Chapter Eleven


“The War With The Dragon!”

My Dear Ones, as I think back on the last week, plus very few days, it is even difficult for me to grasp the profundity of all that has happened, or to even accurately describe what I have experienced! For, these great evils against me are the works of powers and principalities of great darkness, with the US GOVERNMENT MILITARY now fully under control of Lucifer and also fully in possession of Lucifer’s technology! So bear with me and I will do the best that I can to explain what has taken place; for we are now seeing vividly the great snare, which been sprung on all of humanity.


Satan’s Terrible Attacks!

Satan was not at all happy about my writing the last chapters of Book Twelve and he attacked me as I slept in the motel room. I awoke with a terrible headache and a terrible burning in my head and I knew immediately that they had abducted me, even as I slept in the motel room and during the day. Immediately, I began to look in the Spirit for what they had done to my head, and I could see dark bands and also many implants, which were stuck into my skull and great areas of darkness into my brain also. I felt nauseous and it was hard for me to wake up and go into the Spirit to help the angel get these terrible implants out of my head. But, this was a mandatory thing, if I were to survive and to be free at all.


The Great Love of our Lord and God!

So, we began this long work of removing these implants, which took many hours. But, not only had they put these things into my head, they had put more into various parts of my body and this was another thing. After many hours of removing these terrible things from my body, the burning in my head began to subside and I felt that I should then go on home and check on my animals. And, this is what I did, but once I got home, I strongly felt that I should not be there as I was really tired and in need of some rest.


The Great Arrogance of Satan!

So, I stayed for a short while and then came back into town and rented another motel room, but there was to be no sleep as these evil ones pounded the implants, which were attached to the tendons, ligaments and muscles in my body and just as I was about to fall asleep, they would cause a limb or a body part to jerk violently and to awaken me. Satan was greatly angry with me for writing the last chapters of Book Twelve and this was his now great punishment against me! For four long hours, these evil ones pounded these implants in my body and there was no sleep to be had! And, it was during this time, that I decided to seek our Father about these attackers and to find out more about them! So, it became a time of “their looking at me, and my looking at them!”


Humans, who have sold their souls to Satan!

For quite some time, I have known that humans are sitting up in the sky over my house in some of the saucers! I have repeatedly seen their faces and I have repeatedly heard their mocking and scorning remarks about me! But, on that afternoon, which was Thursday, the 27th of January, I got a very good look at many of them. As I sought our Father in Heaven to reveal more to me about these stalkers, it was as if the whole side of this aerial craft suddenly disappeared and I could see them very clearly. Not only could I see their faces, but I could see their names and where some of them even lived, all citizens of this great country of the USA! I could see the family members of some and even the military rank of others.

Yes, indeed, they became clear to me and as I looked around inside their hell ship in the sky, I could also see my own file, which was very thick, and this file was labelled “experimental!” I could not believe what I was looking at! Shocked, I was, but from all that I have endured, also knowing that I was seeing the absolute truth!

Then, I saw the files of two others, whom they had killed via their torture and reckless disregard for life, and one was a woman journalist, who got on their bad side! They drove her to the point of suicide with their mind controlling and drugging and the man was killed via a hit and run “accident!” But, my Dear Ones, these were only two files! There were many, many files and I suppose that I got into the files of those, whom they had killed.


The US NAVY is Rotten to the Core!

And, who are these hounds from hell? They, my Dear Ones, are the US NAVY! And, this air ship from hell, this “reprogramming” ship from the bowels of the fiery furnace is called a US NAVY “TECH SHIP!” And, this tech ship also had a number, which was assigned to it, a serial number of four numbers!

On this tech ship, I saw the neurosurgeon, who was waiting to get his hands on me next and I saw the long, wirey implants, which he planned to ram in between my ribs. I saw the psychiatrist, who was an older woman in her sixties, a dyke, and she was telling of how many hours she needed with me to subject me to more terror and torture in order to get control of my mind and at the same time, this neurosurgeon from hell was telling how many hours he would need to put all of his torture devices into me! What a shocking look at reality!

