My Dear Brothers and Sisters, many of you have read this “Message for You,” but if you are late in coming back to read at this site, or if you are a newcomer, you will want to read this very important message. But, if you have already read it, go on to Chapter One of Book Eleven.

“A Message for You”

April 23, 2005

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it is such a pleasure and a joy to be back with you, and to have this website in my possession once again. Praises to our Father in Heaven, as He knows all things and His timing is always perfect! I have missed you so and truly, as the old saying goes, “Much water has passed under the bridge,” and some of it greatly turbulent. But, even so, Dear Ones, the love of our Precious Father in Heaven and His Precious Son, has sustained me through grave and perilous, yet triumphant times.

Many of you wonder what happened to me as great lies and much disinformation and misinformation have been spread about me and my whereabouts, and unfortunately many of these lies have been spread by my own family members. I shall list herein but a few of the tragic things that I have endured, but Beloved Ones, all has been part of my trials by fire and in deep humility, I thank my Precious Father in Heaven that I have been counted worthy to suffer such great persecution for love of Him and His Beautiful Son, our Beloved Jesus, Savior of All of Humanity.

Some of you may know that I left the States on August 12th, 2004 and arrived in South Africa on August 13th, but few of you really understand why and even fewer of you understand the great ramifications of all that happened in South Africa. But, in this brief space, I will give you a thumbnail sketch of major events, which have happened within the last two years, and then you will understand somewhat the interconnectedness of what has happened since August, 2004.

In January of 2003, our Father in Heaven told me to read and study the Book of Daniel and to get the messages of Daniel in my heart. Then, He told me to study well the books of Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jeremiah. But, of the most importance was the Book of Daniel, and when I realized the gravity of what He was saying to me, I had a deep dread in the pit of my stomach.

In late January of 2003, I received a very strange letter from one, who signed off as “Ha Virakhala.” This letter warned me in so many words to stop revealing the secrets of the Illuminati. Our Beautiful Father in Heaven showed me in visions the face of this man, who wrote this letter, and he turned out to be the “Black Pope,” the head of the Jesuits and from what I understand, the top-ranking Satanist on the planet. But, I continued on with the work of our Lord and God and did not stop revealing their secrets. Praises to Our Father in Heaven! However, these evil ones did not like it that I did not listen to their warnings and they set out to make an all-out war against me, which continues to this day! You may remember that our Father in Heaven had revealed at that time an Illumini plot to kill George W. Bush and Stew Webb and I revealed these plots openly on the radio and Internet. These warnings effectively saved the life of George W. Bush, but the evil ones were very angry with me and they began to persecute me greatly. The following are only a few of the horrible things that these evil Satanists have done to me, yet through it all, my Beautiful Father in Heaven and His Precious Son, have been with me and have kept me. To our Wonderful Father in Heaven is all the praise and glory forever and ever! Praises to His Holy Name!

These evil ones have sabotaged my e-mails, sending hate mails and spreading lies and disinformation about me on the Internet and elsewhere to try and stop these works. They have sent microwaves through the phone lines, which burned my face, head and throat. They have attacked me with suprasonic weapons and the last time that I was on the radio, the pain in my head from these attacks was severe and agonizing. They have sent their killers to run me off the road and to break into our house, both of which failed! They have continually abducted me via their antigravity machines and I have repeatedly awakened to find needle marks on various parts of my body and various scratch marks here and there on my body as well.

They kinapped me via their antigravity machines and carried me before their Black Pope and his male entourage where they mocked and belittled me, among other horrendous things. I awoke remembering their smirking faces and found needle marks on my hands and other parts of my body, especially my head. After this abduction, our Father in Heaven sent this Black Pope to the Lake of Fire and from what I understand there is now a younger Black Pope. That this older Black Pope is dead has been verified to me via those who have contacts in the intelligence community. These evil Satanists also sent Out-of Body Assassins from one of their underground bases, I believe Area 51. I awoke to see in the spirit a young blonde girl, who was seated in a chair and she was looking at me in a sad and pitiful way. At the same time, I saw a short, bald-headed man, who was pushing a rag through the wall of my house and was intent on smothering me. Out among the trees I saw 10-15 totally black spirits, the Out-of-Body time-traveller assassins. From what I have come to find out since this encounter, these young spiritually-gifted children, such as this beautiful young girl, are drugged and used as guides to help these Satanists time travel and get back to their bodies. Much information has come forth since this encounter to show that this bald-headed man was most likely Dennis Bossack, fake patriot and government Satanist. Since the time of my encounter with this bald-headed man, Bossack has disappeared from the “scene” and some believe that he is dead!

