Chapter Eight

“If the heart is dark, the eye is dark!”

“My Beloved Child, I am your Master, your Teacher, Your Friend and Your Saviour; and one day soon, My Little One, I will be fully married to you for all time; for you are part of My Bride and the time for this marriage comes quickly now.

My Little One, you know that I am the Hope of this world; for I am your way to freedom. All of humanity stands on the threshold to slavery. What you have been through, the masses will soon go through, but those on the Broad Way will not have a leg to stand on, as they are not standing on the Rock of Salvation. They have made their foundation on shifting sands and they will soon be pulled under.”

“Oh, my Lord, who would believed what these Satanists and their other-worldly counterparts are doing to humanity? My Lord, they are mind controlling so many in these saucers and many do not even believe it, or know it, when they have been abducted and mind controlled. My Lord, this is horrible beyond words and I do not know when people will ever wake up!”

“My Child, if the heart is dark, the eye is dark; and if the heart is dark with unrepentant sin, one will live according to the thoughts and the thoughts are what these evil ones manipulate. But, if one’s heart is full of My Spirit, and if it is relatively clean of sin, this one is not easily manipulated or mind controlled. But, as these evil ones can read thoughts, like some read a newspaper, they are constantly looking for unclean thoughts. Where there are unclean thoughts, there is unrepentant sin, and where there is unrepentant sin, there is darkness in the heart. So, where there is much darkness, you will find a very cognitive person, a person, who dwells on things of the mind and things of the flesh. This one is very easily manipulated by these evil ones and this one is also very easily mind controlled, as this one is devoid of My Spirit in general and is already locked into the world system.”

“What a terrible thing!”

“Yes, My Child, you saw what they did to My son, who is a prophet in South Africa. They took him and stuck a spiritual screw into his heart.”

“But, why?”

“My Child, they saw some things in his thoughts, which were manifest as unrepentant sin in his heart. So, they tapped into this spiritual part of his heart. This screw was spirit, but had the same effect, as it had been a physical reality. It affected him and would have caused him problems if I had not helped you remove it. But, as he did not recognize this unrepentant sin, they continued to work on him. The screw can be removed, as I helped you to do, but they can put it back if they still see the sin.”

“Oh, this is terrible. And, My Lord, another friend had a long, plastic-like thing, inserted in her back; and they did this as well?”

“They did.”

“And, what is all of this about?”

“Spiritual weakness. A tendency to denial and to not stand up for right when she should.”

“So, this thing in her back caused her great pain?”

“It did.”

“Oh, my Lord, this is horrible beyond words. So, people then become their greatest fears and suddenly their greatest weaknesses as well.”

“In so many words, ‘yes.’ People are in an accelerated growth pattern. They will quickly grow toward Me and our Father through all of this pain, or they will quickly grow toward the mark of the beast, wherein they will become robotoids.”


“Exactly! This is what they will become as they love this world and the mental. Therefore, they will become slaves to this world and to the mind of the world. Those, who love Me and our Father and put My Father first, will become cleaner, purer, and most spiritual. When I come for them, it will be easy for them to turn into light beings and they will be more and more SPIRIT until they are full of the Spirit of God; and they are then clean. But, My Child, they must stop the fears! All, who avoid you, as they fear association with you because of all that you have been through, will go through some very terrible times because of their fears. For, no one can hide from Lucifer and none can hide from Me. All will be tried and tested in their greatest of fears if they live long enough. So, it is best to work through these fears now, as there can be no faith where there is fear.”

“Oh, my Saviour, what a mess!”

“It is, My Little One, but this sorting must be! Mine will all stop the games. They will get real with Me and with others of you and they will remain real, steadfast, and obedient to our Father, or they are devil bait.”

“Oh, My Lord, they do not have one clue as to what they are up against.”

“No, they do not. But you do and you have told many and others want to make you out as insane! Soon, they will see who is insane! For, their minds are totally unprepared to know or accept the truth, so they will live on in their lies until they find themselves as part of the group mind of Satan!”