Then, I saw the young man, who fired the lasers at my car the night before as I went out to get food, thereby making pock marks in my windshield and digging into the metal of my car! One beam hit me in the foot, went all the way through and caused me great pain! When such a beam breaks glass and puts serious dents into metal, you can only imagine what it will do to ones’ flesh! They can easily kill one with these laser beams!

But, honestly, my Dear Ones, even before our Father in Heaven made me see that afternoon that this was US NAVY, I certainly knew that these were in fact military craft several weeks before! For, He had warned them of what He would do to their aerial craft and as you will read below, three US navy planes have crashed in as many weeks, and not in earthly war situations at all, but only in their war against me and our Father!

But, if I had not known of this already, I certainly knew that these sky stalkers were partly US military on those two nights that I was staying in the motels. These particular motels are fairly close to the Little Rock International Airport, and because of this, these military craft (saucers) had to obey their own laws and fly with their landing lights on, as they were so low in the air!

Can you imagine it? “Saucers” flying low over the city with landing lights on, though most of the time stationery and few, if any, the wiser! That very fact totally confirmed to me what I had been seeing in some of the craft over my house! Humans in military dress, mocking and scorning at me, who were parked above my house in these stationery aerial craft, otherwise known as “saucers,” but “tech ships” to them!

But, as they fired on my car, low in the sky the night before, I could not be totally sure that they were, in fact, US Military, but the events of the following day as I looked into one of their “tech ships” would clearly solve any and all riddles!


The US Navy’s Abducting, drugging, mind controlling and killing sprees!


They think they are gods!

Yes, indeed the US NAVY, abducting the unsuspecting, branding them like animals, drugging them, mind controlling them, killing them and covering up all! Not one single person on the whole planet is safe; for they do all of these horrible things and then erase ones memory through mind altering drugs and hypnosis, just as Satan has taught them to do so well! Yes, indeed, the US military kidnapping, drugging, mind controlling, raping, pillaging, torturing, hounding and stalking US citizens, and no doubt their enemies all over the world! And, who is even the wiser!


People in Denial! Or under mind control?

“What saucers? You have seen no saucers,” as my ex-husband, Dennis, said to me that day when he was fully under their control, “Saucers do not exist! You could not have seen any because they do not exist!” And, all of these things and more, he spoke, in spite of all the late night programs, which we two had listened to on the Internet so many times, listening to eyewitness accounts of those, who had seen them! And, also in spite of the fact that he and I had witnessed two of them, while we were together riding along in our vehicle! We both knew that they existed, but suddenly Dennis was telling me that thy do not exist and that I could not have seen them as they do not exist. Old Navy Man, former navy nuclear reactor operator, Dennis, faithful to them, even until the end! And, so it is with so many! None are so blind as those, who will not see!


The Spirit of God Often Shows me their torture plans in advance!

But, back to the accounts at hand regarding my previous stays in motels. I live about 35 miles northwest of North Little Rock and there in the sky on that night, wherein I was leaving the motel after four hours of their torture, I looked up to see their tech ship, low in the sky, travelling with its landing lights on! It waddled out across the sky as it made its was ahead of me, all of the torturers foaming at the mouths to get their hands on me, to carry out their plans and orders for the day.

Yes, indeed, they had their long, wirey implants lined up to put between my ribs and their implants lined up to put in my gums and some into my feet and elsewhere and they did not want to miss their scheduled round of torture! So, out they flew ahead of me, like school children, waiting for their treat!

I saw the tech ship up ahead and then I saw that it had come to a complete halt in the sky and as I neared it, Oh what a show! They would have made Satan very proud! There it was, hovering, over to the right side of the road, barely above the treetops and not far beyond an overpass. And, showing off, for all the world to see, it turned its bright, white lights on and blinked them several times, making a very big light show and then, turned all of the cabin lights on and off several times, revealing the circular shape of the craft, but all the time it also had its red and green landing lights on! Clearly, military, and the US NAVY at that, just as I had been shown through the Spirit of God!


