Chapter Fourteen


“The Ending of Revelation Twelve”

My Dear Ones, as I look back on the long chain of bizarre events, which have happened to me since I came back to the States in February of 2005, even I find them greatly unsettling and I can only imagine how strange some of these events may seem to some of you, who have never seen such things in this world.

We know from the reading of the Scriptures and from the terrible unfolding of events that these are the latter days. These are times of great darkness, wherein powers and principalities of great darkness have risen to new and heretofore unheard of heights! You will remember, my Dear Ones, how Moses stood before the Pharaoh, seeking the freedom of our brothers and sisters, and how Satan, who was working through the evil Pharaoh, continued to show his power in the face of the continued requests of our Father in Heaven. Yes, my Dear Ones, these evil ones have power, but in the end, it is the power of our Father in Heaven, which wins. Nevertheless, a great war continues on from day to day as the forces of evil and the forces of light battle to gain control of all that is. And, these very forces of evil have taken a great hold in this Earth, with billions of the aberrant fallen angels now coming into the Earth from distant star systems, all to make slaves out of all of humanity. And, few are the wiser; for the skies are being sprayed so heavily from day to day that no one can see this great intergalactic battle as it rages on.



I am getting ahead of myself somewhat here, but my Dear Ones, I tell you that on February 20th of 2006, this great infiltration of these terrible monsters, who are called the “Dragos” began! Since that time, over two billion of these half bird/half reptile creatures have been driven into the hollow of the Earth, and this, my Dear Ones, is fulfilling the ending of Revelation Chapter Twelve. And, how this all began, I will describe to you as I go along, but this very important event is taking place in the skies daily since then and who is the wiser, save for myself and perhaps a few others, whom I have told? And, yes, perhaps there are others around the world, who might know something of this, but I can tell you that they do not know as I know as I have been in the middle of this great and terrible war. For, Satan has lured these evil ones here to fight for him and to overtake our Father’s vortex and to make me their prisoner. But, I tell you, My Dear Ones, that I am evermore the servant of our Father in Heaven and evermore dedicated to Him as He has saved me from them literally thousands of times, and all of this within only the last six days.

As you know, my Dear One, and as I have written, Satan, himself has come to make war with me! The war has been unrelenting and severe with Satan and his own evil hoards of reptiles and greys, along with the perverted and aberrant souls in the US military, (particularly the US NAVY,) having dogged me from hour to hour, and from day to day, without any reprieve. I have gotten little sleep from day to day as the moment that I drift off to sleep, there they are with all of their implants and they, Satan, the US military, and now the Dragos, all waiting to implant me with huge implants, all in order to make me their prisoner. So, my Dear Ones, this is one great war and none to help me save our Most Wonderful Lord and God; for people quickly grow weary of this fight and do not want it near them. So, friends and family alike have deserted me and have left me to fend for myself, alone in the face of Satan, and very, very few concerned in the least as to the great war, which is raging and involves their very necks. But, better that someone else fight this war and leave them to themselves as they do not believe that such horrendous things will come to their doors. And, they do not believe that such horrendous things are even taking place within this very Earth. But, I tell you right now that if our Father in Heaven had not opened up the mouth in the Earth and had not swallowed up the huge numbers of these Dragos, you, my Dear Ones, would soon see their great viciousness.

I do not know how many of them are still waiting out in the wings of space beyond the Earth, cloaked in their great and small crafts, but I can tell you for sure that over 2.2 billion of these vicious creatures have been lured into the hollow of the Earth and with them huge numbers of their space ships! And, this all began on February 20th, 2006 and herein, I shall tell you how it began! But, first, I will go back a little to what many experienced in Arkansas, just after I wrote the last chapters of Book Twelve!



After I wrote the last chapters of Book Twelve and the accompanying “Message for You”, Satan was extremely angry with me! And, it is no secret by now that he and his evil cohorts in the US military have repeatedly lasered me! They have repeatedly lasered my car and have created pockmarks all over it; but on the eighth of February, I became aware that Satan and his minions were also repeatedly lasering the unsuspecting populace of North Little Rock. For, it was on this day, that I was parked in the Wal Mart parking lot in North Little Rock and being stationery there, just passing some time as I waited for someone, that I became their easy target. These evil ones pounded my car with lasers, so I called the North Little Rock Police to report their bizarreness. And, to my surprise, the policeman came out and was not shocked at all, as there had been so many complaints from others about this lasering that he was not interested in taking a report. He told me that a white airplane was lasering people and that they had even lasered his own car! Many people had reported this bizarre chain of events, but according to him, no one knew who was doing the lasering and I offered no comments. By the day, Satan and his evil dogs in the US military are getting wilder and wilder; for their evil knows no constraints!