Does all of this sound strange? This is absolutely strange, and so strange that these evil Satanists want you to believe that all of this is science fiction. But, Dear Ones, it is time to get wise, as Satan, the Devil, is surely wise and he is cunning! He will go to any lengths to enslave the populace and most are absolutely blind and naïve to the evil of these Satanists, which goes on unnoticed and unchecked!

These evil ones have long held the “secrets” to time travel and interdimensional travel, especially Fourth Dimensional matters. They are the fallen angels and most want to believe that when they were cast out of heaven that they just disappeared. They are in our midst and have been for a very long time and they are full of every kind of lie and every kind of malicious deed.

Over the last two years, these satanic attacks have escalated against me! These evil ones have become all the more angered as our Father in Heaven began to shut down their time portals, for they depend on these very time portals to do much of their evil work.

Wherever I go, these evil ones stalk me with their antigravity machines, and the other-worldly creatures (the greys and the reptiles) have stalked me in their silvery saucers. And, at this point, I have many witnesses, who have also seen these things and know of the veracity of what I am writing!

I want to make it very clear to you from all that I have come to know, that the Black Pope is in fact the leading Satanist in the whole world and as such he is in charge of the intelligence operations of the militaries of the world. This has been a well-kept secret to many, but Dear Ones, it is time to wake up to the truth of the power structure in this worldly system. There is a force on this planet that is so utterly evil and disgustingly cruel that it defies accurate description; and this force is in charge of the militaries of the world at this time and it is utterly Satanic.

These evil ones have long been time travelling and going to other stars. They have built their habitiations in the rocks and have made their homes in the stars as we are told in Obadiah, but we are also told that our Father in Heaven will bring them down to the ground!

Obadiah:1:2-4 Behold, I have made thee small among the heathen, thou are greatly despised. The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high, that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground? Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.”

And, we are now facing this day wherein they are being brought down to the ground! Dear Ones, wake up and get ready! We are looking at an all-our war against humanity that most are absolutely unprepared for.

I do hope and pray that you will listen to me and what I have to tell you, for what I have come by has been through horrible and painful experiences and it is only because of the love and grace of our Father in Heaven that I am still alive, for my life has been a life of Daniel encounters day after day, after day! Too often, my Dear Ones, I have been in the Lion’s Den and have lived to tell of it only because of the saving hand of my Lord and God! Praises to His Holy Name!

In the early morning hours of May 23, 2004, the evil ones in this very government kidnapped me and raped me. Those high up in this government, including the Bushes and their cohorts gang-raped me and sodomized me and when they did this, they herniated my colon wall and for this, I need surgical repair to this day. They damaged my anal opening to such a degree that I was incontinent on and off for about ten days. They were so sure that I would not notice that they had raped and sodomized me that they sent me taunting e-mails confessing to the evil that they had done in their own perverted lingo. My hands were severely swollen for days with severe arthritis from being hand-cuffed while they did this evil to me.

I was utterly shocked to hear my husband, Dennis, tell Stew Webb the Thursday before they raped me that he would be going out of town for a week, knowing full-well that the intelligence agencies listen to every word that is spoken on Stew’s phone, and knowing full-well also that the last time that he went out of town, the evil ones tried to kill me! At that time, I was in intensive care and was very close to death because of their attacks with a heart rate in the 30s and very low blood pressure. For no apparent reason, I would begin to go into shock and the doctors could not find out what was causing this! Then, my records from the hospital intensive care unit came up with no record of my vital signs, while in Intensive care and no record of how critically ill I really was!