Our Father in Heaven struck down three of their planes

What is most interesting about this profound revelation of the US NAVY saucers is that some weeks before, as I have mentioned above, is the fact that our Father had warned the “human” stalkers in the “saucers” to stop kidnapping me, implanting and torturing me, or he would bring their craft down, that he would begin to explode them in the sky! It was only very few days after his warning to them, that I read of a navy plane that went down in Tennessee! Reports later confirmed the wreckage of a US navy plane, which was apparently found in Georgia. Then, about a week after this one went down in Georgia, another navy plane went down in Texas.

The report, which was put out by the navy is that both of these planes were training planes with an instructor and one pilot trainee aboard, so this, of course would put the crash on the shoulders of a “stupid” trainee.

My Dear Ones, I do not believe a word of it, but it is highly unlikely that we will ever receive the truth from the Department of Navy, which is squarely under the command of Satan, along with the rest of the US military. But, these two were not the only US navy aerial craft to crash within around a three-week timeframe! Last week, another navy plane crashed as it was going into Australia to be refuelled, if this is to be believed! There is one very large US underground base in Australia, a “saucer”, time travel command post!

At any rate, my Dear Ones, three US navy planes have crashed in as many weeks! Yet, our Father in Heaven warned them in advance and He meant what He said! Our Precious Father in Heaven is mightier that anything that they could ever think of and He, in His mercy has sent angels to help me get these terrible implants out!


The Great Mercy of our Lord and God!

And, our Saviour himself, has often appeared and helped to remove any and all of their so-called mind control programming, which they have tried to put into me, even subjecting me to electro shock in an effort to shatter the neurological system of my brain and thereby insert their demons from hell! But, their plans have come to naught, for our Saviour is mighty! He is powerful, my Dear Ones, and He is able to do all things. And, He and our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven have kept me in spite of the fact that Lucifer has set out to destroy me in every way.

So, my Dear Ones, even though I have had to stand alone against the dragon, as no humans have been there to hold my hands or to help me get through, I have never been alone spiritually! For, our Lord and God has always been with me, even and especially through these darkest of times!


My Eyes have been on Satan and his eyes on me!

What I write, many have already experienced, many are currently experiencing, and many are yet to experience. But, my Dear Ones, I have survived this far and am one great walking miracle as I have to lie down in front of the dragon and get up in front of him! He never takes his eyes off me, and of late, I never take my eyes off him. For, after defeat of many of the navy’s doctors and medical team, which I will tell you about, Satan, himself, came after me with a greater fury! And, you can read about this in Part II, as follows!


My Dear Ones, I am but a woman, a child of God, and without ambition in this dark world. My great desire is to do one thing and this one thing is to do the will of my Father in Heaven and to please Him! I aspire to nothing in this world, and desire little in it, except to live a clean life, and to do my Father’s will! I long for nothing, save to be with our Saviour and Father in Heaven. I aspire to no public office, despise violence of all kinds and hate evil, but am as harmless as a dove. I wish evil upon no one, but delight in the righteous judgement of our Father in Heaven; for He will surely clean up this evil, which He also hates. So, in this way, my Dear Ones, my prayers are bold and I am afraid of nothing or no one, but have a deep love and great respect for our Creator and fear His great power and take nothing for granted, knowing that I am a sinner and that each and every day, I am a recipient of His great love, mercy, grace and honor. Therefore, I strive to walk humbly before our Lord and God, realizing that I am totally unworthy of His great love, but altogether thankful for His abiding love, great faithfulness, abundant blessings, constant protection and awesome power . Blessed is His Holy Name! He is worthy, my Dear Ones, worthy of all the praise and all the glory forever and ever!

But, my Dear Ones, Our Lord and God, our Father Yahweh, Jehovah, has decided that Satan would persecute me! For, He has foretold this in the Book of Revelation, Chapter Twelve. He has told me repeatedly that I am this singular woman of Revelation 12, the greater woman also being the clean souls, the Bride of our Saviour! So, my Dear Ones, prophecy tells us in Revelation Chapter Twelve that Satan will persecute this woman, but honestly persecute and torture would have more accurately described what Satan has done to me!


