“Warnings from our Saviour!”


Hear the words of our Mighty God, our Mighty Saviour,  oh you people!  For, He is rising up in His anger! He is rising up in His judgements and terrible times are upon this nation and upon the nations of the world.  Take heed, oh you people and repent; for the time of the sorting of the souls is at hand; and some will be harvested into eternal life and other souls will be harvested into eternal damnation.  Read every word that He has given and make copies and keep these copies; for you will soon find that His words of warnings are scarce. The God of All Creation, who is our Blessed Saviour, has some serious issues with the nations and His judgements are falling!  Read these messages and be warned!


Message from our Saviour

“A Fire in the midst of this land!”

November 02, 2014

Behold, my Child, My precious wife; for I am Your Saviour and your Redeemer, Most High God, the God of Righteousness and Holiness, the God of Israel!

Hear Me, My blessed one! Take this match and strike it against your lower right leg and set this match aflame. Then, toss it out and watch it land in the heart of this nation!  And, behold, My blessed one; for I shall start a fire in this land, not a fire for good, but a fire for destruction, a fire for want, a fire for consumption, a fire for hunger, for hunger of the worldly things, a fire to destroy and consume all that was and all that is to come, all that is not of Me and all that is not rooted in righteousness and goodness!

I am going to burn up all that is evil, that is rooted in darkness, and then I am going to plow up and not plant again in the same way; for evil abounds and evil will be utterly destroyed!

A hunger shall come upon this land, a terrible hunger, not just for food, but a hunger for My Word; for I have given My Word and My Word is to “repent, or perish!” But, the mockers do not like this Word, and the lovers of self and the lovers of this world, do not like this Word. But,  not only do they hate this Word,  they hate you, My blessed child, and My precious wife; for they do not wish to repent, but to do every sort of foul and rebellious act and to parade their rebellions in My face and to laugh at and to mock My Words of warning!

So, now I am shutting down My warnings all over this nation and around the world; and I tell you now that they will look! They will search for My Word and they will hunger for My Word; but I will shut them off to My Words, both of counsel and of warnings, and they will go headlong now into My judgements!

For, they are high-minded, a proud and a haughty bunch, not only in this nation, those, who profess to be Christians, but all over the world. Yes, all over the world, those, who are called by My Name, My Children, My servants, those in the assemblies and those, who are outside of the assemblies, they have polluted My House! They have polluted My Word!  They want to live their polluted lives as they please and they mock Me and My Word and they persecute you, My Blessed Wife, and they call you all manner of names.

And, Satan and his wicked hoards have tortured you and have blasphemed and have persecuted you; for you are Mine!  And, the people of this nation and those of other nations follow after Satan, and they ridicule and they mock the true works of Revelation Twelve. And, they will not hear a True Word!  Therefore, they follow the false words and they languish and they will perish in darkness, devoid of Me and devoid of My Spirit, unless they fully repent with great sorrow and weeping. For, I am sending a devouring fire and this fire will devour them and all of their false doctrines and they will the either repent or perish! 

For, My House is a rebellious House and few there be in the earth, who are righteous!  Therefore, I am sending this devouring fire and I will remove you, oh you wicked ones, who love to flaunt evil in My face and you will not repent!

And, I will raise up dragons and the dragon seed and they will lord over you and they will be your gods; for you will not honor Me, The One True God, who loves you and who strives with you! But, I have drawn the line, and I say, “No more, oh you rebellious house!”

And, you will know what I mean when I say, “Repent, or perish!” For now comes the time of the dividing, the separating of the wheat from the tares!

But, Mine, I will coddle and I will nurture and I will love and I will grow in My love, mercy, grace and forgiveness!

But, woe now, woe, woe, woe, oh many woes and troubles as none have seen since the beginning of any nations! For, I will turn loose the forces and the powers of darkness that I have held back! And, those, who love a lie, will love one still. And, those, who hate Me, will hate Me still; for I am forcing each of you now to take sides and to make a firm stand about your choices.

Truly, the righteous will be righteous still! Some, who are on the fence, will see the errors of their ways and repent; but if you would not repent when you had plenty and I poured out My grace and blessings upon you, how many of you will repent when you face the choice of taking the “mark of the beast,” so that you can continue with your worldly lives?