It was during this time that I was staying with a family member and sleeping on the living room floor of their apartment for a few hours each night while they watched television; and I was doing this to keep from being abducted by Satan, carried away in his saucer, drugged and subjected to horrendous mind control experiments! But, it became obvious to me that this was creating a hardship for them, so I began to consider an invitation to North Dakota as a man and his wife had repeatedly invited me to visit them for many months! I sought our Father in Heaven about going there and He told me to pack my things and to go by Oklahoma and get a dear brother to ride with me as this is a very long trip to go it alone, a round trip of over 3,000 miles. So, I called this brother in Oklahoma and asked him if he would like to ride with me! This man, who is also disabled was delighted to go! It was quite expensive to pay for two motel rooms and to foot all the food bills, but our Father in Heaven, in His graciousness provided the finances! Blessed is His Holy Name! So, I packed up my cat and some personal belongings and headed on out to North Dakota on the ninth of February, 2006.

This was a harrowing trip as I got so little sleep! On the road during this trip, I did not want to sleep long hours by myself as I knew that Satan would abduct me, drug me and do terrible things to me! So, I asked this dear man if he would watch television in my room in the early hours of the night, then wake me up after I slept a few hours and then go on back to his room and rest! He gladly did this for me, but after some nights of this, I could also see that he was getting tired!

But, honestly, my Dear Ones, what I know now is that it is not in the least necessary for them to abduct someone to do these terrible things to them as they have the technology to transport themselves on a beam of light into a person’s home and do to them as they choose and this, my Dear Ones, is known as Project Blue Beam.



We all saw the blue beams, which were flying through the windows in South Africa and we all saw them in Sweden and I see them regularly as these evil hoards from hell come into my own home on these blue beams. There will be a click in the wall, a popping sound, or a click on the glass, if they come in through the windows and then they will materialize, but at different frequencies from the ones that you and I operate on. They can well see all of us and within the very space that we live in they create another space, which does not operate according to the same parameters of space/time as the one in which we live. Within this space within a space, they can carry out their dastardly deeds and who is even the wiser? If one is lying on his or her sofa, these evil ones, can simple make a space under the sofa, or under the bed and set up shop to carry out their surgeries from hell as the unsuspecting sleep on! They can reach right through one’s body and they can gouge and poke around inside one’s body and insert all manner of chips and rape and pillage the innocent and unsuspecting; and who will know? For, when people feel strange sticks, or when one’s stomach or back ripple up and moves on its own, people tend to dismiss such things as flights of fancy or a strange anomaly, which is just a passing thing! This, my Dear Ones, is Project Blue Beam and Project Blue Beam is alive and well on Planet Earth and has been for fifty or sixty years. This is how long the US Military has had this satanic technology and this is how long that they have been doing such terrible things as drugging, mind control, chip implanting, torture, rape, sodomy, and killing as they very well please and few are the wiser, as all of their evils are done in stealth and cunning under the coverage of “Top Secret.”

And, all the while, the lawless become more lawless and more arrogant as they continue to get away with such things, placing themselves above all laws, and disregarding the rights of every living soul! How many have died because of the great trauma to their minds and to their bodies by these unrelenting hounds from hell? How many? And, how many more must die at their hands before our Father in Heaven totally destroys them? These very things, I have asked Him so very many times and day after day, I have waited for our Father in Heaven to take a great vengeance on Satan and on the US military because of the horrific things, which they have done and continue to do to any and all that they choose. So, my Dear Ones, in great distress I have cried out, the victim of their terrible deeds and now come great judgements upon their heads as few of them can imagine! For, truly the Earth, itself has swallowed up many of them and all of the praise and glory forever and ever goes to our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven, Yahweh, Most High God!

For, during these last five days, and this being the sixth day, the US military has lost huge numbers of its saucers, some of its most prized doctors from hell and other military leaders, attendants and various kinds of hardware as they followed Satan’s evil hoards from hell, and they went right into the hollow of the Earth. And, at this point, they are in great trouble, but as for me, I say that this could not have happened to a more deserving bunch of arrogant, prideful and evil people, ever to see the face of this Earth!

My Dear Ones, you would be sickened to your stomach to see the US military leaders, the doctors and the technicians from hell as they bow to the wishes of Satan, as they carry out his orders, as he barks them out to them all. It is disgusting to see human beings bow down and carry out the orders of one giant lizard from hell; but this, my Dear Ones, is what I have seen ad nauseum for months and this whole scenario is absolutely disgusting and worthy of total destruction.



And, now come these Dragos from distant star systems, such as Andromeda, Orion and other places! They are half bird and half reptile and to date I have personally observed that there are three species now within the Earth, possibly a fourth; and they are absolutely vicious, with a great hate for all of humanity! They come not to make friends with any humans, but to totally destroy all of humanity! However, when they all emerged and decided to overtake our Father’s vortex, He rose up in His great might and He overrode their computers and drove them into the bowels of the Earth, where they will all be destroyed and sooner, rather than later!



But, in this, I am getting ahead of myself somewhat and I wish to go back a little to this trip to North Dakota! My Dear Ones, I would not take such a trip, not to North Dakota, or anywhere else, unless I consulted our Father in Heaven and was given the green light to do so! And, this was most assuredly the case with this trip, wherein He told me to go there and to go by and pick up this brother to go with me! And, this was a harrowing trip, one accompanied by bizarre weather and strange manifestations in the Earth!