These evil ones surveille my every move!

So, my Dear Ones, this has been a terrible war between the Dragon, Satan, himself, and me! Though it is really a war against our Lord and God, it is truly now directed against me; as our Father in Heaven tells us that this Woman of Revelation Chapter 12 was also the spiritual birth mother of our Saviour! And, my Dear Ones, this is very hard for me to grasp, but as our Father has told me this and stressed that I must believe it, even if no others do, I do accept it and in so doing, I understand why Satan hates me so and why he has made me his personal target and why he surveilles my every move and why he has done such horrible and merciless things to me!

My Dear Ones, there is little doubt in my mind that I am perhaps the most surveilled woman on the whole Earth, if not the most surveilled person, and who is the wiser? So many nights, the sky over my house is full of large saucers, which all look like very low stars; and who even looks up? Who, among my neighbors, even knows that Satan sits above them night after night? Who?


Revelation 12, passing people by!

People do not even look up and when told the truth, they find every means to shut it out! It is amazing how much in denial people are to the very facts! Nevertheless, I tell you the truth and most all reject the truth, instead choosing to believe as they will. But, I tell you that Revalation Chapter Twelve is on-going and will soon come to an end; for surely our Saviour comes very soon and He will take me if I am so counted worthy and He will also take those souls, who are clean and ready to go! But, even so, most will still not believe and it is as our Father in Heaven has told us, that it really does not matter if anyone believes. I write the truth of what is going on to the best of my ability and the chips will fall where they may!


The US Military Doctors from hell!

But, as I was stating in the beginning of this chapter, many things have happened during the last week, and through these things, our Most Wonderful Lord and God has revealed much. It was approximately midweek of this week, when I was lying on the sofa in my house, with my cat in my lap, that a most amazing string of events took place! My cat is totally observant of spirit entities and often times, I must ask the Spirit of God what she is seeing as she sees them before I do and the Spirit of God will then show me what she is seeing. And, most often, it is an angel, but also at times one of Satan’s own, who is there spying. And, this spying has elevated itself to a feverish pitch lately; as Satan is always spying on me! He never lets me out of his sight, not for one moment in time!

But, on this night, I readily saw what she was seeing, even though my back was toward the intruders. I quickly tuned in via the Spirit of God and I saw them clearly through the eyes of the Spirit of God; and what I saw was shocking to me, but did in fact reveal to me how they can enter into one’s house, do surgery on the unsuspecting and get out, without anyone being the wiser, and even during the light of day!

Relative to this very topic, some of you will remember that I previously wrote of how I awoke one night shortly after I returned from South Africa and there in my room, hovering above my bed was a man, who was dressed in a white lab coat. And, from that very experience, I was left wondering whether this were an holographic image, or whether this man were really there to do something medical to me. Now, I know that he was there to do something medical and most probably to put in some sort of implant.


They’re Shifting Space and Creating Alternate Realities!

My Dear Ones, somehow, they are able to shift space as we know it and operate at a different frequency and while they are still on the same plane as we are, they are in a different energy form. And, while in this form, on such a terrible mission, they are no more or less than demons from hell on a hellish mission!

So, this is what I saw that night in my own living room and this is what my cat was looking at. She was totally absorbed in what they were doing and not the least bit afraid as she has apparently seen them so often, because usually she runs from strangers. So, I know that she has seen them often because she was not in the least afraid of them! The man in the white lab coat, who was speaking with her was a bald-headed man, who had hair above his ears, which wrapped around the back of his head, but not much of it, with none on top; and his hair was. He was reaching out to my cat and even calling her by name, saying, “Come here!”