Oh, you wretched ones, you boasters, you lovers of self, you lovers of the world, you, who want to have that worldly spoon in your mouths:  You will succumb and you will fall and you will be no more!

But, My Faithful, I will not forget, but I will coddle you in My arms and I will comfort you, and I will provide for you until that time when I say, “Enough,” and bring you back to Me!  I am your Saviour, Jesus, and there is none other!


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of November, 2014,                                                       

                                                               Linda Newkirk   






“Vision of the President of the USA!”

Dear Ones, since the following vision was given, the Republicans have taken control of both Houses in the Legislative Branch of this government!  This President, though he is a democrat, has made more of his own laws.

Without the approval of the legislative branch, he signed into law an environmental treaty with many nations! Again, without the approval of the legislative branch of this government, he made more laws when he recently signed a second treaty, a trade treaty with several nations.  I do not know all of the ramifications of this treaty, but have understood that we cannot readily get out of this trade treaty without the consent of these other nations.  This may also be the case with the environmental treaty! I do not know!

And, with the stroke of a pen, this president has, since the following vision, overhauled immigration, and in so doing he has paved the way for about 5 million illegal immigrants to become citizens! But, they will not be the only ones to benefit from his decisions to make his own immigration laws!  Many say that a great tide of illegals is about to cross the southern border and there will be no stopping them! 

Here again, this president has made his own decisions regarding illegal immigration, without the approval of congress!  His decisions to act on his own and to make such laws brings to remembrance our God’s words in the Book of Daniel, regarding the man of sin, or the “beast,” who is both a man and a kingdom! “He shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and think to change times and laws…  (Daniel 7:25)

This beast, this man of sin, is also called the antichrist!  Through our Saviour’s warnings to me, you have been told! Barrack Hussein Obama is the antichrist!  Our Saviour gave these words of warning to me in 2008, and many mocked and scorned and mocked and scorned some more! 

Read on; for the following vision, which was given only a few days past, is already coming to pass!


Message from our Saviour

November 07, 2014

“Vision of the President of the USA, the Iron and the clay!”


This morning, on the morning of November 07, 2014, as I sat on a sofa in the House of Prayer on this land, I had a vision of Barrack Obama. Firstly, I saw his left leg, that it was cut off at the left knee, and I saw the hands of someone, who began to attach a new lower leg onto his left leg and I thought, “What is this?”

And, I looked again and I saw that within that leg were strong metal rods, and outside of those metal rods were layers, thick layers of a very hard material, plastic-like in appearance. And, his lower leg was fat and bulging, like that of a fat person, and this lower leg was also attached to a foot, which was of the same sort of material, with bones of metal, a hard and shiny metal. But, overlaying these hard, metal bones were layers of this same hard plastic-like material. And, I began to think that this material must be the same sort of material, which NASA uses in some of their craft.  So, I wondered about this leg and what this meant!

I looked again at the lower part of that left leg, that it was larger than the upper part of his left leg, but even as I watched and wondered, I saw that the same process began to take place in the upper part of his left leg and it, too, became large and swollen and fat and strong! And, I thought to myself, “Oh, this leg has changed and it has become much larger than the right leg and much stronger”, and I wondered what it meant.

I looked again at the right leg, and it only consisted of metallic bones, strong bones, which were made of a bright and shiny metallic material. This leg worked well. The toes and the foot moved easily and were flexible, but I thought, “Will this foot work well with the other foot?  Will it not be unbalanced?”

But, then I saw the president, Barrack Obama, take off running and as he was running I saw something in that left leg, which was different! It had moving parts, like a machine, which resembled gears; and as he moved these gears began to move, slowly at first.  For, firstly, he took off in a slow run, but after a short while, I heard a loud noise and saw an explosion of fire and this fire blew out of his left knee. And, when this explosion happened, those gears began to move so fast and that left leg began to move really fast and along with it went the right leg. For, the right leg was now being forced to go the way of the left leg!

And, I looked then and this sort of assembly, which was in the left leg began to take place within his spine, firstly in a few vertebrae, then in a few more vertebrae.  And, then this process of assembly went from the vertebrae and into the right eye. As this process unfolded within that eye, I saw many moving parts in the eye, itself, and I thought, “Will his whole body go?”

