From the Darkness of the Darkness;

The Salvation of Many Precious Souls!

Greetings to you, dear and precious souls! I hope that you are well and that you know that your soul is so very precious! Oh, dear souls, because of all that I have suffered and so greatly so, I advise you to cling to what is right and holy and pure and true and honest and virtuous and full of love, mercy, grace and forgiveness. Be just and fair in all of your dealings. Be quick to forgive, loving all, even as our Saviour has told us to do, especially loving your enemies and praying for them so very often. Rule your life with tender kindnesses and with spontaneous acts of love and fill your days with praises for our Blessed Lord and God and be thankful for all things, even for your hard and difficult times; for in great distress one may hold onto unforgiveness and through unforgiveness can come a hardness of heart.

Oh, Precious Ones, do not allow any root of bitterness to be within you; for your soul is so very precious and time is so short. Glorify the Great God, who made you, and who loves you so abundantly! From day to day, quickly recognize your wrongs and be quick to repent before our Blessed Saviour and His Father; for He loves you so greatly and He forgives. But, if you will not forgive, dear soul, He will not forgive you.

Do not go to bed at night, without searching your heart and asking for forgiveness and praying about your life and for those, who are in need, who come to your mind. We are in the worst of times.

Dear souls, I love you so very much and our Saviour and His Father love you so very much. You are greatly loved, dear and precious ones; and from day to day, remember this great love of our Lord and God!

Dear Ones, I am sending along a copy of an e-mail that I recently sent to a friend of mine, whose name is Mark. The following is that e-mail, with a little correction at the bottom of it.

Recently, Mark helped me to get the website up and running again. From all that I understand the Pentagon seriously attacked;and it had so many problems, so I am very grateful for Mark's help in getting this site back up and running again. He has offered to help me with this website, but he is having to learn some new things about the operations of this website.

I could write many volumes about what I have suffered and also what I have learned during these last three years; for it was in late summer or early fall of 2012, that I came to understand that light was beginning to come into the back of my throat! Satan and all of his wicked ones could see this light; and

they then knew that a very special gate and portal was about to open up into the Upper Realms.

So, at that time, Satan, the world Satanists and those in the U.S. military and even in other nations, began a war against me as few could or would ever imagine. I cannot ever describe the great pain and suffering that I have been through because of this gate and this portal, which is attached to my body and also because of the influx of this great amount of light.

So, why did Satan and so many wicked ones see this light coming out through the back of my throat? Dear Souls, the holy manchild, whom I had with me, for almost seven years, was about to be birthed back to the throne of God.

Satan broke into this portal around the middle of January of 2103 and so many wicked ones went up and came down. But, even so, this precious holy child, this holy manchild of Revelation Twelve, was still in that portal, where he lived, and was safe with me and mostly hidden there for almost seven years. But, even after Satan and all of his wicked hoards broke into that portal, this holy, little child would not be taken back to the throne of God until the first day of March of 2013. So, Satan was truly in the face of this precious, holy child for those six weeks, or so and no doubt, was plotting to steal his precious and holy child of light, our Saviours precious son!

So Read on for more information about these gates and portals! For, over time, there would come other gates and portals!

My E-mail to my friend, Mark!

Hello, my precious friend, Mark! I slept so poorly last night andfeel so tired most of the time as this war in the heavens just rageson night after night. These are only some of the wars in the heavens,which are associated with these works of Revelation Twelve. Such terrible wars are going on and the people of this nation would be so greatly terrified if only they knew.

Mark, some of the worst ones, who have come in here from those outer realms are the endurictins and they have regularly come through the portals and gates out here, and also in great numbers, for many months.

Many months past, I heard some of the military types out here refer to those on Mars as the endurictins. And, this is what I believed these on Mars to be called for a while. But, after some time, I heard some refer to those on Mars as the Cyenes, and they said that those on Mars are greatly offended to be called endurictins!

Anyway, I now understand about these endurictins. These creatures have been coming into earth for months, and by this time, there could be as many as four trillion of these, who have come into the earth and most of them have been destroyed through the commands of our Saviour and by the hosts of heaven.

