Chapter Three

Now, Dear Ones, we shall speak somewhat about the new pope and the rise of Germany as he is German and not who or what people believe at all. He has chosen the name Benedict, which is a Latin derivative and it means well spoken, or speaking well. He will speak well and he will deceive many with his lying tongue!

To get some insight into this man, we shall go back in the visions, which our Lord and God gave me about him man in 1997. From these visions, we know that he is evil and that there will be only one more Pope after him and then a Board only will rule over the Catholic Church, for the Antichrist does away with the Papacy.

Satan has artfully used the Catholic Church to further his own agenda, but even the evil one gets enough of this great whore, who sits on many waters, and who has fooled many people the world over! Soon, the antichrist will destroy her!


From the Mountain Prophecies, Book One, Pages 20 and 21

“My Lord, I have the picture. I see Pope John Paul II. He is there in the study of the Vatican and he is dead, suspended up in the air, but dead. I see someone who seems to be a magician. He has a round hoop waving the hoop around the Pope’s body to show that he is really suspended in air. Then, My Lord, I see an archbishop with a bucket of black axle grease. The Pope has a ring on the toe next to the big toe on the right foot. It is mostly gold with something white stuck to the top surface, like a light coating of ivory. This archbishop takes the ring, kisses it and says, “This is my ring.” The ring has writing on it, which is very hard to read. I am trying to see it. It looks like the year 2001.

Then, I see George Bush sitting on a red sofa. He is the only one I see, My Lord. He is drinking a golden goblet full of blood. On the outside of the goblet is written, ‘The Pope’s blood.’

George Bush smacks his lips and says, “ I thought this day would never come…”

Then, the archbishop takes the Pope and rubs him with something like varnish or shellac. The Pope becomes stiff, like a mummy, and the archbishop puts him in a corner cabinet. Then, My Lord, I see a festive gathering in the Rotunda …”


“My Blessed Father in Heaven, I seek You this day to add understanding to what is given herein; for even after all these years, my Father, I am reluctant to add understanding to anything, which has been given by You and Your Precious Son, for I am but a child and do not comprehend Your Words or Ways, save You give me the understanding to do so. So, Please, Father, I ask You for understanding of these words at this time.”

“My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven and I see your every move. I know your every word, your every deed and your every thought instantaneously and I do know that you speak to me from your heart and that you seek understanding, not so much for yourself, but for the people.”

“Yes, my Father, this is so.”

“And, I am pleased to give you what you are lacking. My Child, we must look closely at what is being said here. When you see that the pope is suspended in air, but that he is dead, you see also that the papacy is suspended in air, and that the death of this last Pope also signals the death of the papacy, for it is closer than most believe. Much magic surrounds the death of this pope, for many have wanted to see him dead for some time and there were those, who wanted to make sure that that he was dead. These are even those, who brought about the death of this man, who of his own, would have lived for some more years. So, My Child, what all must face here is that this Pope was also murdered. Next, my Child, you wonder about the black axle grease, which was applied to the Pope’s feet at the time of this death. My Little One, this black grease represents the rituals of the occult, which followed him into the grave and few are aware of the fact that this man did not serve Me and My Son Regardless of his show, he served Satan and was a minion of his Kingdom. Now, we see that this Pope has a gold ring on the toe, which is next to his big toe on his right foot, and on the top of this ring is an ivory coating. My Child, this ring is the ring of the occult, which is full of gold and this ring bears the appearances of being clean and pure, but is full of the lusts and the greed of this world.”

“But, Father, why was this ring on the toe, which is next to the big toe?”

“My Child, the Pope is not the ring-leader of the Catholic Church. The Jesuit leader, Satan’s number one leader on this planet, is the big toe of the Catholic Church. The Pope is only the second in command and he is false!

“So, Father, who is this archbishop?”

“My Child, you believe that this is an archbishop and he looks like and archbishop, but this is his ring, not the ring of an archbishop. He is the leader of this occult church and his name is the black pope, for with this Pope out of the way, he is fully in charge and this church system has been given away totally to the evil ones.”

