Chapter Four


Oh, Dear Ones, my heart grieves to see what is at the door for South Africa! President Mbeke has fired the Number Two man in the government of South Africa, who is a Zulu, and the race wars between the warring black factions are about to escalate! These tribal wars have been long-standing! In addition to this, Nelson Mandela is very sick and he will not be long in this Earth. There has also been a recent assassination attempt on the life on Nelson Mandela! Our Father’s judgement will fall upon Nelson Mandela quickly and with great finality as he is a pawn for Satan, and has been a Satanic pawn from the beginning! He is a lot like Bill Clinton! The people look up to him in South Africa and in much of the world, but Mandela is full of every kind of Satanic device! Our Father in Heaven has offered him repentance, but he does not choose it! I truly believe that people, such as Mandela, have been so long in evil and are so absolutely sold out to evil that they cannot repent! They are incapable of seeing the wrong that they do, as they are incapable of looking at the evil in their own hearts and many of them, like Mandela are drunk on power! Long ago, they sold their souls to Lucifer for power!


South Africa is replete with squatter camps, an estimated 20,000,000 illegal immigrants, who are camped here, there and everywhere all over South Africa. They live in cardboard and tin shanties and have little to their names, so they make stealing and killing a way of life. One cannot stop at a traffic light without being bombarded by thieves, who are loaded down with stolen goods, which they are hawking! I do not see how anyone can stay in business as the theft rate is so high! Crime is at an all-time high in South Africa and this is all New World Order design. The New World Order Satanists have allowed the great influx of these homeless and penniless criminals, all been brought there in preparation for the “Night of the Long Knives”, wherein the blacks plan to run rampant all across South Africa, killing all whites in their paths. The sell of machetes has escalated in the past year or so as they all prepare for the time when they will kill the whites and move in to take their wealth. America, take note, for the borders of the USA have been opened in like manner!

The whites constitute only ten percent of the population, but they control most of the wealth of South Africa. Truly, our Father sent His people there and He blessed them and made them great, but they have forsaken Him. They have rebelled against Him and they have gone whoring after strange gods and earthly idols. Truly, they have forgotten from whence their blessings have come! They are all surrounded by witchcraft; and because of their rebellion against our Father in Heaven, the government of South Africa has been given over to the workers of witchcraft for more than ten years now. A terrible war is at hand for South Africa, but I deeply know that our Father will protect His remnant and bring them out of the terrible times, which are at hand.


There is a beautiful Remnant in South Africa, who truly do love our Lord and God. I have spoken with some of these beautiful people and I will always remember their kindnesses and beautiful hearts. I thank each of those, whom I got to know! These beautiful souls have not deserted their covenant with our Lord and God! They have not sold out their souls to the highest bidder; and they continue on, in spite of the great opposition, which is at hand.


Yet, I am also sorry to say that South Africa is full of the proud, the haughty and the rebellious. In South Africa, I have known some, who have taken the blessings of our Father in Heaven, and then have called them cursed. They have called good evil and evil good.

Dirk Van Vuuren is one of these! He pastors over a small church in South Africa, called the Daughter of Zion church, where I stayed and worked for 45 days! This small church grew from fifty active members, or less, to between three and four hundred people in less than a year, only because Dirk and his group housed these prophecies in South Africa. They also translated these books into Afrikaans and they printed, published and disseminated these prophecies in South Africa; and when I was there in South Africa on this man’s farm, where he has the small church, many came from all over South Africa to be fed and to receive the Spirit of God. Many were delivered of demons. People were healed of various things, some emotional and some physical! Three people got their hearing back! And, many in this small church had begun receiving dreams and visions, long before my arrival there. They prayed regularly with the anointed prayer cloths on their heads and some even slept with these anointed cloths on their heads. There was a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God on those, who honoured these spiritual gifts of our Lord and God. Truly, our Father in Heaven had called Dirk Van Vuuren and this Daughter of Zion church group to great things. And, from day to day, while I was there, this calling became very obvious! Yet, they, as all of us, suffered with their own faults; and in the end, it would be these very faults, which would cause their undoing!