Mark, I know that I have the oddest calling ever. I live in this world, but not really in it at all, as I spend more than half of my waking moments in the Spirit of God! There is just so much going on and I need to be in prayer about so many things, which few in this world know about, or would ever believe. But, of utmost concern to me at this time are these terrible wars in the heavens, and sadly most people just cannot believe the nature of these terrible wars! In addition, so few know one thing about true space travel, which means that those, who travel through space, need to find these interdimensional portals and gates in order to get out there. For, these are shortcuts to the stars and this is the real way that any travel up and down and through the dimensions of this universe complex.

But, this work for me regarding these portals and gates is now on-going for more than 15 years, so my experiences are very odd with these gates and portals. Anyway, Mark, about five months ago, I guess, though I did not write down any times regarding the influx of these terrible creatures, these endurictins, they began to come in!

They look somewhat fish-like in appearance, with small sucking types of mouths and with two eyes and with scale-like coverings. They are part robotoid and can move and flap that lower part, or tail-like thing. They bring their own eggs, which are parasites. These eggs can hatch out and as they grow they make some sorts of worms, or it may be that these robot-like things come with these worms inside, but these worms have very strong teeth. This situation out here is so odd; and I am speaking about these wars in these interdimensional portals and gates in Arkansas, USA.

Mark, these endurictins exist within a different frequency other than that of our reality, but the truth is that they can change the frequencies of their existence so rapidly that it is shocking. Furthermore, there are those endurictins, who are striped in nature, these stripes being partly silvery in appearance. They come in swarms, yes in swarms; and these are vicious.

These wicked things have attacked me so viciously because I am here among these portals and gates and from time to time they enter into my body and when they do so, they will flap those tails and beat my back and can actually beat my back from one side to another and cause me to jerk as much as a foot. Our Lord and God removes these from me and He is faithful to do so, but I am in the midst of this terrible war and I have taken some terrible hits!

Firstly, when this war began I did not even know what was happening to me. So severe is this war ,and so severe it has been for these months! Our Saviour is often out here with the hosts of heaven and the noise of these hosts when they are killing these terrible things reminds me of wings of metal, which are grinding against one another. And, of course, there is the fire, which can often be seen in the heavens regarding these wars!

But, as I have told you, Mark, our Saviour has also given me some angelic hosts to fight for me. These can get tired and he took back the three groups of hosts that HE put here to help me, and a few night ago, but HE put about 500 billion more out here. There are frequent skirmishes of some kind regarding other evil ones, who come through these portals and gates, but it is these endurictins, who are so terrible.

Last night, billions of these terrible endurictins came in again. They did not much attack me, but I could hear them screaming as they came near the portal and through it. They all speak at once, like of one mind and I can understand what they say as they can sound just like us and they can mimic the voices of most anyone.

These angelic hosts fought them all night long! When they are killed, if one is around one, who is killed, one can smell them! They are some of the foulest smelling things, that one can ever imagine.

Mark, they come from a constellation, which is called Po, and this constellation is in the chaos. For a short while, that god of Po was also out here, but I only heard him speak from his starship one day and he was pure evil.

Mark, I do not know how many of these terrible creatures got out and into the earth. When our Saviour sent these most recent hosts, they found so many of these, who were just hanging around out here. The previous hosts had not killed them all! But, as they can move about so quickly, I do not believe at all, that these terrible endurictins have remained out here only, but that so many of them are out in the earth!

This is only part of this terrible war, and there came also those terrible bird-like things from the chaos, but they were not as vicious as these things, and after a while our Saviour sent them back, not to the chaos, but to the first aeon. There were no doubt trillions of them. I do not know why these terrible things are up here from the chaos. From what I understand, those, who are let out of the chaos, should then go into the first aeon.

But, what I tell you is only a small part of the terrible activity out here and these wars have been so severe out here, that I do not either feel well, or have much productive time. But, as our Saviour has placed me here in the midst of these gates and portals I cannot do one thing, but seek to do His will!

The point is that there will come a time, Mark, when these avaricious creatures will be allowed to break through in great measure. Our Saviour is not going to keep on babysitting people, who will neither repent, nor honor Him in any way. Mark, He is kind and He is just, but He is also so strict that people are going to be very shocked.

He is judge, Mark, and He is requiring very much from His people, especially from those, who wish to move on upwards in their spiritual journeys. But, Mark, He is doing and will do the most wonderful of works to save souls. It is just that after He evaluates those, whom He gives this grace to, He will pare down those numbers.