I learned only recently that these evil ones in this government had most likely hit me with an electromagnetic weapon, which can cause circulatory collapse (shock) and even death. Dear Ones, I am speaking of the Satanists in the Pentagon! Do not be fooled into thinking that these horrible things are being done by some alien force from across the ocean or from another planet! These attacks against the truth-bearers and the light-bearers are primarily being carried out by the US Government! Right now, this is one of the leading Satanic forces on this planet. They are in control of this country and they are driving it into the ground, while the masses sleep on!

I went through the terrible trauma of this rape, which happened on May 23rd of last year and my husband, Dennis, has never spoken one word of condolence to me about this horrendous attack. When he got home, I told him and he hugged me, but has never spoken one word of comfort to me. What I have suffered, I have suffered alone before God and it is only because of His love and grace that I have been able to withstand the horrible assaults from so many directions!

On August 01 of this year, Dennis, teamed up with my sister in California, and the two of them plotted to put me in a mental hospital because they did not believe that I was kidnapped and raped! I picked up the telephone extension to hear their lengthy conversation and they mocked and scoffed when I intervened in their conversation and tried to tell them the truth! This is why I fled from Dennis! He was absolutely uncaring and down-right frightening!

Surely, Dennis was must have been under mind control! He spoke in a frightening monotone, never blinking an eye as he said, “Linda, you have not seen any ‘saucers’ as they do not exist. Linda, I have not seen any needle marks on you as there has not been any! And, I have not had any needle marks on me as there have been none!” He said these things in spite of the fact that we both watched a government antigravity machine for about 30-45 minutes one morning last spring before he went to work. And, on another occasion, we saw one come down and cross the sky in front of the car! He was often witness to the needle marks on me and one morning, he had four very large needle marks at the top of his own spine, which he felt and saw also in the mirror!

But, Dear Ones, when I left Dennis and went to South Africa, I was also totally unprepared for what was about to unfold in South Africa. Our Father in Heaven had told me that the interdimensional vortex, which had opened up over our property, would go with me wherever I go! And, this has surely been the case! But, not only did the vortex go, but the antigravity machines went as well. On the farm, where I was staying, I pointed out these antigravity machines to the children and to others, and night after night we all watched these antigravity machines grow in number from only two to more than 8-10 in only one small part of the sky. So, the actual, numbers may have been as many as 30 or 40 in the sky in the last few weeks that I stayed on this man’s farm.

Remember that the antigravity machines are properties of the governments, particularly the USA. They sit on one place for many hours and often radiate colors of light, especially red, yellow and green, though some see blues as well. They make a humming noise like a generator and when they begin to move from one place to another, they sound like a jet plane, which has suddenly started its engine! They make an horrendous noise when they are hovering low and will shake and jar the walls! The saucers, which the greys and reptiles fly, make no noise and they emit a white light. These evil entities can land these on the roofs of houses and we often heard the clanking of metal on top of the house in South Africa as these creatures attempted to land these small metallic saucers in the middle of the night.

While in South Africa, I would awaken from time to time to find the needle marks on various parts of my body and I became extremely concerned about what these evil ones would do to those in this church, whose hearts were not right As time went on, I began to hear reports of needle marks on some others and witnessed two needle marks on one man, who was translating these works into Afrikaans.

My Father had told me that these evil ones would be unable to mind-control those, whose hearts are right before Him and they would be unable to mind-control, those, who are sealed already, that is the 144, 000. These 144,000 have already been sealed as this Satanic mind control is utterly powerful and absolutely destructive!

What I have come to understand is that most, who have been mind-controlled, never know what has hit them. They take on the programming and believing that these thoughts and emotions to be their own, they act on them without weighing them at all. Even though these thoughts in their heads go against all that they know, most do not know at all that they have been programmed and accept what is in their heads as real. One’s heart must be clean and pure and then, these programs will not affect them. The heart is the real battle ground of Satan and this is why we must repent daily and forgive those, who have done us wrong so that we can be free to go on.