This very group was called to help bring in the birthing of the Kingdom of God on this Earth. This is Revelation 12. I worked very hard day after day to do the spiritual work, which was necessary for this group to be clean spiritually and free from sin. Our Father’s directions to them were very clear in what He expected! He demanded that they be clean spiritually and stay clean spiritually if they wanted to go forth in the work that He had for them! He demanded this! He demanded, purity, truth and righteousness! All in the core group of this church group were told that they had been chosen for a very special work and that if they remained clean spiritually, our Father would do a mighty thing through them.

But, there was a small group within this core group, which did not want this Straight and Narrow Way. In this group within a group were Dirk Van Vuuren and his wife! Those in this small group wanted to drink alcohol! They wanted to gossip! They wanted to smoke! They resented our Father’s directives to stop these things and to make their ways straight and to keep their ways straight! And, as time went on, they became puffed up with pride and rebellion!

In a dream, our Father in Heaven showed me a government spy, who was coming to this church to destroy these works. In this dream, He showed me that He would send two destroying angels to carry this man to the grave. I knew who this man was! I also told Dirk Van Vuuren and his wife about this man and they, too agreed that his behaviour was very suspicious! I told our Father in Heaven that if He gave me the opportunity, I would confront this man in front of all the people. And, this is exactly what I did! I told this man that he was a red communist spy! I told him of the two destroying angels and I told him other things, which came upon me as the Spirit of God was upon me. Righteous anger rose up in me as this man was so full of evil and I knew that he was there to destroy what our Lord and God was giving to this people! That day, Dirk Van Vuuren asked this man to leave this group, but it was only a few days later that couriers from this man, his government pawns, were back on Dirk Van Vuuren’s farm. In seeing them there, I knew that betrayal was in the air! And, sure enough, it was not long before Dirk Van Vuuren was squarely on the side of the government spy! Did this government spy have something on Dirk Van Vuuren and his wife, so that it was very easy for him to manipulate them and easy for them to betray our Father’s work and me. Did Dirk Van Vuuren suddenly end up with three homeless shelters, as it has been rumoured and if so, how could this man buy them, when he was complaining about not having enough money for food?

I left the Daughter of Zion group on September 27, 2004 because of open rebellion against these works! Dirk Van Vuuren would later use this tape of my speaking to this spy to “prove” to others that I was “crazy”. He would send copies of this tape all over South Africa and use it to try to destroy me! But, the other tapes, wherein I spoke beautiful things to the people in this church, all disappeared!

This government spy operation was just part of the great government sting operation against me and against these works. The governments, which were involved, were the Bush government and the English government, which is also the South African government! This was also very obvious while we were also in Sweden, but that is another story! Within only a few days, Dirk Van Vuuren, his wife and the core group of the rebellious ones had sided with the government spy; and the very same day that I left Dirk Van Vuuren’s farm because of the verbal assaults of these rebellious ones, Dirk Van Vuuren contacted Dennis to stir him up against me. He also contacted those here in the states, whom he knew to be my enemies; and like ravenous wolves, they all lined up to throw stones at me!

Birds of a Feather!

Time to Set the Record Straight!

Dirk Van Vuuren contacted those in America, with a history of Satanic involvement, like Sheri Elijah,

who was married to a high-level Satanist for over thirty years and has only been ”free” of him for

about two or three years. And, Pamela Schuffert, who was raised as a Satanist, and professes to be

free, yet shadowy figures reportedly follow her everywhere and she goes around with layers of

aluminium foil on her head. This same Pamela Schuffert bit the hands, which fed her in Minnesota,

as she spread outlandish and malicious rumors about the very ones, who had taken her in and fed her.

She backbit them and fed the husband allegations of insanity against his beautiful and precious wife.

I know these people, whom she so badly wounded, and I have known them via correspondence for years!

Because of this, I can tell you that they are precious before our Lord and God and have a hunger and

deep love for Him! Pamela Schuffert wrote me via e-mail years ago claiming to be a prophetess of God!

Hooey, and double hooey! I have seldom seen such hate and venom come out of the mouths of anyone as I

have seen it roll forth from the mouths of Pamela Schuffert and Sheri Elijah! One must ask why Pamela

Schuffert’s name comes up so regularly with the likes of known government operatives and Satanists!