It was after the last chapters, which I wrote for the website, and the accompanying message, that Satan came after me with a great fury. My Dear Ones, I could not even get into my car and go to town without being swarmed, literally swarmed by the reptiles and greys. They came in armies, and when I would often look in the Spirit, I would literally see fields full of the grey automatons, hoards of them, small armies, all coming for me! They would be accompanied by the reptile hoards and would rush my car, gouging and poking me, sticking me, running wires up my arms and between my ribs, into my scalp and into any other body part as they so chose.



And, it was around this time, that I began to see forming in the Spirit, a counter vortex. This vortex rotates in the opposite direction from the vortex, which our Father had me to work on for Him some years past. As I began to see these dark swirling energies, a wormhole within the Earth, the Spirit of God would tell me to send these greys and reptiles into this “counter” vortex, or “anti” vortex and this is what I would do. The most interesting thing about this “counter” or “anti” vortex is that it was literally full of eyes! This was a shocking things to see, for there was the vortex, which was a swirling mass of dark energies and it was full of eyes. I could not imagine such a thing, but as I looked at these huge numbers of eyes, which filled this vortex, they were all aware of me and were there also to do our Father’s work and only interested in doing His will. And, as we were all on agreement on this one thing, I obeyed our Father in Heaven and began then to send huge numbers of these reptiles and greys into this swirling mass of dark energies.



As my friend and I rode along the roads to North Dakota, it was in Missouri that we began to see very strange manifestations of this anti vortex. For, we would enter into violent snowstorms suddenly and just as quickly the snowstorm would end, bringing us into another area, which was free from clouds and full of sunshine. Freqently, when the snow storms would suddenly stop and the sun would suddenly appear in a near cloudless sky, I then began to look for this antivortex, and I could see that it had moved off the right side of the road, but had made a very large and dark strip in the sky.

We travelled within this manifestation for hundreds of miles, experiencing this bizarre weather of the “anti” and then coming out of it just as suddenly into the bright sunlight of the other vortex, which moves in a clockwise direction and tends to push the clouds down around the horizon with the sky clear overhead. I knew what I was witnessing, and was truly in a state of awe about it all, but did not understand it whatsoever. And, Satan knew also and he was pummelling our car with lasers and it was at this point, that I believe that Satan made a huge determination to get me at all costs, and he, himself, took over where others were failing and he charged me like a raging bull and to this day, he has not let up, running in and out of my house, like a wild animal. For, in his desperation, he knows full well that he is losing and is out to stop our Father’s works any way he can and I am but one symbol of these works, but one, who is also tied to these vortices; for this has been a very important part of our Father’ work that He has had for me to do. Blessed is His Holy Name!

So, my Dear Ones, this was the nature of the trip and with these aberrant weather patterns, we came into great cold. The temperatures in North Dakota dropped to 30 degrees below zero and I, for one, have never experienced anything like this and for those in North Dakota, this was the most extreme weather that they had suffered in many years. And, I believe that this bizarre weather had a lot to do with the forming of this anti vortex and what our Father in Heaven was doing with it!



When we arrived at the house of these dear souls in North Dakota, I could sense that they just did not have room for us. They were rebuilding an old house and they stayed in a large basement area, and this was fine for them, but with added guests, I could see that this was a very cramped situation. Plus, this dear woman worked out of her house, doing contracted computer work! So, by the second day, I knew that I must take my friend back to catch the bus home and I would then stay as long as I needed to stay. At least, this was my plan, but even so, it was not to be!



My Dear Ones, I had to stay up at night for the two nights that we were there in North Dakota and the war was horrible beyond words. The greys and reptiles were literally coming through the walls after me! They were pummelling my body with implants and causing me to have to spend many hours in the Spirit to get them out in order to function at all.



Heretofore, I have told you of seeing the US Navy plan to place large implants over all of my nerve centers, including my brain, thereby short circuiting my nervous system and driving my spirit out of my body, and then either killing me or taking over my body. This was surely their plan and they did not let up on it at all!

The first day in North Dakota, I was able to get some sleep during the day, but by the second day, I could see that there were just too many people in such as small space and when I tried to sleep, I got little sleep at all. So, I had to get up after perhaps an hour of rest and take my friend to catch a bus in a city, which was about 100 miles away! And, my Dear Ones, I was extremely tired, so much so that I could hardly stay awake to drive and all the time that I was driving my car, these evil ones were in the car with me poking implants into my back, poking them into my genitals, poking them into my head and into other body parts! And with all of these things, they poured into me vials of a super conductor liquid, so that they could set my body afire with electricity!



