! This is the day for White Buffalo Calf Woman and I shall now take you into this work! Be at peace, My Child, and know that for you, this is a day, also like none other!”

“Oh, my Father, I am so humbled! I am so very, very humbled! Blessed is Your Holy Name! I love You! I love You so! My Precious Father, is this message just for me, or is it for the world?”

“I leave it to you, My Child. It is first for you and if you want to share this with the world, it is good. For they need to know as well, My Child, that because of this decision that you made before you were born into this life, Satan’s time portals have nearly all been shut down! His space-time work will cease because you paid the price to go into these spaces and shut him and his evil hoards down. Many, many, who have been enslaved against their will and made to do such work on their Moon bases, and other of Satan’s bases, will now be free, as their work in these areas will come to an end! My Little One, someone had to volunteer for this horrible work, to do what you have done, but you have done it against great odds; and you have persevered in love of Me, in love of My Son and in love of your fellow brothers and sisters. Now, My Child, your fifty years are up and their space-time work is coming to an end! Now, I will rise up and I will defeat and destroy much of Satan’s Kingdom and I will free the “holy seed” that he has captured and enslaved against their will. And, I say this again, My Child, this is only made possible, as you agreed long ago to spend fifty years of your life in the mouth of the lion. Your work has been predestined.

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. Go in peace and know that what I have so often told you is true! You are chosen and you are truly blessed above all women; for from the beginning, your life has been one of love, sacrifice and service; and whether you have known it, or not, is irrelevant!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of August, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

My Dear Ones, make copies of this “Message for you,” and copies of all of these last chapters, in particular! For, if you continue to live in this Earth, you will need this most important information. Therefore, I urge you to copy these pages and to read them several times; for you will not find much of this information anywhere else. I do not know how much longer I will even be able to post messages! For, we do not have much time before all hell breaks loose on this planet. And, too, my Dear Ones, the persecution is very great against me! So, know that these messages come to you at a great cost; for nothing worth having comes free, but through great perseverance!

Dear Ones, know that I love you and I greatly desire for each of us to make it into the Kingdom of God. But no one can make your decisions for you. So, from day to day, you choose love, repentance, forgiveness and righteous living; or you do not! Sadly, my Dear Ones, these times of warnings are coming to an end all over the Earth as the judgements of our Lord and God are coming into this errant and rebellious world. I can only warn you that time is fast running out, but in the end you must make right your own life. I warn you now to live worthy to enter into the Kingdom of our Lord and God; for the only other choice, from moment to moment, is your decision to choose evil over good, to choose lies over truth, to choose rebellion over humility and obedience. And, with each of your choices, you further cement your destiny. What will you choose, my Dear Ones? For, there is precious little time left for you to choose righteous living!

I love you, my Dear Ones! All that I do is because of love of our Most Wonderful Lord and God and love of you! So, go in His love and forgiveness and thereby walk in His freedom!

Our Saviour comes soon for the ones, who are spiritually clean and full of His Spirit! Get ready and look up; for your redemption draws nigh!

Your Sis, Linda

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