Regarding the mind control attacks against me my former friends, I find that one day, a person is my friend and the very next day, this same person is spewing obscenities and/or hate about me and is out to destroy me! There comes about a radical change in the thinking of the individual and unfortunately these individuals believe that they are spouting out their own beliefs!

Dear Ones, this is tragic beyond words and this is happening to me and continues to happen because of the importance of the work in South Africa and because of the great hate of the Satanists for me and for these works of our Lord and God. What very few understand is that the foundation for the beginning of our Savior’s Kingdom on Earth was laid in South Africa! Dear Ones, this is Revelation Chapter 12!

When my Father in Heaven told me to pack my bags, leave Dennis and go to South Africa, as this small group had invited me some time back, I had no idea what was about to unfold! For me, this would be perhaps a time of quiet rest! Nothing could have been further from the truth! From the time that I arrived at the small farm in South Africa, which also houses a church, my time was taken with many visitors, who came from all over South Africa. I want to add one thing! This small church had grown from less than 50 active members to between 350 and 400 members in about six or seven months and this was because they translated these prophecies into Afrikaans and became the home to these prophecies in South Africa! In the small church, which would seat 100-150 people, there was no longer room to sit. People had to sit outside as so people many came from faraway places. There was an awesome outpouring of the Spirit of God and even little children were getting dreams and visions. This was so beautiful and because of their love and obedience, our Father in Heaven had chosen this group to lay the foundation for the Kingdom of God!

But, Dear Ones, the evil ones in the anitigravity machines hovered overhead night after night, and they were steadily abducting the people and mind-controlling them. This was not only evidenced by the needle marks on some, but was also witnessed by a young prophet, who fled with me when this very group turned on me and joined forces with the evil ones in government! He was abducted and clearly remembered much of what was done to him and when he was taken, he also saw some from the farm, who were there and who were under mind control. Our Father in Heaven set this young prophet free of the mind control, which was done to him, but he is truly among the great minority as most never know that they have been taken!

Our Savior came to me one morning in a prayer session in this small church and he gave me ten rows of gold keys, which He put around my waist; and He told me that these are they keys for the establishment of His Kingdom on Earth. As people came from all over South Africa for prayer and for a prophetic word, I would often look up to see that one or more of these gold keys had been spiritually transferred and was attached to their waists. As I looked at the keys, I would see a word on the key denoting the attribute, which was given spiritually to that person at that time for the building of the Kingdom of our Savior on Earth. On three separate occasions, I witnessed our Savior on His White Horse and each time that He came the wind would suddenly whip up and He would be there on an absolutely huge white horse.

With each passing day, our Father in Heaven demanded a greater purity of this small group, yet there was a core group, which was rebellious and in the end, this very group rejected these works. They wanted to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, gossip and lie and they did not want to give up these things. From the beginning, our Lord and God told all of them that they had been chosen for a very important work, but few could understand the greatness of what was at hand!

There is much to tell but in this short space, there is not space for great detail. These details will be brought to you at a later time. But, what you must understand is that this core group, which was rebellious rose up against these works and they took over. These were the very ones, who are rooted in pride and ego and rebellion and they destroyed what our Lord and God had given them to do. These very ones also joined forces with Dennis and my Sister to try and destroy me. These rebellious ones, who had put up a mirror website of, also put up lies, disinformation and misinformation on the front of this website to make me out to be a false prophet; and they steadfastly refused to take it down as they said that they were getting help from someone, who is closer to me than what I think. Dennis?

At the same time, Dennis changed the password on and steadfastly refused to give it back to me. He posted his own “poor-me” letter in late August, or early September and I have since found out that he told many that I am insane! He has steadfastly refused to give me the password to the website and I was able to get it back on the 6th of April, only because my Father in Heaven made a way for this to happen. But, I had to come back to the States to fight Dennis regarding this and other issues, as Dennis refused to cooperate with anything that I suggested or wanted as regards the divorce that he initiated and wanted.

Dennis filed for divorce from me in October with a quickie divorce demand from Guam. He demanded all our material possessions, and according to the wording of this decree, he would even get the website and all of the prophecy books. I tried to reason with Dennis and settle for the website, the prophecy books and little else, but he would agree to nothing.