My Dear Ones, from being so tired and from having to focus on driving and being unable to fight them, they began to override my nervous system and I would fight, my Dear Ones, but not having the energy reserve began to lose the battle. They put many implants into my genital organs and some of them with motors, such that they began to vibrate my genital organs, as would be the case if one would use such a sexual toy! But, my Dear Ones, I do not use such things as I live a celibate life and have chosen this since Dennis and I have been apart, for it is my desire to stay clean before our Lord and God and to obey Him! However, I would fight as best as I could what they were doing to me, but when I would fight, they would at times send a beam of great pain into the base of my brain, causing me great pain. It was at these times, my Dear Ones, that these evil and disgusting creatures from hell would literally rape me, and all of this while I was riding down the road with this dear man sitting beside me and he, without one clue as to what was taking place.



I was so distraught and beat down, my Dear Ones, so ashamed and literally beside myself with pain and sorrow as to why our Father in Heaven would allow such a thing! I tried to keep my composure, but inside wept millions of tears because they were winning and I could not do one thing! For, one can only do so much and my Dear Ones, I was totally exhausted, without any reserve to fight such a terrible war, wherein I was literally surrounded by these evil hoards and poked and pummelled by the US Military doctors until I had little strength left. Satan raped me, my Dear Ones, and others raped me and I could feel their penetrating me as I wound my way down the road, utterly helpless to do one thing about it! It would be the very next night as so many of the US military were coming into my room via their beams that one man would say to me, “Why don’t you use a condom next time?”

We got to the motel and my friend went on to his room, but my Dear Ones, I fell across my bed and wept bitterly wondering why in the world our Father in Heaven would allow these evil ones to have such terrible victories over me, and even now, my Dear Ones, I cannot write of such things without such great sorrow in my heart that I can barely see the words on this page because of so many tears! And, so it was that day as these evil hoards from hell repeatedly raped me and overpowered me. And, it was after so much torture that I was a crumpled mess on my bed, begging our Father in Heaven to just let them kill me as I would surely get to go on home!

And, this was well in their plans as well, as they drove a rod up my back as I lay there, totally defeated and humiliated! It was then that I could feel this thick rod as they pushed it up my spine and toward my head and one man said, “If we push it into her brain, she will not live many hours!” And, then another man, whom I now recognize as Satan said, “No, do not push it up into her brain! We may still be able to use her to help us get out!” And, I knew that he was speaking of getting out the interdimensional pathway, which is our Father’s vortex.

But, my Dear Ones, I was very close to death! I was going into shock and was so very cold as they had succeeded in overriding my neurological system and my life force was very low. Amidst all of my tears, I called my dear friend to come over from his room and I asked him to pray for me as I was so close to death! I tell you, my Dear Ones, that this dear brother could see that I was in a very critical state and he began to pray in earnest for me. I could in no wise tell him what they had done to me as I was so ashamed and so heartbroken, and I could only ask him to pray. He began to pray, placing his hands on my head and then on my back at my request; and our Father in Heaven put enough power into his hands to break the power of some of the chip implants and my neurological system could begin to recover somewhat!

And, then I knew that our Father in Heaven meant for me to live! But, my Dear Ones, it took eight to ten hours of working in the Spirit to get out what they had put into me and the very next day when I dared to sleep for only a few hours, these evil US military doctors from hell came into my room and put most of them in again!

My Dear Friend and I watched as the walls were alive in my room that night after the raping, with so many flashing lights as they all came and went with their vast array of implants, wires, motorized implantable devices and with their syringes from hell. I heard one curly, blonde headed woman tell of how they planned to inject me with morphine below the right shoulder blade and when I heard this, I fought them the only way that I could, through spiritual warfare, through the power of Yahweh, through my testimony of Jesus and through the blood of the Lamb!

My Dear Ones, this fight went on all night long and even my friend could see the great numbers of lights popping off in my room as so many of these US Military hounds from hell came and went. He even saw their groups as foggy areas in the room!

After another day and night of this, my Dear Ones, I so longed to see the face of our Lord and God! My heart was broken that I had to continue to go through such terrors and without any foreseeable end, so my Dear Ones, without any forewarning or advance cognition, I took off, left my body in the early morning hours of the 18th of February, and I began to fly swiftly through the interdimensional spaces, at what seemed to be the speed of light. I went from one wormhole within the Earth to another with such great speed and without so much as a thought as I fought my way back to our Father in Heaven! For almost four hours, I flew these spaces, coming finally to the Kingdom of our Father in Heaven and seeing therein a crowd of people, who had gathered, who were also waiting for him.

I waited and waited and waited, but my Dear Ones, I did not see him, so after some time, I came back to my body, bitterly disappointed that I had taken such a great journey and so desperately wanted to see Him and to be with Him, but could not as this was not the time! I was devastated, absolutely devastated but could only accept the obvious, that I must continue to fight this terrible war, which had no foreseeable end in sight! Oh, what a heartbreaking experience!