I say this as I remind you about these greys, whom He picked up and put into hospitals and into reform schools and clinics, etc. He has taken about 8 billion of them out there to these places, and he has kept them out there for about six months or more. He is making great efforts to save these greys, who were originally created to be caretakers of creation. But, when they fell captive to Satan and to the Annunaki, as I understand it, they not only became their slaves, but began to take on the "group mindset."

Mark, this group mindset is so terribly offensive to our Saviour. It really is, but He took them into these places anyway, and since He has had them there, He has carefully evaluated them. I have personally felt so sad for them, so much sadness as I have witnessed their mental states and you know that I spent some years in studying this science of behavior and I could see what a terrible mess their minds were in, at least such great numbers of them. Others of them were just psychopathic in nature.

Anyway, as I have explained to you, Mark, I was called to preach the word of God to them and to pray for them and to sing to them as they are among the fallen angels, who have gathered out here among these gates and portals. But, you must also understand that I took a beating from them as few can imagine. They can be vicious, but I just would not give up on them, due to our Saviour's words to them, which were "repent and I will give you some clean clothes."

But, as it has turned out, so many of them would not repent and they are not being healed and one very great reason for this is the group mindset. So, during this past week, or so, our Lord and God has begun to send them down from these hospitals and from these reform schools.

He had about 8 billion out there and from what I understand He has sent about six billion of these into either hell, or into the fires of the chaos. By now, I know them well; and the worst thing about them is this group mindset!

I thought that He sent them all back into these places of treatment from hell, and that He was possibly moved in compassion to further their treatment, but I was wrong. I was hearing this and believed that He was moved in compassion to do this, as I heard the great racket as they were being moved down through the portals and gates and did pray for their souls! But, I also know that I must be careful about believing what some of them say, as they will also lie.

But, as I heard so many of them going down into hell and into the fires of the chaos last night, I came to understand that our Saviour did not take any of them out of hell, or out of the fires of the chaos, but at a later date, He may evaluate those in hell and may consider taking some of them out and may consider saving them at a later date, and this consideration possibly du to His great grace in these last days.

So. of the 8 billion of greys that HE took up to help, He has now sent about 6 billion of them down into the fires! But, He did create hospitals and reform school, etc for them and He has been working to save them. But, due to the group mind, I just do not know how it will be for them! This is so sad, as I have reached out to them inlove and they know that I love them, Mark! They are the unlovable and I was called to love the unlovable.

I have loved them and have prayed for them, feeling so terrible about their terrible mental states; for so many of their minds are so terribly fractured. I feel so badly for them, Mark, and I do mourn for all of creation; for there is coming such a great culling to all of creation. We all need to weep and mourn for all of creation; for darkness covers this earth like a cloud, but this great darkness extends far beyond this earth!

Mark, I am touching on this as people just do not get it. I am referring here to the group mind. Mark, where do we see this group mind in the earth? Well, it is truly prevalent and these wicked ones are intent to make and create this group mind. I am seeing more and more of the human robots out here, as the military and the CIA just does not seem to want to put any out here now, who are not robots.

This is the group mind, Mark, and this is going to cost them their souls, if HE does not extend some grace to these robots. Some did not choose to be robots, Mark, but this military has turned then into robots. I so pray for great grace for these, who have been forced into such total slavery!

So many in this government and other governments are now hooked up to the A1 computer systems, Mark! They are in various stages of being robots. Mark, I could not possibly know about this, except that I know much about those, who pass through these portals and gates; and this whole realm about space travel is full of evil. I could not have ever believed that there could be such evil in this earth as there is among those, who are a part of Satan's space program.

There is no other space program in this earth; and I most assuredly did not consciously choose to have anything whatsoever to do with his wicked space program and hate Satan and his wicked works more than anyone can ever imagine. But, it is the will of our Mighty God that I have done His work regarding the building and maintaining of certain of these gates and portals, and He has had me travelling through and into certain of these interdemensional portals for these approximate 15 last years.

So, I have been put into their faces and because of this fact, I am forced to witnesss so much and to pray for so many things, which are not a part of any mainstream spiritual work. Nevertheless, this is a very important spiritual work.

