Chapter Seven

“What an Awesome Gift!”
“The Captives are set free!”

July 20, 2005

“My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, today is your birthday and while birthdays may not have any importance to some, the dates of earthly births and departures are significant to Me and I remember! Now, My Little One, you were beginning to think that this day would be an insignificant day. It is not! You are 57 today, but beyond that, My Child, it is important for many reasons. Around this time last year, you moved out of the house and separated yourself from your husband. You have been under heavy satanic attack for years, My Child, but especially the last two solid years, as they never leave you! Yes, My Child, they are very afraid of what you may do and what I may do in My vortex. But, today, My Child, marks another very important day and an important day for hundreds of thousands of trapped souls! For, on this day, I have sent you into the underground chamber of the evil greys and reptiles and their overlords to free these captured souls and with this work, alone, hundreds of thousands have been freed! They will look for them and not find them and this is My reward to you, My Child, also as you have long prayed for these prisoners, who are under the ground, but you never knew then about the hundreds of thousands of trapped souls, whom they trapped and sealed away. But, today, on your birthday I have also given you this gift!”

“Oh, my Father, what a beautiful gift, indeed! If I needed to go through all that I have suffered, to do this one thing, Father, every bit of this great persecution has been worth it!”

“Oh, they will be angry, My Child, but if they do not back off, I shall send you into their choice spots, and they shall find even greater losses! My Little One, I am raising up My Supernatural Army and I am sending them forth and these evil ones can do nothing about it. Just know one thing, My Child, that as of this day, many prisoners will rejoice and so should you, My Child; for this is My reward to you also for your steadfastness and dedication amidst such great persecution.”

“Father, they had them sealed up in horrible thick containments and these encasements were solid.”

“They may be solid, My Child, but I just opened them up and I set these captives free. But, you I sent, My Child, with My sword, under My power, in the Spirit to do this wonderful work. Mark this day, July 20, 2005, for today they are left scratching their heads; for I am moving to make right many wrongs in this Earth and I shall use My own army to do so.” (The Power of our Father in His sword, which was in my hand, broke the containment field around these huge containment centers; and when this field was broken, they were set free!”)

“Oh, my Father, I see now how they are all gone, but Oh, Father, the agonies remain in the spirit of all the sorrow that they felt and left behind. Father, take vengeance on these evil and disgusting hounds from hell. If You will ever allow it, Father, and if You send me in with Your power, I will gladly go after them for absolute defeat, as I despise all that they stand for.”

“My Child, a shaking is coming, for war is on its way and it will not be stopped! Be at peace this day and rejoice; for you have done a beautiful work for Me, My Little One! Over 600,000 captive souls are now free! This certain prison is now empty and there will be some howling going on tonight!”

“Praise You, Father! Blessed is Your Holy Name! Thank You, Father! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!”

“Now, My Child, put this on the website soon with the last message that I gave you!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 20th day of July, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Try to find an interview on the Internet called the Dulce Interview by someone named Branton. I had only read this a few weeks prior to our Father in Heaven setting these souls free and what I read just devastated me, but I already knew a lot of what this security guard was speaking of in this interview, as my Father had carried me into some of the underground bases years ago and I had seen many prisoners, people in cages. It was so sad and I have prayed for their freedom on and off for years.

My Dear Ones, this event took place between 9:30 and 9:45 on the night of July 20, 2005. I do not know how they got all of these souls and trapped them, but our Father knows. Shortly after this event, the mockers and scorners on Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly spewed forth their venom and hate, attacking what our Lord and God has told me in the past about disembodied spirits. These mockers and scorners tell you that all spirits either go to Heaven or to hell, when they die, and that is it! Period! You will read about the mockers later in one of the following chapters, but what is important is that Satan had them lined up quickly to attack what I write to you now about disembodied spirits. This has been done so that you would not believe what I say about this beautiful event! The Satanists have obviously infiltrated Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly, or some there have been taken up and mind controlled, which is the most likely scenario!

Better watch these forums, where they set themselves up as judges over our Father’s works! They are full of ego and pride and they are authorities on everything! They are also prime targets for abduction and mind control! I have seen this many times to date with so many in South Africa being taken; and it is unbelievable! If one’s heart is right with our Father in Heaven, this mind control will not work, but where there is pride, rebellion and unrepentant sin, they enter with their mind control and the mind control sticks. I was in one of their saucers one night as the Spirit of God took me there to listen and I heard them say that this mind control is 98% effective for the short term and 50% effective overall. This apparently means that as time goes on after these mind control sessions 48% recover, but 50% do not! But, I heard them say that they cannot mind control the other 2% and this troubles them! Read it again! This mind control does not work on 2% of the people, ever! This mass abduction and mind control is not fantasy! This is going on all over the world! This is what these Satanists and Nazis are doing right now, from night to night, and they are doing this on a very big scale; as they are work hand in hand with the otherworldly creatures! This is a war of the worlds as they work feverishly to annihilate humans off the planet, or to make them mind controlled slaves, robotoids!

So, as I was just telling you! When you see the backbiters, the gossipmongers and the know-it-alls coming together to set themselves up as judges over others and to destroy others, who do these works in earnest for our Father in Heaven, get awake and get out from among them, lest you be found guilty by association in the eyes of our Father. When you sit in the midst of such people and take it in and believe it, you are just as guilty as they are!

You will read about the hatemongering of this group toward me and these works in one of the coming chapters! The timing of their hate mongering about disembodied spirits is absolute proof that they are pawns of Lucifer. See how Satan operates! He knows very well what happened on July 20, 2005 and he wants to steal our Father’s victory! He cannot as these spirits are gone from captivity and some, if not all, are going to get a chance to study the gospel and to be healed of their horrible trauma, and go on to beautiful places in our Father’s Kingdom! Praises to our Father in Heaven, for He is so full of love and mercy!)

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