Is Pamela Schuffert an MK Ultra mind control, satanic, religious infiltrate? Every thinking person needs

to be asking this question! And, how is it that Sheri Elijah LIVED WITH a ravenous Satanist for over

thirty years, and during this very time was selling herself as a minister and prophetess of God? Do the

scriptures not tell us that if we have a cursed object, even in our possession, that we are cursed?

Yet, Sheri Elijah lived in the house with a high-level Satanist, and was married to a high-level

Satanist while she went around spreading the good news of the gospel! Get real, People! You

should know by now that one of the very goals of the Satanists has been Christian infiltration and they

make no bones about it! It is time for a wake-up call!

Who is Sheri Elijah?

It is time for the truth to come out!

Sheri Elijah’s real surname is not Elijah! She reportedly does not even know who her real Father is! She told me that she found out that a certain drifter, whose name was Elijah, could be her Father and she changed her last name to Elijah. She told me that she never knew who her earthly father was as her mother bedded so many men that she, her mother, did not even know her real father! Obviously, this name, Elijah, sounded better than the strange-sounding Pollack name of her Satanic husband! Did Sheri Whoever-she is change her name to fool the people? Within the past two years, or so, Sheri Elijah has changed her name again, this time, she has dropped the “Sheri” and is now using her middle name, Elizabeth. Was this on the advice of one of her friends, that Elizabeth sounds better than Sheri? Does the name, Sheri, sound too much like a liquor bottle, while Elizabeth Eliljah is most assuredly a very good sounding stage name! Who is this woman anyway?

I am the one, who helped Sheri Elijah, or whoever she is, her son, and her very troubled friend, to be free; and this was through deep intercessory prayer over many weeks! Sheri had claimed that “God” had told her that her friend should take her retirement money, move to Canada, and buy an old freemason lodge. Sheri and her son trailed along! As it turned out, this lodge was full of every kind of evil spirit and apparently this was too much for even the wife of a very seasoned Satanist!

We spent over $500.00 in telephone calls to and from Sheri Elijah! I helped her and prayed for her on the advice of someone else, who knew her, a mutual acquaintance at that time! I did not personally know this woman, but helped her out of good faith! I found an apartment for them in Arkansas and carried them around in Arkansas to help them get situated here. But, one night I got an e-mail, which I was not supposed to get! Two-faced Sheri was talking against me to a friend of hers by the name of Linda also; and she was cutting me down for revealing that reincarnation was true, among other things. I told Sheri “whoever she is” that our Father in Heaven would judge her, as I had only been good to her and she was backbiting me! I told her that she was returning evil for good! I also told her that she would go back into captivity and she did! She went back to her Satanist husband!

Sheri Elijah, or whoever she is, also told me that her high-level Satanist husband had a satanic altar beneath the stairs in their house and that there was a vortex in their house, which goes into hell. After she got here, I found out that this woman, Sheri, pedals a tape in which she is possessed of a demonic force from hell and this demonic force is warning others about hell. She is proud of this tape from hell! How can someone be possessed of the Spirit of God and be possessed of a demonic presence at the same time? She clearly admits that this “thing” has possessed her and has spoken through her more than once!

Do we need to be demonically possessed to warn others about hell? Has our Father in Heaven not specifically warned us against calling up spirits of the dead? Has He not warned about demonic possession? Are we not warned about “mediums,” who channel the spirits of the dead to speak through them? Are mediums not cursed before our Lord and God? The Bible says so! (Lev. 20:6, Lev 19:31) Yet, this loud-mouthed medium, has called me a servant of Satan, and has said that I was going to South Africa to call up evil spirits, while she pedals a demon-possessed tape, and calls it from God! This loud-mouthed stage-show has spread every kind of foul lie about me; and when she had the opportunity to join those in South Africa, she jumped in with both feet, spreading more of her lying venom! She admits that she has “secretly” talked about me for years! She has no problem in admitting that she is a two-faced gossipmonger! This same woman claims that there is not just one “rapture”, but “TWO RAPTURES!” And, where in the Bible is there any mention of the word, “rapture?” I also wonder why this same woman, Sheri whoever she is, needs or asks for the donations of a single person; as she told me that she would marry a billionaire, whose name is Nikomiah, and that this billionaire would then peddle her around the world in a huge boat, where she would minister to people all over the world! Yes, indeed, a very big stage show! But, apparently this huge amount of wealth of Nikomiah is just another one of Ms Whoever She Is’ illusions! The hand is still out!

