Chapter Twelve


Messages from our Father in Heaven

“My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Now, has come the day, My Child, wherein My great chastisements are coming upon this nation and upon this world as I have long warned! Many believe that they have months or years to clean up their decadent spiritual lives and to live honorably according to My commandments; but I tell you that you have days and few weeks! And, when you see all come to pass, just as I have warned you, do not whine and wail about your lot; for you have most assuredly created it! You have chosen it via your disregard for honorable living and you have thereby set into motion a chain of destructive events, which will seal the fates of the rebellious and ungodly. But, even as I have promised, I am removing my pure and clean ones ahead of this great cleansing; for they have lived for Me, for My Son Jesus, yes Yahshua. They are pure! They are righteous and they deserve to be sheltered from My great wrath, which is coming into this Earth! But, do not think that this is some “rapture”, as the blind churches teach! It is not; but a removal of the clean souls ahead of the terrible calamities in the Earth! And, be not deceived, you haughty ones, you filthy ones, you perverted ones, who fill the churches with your lukewarm and rebellious ways! I come not for you, and not any like you; but for the clean of hearts, those, who truly have neither spot, nor blemish on their spiritual robes! Yes, soon, very soon, and even as a thief in the night, unnoticed by the masses I shall come and I shall take My holy ones; for they are indeed now counted worthy.

But, the rebellious, the proud and haughty, the lawless, the mockers and scorners, these shall be left for the reign of Lucifer! And, many also, who love Me in their own way, but not wholly, who are still in need of a scrubbing, these shall be left! And, Oh what a howling is about to go up among you lawless ones, as you realize that you have forsaken your first love and there is now no one to help you as you face one cruel god! I say to you all, remember Me in your famines, in your deaths and dying, in your camps, in the foreign ships as you are hauled away as slave labor! Cry out to Me. I will hear your cries! For, one, who will not hear today, may hear tomorrow!

My Little One, you know the evils of Satan! You know his relentless stalking and his terrible persecution! For, you, My Little One, live it every day! Satan has done terrible things to you and so it goes with you from day to day! And, you have written about what you have had to endure from day to day with the terrible abductions, torture implants, etc, and who is the wiser? But, your time of trials is soon coming to an end! Now come bitter trials, torture and persecution for humanity the world over; for Satan is a cruel taskmaster and he now comes to devour the whole Earth!

But, as for you, My Child, I am with you and from day to day, I go with you, or you would have surely been dead long ago! But, as for Satan and his attacks on you, he knows that for his repeated attacks, he loses in a big way! Now, I have sent you many legions of warrior angels as you have asked for them, and for as long as you remain in the Earth, I shall send you and these angels up against Satan and his for great defeat! Even as you have asked, I shall send you and My mighty angels up against him and his hoards and there shall be one great slaughter in their dens in the Earth and in the air and he shall suffer great losses, the very great loss in the early morning hours of today being his own head! Yes, indeed, I sent you to the Red Dragon, himself, to warn him to pull back his evil hoards and to stop his persecution, lest he suffer! And, he did not; but continued on! Therefore, I sent you with My sword to cut off his head, a very important head, which is both a nation and a very important individual! Now, this head is severed from his body and this shall manifest very soon in the physical realm! For, this nation, a great nation, even the USA, I shall cut off and another of his very important heads, a man, I shall require of him! His persecution and torture of you, My Child, shall cost him in a great and mighty way! And, more comes if he so chooses to continue in this way! Mark My word on this! What this means to the whole world, My Child, is serious, serious indeed! For, precious, little time remains for America and the jig is soon up for this evil head! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of January, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Second Message from our Father in Heaven

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Look to the moon and look to the stars; for great anomalies in the heavens shall not focus their attention on this spiritually sick and weakened Earth. For, as you know, My Child, as she traverses through her path, her bellows and screams can be heard throughout the universes, one wave affecting another until the attention of many stars and many planets is now focused on this Earth and her great pain and suffering! For, look what you, as a people all over the Earth, have done to her in your unbridled greed! Nations upon nations sucking her lifeblood and polluting her waters! Military powers, all evil to the core, polluting her skies, all in order to deceive and conquer, and not one nation has risen up against such! Your United Nations is a rubber stamp for such raping and pillaging of this planet and not one nation has taken a lead to save the Earth on which you live! Now, the stars in the heavens cry out and even distant luminaries take note of the gross cruelty, which you, as a world of people, have exerted on this sick and dying Earth. Their cries come up to the Creator of All Things, a great call for a cleansing of this evil, which has taken such a deep root! And, all over the Earth, My righteous ones plead for vengeance against these lawless, reckless and evil forces, which have aligned themselves for total eradication of all humans and for a terrible cleansing of this planet through disastrous weapons of terrible and massive destruction, that they may own it all!