But, I tell you, my Dear Ones, she did this man as does me when I call her to cut her toe nails. She made a gutteral sound, which sounds just like “no” and then she jumped off my lap and ran under a chair! Truly, she saw this man and the others with him and she responded in a very negative way to him, but not in the least bit afraid, as I have said. For, these stalkers have been in my house so very many times to do their horrible medical experiments on me, and prior to this experience, I could not be sure as to how they got in and how they could do such things, even in the light of day!


They have big reasons for keeping the people dumbed-down!

But, now, the water is at least somewhat clear, even if I do not understand the manner in which they do these things! For, the US Government is clearly in possession of Satan’s technology, and has been for many years, while they lie to the whole world and maintain the lie that these types of craft just do not exist. They take the public reports and bury them as deeply as possible; for the ignorant masses must never wake up until the noose is tight around their dumbed-down necks and then, who will be able to do a thing about them. And, the time of the snare is now, my Dear Ones! The snare has sprung upon the whole earth! Satan has been cast down from the Upper Realms and is going about commanding his militaries of the world, the US military being his chief pet, and who is the wiser?.

But, that night, as I saw several of them behind me, I thought of them as no more than demons from hell, souls, who are not operating in accordance with laws of this sphere; and I began to bind them under the power of our Father, Yahweh, in the Name of Jesus and to command them into the Lake of Fire! And, I saw them go, one by one, under the power of the Most High, one of them being very tall and strong in the spirit, carrying some sort of weapon. But the power of God came upon me and he lost! He, too, was cast into the burning lake and out through the wall went the last remaining two, or so!

But, my Dear Ones, their orders from Satan were strict to get me; and it was not long before I saw more of them in the kitchen and it seemed that they came into my house in some sort of “tube”, a reality within a reality, if you will. They were clearly there and even brought their own table with their instruments and implants on it, but their reality was existent within the reality of my kitchen table and chairs, which did not disturb their reality at all.


Cast them into the Lake of Fire!

But, again seeing what they were up to, I did to them as I did to the others and some disappeared off the face of this planet! My Dear Ones, this went on with several groups of them, all coming for me, medical personnel, and many of them disappeared into the pits of hell as they have no legal right in this sphere to operate that way! And, in and out of my house that night were also many, many of Satan’s reptile hoards and I knew that they were desperate to get me!

Earlier that day, I was indeed very angry with Satan for putting these implants into my ribs and into other parts of my body and also because of the fact that he kept sending his hounds into my house! And, as I went about my prayers and praise, I could see Satan very well!


Our Saviour’ Warnings to Satan go Unheeded!

Our Saviour had also warned him again to stop his persecution, and that if he did not, He would break the backbone of Satan! This warning, He had issued a few days before, but Satan, being the ultimate psychopath never heeds such a warning! So, early in that day, or perhaps it may have even been late in the previous day, our Father in Heaven had sent me with his sword to break the backbone of Satan and this is what I did in the Spirit! He also sent me into the United Nations and there before me was one very big table. Our Saviour ordered me to take His sword and to pummel this table and to break it into many pieces, so many pieces that it would never be put back together again! And, five or six people, our Saviour also ordered me to remove and cast into the Lake of Fire! So, my Dear Ones, I have done these things and Satan was indeed very angry with me, but this great judgement against him was what he chose, as our Father in Heaven had warned Him and when our Father ordered this organization destroyed via his breaking of Satan’s backbone and the subsequent breaking of this table, he told Satan at that time that He would soon destroy the United Nations and that this would not be his pawn as he so believed and that the very life of this international body is now very short!

And, of course Satan was very angry and he had ordered so many medical personnel to come and take me, but many of them wound up in the Lake of Fire! And, as Satan was doing these things, I went in the Spirit I took a handful of the pudding-like holy fire anointing, which is the pure power of God and I slammed this into both of Satan’s feet and into the backs of his hands.


This Attack Against Satan made him furious!

I knew immediately that this holy fire burned him and I could see it burning his scaley flesh! Then, I took my fiery sword and I beat him about the body and neck and he, in his mocking way, turned his backside to me and turned his rear end up to me and I took the sword and I beat him seriously all across the back.