“But, Father, you said that Pope John Paul II was really an evil man, who was parading as good.”

“This is true, but he also had some ideas, which went against the grain for many in the dark circle and many wanted to see this man in the ground.”

“So, Father, what does George Bush have to do with the death of this Pope?”

“He is a big player and a very important part of this ring of evil! He is lounging in the blood of the Pope and he is drinking his blood as he is one of the ring leaders, who has wanted the Pope dead for a very long time.”

“But, Father, now we see that the last Pope is varnished and put in the corner, like a mummy. What does this mean?”

“”My Little One, with the death of this Pope, the whole world will see a great crippling of the Papacy. This is truly the beginning of the end of the Papacy as the world knows it to be, for from here on out, it is squarely in the hands of the antichrist system and it is bound for destruction totally.”

“Thank You, my Beautiful Father. An understanding of some of this prophecy was given at the time that I received it, but you have given greater detail to what was already given. Holy is Your Blessed Name, Father!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of May, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


From the Mountain Prophecies, Book One, pages 47, 48 and 49

“My Lord, I have climbed through this keyhole and I find myself on a yellow kitchen counter. I see a bear below me on the floor. He is reaching into a tree and taking out blocks of honeycombs, which are covered with bees. He is eating this honey, and these bees are flying all around his mouth. but, the bear does not seem to care. The bear, My Lord, is the Pope. First, the bear, then the Pope. The face is not of Pope John Paul, II, but of someone else. He has something of a ruddy complexion with rotund cheeks and brownish hair. He wears the cap of an archbishop, but looks like a pope. He is dressed in white. Now, he is the bear, eating honey again, with the bees all around.

He has emerged now as the Pope only, My Lord, and I see him on a platform with wheels. He paddles over the ocean, then travels over the land, basking in the sun. This man has dimples and he carries a gold knife, attached to his right ankle. This knife is covered so others do not know about it. My Lord, he is basking in the sun when suddenly he hears and explosion. The Earth rumbles. It cracks. I see lava running forth from a mountain and down the streets. Where it travels is fire. Houses, trees, everything is burning. There is a volcano, which has blown. Rocks and ash are spewing forth everywhere. The Pope runs inside and dials 911.

…Then, I see the pope/archbishop go to the uppermost floor of The Vatican. He smells smoke and sees fire for great distances. He is very nervous. He has a chain of gold keys, which go all the way around this waist. He looks off in the distance and sees the great destruction. He paces back and forth, as he has called 911, but no one has come.

A large rat appears and says, “I will give you a ride.”

The Pope/Archbishop gets on the back of the rat. He puts on a brown monk’s robe, so that he will not be noticed, and he climbs aboard a tiny platform with wheels, driven by a large rat. The rat carries him swiftly through the streets and out to sea. The hot lava pours into the sea, and the sea is becoming very, very warm. The Pope/Archbishop says, “I am drowning,” as he fights the heated sea. He looks around and the rat scurries into a big, black hole. The rat beckons for the Pope to come into the hole. Frightened, the Pope goes into the black hole.

He looks around in the hole and sees several Mafia types, each of them wearing heavy, black chains. The Pope/Archbishop looks at his own legs and arms to see that he is in heavy, gold chains. One of the Mafia types pulls out a very large, sharp, black knife and cuts off the right ear of the Pope. He spits on the ear, and then mashes it beneath his black and white striped shoes. Then he says to the Pope, “I will make you a deal. Your freedom for half of your gold chains.”

The Pope/Archbishop thinks for a moment, then says, “Deal.” Then, the Mafia type cuts his thumb, and the Pope/Archbishop cuts his thumb. They bleed into each other, a blood covenant. Suddenly, the Pope/Archbishop looks very old. His hair is very white. He grabs his stomach and keels over. The blood of the underground, Mafia type was laced with cyanide. The Pope became poisoned quickly and died.

The underground rat comes out of his hole, all dressed in white. He is big, round and fat. His black and white striped shoes stood out like two zebras on his feet. He smokes a very large cigar, as he stands on the wall at the Vatican. He boasts, “I own half the Pope!” Then, he reaches down to the other side of the wall, where a frightened, old thin, white-haired man crouches. And, he drags him up by the nap of the neck and puts the old man on the wall, “The next Pope,” he says.

