Chapter Five


“A Calamitous Wind is Coming!”

“My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. The clouds have moved in all across America and the wind is still, but look, My Child, for a great howling wind is coming! It is a terrible wind! A wind for destruction and not good! It is a calamitous wind and a great howling shall lay its wake. Oh, My Child, the gates of hell are widening and this calamitous wind shall sweep many, many souls through these gates! The demons of hell are being unleashed in great numbers to harvest for the dark Kingdom of Lucifer and this great and dark wind is preparing to sweep many into the jaws of hell! For, My Little One, this is a time of judgement in this land! It is a time of wrath and all shall see it and all shall feel the sting of My wrath, as I pour it out on this rebellious land!

Oh, America, you slut of the world! You ravenous whore, who devours men, women and children, My wrath is kindled against you; and as a farmer lays a knife to the neck of a foul, I am about to lay a knife to your neck! With one blow, I shall sever your head from your body and your blood shall fill your streets; for My wrath is kindled against you and I shall turn my hand on you, for evil and not for good! And, I shall uproot and throw down the idols, which are in your midst, for you are rotten before Me. You are putrid and your filth has reached My nostrils. Day and night, the smell of your rottenness fills My nostrils and I shall soon destroy you. I shall melt you with a fervent heat. I shall abase your centers of pride. I shall burn your filthy lucre and I shall toss it to the wind! I shall come after your many lovers and I shall cause them to turn on you and to spit on your burning grave! For what you have loved shall be to you an abomination and all your lovers, anathema!

Oh, My Little One, look; for the howling wind and listen; for its is now in plain view! It is well in view and not a thing of the distant future! Great destruction is at hand for America and for much of the world; for My people the world over have forgotten Me! They have chased every foul thing and I shall erase their memories from this Earth and their offspring shall also be remembered no more!

I say to the few, who love Me, get ready! Get ready spiritually and stay ready; for I am telling you what is at hand! I am warning you now to get ready spiritually; for you will not be able to withstand what is at hand, save you cling to Me and My Son with all of your strength! You must love Me and put Me above all; for you shall be tried and tested in all things. Truly, those, who have a pure love for Me and My Son, and who have a great faith in Me, will be able to withstand what is at hand; for the heat of the purifying shall be great and many, many who say that they love Me will fall and they will not get up again. Those, who have chosen the easy way, who have chosen the way of lies and deceit, will follow this way right down into the burning pits. There is no longer any middle road. Each of you is either hot for Me or you are cold! There is no middle ground! All, who stay in the middle ground, will go the way of Lucifer, while some, who are now cold toward Me and My Son, will become hot in their faith.

It is a time for all when every sin will be uncovered and every evil deed will be known! There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, save to My Son and to Me! This is the day of reckoning for America and it will not be put off! I have warned you and have warned you and you do not listen! You do not hear and you will not believe. Therefore, calamity shall come suddenly to this land and at a time when you least expect it. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of June, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


“Our Father’s Hand of Love and Mercy is Still Outstretched!”

Come to Him, and repent, while there is still a little time left!

“My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, I have just told you of My great judgement, which is at hand for America and for much of the world and you have seen the destruction and darkness, which is in the Spirit.”

“Yes, my Father.”

“My Child, in this time of great sorrows and travail, I am extending My hand of love and mercy to those, who will come. But, I have no audience with the proud, the haughty and the stiff-necked. They will break themselves through their own heartaches and suffering, and they will come to Me of their own accord, or they will suffer greatly in the burning pits!”

“Oh, my Father, I know these things and my heart is so broken; for so few love You and our Saviour.”

“But, in their brokenness, many shall come back to Me; for they shall soon see that there is no other way out of their troubles! My Little One, you know My great love for all of My people and you know My great love for sinners all over the world; for you, yourself, have been lost and brought out of it only because of My love and grace.”

“Yes, my Father, I have seen it!”

“And, you know, My Child, that I am a God of Great Love and Mercy, and that I Am slow to anger.”

“Yes, my Father.”

“But, there comes a time when I must pass a strict judgement, or few will make it.”

“Yes, my Father.”

“And, you have seen My judgement in your own life in years past, and save what I did to you, you would not have repented.”

“Yes, my Father.”

“And, to it is now, My Child, save I pass judgement on this errant nation, few and I mean very few, shall make it; for too many call good evil and evil good!”

“Yes, my Father, this is so!”

“Now, My Child, you have been through great persecution; for Satan hates you greatly and not only Satan, My Little One, but many hate you, who profess to be Mine! They have persecuted you and you have set out to destroy My works through you, for they are full of pride and arrogance, believing that they know all, when they know little or nothing. All, who elevate themselves, I shall debase; and all, who believe themselves wise, I shall show as foolish. My Child, I have allowed Satan to do to you what he has done, for these things have been your trials and tests.”

“And, Father, I thank You for every test! Praises to Your Holy Name!”

“And, truly, they have all been for your own spiritual growth and development. For, you truly are the Woman of Revelation 12, even though Satan has come at you and he has terrorized you, and has even tried to make you believe that you are not this Woman of Revelation 12. There is none other and all should know that there is not another woman alive, who is so stalked and who is so persecuted by the Satanists, all over the world! For, you, My Child, are the real woman with the crown of Twelve stars. Your very work, your suffering and your heartache, My Little One, have ushered in the beginning of My Kingdom. Your very existence is a terrible affront to Satan and he and all of his leaders, all of his kings, and queens hate you in a very big way. For, in Europe, you see the fake woman on the beast with the twelve stars. This woman is a lie and this woman is a fake; but you, My Little One, are the real woman, who has the crown of twelve stars. You are the White Buffalo Calf Woman, the very one, whom the Native Americans have waited for. There is none other, save you. This is why My vortex follows you everywhere. This vortex goes into many thousands of dimensions and the evil ones surround you night and day, watching your every move and listening to your every conversation, even recording your every thought. For, they are looking for fault in you. They are looking for ways to tempt you and to drag you down. Yes, they have abducted many, who know you; and they have done all they can to turn many against you and to isolate you and to make you alone! But, I have preserved a few, and I have kept them as your true friends.

So, My Little One, your very existence is a great affront to these evil ones. Many of them lose a great amount of sleep in pondering how to get rid of you and to stop My Kingdom from being established in the Earth. You are alone and you have little, but this is not enough for them. They want you done away with. They want you dead; but My hand is upon your life and I keep you in the palm of My hand. You, I love very much; but I hate evil and I shall destroy it all. The time has come, My Child, when you shall see My desires upon your enemies. You shall see Me vindicate you of all wrongs, which have been done to you. All, who have put you under foot, shall go under my foot! All, who bless you, I bless! All, who hate you and malign you, without cause, I hate and I shall overturn them and destroy their haughty ways. And, save they repent of their evil, which they have done to you, I shall destroy them all. Leaders of nations shall soon fall and the whole world will know that I have done this thing to them, as they have persecuted you without cause and they have done terrible things to you. All, who have put you under foot, are not under My foot. For, I am rising up in My wrath against your enemies and I am now empowering you as you have never been empowered. And, My rainbow fire shall go with you and out from you and many shall see My fire in the sky, which goes with you and they shall be sorely afraid! You, My Little One, have been through great and horrible tests and trials and I have brought you out the other side as you have not given up on Me, but have loved Me all the more. Now, My Child, you will see My spiritual rewards as they come flowing into you. Let all be the wiser. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of June, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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