By the next day, I knew that I was not to go back to the house of those, who had invited us, and mentioned this to the man, who had repeatedly invited me to come there, as he called me on the phone later that day. But, as it seemed, they had also decided that they did not want me or us there, as this created a disturbance in their routines! But, I have no doubt that the strain of having such a person as myself in their house, who was going through so many terrible things, was just too much for them! I love them anyway, my Dear Ones, for few could or would endure what I have endured. It is just too much and too troubling for most everyone! But, even so, it was the will of our Father in Heaven that we go to North Dakota, not so much to see these people, but to be mobile when so many terrible things were going on in the Spirit and this, my Dear Ones, afforded a certain degree of unpredictability when our Father in Heaven decided to hide me from their faces!



So, my Dear Ones, in 30 degree below weather, my friend and I set out again for the South, but every step of the way would be filled with war, terror and more war! On the very day that we left, on Sunday, the 19th of February, I would fight Satan, the Dragon, every step of the way! Yes, in a very tired and weakened condition, I was fighting this perverse monster from hell as he descended on the car over and over again, driving his implants into my body, all in an attempt to do to me what he had done before, to shut down my neurological system, to make me his slave, or to kill me. But, I fought him, my Dear Ones! I fought him with every ounce of strength that I could muster up! I was in the Spirit outside of my body with heavenly weapons of war and I would use these spirit-filled weapons to pummel his own energy centers and once these energy centers came open, I would project an image of our Saviour on the cross, his blood flowing everywhere and with the heavenly weapon of Spirit, I would literally drive the blood of the Lamb into all of the energy centers of Satan! I drove the blood of The Lamb into his own blood vessels and the blood of the Lamb began to course the body of this evil monster, and as the day went on I had in my hands several of these heavenly weapons, all empowered by the Spirit of God and moving in a circular arc, like the blade of a circular saw, but made of light and out the other side a great beam of fire of the Spirit of God! By the end of the day, Satan was greatly weakened and he lay prostate in the back of my car! And, every time that I would see him begin to rise, I would beat him down again with these weapons and all of this, my Dear Ones, while I was also driving down the road. Truly, a horrendous spiritual war, which I will never forget!

And, yes, I know that I have written of beating the body of Satan to a pulp and seeing his body dead, but by now, my Dear Ones, I have witnessed three or four of Satan’s dead bodies, all from my fighting him again and again! But when I look again, I see that he has a body once more. And, just last night, our Father in Heaven showed me that Satan has numerous cloned bodies! To date, we have witnessed around thirty, or so!


FEBRUARY 19, 2006

By nightfall of the eighteenth of February, I was exhausted from fighting Satan all day long, but there would be no sleep to be had! My friend was also exhausted and he went straight to his room and went to bed; but there would be no sleep for me! The walls in my room were alive with the blue beams and these walls were cracking and groaning as so many of them came and went from my room.



Oh, my Dear Ones, how I wanted to sleep, yet this was not to be. But, on that night, my Dear Ones, our Lord and God began to do a new thing for me. The Spirit of God would speak to me, telling me to be very still, to take a stand somewhere in the room and be very quiet as our Father in Heaven was going to hide me in plain view of them! And, this is exactly what happened! They would look right at me and not see me! I stood in plain view of them all, around in various places in the room, yet these evil ones could not see me and they were getting very desperate! The humans and the reptiles were in my room in great numbers and they were calling out to me! “Newkirk, we know you are in here! We are going to fuck you up bad! We are going to burn your ass good!” And, in they would come, the doctors and technicians with their vast array of implants and they intended to put then all in that very night!

Oh, my Dear Ones, I was so tired and it took all of my concentration to stay quiet and to stay hidden; and as the night ticked by, they began to bring in their meters in an attempt to flush me out. I heard one of the reptiles tell an Admiral Donald Byrd that these meters were the very best and that they would surely find me! But, as it was, my Dear Ones, the Spirit of God within me was able to reach out and touch some of their meters and create a false positive, so this Admiral Byrd stayed over by the door for at least an hour on his hands and knees, as he searched for me. But, by the moment, I could hardly stay awake and as I was about to drift off to sleep, my body would jerk as they would spot my brain waves as the jerking would then set off some of their implants and they would move in on me!

But, as it was, I managed to walk past this Admiral Byrd! His nickname is Lonnie Byrd and some call him Loonie Byrd and with reason! For, none save the insane would make a living of doing what these evil people do!

As I left my room, I made my way down the hall and sat down by the soft drink machines, struggling to keep my eyes open as it was now early morning, around 2:00 or 3:00 AM. A few times, I began to fall into a slumber and would feel my body jerk, waking up to realize that they had spotted me! So, I got up and began to make my way back down the hall toward my room, not that I had any intentions of going there.



But, as I got halfway down the hall, I looked up to see two giant angels, who were headed toward me. They must have been around eight or nine feet tall and beautifully dressed in white array. I approached them and asked them if they had come for me, to which they both replied, “Yes!””

Oh, how my heart leapt for joy; for I was hoping against hope that they had come to carry me home, that they had come to hide me, but this was not to be the case. They had come to protect me and to be with me through these darkest of hours, when there was not even one soul to speak to or to pray with! For some time, we stayed in the hall and they pointed out that the building was full of these evil types, who were now in a push to find me!