All of Ms Whoever she is’ accusations are just too many to even address herein, but I will address her claim that no one gets out of hell! Most of us know that some have died, gone to hell, and have been let out through the door in hell, who is our Lord Jesus? There are books, which have been written about such things! I read of one man from South Africa, who was a minister, and was dead for days; and he spent this time down in hell! His wife took his dead body to a revival, where a minister prayed for him and he was raised from the dead! This man tells how our Saviour visited him in hell; how he took him out of hell, and then sent him back. Nowadays, this man travels all over the world ministering to others about hell! And, this is only one example of someone, who got out of hell! So, if no one gets out of hell, as you, Sheri Lie-Monger, have stated, how did these clinically dead people get out and come back to tell about it? And, some of them had been dead for days! Obviously, our Saviour let them out; sent He them back! He let them out! Jesus is the door through which anyone ever gets out of hell! Furthermore, Satan, himself, will be let out of hell after the Millennium! Our Lord and God will put him there and He will let him out! Read Revelation 20:7. If even Satan is let out, we can be sure that others will be let out also, including many of his demons! And, why is Satan let out? To tempt the people again! You, Ms Whoever you are, are the ignorant one! Read the Bible!

Some ought to be praying that they get another chance!

People, like you Sheri whoever you are, reject reincarnation, when you should be hoping that you get another chance to straighten out all the lies that you have spread about others! It is time for you, Ms whoever you are, to get a wakeup call! You are the liar! You are the ignorant one, who is blaspheming people, like me, for speaking the truth. You cover up your ignorance with your loud mouth! I have done my homework about reincarnation, fasting and praying and searching the Scriptures; and I know that it is true! Don’t blame me for your ignorance. It is one thing to just not know the truth, but it is quite another to call a person a witch for speaking the truth about reincarnation as your good buddy, Pamela Schuffert has done to me! And, you have done even worse, just because you both choose to be ignorant about reincarnation. Not only does Satan get out of hell, and others have most assuredly gotten out of hell, but “the rest of the dead live again after the millennium!” (Rev. 20:5) How in the world do the dead live again, save they get bodies to do so? And, how do any of us live on the New Earth, wherein we will not even remember this one, (Isaiah 65:17) save we get new bodies to live there? And, do not even start the lie that we live there in spirit, when an infant dies at a hundred years of age! (Isaiah 65:20).

You Sheri Whoever you are and Pamela Schuffert, who have been surrounded by witchcraft and have been wallowing it, surely do not have any right to call another a witch, just for speaking what is right! You fast and pray and seek God as I have about reincarnation, not for one or two days, but for years, and then you will have a right to a decision. It is one thing to disagree, but quite another, to set out to systematically destroy the good name and character of another, just because you do not agree with that person. All are free to believe as they choose and they do not need tyrants, who gorge them with their own narrow-minded views, and then beat them to death with the Bible, while they live another way! Get a wakeup call as you are way over your heads! I have every right to haul you two into court with a few others to make you prove the lies, which you have so carefully and systematically crafted and disseminated about me! But, I do not believe that I will have to do any of this, as my Father in Heaven is about to avenge me of all of your lies and disinformation. He is Supreme and He will make right the wrongs that you have done to me! I highly recommend that you repent of the evil that you have done! You will answer for every lie!

The Blessed Become the Cursed!

Dirk Van Vuuren and his chosen group lost the blessings of the Most High God. They joined with the Satanic and government forces, along with my husband Dennis. They spouted their lies and Dennis apparently gave them permission to keep up a mirror site of, in which they printed disinformation and misinformation, taking what was given by our Father in Heaven and making it out to be lies.