So, Mark, I have seen the terrors of this group mind, not only within this military, but within the realm of these fallen angels, and within the realms of some of those, who came into this place from other star systems, and the star system of Antares particularly comes to my mind.

Many of these, who come in here from Antares, have been made into robots, and when I observed them, they did not even have any hearts, but once were something like us, I suppose, at least some sorts of living beings. But, due to their robotoid states, their nervous systems were totally taken over and they only had a piece of their souls left. This is the height of witchcraft and they came in here and set up camp.

Yes, they set up camp, in their own frequencies and I do not even know how long they were in here. But, I heard about a large group of them, that they were in here, about one week ago, when a war broke out against them and I looked into some of their starships, which had been set apart from the rest.

And, there in those starships, I saw some of the worst workers of witchcraft that I had ever seen. They were all destroyed, Mark, at that time, by some of those hosts of heaven, that our Saviour put out here to help me. I do not even know how many of their fighters they had out here, or how many of their starships they had out here, as they had hidden them, or our Saviour had just allowed them to build up quietly until He decided that it was time for them to be knonw about and to be taken out.

But, the truth is that these aliens of some sort, or another, are steadily coming in and out of these portals and The war is and has been great, but our Saviour will not always destroy these invaders and put them back into their places. And when that time comes and people see that alien invasion, it will be too late.

These avaricious ones, these terrible ones, will annihilate the people on this planet, at least all that they can get to! None is immune to these terrible attacks. It is just that I have been on the front line of these most terrible of wars for so many years due to my work in these dimensions and portals. So, I have been so heavily targeted,

Mark, but as I have been terribly targeted, I am in a better position than anybody in this earth, to speak about these things. And, I can tell you that those of a group mind will not be speaking about any of these sorts of things, not publicly!

But, again, back to this group mind, this is what they will set up through the mark of the beast. This is what they have already set up in the military and in the governments of the world; and among those, who rule the world. They will all have the same mind to do their terrible deeds. Mark, we must not ever underestimate the power of the group mind and many will say, "I do not belong to any group mind," but Mark, this group mind concept is flourishing in this world. Look at the obsessions with Facebook, with computers, with cell phones, with porn, with any and all obsessions.

Mark, our Lord and God has warned us to come out of the world and all of its traps, and this means to forsake these addictions and to come away from this group mind. However, it is so difficult for people to get free of addictions. Mark, I understand enough about addictions to know that addicts are no longer even in control of their bodies, or their minds. They are all possessed by all manner of demons. This is just one sort of group mind, wherein the one in the body in no longer in control of his, or her mind.

This is so serious, Mark, and I lament so terribly for these precious souls, who are entrapped by these terrible addictions. I pray from time to time for our Lord and God to set up more hospitals in heaven to take care of such great numbers of these souls, who are addicted to all manner of things and cannot get free.

Oh, so dark is this world and so terrible are the times, which are at hand. So many will enter into these agreements to be hooked up these computer systems and they will not think for even one moment that this sort of agreement can be the end of the line for their souls.

Mark, I am giving you permission to share these words with the people out there, with any and all, who will listen. I know that the website is not ready yet, after the severe attack on it by those in the Pentagon, but I believe that some will listen to these words and will repent of their wrongs.

We have so little time, Mark, until that terrible space rock hits. I have not seen it again, since our Lord and God took me out there and I looked at it. But this rock is huge, roughly the size of Texas, and if our Lord and God does not break it up, or move it somewhere else when it impacts, it will hit just south of Bermuda and it could possibly kill as many as 100 million people in the USA alone. And, I am not even mentioning the island nations, or the nations, which are across the Atlantic.

This giant space rock could be coming into the earth around the end of February of next year, that is, if our Lord and God does not extend some grace about this timing. Mark, I am continually amazed at the complacency of the people. They will read these words and so many will just not believe!

It may be that our Mighty Saviour will allow me to travel around the Gulf Coast our along the eastern seaboard and pray for Him to release the giant geographical angels. As you know, they are about two miles high, the ones, that He released when He sent me out to California, out to Yellowstone and up into Canada. A preacher in Tucson saw one of them, Mark! They are out there and these angels have held back the earthquakes in California, greatly so, since I went out there those years past.