Oh, how I hated this world and how I wanted to be with our Lord and God, but this was not to be so at this time! They told me that I should get some rest and I asked them if they would stay with me as I was so tired and I knew that once I fell asleep, that the evil ones would find me! And, they indicated to me that they would be staying with me. And, as I drifted off to sleep, there on my left, standing beside the wall was Archangel Michael and sitting on my bed to my right was Archangel Rafael.


FEBRUARY 20, 2006

After some hours, about four or five, I awoke to find that they were still there! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh, our Most Precious Father in Heaven! But, my Dear Ones, this day would be one of the most astounding days of my life and one to me, which is even now totally unbelievable, but as I lived it and continue to see evidence of it from day to day, I can tell you for a certainty that the events of February 20, 2006 were indeed very, very real!

Now, we must go back a bit to the anti vortex! Understand that this vortex is a natural spin-off of the other vortex and surely has to do with the law: “For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction …” And, this vortex, the anti vortex, is the one in which our Lord and God would temporarily hide me!



What you need to understand about the other vortex, the one, which spins clockwise, the one, which became the open “mouth” in the earth, is that this vortex opened wide while I was travelling it for almost four hours in the early morning hours of the 17th of February, 2006! It was on that night that Satan sent many of his own into this now-open vortex! They all followed me into the vortex and Satan and his were right behind me! Now and then, I would hear someone ask Satan, “Do you know this place,” as I was passing certain portals; and Satan would either say, “Yes,” or “No.” But, Satan also told this other person when I came to the outer realms of our Father’s Kingdom, “This is the very outer realms of Yahweh’s, the very outer realms.” So, my Dear Ones, even Satan knows that our Father in Heaven is named Yahweh!

So, after my excursion for all of those hours, the Earth opened its mouth, and then began to trap inside its great mouth, or this great vortex, huge numbers of Satan’s own. In fact, he has lost huge numbers of his greys and reptiles and the greys, who were not lost via this vortex, were lost when our Father in Heaven sent me into Satan’s own camp to disconnect the power feed to the vast tanks of the embryos of the developing greys! They are all grown in large vats, as they do not have souls, but are robotoid technicians. So, Satan lost huge numbers as they flew into the vortex, but also my Dear Ones, the US Military lost huge numbers as they also flew into this open mouth and right into the Earth.

Even that night as I was flying for hours throughout the Earth in an attempt to get back to our Father in Heaven, I could hear large numbers of jets as they flew above our head in the arctic air above North Dakota and this as they surely were headed into the vortex, in an attempt to get out to their bases on Mars, the Moon, etc!

But, the anti vortex is a different thing and one, which our Father has now prepared to use in a great way for His people! However, the anti vortex also needed much work to be done on it and this work began that day, on the 20th of February as we travelled the expressways going south on our way back home. Now, my Dear Ones, realize that the two great wings of Revelation Chapter 12 on which the woman flees are the wings of the Archangels, Michael and Rafael and if you could have witnessed what happened as we travelled on that day, February 20, 2006, you would know this!

It was necessary for our Father in Heaven to continue to hide us, even as we travelled down the road in my car on that day following the appearance of the archangels in the hallway at the motel, as the forces of evil were so great against me! And, as we travelled, Michael would tell me to be quiet, to drive, and to get into this dark space between these two archangels. And, this, my Dear Ones, I would do, as the angels flew alongside me. And, this way would work fine, but if I got distracted and if the evil ones, who were flying overhead in the saucers got wind of me, they would pummel my car with beams in an attempt to shut down the engine and at these times, the car would bump and chug along as it lost power due to the beams. My car took hits to one of the power windows, and also to the parking lights, which now stay on all of the time. Laser marks dot my car all over, even on the plastic upholstery by the windows, so this, my Dear Ones, was a time of great danger for us both, but my friend was oblivious to all that was going on as he had no way of knowing of the great war in the spirit, which I was involved in.



After some time of travelling this way, Archangel Michael warned me that “ships” were now moving into the Earth from outer space, where they had been parked in some of the wormholes and that some of them had also been cloaked. He told me that our Father in Heaven had been aware of them for some time, but that they were now beginning to enter into the earth’s atmosphere and would begin a great assault against our Father’ s vortex and that I was obviously at the center of this great war as the vortex was created via the spiritual DNA, which our Father in Heaven had given to me.

And, my Dear Ones, it was at this point, that I was awestruck. One by one, these ships emerged, some of them small, but others of them huge mother ships with millions of these evil hoards on them! Archangel Michael warned me about the Dragos and told me that they are particularly vicious! Time after time again, these giant ships would hone in on me and this now anti vortex in which we were travelling and I would hear Archangel Michael say that our Father had overridden their force fields and had sent in destroyer angels to reprogram their computers, making their computers believe that this vortex in which we were now travelling was in fact elsewhere; and time and time again, these ships, small and giant alike would be guided into this great mouth in the Earth, which was in fact the clockwise rotating vortex, which by now already contained many of the greys, the reptiles and the US military, the very ones, who had already followed me in and had gotten lost!