They all know that much of what our Father in Heaven has given is written in symbolism and that what we believe to be the right interpretation when we read a passage from our Father in Heaven, may not be the right interpretation, as we do not have the mind of our Father in Heaven. Dirk Van Vuuren and his group have translated all of the prophecies, and they know that these prophecies are replete with symbolism and I do not even dare to interpret most of them, myself, as I am usually wrong! Yet, Dirk Van Vuuren and his rebellious group put themselves above God! They have made themselves gods, and they set out systematically to destroy these works!

Dennis’ Bitter Betrayal!

Dennis was right in there with them as he was telling anybody and everybody, who would listen, that I am insane! He denied the existence of these antigravity machines, when he and I watched one together for about 45 minutes one morning; and at another time, one came streaking across the sky right before our eyes. This happened just as I told him that I thought I saw a saucer in the sky the night before! Dennis has told people that he does not believe that I was ever abducted when he has witnessed the needle marks many times; and, he, himself, had four large puncture marks at the top of his spine, which he looked at in the mirror! He saw them and he felt them! He has never said one word of comfort to me after I was raped and sodomized, quite to the contrary, he plotted to put me in a mental hospital for speaking the truth of what has happened to me! He found a reference to a personality disorder on the Internet and he has conversely told people that I have a personality disorder! He does not even know that personality disorders are long-standing, which most often appear in youth and that they do not just suddenly appear! Dennis has told bold-faced lies to many people, and has even lied in court, under oath. “So help me God” has no meaning to this man, who has gone headlong into the worst kinds of behaviors!

He lied to justify his own actions!

Dennis has plotted many disgusting things and has told many lies against me only because he has wanted to be free! Within days of my leaving this house, Dennis was hot on the trail of divorce lawyers, finally buying the best one that his money could buy. At the same time, he changed the password on the website so as to deny my entrance to my own work and he steadfastly refused to give it back, while he flaunting his air-headed essay! I hope that all did notice that among the flowery words of his diatribe that he never once said that he loved me! After I left, he never once contacted me, or tried to. He told people that he did not know where I went, but he knows that this is a bold-faced lie. Dennis wasted no time in getting back with his ex-wife. He been back with her since September of 2004 and has been having a hot adulterous affair with her! And, I am not even speaking of all that he is doing in Little Rock. I had to stay on this land with Dennis when I got back (separate from him, in the motor home); and I can attest to the fact that he stayed in the road most of the weekend and on Monday nights!

It is time to set the record straight!

Why am I telling you all of these things? To set the record straight! I have read some of the correspondence, which Dennis has written to the faithful, and it is shocking! All he had to do was tell me that he wanted to be free and I would have gladly given him his freedom, but as he had no grounds for divorce, he had to come up with an elaborate system of lies! LIES ALWAYS FAIL! THE SURE WAY IS THE WAY OF OUR LORD AND GOD AND THIS IS THE WAY OF TRUTH!

In spite of all of the great persecution, which I have been through, I have been faithful to my Lord and God and I have been faithful to Dennis. All the years of my marriage and even since my separation from him, I have never once strayed and I have never once looked at another man!

The hurt, which so many have caused me has been great and I have shed many tears of sorrow. Through my great tears and suffering I have forgiven these liars and deceivers of many things, but the pain of all that they have done is still very real! Day by day, my Father in Heaven is healing me of all of these wounds. Nevertheless, the truths of their behaviors stand as a testimony against them! By their fruits, you shall know them! We, as Children of the Light, must live by the truth, but we must also expose the evil in our midst!

They love the smooth things!

Oh how sad the day when the preachers and the prophets fill the itching ears of the people with lies and more lies, all to increase their own following and to stuff their own wallets! They tell the people what they want to hear and they and those, who follow after them, spurn the truth, choosing rather to believe a lie! These deceivers bait the unsuspecting with a daily dose of scriptures! They hunt and pick among the scriptures to justify their evil choices. They cover the people with the dark spirit of deception, and they bring coals of destruction upon the land! These loud-mouthed lying preachers and false prophets are filling the bowels of hell with the unsuspecting, yet few are the wiser! Like venomous wolves, these wicked preachers and prophets line up to stone the truth bearers, for they hate the truth, but love a lie! They throw the stench of their hate far and wide and through dissention they scatter God’s people. Woe to those, who fill the itching ears with the smooth things, like the early-out rapture lie! They scatter the sheep and they make ready the graves of the innocent!