I look at the next pope, who is old and emaciated. Several rats/people are goading him in the side with black swords and he is stumbling to remain erect. I see him go into his study late at night. The clock on the desk reads, 11:59 PM. The date is June 02, 2001 and the pope says, “I am dying.” He puts his head on his desk and quickly disintegrates into a pile of dusty bones. I hear the sounds of the ambulance in the distance as it comes up to the door of the Vatican to get the corpse. But, there is no corpse, only a short, wide board, which reads, “Never again.”


“So, there will be a new pope?”
“One in the stages of confirmation, acting as pope, basking in the sun unawares.”
“Is this pope rescued from a sea of angry people?”
“He is rescued by the Mafia, who will kill him.”
“Then, the Mafia gets their own pope?”
“They do, Child, but this one is for only a very short while. The Papacy dies, it is done away with. The ambulance you hear is the sound of 911 coming to rescue the pope. The noise is loud, like an ambulance. But, the people cannot rescue it. All that remains is a board. And, the board, the governing body of the world says, Never again,”
“My Lord, I thank you, and pray that I have seen and heard as you have directed and spoken.”
“Go in me, My Child, and I show you through my eyes and ears. For, I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of July, 1997,

Linda Newkirk


MAY 21st, 2005

“My Blessed Father in Heaven, Holy is Your Name. Father, I come to you on this Sabbath day to thank you for all the love and grace and blessings, which You give to us, Your People. Father, You have blessed this land so and you have given to us as You have given to no nation on Earth, but Father, there have always been the tares among the wheat. Even from the beginning of this country, we have seen the workings of the Illuminati and the leaders, who have gone this way of secret and occult dealings. Father, we come to the last few years in this Earth as we know them to be and we now see in office, the next to the last pope. Father, there is a deep dread in my soul as I know that this world is in for terrible times and that we are already going through these great judgements and few can see, but Father I specifically come to You and ask You, Father, if there is more that You want to add to this prophecy as it was given almost eight years ago.”

“My Beloved Child, behold the fireworks in the spirit as this evil pope rises to power. Behold the antichrist flames, which bathe and devour him as he is high up, very high up in the occult and few even notice or care. My Little One, he is not what he seems and as all the Satanists do, who are in power, he is but a pawn of Lucifer and a deceiver of the people.”

“Father, we see that soon after this pope is affirmed, that a great volcanic eruption takes place. Is this sooner than most think?”

“My Little One, this is sooner than most think and so is the eruption of Yellowstone.”

“But, Father, what most do not understand is that Your judgements are being poured out on the Earth, yet so few see.”

“The blind, the deaf and the dumb cannot see, they cannot hear and they cannot speak of the truth, as they are cut off from it and they cannot see it or recognize it, even when it is in their faces. They look and perceive not.”

“But, Father, this Pope is mafia from the beginning as he has a knife in his shoe.”

“You have seen it and it is so.”

“So, Father, in this covenant that he makes with them, he will basically give away the papacy in some sort of blood covenant. And, at the time, he will also be in some sort of trouble with the people.”

“My Child, this man is evil, who is parading as good. He is evil in coming into the papacy, but he makes a deal with the evil ones, in which he totally sells out the catholic church.”

“Father, why is he portrayed as a bear, who is eating honey?”

“He is a predator and he is a predator even from the beginning and through his actions, he will lay the groundwork for the destruction of the catholic church. The bees, who denote the coming destruction of the catholic church, are swarming all around him, but he does not care as this is also Satan’s plan.”

“Father, what more should the people know as regards this prophecy.”

“My Child, they should know that the catholic church is fallen, that it has always been fallen and they should come away from this whore, lest they partake of the punishment, which I will give to her and to all, who follow her. All had best wake up and come away from this evil system, or they will follow this evil whore into hell. Time is fast running out for all of humanity and it is now time for all to be very wise and to stay very close to Me, for the world as you know it is fast coming to an end. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of May, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

And, so it is, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters…

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