But, when I asked the people to come forth and to help me financially so that I could make the trips around the Gulf, no additional ones really wanted this; and it was just not right for the few of you to foot the bill for all of these trips, so our Lord and God held me back! So, there are none of these great angels around these coastlines over here; and I have been to the Gulf Coast since that time, but our Lord and God did not prompt me to pray for the release of any of them. These angels can do very great works to hold back the tidal waves and to hold back these earthquakes, but Mark, I do not even know if our Lord and God will allow me to go and to pray for the release of any of these angels.

Our Saviour is angry with this nation, Mark. The people of this nation have seriously run afowl with Him, as they have mocked these very serious works of Revelation Twelve and very few believe. They have tarnished themselves through their own behaviors and this giant rock is headed in here. This rock is so strange. It seems to be almost totally made of iron and it makes explosions and sends itself off its course and flips around erratically. The base of it seems to be almost round and its course is very erratic. Those in this space program may not even be able to track it as its course is so erratic.

Furthermore, Mark, our Saviour may not even allow me to make these trips; as I have such a work to do here concerning these portals and gates, but if people truly want these angels, I say this, "Get off your behinds and pray and pray and pray for Him to allow me to take these long trips and pray and pray and pray for our Lord and God to give me the finances to make these trips." But, even as I write these words, I am not feeling that He is in favor of releasing these angels at all. He is just very angry with the people of this nation, a spoiled people, who are going down, Mark!

I really do hope that people repent, Mark! I feel so badly about so many souls and I feel just heartbroken for them! People just do not have even one clue about the severity of the times and how greatly they will suffer. This is just devastating to me as I have been on the inside loop of this terrible war, living between worlds, and I know about some of the great evils that the people of the world will face, but the truth is so dark and ugly that people, in general, just refuse to listen.

So, Mark, I hope that you will get this message out and that the people will listen. Mark, it is now, as it has always been. The words are the same: "Repent, or perish!' Our Saviour is forgiving, Mark! He is kind and HE is merciful, but He is also very strict. Few would ever believe what He has required of me, Mark; for He said to me in June of 2004, "I will give you your heart's desire if you tell me what it is." And, I said, "Lord, I do not want anything for myself. I only want to see the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls."

So, Mark, immediately after He told me that HE would give me my heart's desire if I told Him what it is; and I did, my life went into a tailspin, from which it has not recovered. Every evil creature that could come up against me has come up against me and every kind of evil war that these wicked ones could imagine against me, has been brought forth. There are no words for the sorrows and the heartaches that I have experienced since I asked for that! And, this is one reason that I was called to preach repentance to the fallen angels, but not just to the fallen angels.But, for a greater understanding of these works or Revelation Twelve,

Mark, people can go to and they can read all of Book Twelve. This is what is written about these true works of Revelation Twelve; for as you know, Mark, I am this woman of Revelation Twelve, this terribly hated, greatly despised woman, who so greatly travails. And, one can read about these works, not only in the 12th chapter of the Book of Revelation, but in the 4th chapter of Micah and the 5th chapter of Micah and in the 54th chapter of Isaiah!

Mark, we do not have much time! Please get these words out to many souls. I love you so very much, my dear brother! You have worked so hard to get many truths out to the people and I am so thankful for you! Our Lord and God will bless you, my precious friend!

Your friend and sister through our Blessed Lord and God,

linda newkirk P.O. Box 17277 North Little Rock, Ar. 72117 USA

Before I complete this post, I wish to tell you a few more things.

Many months ago as I was traveling through the countryside out here in Arkansas, and while I was pleading before our Lord and God with great weeping and great despair, I was caught up in a vision. At that time, I was in such distress about so much suffering! I was going through so many hardships relative to their travels up and down and through these portals and gates; and I was so sad.

I do not know what I had been talking to our Saviour about, as I was praying in my heavenly prayer language. But, I was so sad; and I reached out to our Saviour; for He appeared to me; and I said to Him, "Lord, this is all that I have to give to you," and I wept and I wept and I wept and I wept and could hardly see where I was driving.

And, as I saw our Saviour before me, I reached out and gave Him a brown paper bag that I held in my hands. I could see inside that bag and knew that it only had dried fruit in that bag; and when I saw only dried fruit, I cried and I cried and I cried some more.