I endured great persecution in South Africa and shed many tears because of all the lies that were spread about me. People, like Sheri Elijah, whom I helped in the States to be free of a high-level Satanist, with whom she was married to for over thirty years, printed the biggest bold-faced lies about me that I have ever read. One day, this woman will be forced to explain why she lived with a high-level Satanist for over 30 years and other lies that she has told that people, but I leave all of this up to my Lord and God as He will rectify the wrongs to me that this woman has done. It is for me to forgive these, who have done such great evil to me and to go on.

From South Africa, my Father in Heaven sent me to Sweden and the only reason for going there was to deliver a prophecy to the King of Sweden! This was a beautiful prophecy of love for Sweden, for this King, and a prophecy of a promise of our Father’s protection for Sweden, but this King refused it and joined forces with the British and American intelligence operatives to persecute me and the few, who were with me in Sweden.

There are witnesses to the bizarre things that happened in Sweden and witnesses to the fact that antigravity machines stalked us all in Sweden. There are witnesses also to the blue hole, which was made in the arctic clouds by the vortex, which also follows me wherever I go.

Horrible things happened in Sweden! Some of you may remember my appeal to you on the website in England to fast and pray with me on the high Satanic holidays, the 21st and the 22nd of December! I asked this of you and also asked our Father in Heaven to punish the evil ones in the antigravity machines for the horrible things that they are doing to many and to make His punishment so visible that the whole world would see His judgement and that they would know that He has done this thing!

On the night of the December 21st, these evil Satanists put one of their witch doctors in the window of the fifth floor apartment building, across the terrace from where we were staying in downtown Stockholm. We were on the second floor and as we looked out out across the terrace and upward, we could see this half naked black man in the window. He was perched in a frozen out-of-body state as he was out of his body doing evil against us. We all prayed against this evil and I was witness s to many voodoo spirits, which were sent to attack us. However, our Father in Heaven defeated them all and we are here today to tell about it! The great news is that I am totally confident that the spirit of this evil man did not make it back to his body and that they had to physically take him out of the window. This was the 21st and 22nd of December of 2004.

On the afternoon of the 23rd, we began to see a sharp beam of light periodically coming from the window of the fifth floor apartment and this beam of light continued on into the 24th of December. On the night of the 24th of December, I went into my bedroom and smelled smoke. A short time later, we all heard as series of explosions beneath us and we looked out on the terrace below to see fireman, who were present with hoses, and they were directing water into the large skylights, which provided light for the street-level shops. Great smoke was pouring forth from the open skylight windows below, and within a very short time, a great amount of fire was roaring forth out of the open windows of these skylights. We threw our clothes into our suitcases and decided to leave, but as we opened the door to the hallway, thick, black smoke filled our nostrils. We all make it out allright and we stayed in a hotel until the morning of the 26th day of December.

On the morning of the 26th of December, as we were preparing to leave the hotel, we were all shocked to hear about the great tsunami and great earthquake, which took place on that very morning. We were all so caught up in survival that I did not recognize at first that this tsunami was in fact the great judgement of our Father in Heaven and that He caused this quake to punish the evil ones! This punishment was indeed great and was seen by the whole world!

Immediately, we began to hear rumors that the US Pacific spaceport at Diego Garcia was severely damaged, but to this day, I do not know for sure whether this is true. And, I do not know whether other underground spaceports of the Satanists and of the greys and reptiles were also damaged in this great quake and tidal wave! But, in my heart of heart, I know that our Father did something to severely wound those, who have done so much evil with their saucers and antigravity machines.

Our Father in Heaven also punished Sweden because of the evil that the King of Sweden did. More Swedes were killed in this tsunami than people of any other nationality in Europe, and this is also true in relation to the western countries. Our Father also sent a terrible strorm on Sweden the day after I left and this storm devastated southern Sweden! About a month after this storm, He sent a second storm on Sweden, which also brought great devastation. The Kings’ s younger daughter was also in a car wreck and this took place shortly after Antonietta left Sweden!