Then, finding in my hand several objects, which looked like many of the implants, which he had put into me, yet they were all made of the fire of God, I began to throw them like fiery darts into his various body parts! Into his legs with rods of white light fire! Into his joints with holy fire darts! Into his head with whip-like objects, which were made of the fire of God and so these things, I whirled into his arms, chest, face, etc, and Oh, my Dear Ones, he was mad!

I could hear him roaring all that day and into the early morning hours, “Get that woman! I want her now!” And, in and out of my house many of his reptile hoards came and went and this took place throughout the night, but when I would see any of them, I would take authority over them and command them into the Lake of Fire. So, he lost many!

And, after the US NAVY lost so many of its medical personnel, I could hear those in the US Navy ships as they talked of their losses, stating that this was a chance which they knew they would be taking by coming there like that. And, they were all concerned as they had lost some of their best military doctors!


What a Terrible War!

My Dear Ones, what a terrible war, the dragon and the US military against one, singular person. It is totally shocking, even to me as I tell you the truth of what is and what has been!

The night of the great numbers of satanic visits, I stayed up as long as I could and near morning, I began to get very tired and knew that I must rest, knowing full well that they would get me. I tried to stay awake, but fell asleep, hearing the roaring of the craft over my house; and I knew well what they would do. I went to sleep shortly after 7:00 AM and woke up sharply at 9:34 AM. I looked at the clock and as I looked at the time, I heard a big banging noise outside and above the house. It was them, those in the saucer taking off, and at that instant the power went off in the house, the clock resetting itself at 12:00, blinking red before my very eyes.


Satan, out to make me his slave!

My head burned like fire and my whole head was ringing like it was on fire with electricity! I sought the Spirit of God and called on our Father in Heaven to help me and His Spirit showed me layer upon layer of things that they had put into my head and many, many implants. My head was on fire as they had surely shocked me or burned me with some sort of electricity as they had done just about five days before, and only about two days before this! Then, I had to get more implants out of my scalp, in addition to all of the implants, which they had put in between my ribs. They did to me just as I saw they would do; as I had seen their plans!

But, this time, Satan went for the gusto and he was determined to steal my mind and to make me work for him, to make me his slave. But, my Dear Ones, I do not agree to such a thing and I am a Child of God. So, the angel and I got to work under the anointing of the Spirit of God and truly, it took at least seven hours of working in the Spirit to get these things out. They put layer upon layer of things into my head and we had to get them out layer after layer. Satan even put the number, eleven, into my brain and this, too, was removed! Our Saviour came and showed me how they had tried to fracture my mind, and apparently with electroshock, but He also healed all of this and destroyed all that they had done to me.


Satan has a physical body, like a Dinosaur


He is one of them, who survived!

By this time, my Dear Ones, my eyes were no longer glued on the US military personnal, but on Satan, himself, and he is one ugly monster! How in the world could people fall down and worship a Tyranosarus Rex? And, that is exactly what he looks like and that is what he is! Just one big lizard, who is also a fallen angel, not stupid, my Dear Ones, but quick, absolute evil incarnate, doggedly persistent, angry, foul, disgusting and wicked beyond measure. And, this evil thing is in control of the militaries of the world!

Now, my Dear Ones, after these many hours of working in the Spirit, it was time to praise our Lord and God and this is what I did, putting on praise music and loving, praising and honouring Him! Blessed is His Holy Name!


Satan, out to steal our Father’s beautiful vortex!

Then, my Dear Ones, I could see that Satan was out to severely weaken me, to destroy me and to seize control of the vortex, for up in the vortex, he had moved many of his military. They had moved up there and had established a base, and this happens often, but when the Spirit of God shows me their presence, our Father then sends angels to help me remove them and to cast them into the Lake of Fire. So, to date, Satan has lost perhaps a hundred thousand of his own reptile hoards, but that day in addition to his reptile hoards, he also lost numerous saucers! Many angels came to help me and together, under the direction of our Saviour, we removed them all and cast them into the Lake of Fire. And, Satan, seeing what was going on, was bellowing to the US military for backup! Can you believe such a thing???