But, the heavens cry that this should not be so, as is planned; for such a thing would destroy this planet and all life on it. Therefore, all will not go as they plan; but all will go as I plan! And, yes, I, Myself, have decreed this cleansing! I, Myself, have decreed this destruction, which is at hand for all of humanity! The time of upheavals in the Earth, such as mankind has never seen, is at hand, and all will see My hand in it. And, quickly now, I come, with all My power and with all my forces to clean up this mess on this planet! You, all of you on this Earth, are responsible for this mess and you have a collective debt, save you have repented before Me with weeping and sorrow for the destruction of this Earth!

Therefore, I say to all of humanity, to each of you collectively! Repent of your part in the destruction of this planet; for none of you is innocent! All of you have lived deliciously from the bounty of this Earth and all of you should show your gratitude to this planet, your home, who now faces her own death, save I, Myself, correct the problem! And, very soon, I shall, even with just one wave of My hand, and I shall clean much evil and corruption off this planet! And, this is soon, much sooner than any of you could, or would imagine!

Get your affairs in order; for in one day, I shall reduce the population of the Earth by many hundreds of millions! Get ready, America! For, you face not only war on your own soil, you face a financial meltdown and unprecedented calamitous events within the Earth, itself! And, the famine and diseases and deaths, as few can imagine, and the time is now, not to be put off until some future date, but now! You will soon see that I mean business about what I say! My days of pleading with a proud, haughty, and stiff-necked nation are all but up!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of January, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Third Message from Our Father in Heaven

“Father, last night, You sent me to warn the Red Dragon, Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, to stop persecuting me, or you would cut his head off! But, he did not stop, Father! And, early this morning, you sent me to cut off the head of the Red Dragon! I then took Your powerful, spiritual sword and whacked into his big, thick neck, one, two, and three sharp times and then his head and about one half of his neck was severed from his body! So, there was the Red Dragon, which was decapitated! Father, what do these three strikes mean?

My Child, it is as the saying goes, “Three strikes and you are out!” In this case, with the three strikes, soon to come upon it, America will be out of the world scene! It will be effectively removed as Lucifer’s head nation and soon, very soon, an evil and powerful leader will also fall! This leader is now Satan’s head all over the Earth; so Satan will have to get a new head. But, I tell you, My Child, that he has expedited all of these things because of his continued torture of you! He has been warned! This leader has also been warned to stop the torture; but does not believe! But, soon, very soon, he shall fill his own coffin! And, though many will be shocked, few will mourn his passing!

But, what are the three strikes against this nation? My Little One, they are as follows, and these are all imminent!

1. A nuclear attack on America of great severity;
2. a total economic meltdown;
3. and, terrible upheavals in the Earth!”

“But, Father, I don’t totally understand why You have me deliver these strikes.”

“My Child, you are the Woman of Revelation 12, the White Buffalo Calf Woman, who was also the earthly mother of My Son in the Earth! I love you very, very much and you are under severe persecution as few could imagine, persecution by the US Government and persecution by Satan and his reptile hoards! Yet, you love Me so! You honor Me and sing to Me through your great afflictions! My Child, I will expedite certain events in this Earth because of the great suffering, which you go through daily! I will compress time and set into motion what I have foretold to also shorten your own torture and suffering! This, I will do and therefore have given Satan the choice to stop this persecution, which he does not honor! Therefore, I soon come for Mine and I shall soon strip him more for what he chooses to do to you!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of January, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Fourth Message from our Father in Heaven

My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. Know, My Child, that this war between Me and Satan, with you now squarely in the middle, is soon coming to an end! Yes, My Child, this great and terrible persecution and torture of you at the hands of Satan, I have previously decreed and I, Myself, have orchestrated it! I have allowed it all as there is a bigger plan, a bigger picture, and you have been faithful, My Little One! You have been bold, blessing and praising My Name, even as you labored beneath the torture of so many electronic implants in your body! You have not give up, My Child, as I have told you that your victories come now, far greater than you could or would ever imagine!