So, I said to our Saviour: “Blessed Saviour, what does this mean!”

And, He said, “Hindsight is 20/20.”

And, I said, “Lord, in plain talk, what do You mean by that?”

And He then showed me a skunk and He said, “Do you see a skunk?”

And, I said, “Yes, My Lord, I see that skunk?”

And, He said, “Do you know why that skunk is black and white?”

And, I said, “No, My Lord, I do not know, except that it was created that way!”

And, He said, “And, so it is that Barrack Obama was created this way, black and white.”

And, I said, “But, Lord, skunks can also make a big stink.”

And, He said, “He will!”

So, I said, “Lord, what does all of this mean, all of this about his body changes?”

And, He said, “The Daily Mail will not tell about it.”

And, I said, “What will they not tell?”

And, He said, “The iron and the clay! They will not tell about the iron and the clay.” (Daniel 2 ,verses 40-43)

 And, I said, “But, Lord, tell me more.”

And, He said, “It is not about stargates. It is about stars, who want to become gates.”

And, I thought, “Blessed Saviour, what does this mean?”

And, He said, “Roses are red and the dead will not rise to talk unless I cause them to. So, stay close to Me and count your blessings; for when others are starving, I will bless you!”

Then, I said, regarding the continued vision of this president, “Oh, Lord, his buckle is shiny. His teeth are strong! This metal is shiny; and on his face is a Hitler moustache!”

“Then, know, My Blessed Child, one thing!” And, He said, “Starbright, Starlight, the first star I’ve seen tonight. It is not about stargates, but about stars, who want to be gates!  And, try as they might, they will never be gates, so the enmity, My Blessed Child; for the machine is cranking up. And, the war is about to move full-speed ahead.

For, the gates that they wish to possess and to have, even attached to their own bodies, will never be!  And, as I shut them down and throw them down, the clay and the iron will ignite in their powers to own these stargates, to have them attached to them.  For, they are stars in their own eyes, but this will not be. 

It is the machine, My Blessed Child, the machine, firstly of iron and then of clay and it is about to crank up and to run full speed ahead, a grinding machine, even as you saw the gears in the leg, moving forward and grinding into the earth and into the highways and into the nations. Is it the grinding now. It will not be stopped; for it is time! But, do not be troubled, My Blessed Child; for I am with you now and always and the stargates that I have attached to you, will not either be taken or destroyed! But, these (lawless ones) will be taken in due season, and they will be destroyed. 

You are seeing what is about to happen! Take heed! I warn all to repent and to draw close to Me; for the great slaughter is about to begin, and would not have been necessary, except that you would not heed My warnings to repent, and so now you will either repent or perish.  But, through My Beloved and through My Faithful Ones, I will do many wonderful works!  I am Jesus, Saviour, even God, Creator!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of November, 2014,

                                                                                                    Linda Newkirk





“The Muslim War in America!”

Dear Ones, it must have been about five days past when I had the following vision, although I did not write this vision. For that reason I do not recall the exact day that this vision was given, for it was given spontaneously as so may visions are given to me by our Saviour. And, I write some of them, but I do not write many of them for He does not lead me to do so.

But, this vision troubles me; for this vision shows where this nation is quickly headed and you need to know these things.  In that vision, which was given to me that day, a few days past, I saw a stream of military tanks, or armored personnel carriers, come streaming out of Washington DC and they were headed south.  I sat stunned as I saw them steadily travelling south and I wondered before our Mighty God about the meaning of this.  But, quickly I saw that these tanks, or armored personnel carriers, as they case might have been, were popping up here and there around this nation, even over towards the west coast.  So, I sought our Saviour for more understanding; for this was troubling to me. And, I looked then and I saw a flag, which was flying outside of the White House and it was a black flag with a circle in the center of the flag. And, as I wondered about this flag and what it meant, I saw that wind began to stir and to blow against this flag.  And, as this wind began to blow against this flag, I saw that the flag changed into a black and white striped flag.

I called my friend in Canada and asked him about the jihadist’s flag, the flag of those in ISIS, and he told me that it is a black flag with some white writing, and I asked, “Does it have a white circle,” and he told me that it does have a white circle.