Our Saviour warned us two thousand years ago, to come out of world! We cannot hear His beautiful Spirit amidst the cacophony of a boisterous world! How many are even listening? Oh, how my heart grieves!

More to Come!

There is much to tell you about what happened in South Africa and this is coming up in Book Twelve! It is an incredibly shocking expose of the real nature of human behavior and just how fast people in general will spit in the face of our Lord and God for expedience!

What are you made of? Get to know the real you and come clean before our Lord and God, for time is fast running out! Be true and you will not be sorry!


May 07, 2005

My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, look ahead to the barren wasteland, which is now South Africa, for in truth, My Little One, South Africa has become a spiritual wasteland, a land of evil, wherein they stone the prophets and build air castles for themselves; for they do not choose Me and My Son, but are a rebellious house, just as with America, save worse!

My Child, you know My promises for South Africa and you also know My great love for this people! But, they are rebellious and full of every kind of lie and perversion; and while I stretch out My hand still to those, who would truly follow Me and My Son, I have also at hand a grievous punishment for South Africa. While I have blessed the whites above all people in South Africa, they have forgotten from whence their blessings come. They love the gift and not the Giver of the Gift, so I will take what I have so generously given them and I will give it to the heathen. Then, My Little One, I shall strip them through war and disease and I shall scatter them. And, when My punishment is complete on them, I will raise up a remnant and I will use this remnant. But, as they are proud, haughty and stiff-necked, I cannot now use them. Their time of great judgement is at hand and will not long be stayed.

Now, My Little One, you wonder why I give you this at this time; for I have removed most warnings from your mouth. This is why I give you this warning, My Little One. I sent you to bless them; and you took My blessings to them. I blessed them abundantly. Then, they called you evil and stomped the blessings that I poured out on them. They drove you from their midst through their lies and verbal persecution and then they set out to destroy you. I have judged some of those, who did this to you, but My judgement has just begun! I shall make their gardens dustbowls and their pantries a barren desert. I shall pour out My plagues and judgements upon them as they returned evil for good. I shall put heavy judgements upon this nation and I shall break the backs of the proud and haughty. I shall send a grievous war and I shall divide out and separate Mine.

My Child, I sent you. I blessed you and I blessed them. They took the blessings and they cursed you. They cursed Me, My Son and My Spirit. This is what they did in return for My love and now I shall begin to uproot, to pluck up what I have given to them; and I shall give it to the heathen. For Mine love Me not!

This is not your fault, My Child. You have done My work and you have suffered greatly because of the evil that they have done to you. Now, I will return upon their heads a just judgement. For, this is a proud, a haughty, and a stiff-necked nation. Go in peace this night, for I am with you. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of May, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


June 23, 2005

My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. I call you, My Blessed Child, for you are blessed, and you are blessed above all women; for I have decreed it and this is so! I have called you, My Little One, and I have appointed you to a work that few would want, or even fewer would be able to withstand! I have put you in the fires and I have carried you through great persecution. Amidst all of this, My Child, you have withstood the assaults and you have held your ground.

For love of Me and for love of My Son, you have given up all that you have, so that I can now give it back. You have been in foreign lands with little save the clothes on your back and you have held the faith. Great evil has risen up against you on every side and many have called you evil as you stood your ground and you would not compromise! Governments have lined up against you and leaders of nations have sought to kill you, but I have kept you. I have carried you across violent waters and turbulent air spaces; and I have brought you safely back again.

What you have been through, My Child, few on this Earth have been through. I have carried you into interdimensional spaces and I have given you My keys, with which to shut down these portals so that Satan and his followers could no longer access them. Oh, this has caused great wrath among these Satanists. This has caused a great wrath among the militaries of certain nations; for this very thing has so greatly hampered them in their time travel, and in their interdimensional travel. They have picked you up, they have branded you like an animal, and they have tried to force you to work for them, but all they have gotten is pie in the face! For, you are Mine! You belong to Me and you do My work! Nevertheless, they do not give up, but continue to stalk you day and night, believing that they will spot a weakness, which they can use against you.