Your know, My Little One, that Satan has become increasingly bolder in his assaults against you, that he has become increasingly more desperate to take over your mind and now, as you saw yesterday, to drive your spirit out of your body and thereby take it over! Now, My Child, he has another very big plot to drive your spirit out of your body via severe electrical shock! This is his plan and you see it! You know all about it, as I have allowed you to see Satan’s plans against you for some days, and in so doing, so that you would know in advance what he would do to you the next time that he abducted you! And, you have seen repeatedly these last ten days, or so, what he was planning before he did it! And, you saw on all occasions that he went through with his plans against you! But, My Child, I have also told you in my private conversations to you that I am going go hurt Satan’s body, to hurt him personally, to hurt his physically, even as he has hurt you and even as he also now plans to do to you!

Yes, My Child, he will attempt to do as I now tell you and as you see in the Spirit! This is predestined and it will come to pass! Satan will abduct you again and he will attempt to drive your spirit out of your body via severe electrical shock and then, My Child, I will step in! Then, I will save you, My Child, and I will kill the body of Satan! That’s right! This is what you now must face and be not afraid and be not concerned for it! For, even so, this must come to pass!

And, you think, My Little One, that so many will scoff, as this is not so well understood from reading the Scriptures!” But, remember that the Seven Thunders spoke many things and My servant, John, was not allowed to write these things and this is but one, that the Dragon will persecute and torture the Woman, the Singular Woman first, you, My Little One, and even as he tries to kill you, I will kill him! I will kill the physical body of Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, the Dragon, and then, My Little One, all will see him reduced to a man with supernatural powers! And, all will marvel after the man with the fatal head wound, who did live and who had great power!

Even so, My Child, you, as the Woman of Revelation 12, have played a very important part in the fact that this man now lives at all and you also play a very important part in the fact that this Dragon will be slain, his spirit then inhabiting the man, who is known as the antichrist! Let all be the wiser! You shall see this victory, My Little One, and let all know that I come soon for you and for all of My pure and clean souls. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of February, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Fifth Message from Our Father in Heaven

“My Little One, I wish to continue somewhat and this is as I have just shown you, and even as you know from the work that I had you do in the Spirit just now, that early last morning, even as you slept for only one hour, that Satan made one gigantic attempt to steal this vortex by trying to trap your spirit in an alternate reality. You did not know what was going on, only that you desperately needed My help to get you out of the darkness that he had forced your spirit into! But, his trick did not work, My Child, and I came to you and removed this illusion from you! But, he believed that his hard work would pay off and that he would then steal the vortex; for you know, My Little One, that he is master of illusion, but he did no succeed and now early in this morning, I further showed you what he has done as I removed the rest from you that he has put on you! And, all these things he did, all to make you his slave and to claim what is not his to claim! But, he failed again and in his foolishness is still bellowing and issuing orders for your head, but does not know and cannot see that his own head is on the chopping block for doing to you as he has done to you! But, now he has but one more plot to take your head and to get rid of you altogether; but he will fail in this and he will fall to the chopping block, thereby looking to take over a human body so as to rule his kingdom!

So, as I have told you, I shall knock the head of Satan off his own pyramid and I shall cut such holes in his own pyramid that he shall soon have little of his kingdom left, and this before he even gets started! For, only and I say only because of the terrible things, which Satan has done to you, he has lost in a very big way and soon, very soon, he shall lose his own body; for I will not allow him to carry through with what he plans to do to you!

For love of you, My Little One, I will slay this terrible dragon and yes, Satan is a dragon, a serpent, and yes, he does have a physical body, which he will soon lose! Let all be the wiser; for within these very works, which I have given to you, My Little One, many words of the very book of Revelation now come to pass. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of February, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

It is interesting to note, my Dear Ones, that when our Father in Heaven had me go and cut off the head of the Dragon and I did so with three whacks of our Father’s sword, that Satan has also made three great swipes at my own head, all during the last ten days, or so, each time abducting me and doing terrible things to my head in order to kill me or to take control of me by his own evil means of torture and mind control. But, He has failed, and only because of the great love and power of our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven! Now, our Father shows us that when Satan makes his next swipe at my head, his own head will then go! Blessed is the Name of Our Most Wonderful Lord and God! Our Father’s prophecies are always so deep and can mean many things all at once and sometimes He only tells us part of what they mean! What an awesome God we have! All the praise and all the glory to Him forever and ever! OOOO-EEEEE!

Sending love to each you!
Your Sis, Linda

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