Chapter Fifteen


“The Birthing of the Kingdom of our Lord and God!”


My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, so very much has happened since I last wrote to you! And, at that time, I was believing and also hoping with all of my heart that the last chapter of Book Twelve, which I gave to you, would indeed be the very last chapter of Revelation 12. The torture and horrors were so great at that time that I could not imagine living through more of it, but Oh, how mistaken I was; for I have lived through more and through worse, and all for the love of our most Wonderful God and for the blessing of humanity. How blessed I am; for our Father and Saviour has never left me, but has carried me through every test and trial and in Him, I put my total faith; for He is beautiful beyond measure and awesome beyond description.

Yes, my Dear Ones, I have lived through some of the most awesome of times and some of the worst of times, but all of these things I leave to such a time that our Father in Heaven allows me to share them with you. But, for now, I bring you the first message from our Father in Heaven to you for many months. In this message, He tells you what has been going on with me and what is still going on with me, as I am face-to-face with Satan every day of my life and face-to-face with Satan‘s fallen angels and traitorous humans in the U.S. Space Program. In no way, can one accurately perceive the horrors that I have lived through unless such a one suffers such things. But, through our Father’s words, you, my Dear Ones, can get an idea of the horrors that I have suffered day after day. But, not without beautiful and great rewards and blessings from our Most Wonderful Lord and God! Holy is His Blessed Name!

My Dear Ones, read His words carefully and absorb them, for now truly comes SALVATION, THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD, THE POWER OF CHRIST AND STRENGTH; FOR THIS IS THE GREAT PROMISE OF REVELATION 12! For, from this awesome work, a new generation is born, a new kingdom is now born, the power of our Christ now comes into the Earth and through the very works of Revelation 12 is how our most wonderful FATHER has chosen to bring forth the birthing, the beginning of His Most Wonderful and Awesome Kingdom!

Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh; for He is mighty! There is no God like Him; for He is Most High and He is Creator of all things! And, nothing was created, neither in the heaven, nor in the Earth, save by Him!



AUGUST 11, 2006

My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God! Blessed are you, My Little One, even above all women; for I have chosen you before the foundations of the Earth for this very important work! Yes, indeed, to be the Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve, the Spiritual Mother of Nations, once Eve, once Sarah, once My Blessed Mother in the Earth! For, who else would I have chosen to be the Woman of Revelation 12, save the very one, whom I had chosen so very long ago! There is none other; My Child, no one else who has been chosen for such a role! But, through all of your trials and through all of your suffering, who has even believed? How many come forward to help you with these works, even though they know, they read the truth of what is, for you have penned it! You have written it and you have disseminated it via

No, My Little One, few and I repeat “few” care about what you have had to endure from day to day in the face of Satan, his world-wide Illuminati, the traitors in the U.S. Space Program, and kings, queens and spiritual deviates all over the world! Many have come to put their feet in your back, and to take their own roles in your torture and persecution! Through it all, you have travailed day after day to bring forth my spiritual “babe”, My Kingdom, My new spiritual code for the “New Generation” of souls, the code for the super humans, who are to come!

No, My Child, few in this world think of you and neither do they lift up a finger to help you, but cast stones of condemnation and disbelief! I tell you, My Child, that if I now walked the streets of the USA and of the world, they would do the same to me!

But, in the face of such evil, torture and persecution, you have not given up, My Little One, but have persevered in the face of Satan, all of his fallen angels and the demonic hoards of humans, who all come to take their part in the torture and persecution of you; for they all wish to steal what you have! They wish to steal this baby, to kill this baby, to destroy this work; and they hope against hope to steal the new interdimensional portal, which is also attached to you physical body! But, this portal is lined with this new spiritual code, this new “spiritual DNA, and this baby, this new spiritual DNA, which was born to you on May 10, 2006, is now a giant and fights for you in marvellous and glorious ways, for within it is My great power!

These evil ones cannot decode this new spiritual code! Never! Not once, My Little One, not even in a million years; for this is My gift, first to you, as the Spiritual Mother of all of humanity and subsequently to those, who are ready and worthy to receive it! Yes, My Child, you and you, alone, have birthed this Kingdom and you and you, alone, have had to endure torture and persecution at the hands of Satan and all of his evil hoards, such as no human has ever had to endure! Yes, night and day, day and night, month after month, and even year after year, for over three solid years, Satan and his traitorous humans have hovered over you in their antigravity machines! They have abducted you, drugged you, and implanted you with every chip, rod, wire, crystalline super conductive substance and liquid at their disposal and then some! Not one stone has gone unturned by them in their torture of you! They have all collaborated! They have colluded to destroy you day after day after day, to destroy you one way or the other!

They have sought to control your mind, to take over your body, to torture you to death, to poison you to death, to drug you to death, to electrocute you to death, and so it has gone, over and over again they have come, truly leaving you exhausted, My Little One, and tired day after day after day!