I have told you previously about this vortex, that it is our Father’s vortex and that He had me do a work for Him to open this vortex. This work took a solid one and one half years, and even up to two and one half years; for it began to open up in the year 2000 and was finished around late Summer of 2004. But, the serious work took approximately one and one half years to around two years! This vortex goes into thousands of dimensions, but the stairway of it is based on my spiritual DNA, which is the precious gift of our Father, and this spiritual DNA makes a stairway, which winds around and goes up to great heights.

Now, my Dear Ones, Satan is cast down. He cannot get out off this planet and he also knows that our Saviour has allowed me to do some work for Him in shutting down some of the interdimensional portals, which Satan has been using to access the upper realms. Satan knows all of this and he is furious about it. But, this particular vortex belongs to our Lord and God and when the time comes many pure and clean souls will exit the Earth through this vortex and when the time comes also many of the Supernatural Army will come into the Earth and then go back to the Mountain of God through this vortex. So, this vortex is important and this is just one reason that Satan is out to take control of me any way he can. This is just part of the great war and of course the rest of it is that Satan hates me because I am the Woman of Revelation 12.

Now, you understand somewhat why he has dogged me for three solid years, never letting up and never letting me out of his sight, not even for one moment. His intentions are to steal this vortex and obviously to defeat our Saviour, but my Dear Ones, I live for our Lord and God. He is my everything. And, yes it is true that I have been through what few could ever imagine and what even fewer believe, but this is coming to a head and soon. For, soon, our Saviour will return for the clean souls and He will take many through this very vortex. These clean souls will go to a most beautiful place and they will wait there until the final three to three and a half years are finished! His blessed will be done!

Pray for me, my Dear Ones! I fled the house today as I saw Satan’s plans and he was bellowing for his evil creatures to “Get that woman,” as he was planning more torture through implants and more mind control schemes. I came into town and got a motel and began to rest a little and Satan began to pound me with beams into the ligaments and tendons, muscles, thereby causing the jerking of my various body parts, all in order to keep me awake.


More Angelic Help!

But, my Dear One, I began to see the most beautiful sight. There was another angel, a very powerful angel with me now and this angel, was waving his hand over the implants and so many of them were coming out so easily and there was so much power. He was so tall, my Dear Ones, and I asked Him to tell me his name and he told me that he is one of the archangels, his name I will not mention here!

He told me that it is now time for him to come and to help me and that he was specifically allowed to come at this time as a certain humble person had prayed and asked our Father to send this particular archangel to help me. I asked him, “Who is this person? Do I know this person?” And, he told me that I do not know this person and it is not for me to know, but the prayer that this person was to pray at this time and also a prayer, which has been answered and is a prayer, which also blesses this dear soul, who prayed it. He stressed to me that now is the appointed time for him to come and to help me.

I saw the most powerful thing, my Dear Ones, with this archangel truly being an angel of great mercy and also power, as he was throwing daggers of fire into various body parts of Satan and Satan was howling from the pain. I also saw him remove certain of the implants from me and cast them into the body of Satan, but now they were made of the fire of God and not of earthly components! And, all the time Satan was howling! I asked him how long these would remain in the body of Satan and he told me that he would be able to get them out, but only with great effort and that these implants would burn him and cause him great pain!

Yet, in spite of this retaliation against Satan via this archangel, Satan was sending lasers into this room as I was typing this chapter! One evil and disgusting creature, but now our Father sends this angel of great light to help me and my Dear Friends, I am ever so grateful and full of humility at the great love of our Father in Heaven!

How blessed I am, my Dear Ones, to be counted worthy to go through such things for the love of our Most Wonderful Lord and God! How I love Him! And, all the praise and all the glory to our Father Yahweh, forever and ever! Blessed is His Name and Blessed is His Son, Jesus, Saviour of Humanity, truly God incarnate!

Glory, glory, glory, and praises forever and ever to our Lord and God; for He, alone is worthy!

Your Sis, Linda

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