Part II




Dear Souls, this vision was given to me about six weeks past, though I do not recall the exact date, so I say, “six weeks, or possibly a few days less than six weeks.”

On that particular day, I was sitting on a sofa out in the Prayer House.  (Blessed are those, who have helped build this house!)  And, on that day, and relative to that vision, as I sat there, I saw a wagon come gliding down over my right shoulder. I looked to see that this wagon was being pulled by a giant bull!

As I focused on that wagon and on that bull, I saw that two of my precious friends were in that wagon, both of them in their sixties. Suddenly, the whole room disappeared and all that I saw was the wagon, which was gliding past me, with my friends in it; and it was on its way down!

However, quickly after this wagon passed me, I realized that the bull was in trouble!  Pieces of hide began to fly off the bull, along with masses of fat! In amazement, I watched the bull as he continued to glide downward, fat, muscle, fur and other parts of the bull flying in all directions!

In a short while, the battered bull and the wagon, which was carrying my precious friends, reached a plateau, down there somewhere; and I remember thinking that it might stay there on that plateau for a while and it did stay there for a little while! But, only for a short while!  And, as I was thinking that this bull may possibly rest there on that plateau for a while, the bull suddenly took off running! It went downward and into a nose dive! So fast, it went down, coming quickly to a stop in front of a lone tree!  I looked to see that my friends were okay, but the bull was not okay!

I was no longer looking at a great, strong bull, but an animal, which was devoid of all of its skin, devoid of all of its fat and devoid of all parts, except for its skeleton and this bull was now the size of a dog, about an 80 pound dog!

I called my friends to warn them about the coming stock market crash and I advised them to use careful discernment regarding any of their assets, which might be tied to this market!  And, now, just some few weeks after sharing that vision with them, we see that Wall Street has lost all of its 2014 gains and suffered this recent loss within a very few days.

Relative to this market crash, note that the bull glides down! This crash did not come all of a sudden!  So, there is time to act, but you need to be circumspect! This warning not only involves those of you, who have investments in the Stock Market, but who have pension funds, or other kinds of savings, which banks have invested in the stock market! So, be advised!

This crash is going to be exceedingly bad for this nation! But, if you live overseas, do not say, “Oh, that is over there!” There will come a world-wide market crash!

God is our Refuge! He is our Provider! He is our Victor!  But, hold on! For, everything that can be shaken is about to be shaken!  Blessed is the Name of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, our Blessed Redeemer, forever and ever! 

Jesus loves you!  I do, too!   Linda



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