A day or so after the quake, I also got word of a terrible death on the farm of Dirk Van Vuuren, the leader of the small church on the farm, where I was staying in South Africa. Sadly, this now-dead-man and Dirk Van Vuuren had concocted a scheme to defraud me of a camper, which I had bought with my own money; and rather than argue with them, I let them steal a camper from me that they knew that I had payed for. After the tragic and horrendous death of this man on Dirk Van Vuuren’s farm, the whole church began to scatter, just as our Father had warned them in advance that He would do to them for their rebellion, and as of this day, all are scattered, who rebelled against our Lord and God, and who persecuted me without cause or reason.

I take no pride in this horrible thing and in fact, my heart grieves as I wonder at what could have been in South Africa. But, even so, what has come about does not minimize what has already happened in the hearts of some very righteous people. For, I must truly say that I have never seen a more beautiful people than some of those that I met in South Africa. Because a few have chosen to destroy what is good and beautiful does not mean that all have decided this and I know in my heart that what our Lord and God has given a few will continue to grow in a most beautiful way. Praises to our Father in Heaven! Holy is His Beautiful Name!

My friend, Antonietta, who was with me in Sweden, and I applied for asylum in Sweden, but we were both rejected. I went back to South Africa, but the Swedish govenmnent insisted that she go back to Ethiopia. She did not stay long in Ethiopia and today lives in England. I stayed for forty days in South Africa on my second trip there and then our Father in Heaven told me that I must come back to America to fight Dennis. By this time, he had hired a divorce lawyer from Little Rock and he was well underway with his own divorce plans.

I did not have money for a divorce lawyer or little else, but my Precious Father in Heaven made a way for me to get started. Dennis has given me $120.00 in support since the 2nd of August, 2004, but I have never been without and will always be grateful for my beautiful friends and family, who so graciously provided for me in South Africa and Sweden and for those, who have stood firmly by me in the States! Our Father will pour out His blessings on these beautiful and faithful souls! Praises to His Holy Name!

On April 1st, Dennis’ first wife and his son came down from Missouri. Dennis has spent considerable time with his ex-wife since I left and has been burning up the telephone lines with calls to her in Missouri. So, she and His son came down to help Dennis move out on April 01 and Dennis’ son helped Dennis load up a truck with most things of any value that we have! I was left without mattresses to sleep on or a sofa to sit on, but a few of you have generously helped me to get mattresses and a sofa and for this I am eternally grateful. Our Father in Heaven is mindful of you and He will surely pour out His blessings upon you!

Since I got possession of the website again, my computer got a virus and Dennis shut off the telephone service so this update has been slowed down somewhat, but the wonderful thing is that I am now typing this update to you and with the help of our Lord and God I will be able to continue on as He directs.

There is much to tell about Revelation 12 and about the Coming Kingdom of our Savoir, but I will get into that at a later date. I have been through hell on Earth because I am this Woman of Revelation 12. To say such a thing would have never entered my mind, but my Father in Heaven has told me this over and over again and He has made me see that this great persecution is directed at me because of the coming Kingdom of our Savior and because I have been given these keys.

Dear Ones, the sad and tragic thing is the way that these evil ones are coming after many people that I know and love! But, you should know that these are not the only ones, who are being abducted and mind-controlled. They are going after the tried-and-true, the true remnant! But, I can tell you, Dear Ones, that few, very few are prepared for what they are to face, and when they are abducted and mind-controlled, few will ever know what has happened to them.

I am warning you to get ready! What I have seen and what a few, who have been with me have seen, defies all that we know to be true! But, you must wake up to the fact that the governments of the world are now in the hands of Lucifer and that the technologies of the fallen angels are now squarely in the hands of corrupt and morally bankrupt humans and genetic crossbreads, who are playing god.

Today, my Father now tells me that I will write Revelation 12, The Coming Kingdom of our Savior, and this may take me some time! I will let you know more about this as time goes along. I thank our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven for this opportunity to serve Him and our Savior and I know that what He has started will not be stopped! Praises to His Holy Name. Read on for a message from our Precious Father in Heaven and following that is my prayer to Him on behalf of each of you.