Then, I understood what our Saviour was showing, that the white house is flying the ISIS flag. From that part of the vision, I understood that they must surely be planning to import ISIS, the Islamic militants, and to bring about martial law (the tanks) through them.  And, as this flag changed into a black and white striped flag, I then understood that the President and those in his command must surely be planning to use ISIS to stir up race wars, through uncertainties, the blowing of the flag in the wind.

So today (November 23, 2014), “I ask You, Blessed Saviour, if You have a word to give to me regarding this vision.”

And, I hear Him say, “Write on, my Blessed Child, for you have well understood what is in the works.” 

“Thank you, Blessed and Holy One! I love you so very much! Blessed is Your Holy Name forever and ever!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 23rd day of November, 2014,

                                                                                                                              Linda Newkirk






“Closing Doors, which none can open, Opening doors, which none can shut!”

November 22, 2014


“My Blessed Child and My Precious Wife, sit and write what I have to say. For, I am the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega, the One, who opens doors that none can close and who closes doors that none can open.”

“Oh, Blessed Saviour, I hunger for understanding of the vision, which you just gave; for I saw You with a white gavel in Your hand and You pounded it repetitively for what seemed to be some minutes and here and there in many places, I saw doors opening, which had been closed and doors being closed, which had been opened. Oh, Lord, what does all of this mean?”

“Hear Me, My Blessed One; for the time of My judgement has come into the earth and I tell you now that these are times of chastening and rebuke, times of travail and sorrow, and not joy and laughter, times of war and not peace, times of division and not unity, times of despair when few will have hope, times of want and not plenty, times of heartache and suffering, and not happiness.  For, I am closing many doors on this once prosperous nation and I am opening up many doors through which the enemy will come up against you!  For, not only is the enemy coming from without, but the enemy is within and the enemy has seized this once great nation!

Hear Me, oh My people! I am sharpening My sword and I am dividing My house, the faithful on one side and the lukewarm on the other. Yes, I am sharpening My sword and I am dividing this land, one portion to war, another portion to famine, another portion to disease, another portion to oppression, another portion to nuclear holocaust, another portion to earthquakes, another portion to total annihilation through earthquakes and terrible weather patterns, another to droughts and another portion to floods!

The fat wolf is lean! He is hungry and he is out to devour My sheep! But, fear not, My faithful ones. I shall make My arm strong on behalf of My faithful, but the rebellious and the evil, the wicked, who love hate and malice and will not repent, I shall grind down as powder beneath My feet!  And, I shall cause terrible problems in the heavens and in the moon and in the stars and some will say, “The earth is out of its orbit and it flops firstly this way and then another way.” For, the earth is heavy with evil; and the sins of the people pollute the whole earth and they will not repent, but love evil!  So, I will loose evil in an even greater measure; for I am wroth with those in this nation and in other nations, who say that they love Me, but they do not love Me! They love every lie and every dark and filthy and perverted thing and they swallow up all that is good and pervert all that is right and lust after all that does not satisfy and crave even more what is dark and putrid!

Therefore, I am opening up the floodgates from hell; for the masses lust after evil. They lust after pornography!  They lust after darkness! Therefore, I will loose a tide of evil against this nation, whom I have blessed above all nations! But, you do not choose righteousness! Few of you choose it! You crave what is violent, what is perverted, what is blasphemous, what is evil!  Therefore, I will send a great swarm of evil upon you and you will wallow in what is evil and putrid until many of you are  consumed in it!

Beware, oh My people!  For, a time of the sorting is at hand, a time in which I am sorting the wheat from the tares, a time wherein I am plucking up, a time wherein I, alone am sowing what is of My everlasting cup. Hear Me, oh you nations; for I shall cause nations to rise up against nations, wars of all wars, destructions above all destructions.  The fan is in My hand and I am winnowing the harvest! Hear Me, oh My people! For, I shall try you, even as fine gold and silver are tried and tested in the fires! 

Who can withstand the fiery gaze of the Almighty?  Let him come forward in white raiment, with a clean and repentant heart, with a broken and contrite heart and spirit, and let him humble himself before Me.  For, I am that All Consuming Fire, and the time of the everlasting reaping is at hand!  I am your Saviour, the Only One, Jesus, yes Jehovah, Yahweh!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22nd day of November, 2014,

                                                                                                                           Linda Newkirk








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