“Oh, my Lord, I think that many are already a part of this group mind.”

“Yes, My Little One, but the voluntary chip to the head will solidify their choices. Now, My Little One, get these things typed so that all may be the wiser. I am Jesus, yea one with Jehovah, Most High God.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of July, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Second Message from our Father in Heaven

“The Great Love of our Father in Heaven”

“My Blessed Child, you cannot know how much I love you, but you must know, My Child, for I am your Father in Heaven, even Jehovah, Most High God. And, day-by-day, My love expands in you through the suffering, which I carry you through. You do not know it, My Little One, but I am making you free! I am making you free of all ties that bind; and one morning you will wake up on the other side of the world, doing a work that I sent you to do. Be prepared, My Little One, for what is unexpected and totally surprising. This is the day that the Satanists have dreaded, the day wherein I empower Mine to do the impossible. Yes, this is the day wherein My Supernatural Army rides and those, who are ready for it, are now riding.

My Little One, what greater thing can you do than to do My will and to bring Me glory?”

“My Father, there is no greater thing than to do Your beautiful and perfect will, to be an instrument in Your hands, only for the purposes of bringing You all the praise and glory. What a joy!

Father, it is so beautiful up here. Where am I? I can see for miles and the air is so intense?”

“My Little One, you are in Israel.”

“Oh, my Father, it is not looking so good, as I look down below; for it seems that all that is beautiful is now gone, and there is before Me a very large, black hole, or an abyss.”

“My Little One, step off this mountain and go down into the abyss.”

“Yes, my Father, but it is so dark and I do not know where I am going or how to move from place to place, as there is no light. But, as my eyes adjust, I see that I am on a windswept hill and I see the lights of a city in the distance.”

“My Little One, do you know where you are?”

“No, my Lord.”

“You are facing Jerusalem.”

“My Father, I cannot tell much about anything as all is so dark.”

“Yes, My Child, it is dark and Israel is headed for a time of even greater darkness; for great unrest and darkness now sweeps Israel and Israel is headed for war. It is being planned by opposing forces right now, but I put My very sword down in the midst of the city right now and the ones, who oppose it, I shall cut to pieces. For, I, myself, shall fight the battle in this city.”

“And, Father, I see Your hand come down and it is grasping a very huge and radiant and brilliant, burning sword. My Father, this frightens me. I have never seen Your hand on a sword, like this!” (The power of this sword hit me in the pit of the stomach and I felt weak all over!”)

“No, My Child, you have not, but through My war in this very city, I shall judge the world.”

“Oh, my Father, this world is in such a mess. Help us, Your Children.”

“My Little One, I am cleaning up the mess in the lives of My Faithful. I am ridding them of all that distracts or tears down; for I will need their undivided devotion to fight this war. So many of them are going through great trials right now as I separate and divide out of their lives all of the fakers, the insincere and the lawless. And, this is what I have done to you and because of it, you have shed many tears; but you had others around you, who did not love Me. They did not understand the gravity of the works that I have called you to and they took you away from work that I called you to do. All that you have been through, has been a necessary part of your walk; and now you are going forward. Now, My Child, I shall use you to take down those, who have walked on you and have abused and mistreated you; and I am speaking of those in government, and the Seed of Satan, who have done terrible things to you. Now, My Child, I shall empower you; for you are fully Mine and you are focused on Me and My work without distraction.”

“My Father, why did You allow the Luciferians to kidnap me so many times and to do to me what they did?”

“To show you how much I love you, that I love you as Daniel, Shadrack, Meshach and Abednigo. I allowed it and I brought you through it and now, I shall raise you up as a mighty voice in this world. The Satanists had their time and now, you will have a time of victory against them. It is for you, as well, My Child, to teach others, what they do not know about this great invasion on the Earth, as Lucifer and his hoards are all but cast down. So, go in faith, for all has been for reasons, and you do not understand these reasons, but I do. Now, regarding Revelation 12, the book,¦ I give you the option to print it, or to post it on the Internet. I give you this choice and I also respect your choice. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”

As Witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22nd day of July, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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