This great battle went on all day long and even when night came, my Dear Ones, there would be little sleep for me as it was necessary for me to remain hidden and to help in any way that I could with this great war! But now, our Father in Heaven had sent millions upon millions of angels from the Upper Realms to do a great work on this anti vortex, for there were well-laid heavenly plans to make this a very holy vortex, in which many souls would also be hidden and protected and there was a heavenly blueprint, which had to be followed in completing this anti vortex, just as planned. It was not long before I knew about the eyes of this emerging vortex and that these eyes were the eyes of millions upon millions of destroying angels! Blessed is the Name of our Father in Heaven; for He is mighty!

But, this work had to follow a certain plan and it was very vulnerable with so many ships being able to locate us and it was a great work to get this vortex completed as soon as possible, so it was touch and go from moment to moment as these evil ones located us and our Father in Heaven was involved in this great battle along with the angels to keep and preserve what was His!

That same night, we would come back to Oklahoma, but still, there would be no sleep for me as I got my first taste of these horrible Dragos! Standing here and there by the walls in this brother’s apartment in a bid to be hidden, I saw one of them come through the walls. A monster if I have ever seen a monster, with the face of an owl, the body of a penguin, but with scales on its body, and arms and hands, not flippers! It was all black except for the feathers on its head, and it had very long claws on its hands and feet, not four or five claws, but ten to fifteen. I was shocked!



And, most shocking, my Dear Ones, was all of this, but even so, after a while I became too tired to concentrate to stay hidden; and this Drago monster came after me and began to knit my body with tiny hair-like objects, which seemed to be made of metal.

Where the reptiles left off, these monsters from hell took up! I commanded this thing away from me in the Name of Jesus, but it would not budge! In fact, it was telling me that it does not have to listen to me and that they are the oldest and the wisest of all of creation and will do as they please. So, this monster went on knitting these threads of wire-like substance into my body, even following me the next day, from location to location, continuing on with this diabolical work. But, I just spoke to our Father in Heaven and I told Him that He is able, and that if it is His will that I should have to go through such things, that He is able to melt all such wires and to make them all as dust in the wind, that they can have no power over me.

And, my Dear Ones, after these evil ones had put so many of these terrible wires all over my body, and had caused me considerable pain, our Father in Heaven melted every one of them and no matter how many they drive into me, He continues to melt these wires and He continues to defeat these evil hoards from hell.



I could hardly believe me ears when I first heard the shrill shrieks of these miscreants, the evil Dragos! It was late at night as I stood along the wall at my friends house, as he slept oblivious to all that was going on, when I first heard their shrill cries! And, as all slept, a great war was unfolding in Tulsa Oklahoma as millions upon millions of these horrendously ugly creatures descended! Our Father in Heaven drove many of them and their ships into the mouth of the Earth, but many of them began to form a space within a space, a giant colony right under the apartment building in which this man lived and none the wiser, except for me and possibly my cat; for she could see them as well!

But, even so, as they formed their colony, our Father in Heaven continued to trick their computers and to round them up, trapping them in alternate realities and then sending them into the waiting mouth within the Earth! From day to day, this war has been on-going; and I have gotten two to three hours of sleep a night, some days even being able to get four or five hours, but on these days, also having to fight harder to get out more implants, for this is the inevitable result of sleeping for only a few hours.

And, so this great battle has gone on in this way, my Dear Ones, wherein the people of this world have been spared the effect of one of the greatest cosmic invasions imaginable; and during these few days, over 2.2 billion Dragos, alone have been guided into, or driven into the hollow of the Earth! My Dear Ones, Satan has lost most of his greys and his reptiles greatly diminished! Satan has sent out the flood of his own and the Earth has swallowed it up!

There is no doubt in my mind that Satan has truly lost 50 to 75 percent of his own kingdom! Our Father warned him a few weeks past that if he did not stop persecuting me as he has done that he would take one half of his kingdom. But, Satan has not listened, even last night abducting me and implanting me again as I tried to get a little sleep. Our Father’s judgements against Satan are not even over, my Dear Ones, but only beginning. But, even so, Satan does not let up on me, flying through my house, like the mad and insane hound from hell that he is and charging into my body with his implants and pumping into my body, his electronic liquid from hell, which burns my body and makes it electrical so that Satan can torture me even more.

But, I tell you, my Dear Ones, that on the 22nd of February, our Father in Heaven told me that a new DNA was beginning to form within my body and that with this new DNA, I would soon get a new body. He told me at that time that this whole process of getting the new DNA would be completed this morning, the 25th at around 9:00 AM. He also warned me that Satan’s attacks would continue and that this was in fact a vulnerable time for me! Satan has done what he could to stop this process, but he has failed and as I write this to you, I know that this DNA process has been completed and I now await this new body and I wait for our Father in Heaven to totally hide me from the face of Satan, just as He has promised.

The intergalactic war still rages and even as I have been writing this to you, I have had to go into warfare against a Drago, who was behind me and kept trying to run wires into my backside, but is gone now as the destroying angels came and took him away.