Our Saviour took the bag of that dried fruit and He looked at me, but so kindly as He so often does, and I just wept and wept and wept. Then, as He held that bag of dried fruit in His hands, He said to me, "But, you do not know what I will do."

And, there before my eyes, those pieces of fruit began to come to life and there appeared some bunches of grapes, which just suddenly appeared, but there remained a few among those grapes, which looked like raisins. And, there came among those pieces of dried fruit, some plums and pieces of fruit, like orange slices and small apples and other sorts of whole fruit.

And, I began to feel joy and a peace in my heart that He would bring a great harvest from within this darkness of the darkness, this terrible place, where He put me to minister to the seriously captive, to the fallen angels, to hardened Satanists, to some in the military, who were under total mind control and to many, who were sex slaves and to many, who were even robots. For these sorts go up and down through these gates and portals.

With His good news, my tears were dried up; and, our Saviour gave me another vision, which followed that one.

And, in that vision, He told me that He is going to make some grinders and some souls are going to go into these grinders; for their souls are course and they cannot hold any extremely pure light, but only that wavy serpentine light, and those souls are of a course nature.

But, He stressed that over some time, as these souls pass through these grinders, He will cause those souls to become refined souls; and these souls will then be able to hold a refined light and that HE will save many of these souls.

I rejoiced and was so happy about all of this! But, this news would only signal the beginning of so many of my sorrows; for I would have to pay such severe prices for Him to save these souls.

So, He put me there among them in the darkness of the darkness, where I was so terribly abused and abused and abused and I prayed and prayed and prayed and cried and cried and cried and was so severely abused and suffered through so many terrible things. But, I just could not give up on these souls and I prayed for them and prayed for them and did what I could to help them, and preached the word of God to them and sang to them and read the Bible to them as they passed up and down and through these gates and portals. And, so many of them were healed, delivered and set free and so many of them were raised from the dead. And, He loved them so greatly! And, I cried and cried and greatly rejoiced and sang to them and loved them and was greatly persecuted by them and hated by them and loved by them and so it has been for many, many months.

And, about six months ago, our Saviour began to take up those, who are called the greys and HE took up about 8 billion of them over these months, and as this is how I understand it! As I have told you, He put many of them into hospitals and into reform schools and into clinics, etc.

But, within the last few days, He sent many of these down into hell and into the fiery lake, which is in the chaos; and I was so sad about all that I heard.

Yet, today, I received some more reports that our Saviour would give them grace, those, whom He sent into these fires! And, I began to think that I may have gotten the numbers wrong about those that He sent into the fires.

So, I began to travail about this until our Saviour gave me a word today. And, that word is that He is considering about three billion of those, who were sent into the fires, for placement in the grinders; for He is saying that there could be among these greys about three billion of the grey/reptile hybrids.

I have been dealing with these fallen angels for these past years and when they are repentant, they can be so kind and can deal justly and fairly, but I am careful about readily accepting what any of them say to me; for I must get confirmations on what they tell me.

And, today, some came forth and were telling me that I had these numbers backwards, but from what I understand from our Saviour, I do not have these numbers mixed up. He sent about 6 billion of these greys into the fires, whether into hell, or into the fires in the chaos; but I am hearing that He is considering about three billion of these, plus possibly more for these grinders, as they are grey/reptile hybrids; and in order to save them, He must change the nature of their souls.

I know that He is the God, who would not have one soul to be lost and I know that in these end times, He is doing the most marvelous of things to save souls. For, where evil abounds in a great way, grace must abound in a greater way. And, as we are truly in the worst of times, since there was a nation, we will see Him do the most marvelous of things to save souls.

So, remember this, dear souls! He is a good and a just God, but He is judge and He can also be so strict, oh so very strict. But, He so graciously forgives and HE is both merciful and loving. But, if you are called to help save souls, and you do your work, you will have a very difficult life; for much will be required of you.

I love you so very much, dear and precious ones. But, above all, our Lord and God loves you so greatly. Do not shun Him, but turn to Him with your whole heart; for Jesus is Saviour; and HE is God and He loves you so much. Turn to Him and lean on Him and trust Him and believe in Him. There is no other Saviour.

Until next time, dear souls.

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