Chapter Ten

My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God! My Child, I come to you in the early morning hours of this very important day; for on this day, My Little One, I am taking you out of bondage to Satan, which I, myself, have allowed so that when the time was right, My great judgement upon him would be complete.

My Child, what you have been through has also been the work of a sacrificial lamb among predator wolves. Yes, My Child, I have put My word in you and you have proclaimed My word often amidst great sorrow and great persecution. You have gone unarmed among the greatest militaries of the world, and they have sought to make you their own and to break you through torture and persecution so that out of your brokenness and sorrow, you would give up your free will and do their bidding! But, they have not broken you and you have not chosen to do their bidding! But, in spite of all that you have been through, My Little One, you have a deeper faith in me and you have a deeper love for Me and for all of humanity, enough so that you willingly laid down your life for Me and My Son, so that you might take it back up again.

No one will ever know what you have suffered in this Earth because of love of Me, love of My Son and love of humanity; but I do, My Little One, and soon, very, very soon, I am coming for you! Blessed are those, who can see this and who know it; for they, too, will be counted worthy to go! And, this time, is quick, My Little One, quick as a flash of lightening.

You are ready, My Child, for I have made you ready for this momentous time! What you have done for humanity in this life will be remembered for time immemorial and while many may think that you have done little, every soul, who leaves this Earth and comes to Me during this Great Tribulation, will remember you, My Little One, and they will thank you for the work you did for me which will bless everyone, as he or she leaves the Earth and comes back into the Earth again! For, your work extends beyond the Earth and into dimensions beyond the Earth.

And because of your suffering, alone, My Little One, and because of your heartfelt prayers on behalf of all of humanity, these evil ones will not use hyperspace as they have and will not use this medium again to further enslave humanity. And, while their weapons of terror are many and vast, I have crippled them severely this day and “only” and I say “only” again because of the terrible abuses, which you have suffered at the hands of Satan and those in the U. S. Government, especially and including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton! But, the worst of the two for you have been George. W. Bush, and these things he did to you in spite of the fact that My warnings through you saved his life!

Today, My Child, marks a great defeat for the U.S. Government, for George W. Bush, for the CIA, for NSA and the FBI. For, all of their combined efforts, plus the efforts of Satan and many others in government failed to kill you or to make you bow down to them.

Know My great love for you. You are alive only because of My great miracles in your life! You are My prophetess, the real Woman of Revelation 12, the birth mother of My Son in the Earth; and know one thing. I come for you very, very soon and with you all, who are counted worthy. Post this as Chapter Ten of Book Twelve!

May all go in love, one for the other, for now comes the day of My wrath into the whole Earth! Let all be warned and let all be the wiser; for you will need one another in this terrible war! Come closer to Me and My Son! Repent and make yourselves clean through love and forgiveness and stay clean through obedience to Me! Love Me above all and love My Son; for many will forsake you and many of you will find yourselves alone and under persecution, just as has been the case with My servant, Linda Newkirk.

Remember her example when you suffer torture for love of Me and My Son! Rejoice and be thankful that you are counted worthy to suffer persecution for love of Me, love of My Son and love of others. For, your persecution is for but a short while and then comes your great victories!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of January, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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