My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God, the Great I AM, I AM THAT I AM. My Little One, as a sleeping flag unfurls in the wind, a New Day is unfurling and rolling forth for My peopole, but it is a day of sorrow, not joy, a day of trials, pain and suffering. For, what was and what is shall no longer be in this New Day. For, this New Day is brought about through pain and suffering; and what shall emerge through brokenness and pain, this world has not yet seen. What is at hand is a turbulent roller-coaster ride for the whole world and I am the master of this ride. All that is not anchored in Me and My Son will be cast aside to the winds of destruction, but what is moored firmly in My commandments shall withstand the battering that is at hand.

My Little One, many wonder where you have been and what you have been doing. You have been on a mission of love for Me and you have been doing My work and My will. I, Myself, have sent you through the fires of great adversity, persecution and suffering, and I, Myself, have brought you through. Even you, My Little One, do not have a full understanding of the reasons for this great persecution and suffering that you have endured, and you have withstood it amidst great sorrow and pain. Nevertheless, you have never been alone, as I have chosen a few faithful ones, who have not deserted you, but have been witness to all that you have been through.

Most will never know or appreciate what you have endured, but I know all and I love you all the more, for you have done what no other woman on this planet has done. You have ushered in the Kingdom of My Son; and while it is in its stages of infancy, still this babe has been born and to you I have given the keys.

And, many of these keys were given to the people of South Africa, though some have tossed theirs aside and they have forgotten them. But, I have not and so long as the bearers of these keys are faithful, these keys within them shall grow and these very ones will use these keys in the establishment of My Sons’ rule in the Earth.

A great unfolding took place in South Africa on August 18, 2004 and for the time since then, this unfolding has gone forth, but you, My Little One, have born the persecution and hate that few could or would endure and this is all due to the fact that you are indeed the woman of Revelation 12. Satan and all his forces have been after you and they have stalked all, who have known you personally. They have worked diligently to kill and to destroy what took place in South Africa, and on many occasions, they have succeeded! They have abducted, chipped and also mind-controlled all, who have not been sealed and this is most. But, those, whose hearts are clean and full of love, they could not mind-control and this greatly troubles all of them.

In due season, My Child, I shall free those, who have been kidnapped, held against their will, and mind-controlled, but this will come about only as they are steadfast in their faith and as they seek My face, for this has been a great test and a trial for them and because of their own impure hearts, they have fallen.

My Little One, few are ready for the great assaults, which are now aimed at all of humanity. They cannot begin to imagine the pain and suffering that you have been through and many mock and scorn you for telling the truth; but I tell you, My Little One, that the mockers and scorners have their place in the burning pits.

Satan and his demonic forces are on a great search for all true believers. They are out to destroy the minds and hearts of every person on this planet! Those, that they do not kill, they aim to enslave. My Son is your Way to Freedom. You have no other Way. Budda will not save you. He cannot; for he is in the Burning Lake! And, all the false gods and idols will not save you, as they are but fodder for the fire!

The great war is on and it is a war against all of humanity. Many of you believe that you can outsmart Lucifer and his pawns. Save you have Me, My Son and My Spirit as your constant friends, you cannot and you will not; for you are the walking dead and you know it not. I have shown you the Way and it is no easy way, but it is the Only Way.

At this Passover, I am here once more speaking to you through the pen of My prophetess, Linda Newkirk. Listen to Me! These are no longer days of warning, but days of judgement! You are living out the Book of Revelation, but most of you know it not! Wake up! Take note! Listen to Me now; for at this Passover, I shall stretch forth My hand and I shall lead many of you out of bondages, which have kept you hostage for many, many years. I shall stretch forth My hand to you and I shall set you free and this I shall do as My Daughter, who pens these words, has been asking Me to make you free and even as you read the prayer below, which are her words of prayer to Me on your behalf, I shall answer her prayer for you. For, this is part of My promise to her, that I would give her, her heart’s desire and this desire is to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. So, as she asks, I respond, for she has been often through the Valley of the Shadow of Death for the love of each of you.