And, so my Dear Ones, this now concludes the reality of the Book of Revelation Chapter Twelve, except for the final part! I now await the time wherein our Lord and God will hide me and I will then be able to get some much-needed rest! But, beware, for the Earth will probably flip very soon and when this happens, many will perish! This will effectively end the lives of all of those, who are trapped within the Earth as well. But, even so, my Dear Ones, all of these things must be and because of these great and terrible wars, which I have endured, our Father’s judgement against Satan has now substantially reduced His Kingdom. So, when he comes into power as the man with supernatural abilities, he will be limping along!

For three long years, I have been under Satan’s feet; but now come mighty victories for me and great defeat for Satan! But, of all the terrible things that I have had to endure under the feet of Satan, I could have never imagined what I have had to endure for the last year with the great and terrible implantable devices, attempted mind control, torture and persecution, as Satan sought to make me his slave and robot!

But, he has failed, for I am a child of the Most High God Yahweh! I love Him with all of my heart, with all of my soul, with all of my mind and with all of my strength! I serve Him and Him alone!

Blessed is the Name of Yahweh, the Most Glorious and Beautiful God! I love Him so! I owe Him all and gladly give all to Him; for HE is my everything!

Keep up the good fight, my Dear Ones, for this fight now comes to you and in all things you will be tried and tested! Remain pure and do not give in to the ways of this world; for all is quickly coming to an end now, so live for the great and glorious world to come, the Kingdom of our Father on Earth!

Sending love and big hugs to each of you!

Jesus is my Wonderful Life,
Your Sis,




FEBRUARY 26, 2006

My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Yes, My Child, these are tragic times, tragic, My Little One, because of the selfishness, the apathy and the rebellion of My people; but also tragic because this is the day of My wrath upon the ungodly! This is a day of payback for the workers of iniquity and a day of blessings for My Faithful!

Yes, My Child this is indeed a tragic day, but be not troubled, My Little One, for I have made a place for you, a place of peace and beauty wherein you shall rest from your labours, for Revelation Chapter Twelve, is coming to an end. And, who is even the wiser? Who, My Child? And, how many even care? How many even care what you have endured because of love for Me and love for all of humanity? How many? How many take note of My great judgements against Satan, only because of the great evil that he and his have done to you? How many?

I can tell you for a fact, My Child, that not many take note, not many care and not many would lift a finger to help you, but I will and I do! Now, My Child, come the last three to three and one half years and many will suffer as you have! Many will face the isolation and walk the solitary way, just as you have and they will regret their lack of love and concern for a true warrior, a true prophetess of God, who was in their midst! Yes, they will regret their ways! They will regret their selfishness, their self-centeredness, and their lack of concern when the shoe is on the other foot!

But, as for you, My Little One, I shall hide you until My wrath passes over! I shall care for you and feed you until the great upheavals settle down; for you have paid your dues! You have been faithful to Me and you have done My work amidst great persecution and great sorrow and now come your rewards! Yes, now they come!

Few even know, My Child, of the great intergalactic war, which has raged on this planet for the last five days! Few at all! Who would believe that I have done such a work and a marvel in your life as to hide you in plain view of the enemy? Who would believe that interlopers from other stars, here at the request of Satan, would come to make war with you, My Little One, and to steal My vortex?

But, you have seen it day after day since the 20th of February of this year. And, I hid you from the great numbers, who came into the Earth from other galaxies! Well over two billion of them, all now lost in the bowels of the Earth! For, as I have written, I did open a mouth in the Earth and I did swallow up Satan’s minions, who came after you, and he is now in great trouble, for he has suffered great losses and has lost well over one half of his army, and more like two thirds of it is now gone!

As I hid you in the Earth in My vortex, these huge numbers came to steal My vortex and to destroy you, but My Child, they lost! You are still here and they are gone! Well over two billion of them, devoured by the Earth, itself!

But, you, My Child, have suffered greatly at the hands of Satan and the US military. For they have tortured you, stalked you to no end, persecuted you and deprived you of much-needed rest; but now comes your rest! Now, comes your reprieve, but for those who are left in the Earth, now come great trials and great tests!

Yes, indeed, you will rest from your troubles, but the rest of humanity will get little rest from the great trouble, which is now upon the whole world! So, go this day and rest and as you find the time, type this for Book Twelve and the rest of the notes as you see fit!

Soon, very soon, My Child, I shall come for you! Be at peace. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of February, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



Dear Ones, remember the promise of the Mountain Pass! The Mountain Pass is a special blessing, a great deal of grace and mercy, for those, who believe. The Mountain Pass is mentioned in Book Five and some of you have requested this pass. In your time of great need, remember the promises of this pass; for surely in times of great need, our Father will hear the cries of His Faithful and He will carry some to His Holy Mountain, where they will be hidden, either for the rest of the tribulation, or as the need arises. So, when you are in need, ask Him for this special blessing! Remember the Mountain Pass; for the promises of our Lord and God are true!

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