But, you have not failed, My Child; for I have always been with you! I have seen their every plan, known their every thought and scheme and on all accounts, they have failed! But, even so, My Little One, you have suffered! You have travailed, alone in this work, even after I sent a few others to pray with you, you were still alone!

No one could shoulder this burden, but you; and while others could pray with you, most, who were called to do so, failed; and even though you have told these very ones about this great torture at the hands of Satan and his hoards, they do not grasp what you are going through! They cannot understand what you tell them; for this systematic work of torture and persecution involves the supernatural work of Satan and his minions. So, when you speak the truth, others shun the truth! For, they cannot grasp the fact that such are the ways of Satan and the fallen angels and these ways have always been their ways.

Truly, My Little One, you see, you know and you understand the workings of the Fourth Kingdom of Daniel better than most ever will understand it. You see and you understand what I meant when I wrote in the Scriptures that there has never been times like these, never, not in the history of the whole earth, and there will never be such horrendous times, ever again in the earth, once these are defeated!

For, Satan is now cast down and with him his hoards of fallen angels. And, as you have written, many billions were rounded up and driven into the hollow of the Earth, now well over 40 billion of them, but still Satan has many, who are still left in the Earth! He has enough to subdue and greatly diminish humanity! And, he shall use them and the traitorous humans, who have sold their souls to him, to overcome and defeat many!

Even some of the righteous ones shall fall, and through their trials, they shall be tested and made pure and white as snow; but some shall not get up out of the mire; for these trials shall be too great for them! But, do not despair; for this is not their end!

Yes, My Little One, you have written the truth about Satan, about the evil ones in the U.S. government and the U.S. Space Program and about so many, who have trampled you as you have sought to bring forth this new spiritual code for the new generation of Joel, Chapter Two. But, one day, and one day soon, many will weep! They will wail at what they must also go through! For, as Satan and these errant humans have done to you, they will do to them as well; and who will help them? For, many of them have blasphemed Me and My works when they decided to put you under their feet!

Yes, indeed, when these errant humans in the U.S. Space Program and the fallen angels reach into their bodies and lay cables and wires and systems of implants along their nervous systems and when they fill them up with caustic liquids and them plow them with electrical currents, who will help them? Who, My Little One? For, many of them are spiritually weak and cut off from me! In their agonies, many of them will perish, cut off from Me and My Spirit!

This, My Child, is the Fourth Kingdom! Who can defend against such things? Who? You know, My Little One, that you could not survive even one minute in the face of such horrendous attacks! But, I carry you from day to day and supernaturally I have intervened on your behalf! And in the midst of such horrendous torture and persecution this spiritual baby boy, (the spiritual seed for the new generation) has grown beside you and within you until it has now reached maturity! This spiritual baby boy is now a spiritual giant and it is now ready to be imparted to the Supernatural Army of Joel Chapter Two.

Yes, others will now receive this new divine blueprint; but they will not have to toil and labor to receive it as you have; for you are the spiritual mother of humanity and as such, you have had to bring forth this divine blueprint for a new generation of souls, even amidst daily torture and persecution!

You have often wept in sorrow and heartache because of your great trials, but even amidst such persecution, your sorrow has been short-lived! For, most often, and even night after night as these evil ones have laced your body with wires, rods, implants, crystalline substances and electrically conductive liquids, you have sung to Me! Day after day, you have praised My Name, even in the midst of such torture! And, I have smiled on you, My Child! I have carried you and I have given you rest, even as they plowed you with electrical currents into your body!

Before the baby was born, the agony and pain of their torture was great and you slept little for months; and even after the baby was born, the torture was still great! For, you had to endure and to wait until the new supernatural code could be imparted into your physical body, and then to grow into maturity! But, this new code and this new power only came to you bit by bit, and only as the terrible persecution and torture became more harsh and more severe!

As the torture became more severe, the spiritual code was imparted to you, and along with it the power, until such time that they baby reached maturity; and it has now become a giant and lives within you, not separate from you! And, although you sometimes see this giant as separate from you, he is also now one with you! This is why, My Child, that their electrical currents no longer affect you as they previously did!

Yes, they wire you up and they fill your body with horrible liquids; but you barely feel a thing; for you have grown spiritually, My Little One, in the face of such torture and persecution and you are worthy, My Child, to bring forth into maturity, this new spiritual code for all of humanity! This, My Child, is the beginning of My Kingdom in the Earth and now comes SALVATION, MY KINGDOM, and THE POWER OF CHRIST AND THE STRENGTH TO ENDURE WHAT IS AT HAND!

But, none of this would be so, My Child, except that you have paid the price! This, My Child, is why you bear the crown with twelve stars; for you are My Queen! You, My Little One, are the Queen of Heaven and truly you are blessed above all women!

My Child, type this and post it on the website! If and when I desire for you to post more, I will tell you! Go in peace and go in My love; for indeed I love you greatly. I am your Father in Heaven, Yahweh, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of August, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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