This is the end of this My message to you. Stay close to Me and My Son; for I am about to rock this planet! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of April, 2005,
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


My Beloved and Precious Father in Heaven, holy is Your Precious Name. To You, my Beautiful Father, is all the praise and all the glory forever and ever! Father, in the Wonderful and Exalted Name of our Savior, Your Son, our Beloved Jesus, Father, I plead with You for salvation for all, who would read this prayer! Father, I ask You to touch the hearts, the minds, the spirits and the souls, the bodies and the emotions, of all, who read this prayer and that You change each person forever in a beautiful and lasting way. Father, fill each one with Your beautiful Spirit and make each one a new and beautiful vessel, according to Your Holy Ways. Father, where there is weakness, give Your strength. Where there is no love, Father, give Your love to each one in abundance. Where there is a sorrowful heart, heal this sorrowful heart and bring tears of joy! Where there is no hope, Father, fill each one with hope! Where there is lack, Father, provide in abundance! Some do not know how they will pay a light bill and some are out of work. Father, reverse these conditions, and pour out Your financial blessings on the needy! Some, Father, are afflicted with terrible diseases, like aids, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and rare neurological diseases. Some have lameness, blindness, deafness and a host of other physical maladies. Father, as each one reads my plea to you and asks you, Father, for healing, or deliverance or blessings, which he or she stands in need of, please Father, give freely of these healings, financial provisions, deliverances or whatever he or she might need. Perhaps, the one, who reads this is asking for these blessings for a friend or relative; and this case, Father, please make it so!

Oh, Father, there is great oppression among Your people! Many are oppressed! They are depressed! They are nagged by terrible demons! Demons of guilt! Demons of fear! Demons of hate! Demons of accusation! Demons of violence! Demons of lust and alcoholism! Demons of drug addiction! Demons of Porn! And, demons of every addiction, including gluttony and gambling! Father, only You can deliver one from these terrible demons, but Father, You are able to do so, and I ask You right now in the Beautiful and Holy Name of Your Son, who is our Jesus, to set those free, who are reading this prayer and who are possessed of these demons! Father, I ask You to forgive them for their sins and to make them white and clean before You and I ask You, Father, that where one does not have the Spirit of God, that You will impart the Spirit as each one asks for it so that the spiritual house of one, who is set free, is not empty and thereby the home of even more demons!

Father, Oh, Beautiful Father, I ask You to break any and all lineage curses and any other kind of curse, which is on any one who reads this prayer and asks that these curses be broken. Father, I ask you to uproot these curses to bind them up again and to throw them into the Lake of Fire. Father, I ask You to break any and all strongholds of Satan, Lucifer the Devil off each one, who now asks You to do so and to break any and all yokes, holds and bondages of Satan, Lucifer, the Devil off each one, who now asks You to do so. And, Father, I ask You to send down Your Holy Fires to purify each one and to make each one whole and clean before You! And, lastly, Father, I ask You to bathe each one in the blood of the Lamb and to make each one whole and clean before You, Father, who wants this and asks You for it right now

Father, I also ask You to empower some to take this prayer into nursing homes and hospitals, where they will ask these things of you on behalf of the sick and disabled and that You, Father, will hear their prayers on behalf of those, who are unable to pray for themselves.

Thank You, Father, for hearing and answering this prayer on behalf of those, who are in need! Oh, Beloved and Beautiful Father in Heaven, blessed is Your Holy Name! All the praise and all the glory goes to You forever and ever! Amen and Amen!

Blessed Ones, write to me and share the blessings, which our Father in Heaven has given you through His promises via this prayer. He is worthy of all the praise and the glory forever and ever as He is so full of love, grace and mercy.

I thank each of you, who helps with these works financially and who has helped in the past. Our Father in Heaven is surely mindful of You and He will continue to bless you! If you would like to help financially, please send to:

Linda Newkirk,
P.O. Box 11184
Conway, Arkansas, 72034.

I send the love of my heart to each of you and big, big hugs to my Dear and Beautiful Friends, who are scattered all over the world.

Jesus is our Most Wonderful Way,

Your Sis,

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