In spite of all, who have turned against you; and in spite of all, who have betrayed you, you have stayed the course. You have remained steadfast and now come your blessings. Now, My Child, I shall raise you up and I shall use you to smite Lucifer and all of His followers. Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what I am about to do through My Faithful.

Many erroneously believe that you are a false prophet, in spite of the many thousands of times that My words through you have been verified. And, many have risen up against you, all claiming to love Me and My Son, and to serve Me and My Son, when in fact, they serve Lucifer! And, I have stood back, allowed it all, and watched it all unfold. Now, comes the sudden judgement!

All, who participated in the raping and sodomizing of you, are already doomed! All, who tried to destroy you by spreading false rumors and lies, are doomed, saved they repent! All, who have tried to kill you, will be killed, or they will die, save they repent! All, who have tried to destroy you and these works, will all be destroyed, save they repent!

Many things, I have allowed, My Child, to try you and to test you, and to test others. Now, come my blessings for you and My judgements against your enemies. For all things, My Little One, there is a time and a season and this is My time and season to bless you and to judge your enemies.

You have not seen any manifestations in the skies around you, as compared to what you are about to behold very soon, and well into the future. For, this interdimensional portal, which follows you is Mine and I am about to have My own light show. All of the world will soon know that I am God, and they will also know that you are Mine and that you are a true prophetess. (Inserted by me on July 02, 2005: Holy is the Name of our Father in Heaven and true are His words. I go to the front door at night and sing to Him and to our Saviour. The evil ones in their antigravity machines begin to scatter, but some of the “twinklers,” which belong to our Lord and God let me know they are there. And, sometimes, as I sing the sky begins to light up with lightening. It is as if the very voice of God is answering my praises and love for Him! Praises to His Holy Name! The heavens are alive with the majesty of our Father in Heaven!)

South Africa

I am about to judge South Africa in a very big way! I shall turn this country upside down and inside out and I shall sift Mine out. I shall bury the scribes and Pharisees, who tried to bury you, save they all repent before me with weeping and wailing! They shall soon know that a prophetess of God has been in their midst. I sent you. You did My will regarding Revelation 12 and they tried to destroy you! Now, comes My destruction upon them! South Africa will fall into such horrible destruction that he whole world will look on in horror! This is My judgement upon Mine; for I have blessed them and they deserted Me and My word. When I am through with My judgements upon them, I shall raise up a remnant. Then, they will honor Me and they will honor My prophets. But, until them, they will know My anger and My wrath. But, I say to all, who have loved you and who have blessed you in South Africa, I love you and I bless you. Therefore, put me first and I will carry you safely through what is at hand.

Be at peace, My Child, for in one day, I shall bring down those, who have raped and sodomized you. In one day, I shall do this and the whole world will see and know that I did this thing. Then, I shall flatten this bloated economy of America and soon the whole world will go into a financial tailspin; for I have decreed it. You, in the Earth, are in your last seven years and you can only expect upheavals all over the world; for you are ripe for destruction. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of June, 2005.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of June, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

And, Dear Ones, these are our Father’s words! Be circumspect in all of your affairs; for the word of God is sure and it is coming to pass quickly from day to day. I send the love of my heart to each of you, warning you to put our Father in Heaven first, to love Him above all, and to love His Beautiful Son, our Beloved Saviour! I warn you to live a clean and pure life before Him. Live according to the commandments of God, repent daily, and love others! Each of us must hate evil; but we must love the sinners! In doing so, we must warn them of their rebellion and where it will lead them. We must warn them of their sins, lest we be found guilty before our Lord and God for not warning them!

Dear Ones, we are in the last years of this Earth as we know it to be and destruction will come suddenly upon the whole Earth. We are in the timeframe, wherein anything could happen any day. Are you prepared spiritually for what we are all about to face in this nation. We are headed for a world economic collapse and day by day, we are inching closer to all all-out nuclear war in this country! Indeed, a world war is at hand. It is World War III!

I send my heartfelt love to the very special ones, who have continued to be my friends and to help with these works, in spite of all that I have been through. Great are your rewards in Heaven and great are your rewards on this Earth; for our Father’s words are clear about His blessings upon those, who help His servants. Praises to His Holy Name!


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