Chapter Sixteen


Israel, “You are Naked!”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! You know Me, My Little One, and you know My voice! You hear Me when I speak and now you hear well My words to the Nation of Israel!

Rise up, My Little One, and proclaim My words to this errant nation; for save you, Israel, as a nation repent of your idolatries, save you repent of your whoredoms, save you repent of your high-mindedness and arrogance before the whole world, I shall divide you asunder! I, Myself, shall carve you up and I, Myself, shall send devouring armies upon you and I shall smash your pride! I shall smash your haughtiness! I shall smash your rebellion against Me! For, in your pride you say, ‘Look at us! Who can touch us? We are mighty Israel, set up by God, Himself, and above all reproach!’

Yet, you are naked and you see it not! Blind and you know it not! Deaf and totally unaware of your deafness! Few, and I say again “few” of you know Me and few of you love Me; for you love and serve the god of this world! Therefore, I shall shackle you to the god of this world and many, many of you shall fall down and worship him, as you have forsaken your First Love!

In your arrogance you dance, the harlot of the world, creating and selling terror, deceiving the people of the world with your false storefront! You, Oh, Israel, are the greatest terrorist, in the world, starting terror, exporting terror and manufacturing terror, in order to bring the whole world to the brink of collapse! And, soon, very soon, you shall know terror; for I shall bring it upon you! I shall put it at your feet! For, you have terrorized the whole world on your campaign of hidden terror! And, you say, ‘Who will see? Who will know?’ I see and I know and I shall repay unto your bosom seven-fold the terror that you have put upon the whole world!

Oh, Land Of Israel, I am not with you; for you are not with Me! Alone, you stand, serving your master of this world and few of you love Me! But, a few of you do and I shall raise you up now and I shall empower you in the face of great tragedies to do My will. I shall work mighty wonders through you few, who are faithful, but the rest of you shall be bait for the vultures and food for the swine, and quickly this shall come about, save you repent!

Woe to you prophets, who say, ‘Do not prophecy against Israel! Do not speak harsh things against Israel!’ For, save you repent of your erroneous works, I shall put you, too beneath swine’s feet, where you shall be trampled into the mud; for you speak lies in My Name, all to ingratiate yourselves to the leaders and to the gods of this world! But, in one second, I shall strike you down; for you stand in error and you shall be soon buckled beneath the power of My judgement, as a twig in a storm!

And, woe, woe, woe to you prophets, who say, ‘Do not speak ill of leaders! Do not tell the truths of their evils!’ For, you put yourselves in the bed with them and their evils and you warn not the people of the truth! If you truly sought Me, you would know the truth, but you deceive the people with your lies!

I am not pleased in this; for who among you will stand for the truth? Who among you will tell the truth of what is and risk the retaliation of Satan? I say, very few, for you do not wish to rock the boat, but to have a smooth ride! I say to you that you will not have a smooth ride, for I will cast you headlong into the Great Tribulation and you will be forced to see and to speak the truth of these evil leaders, and soon this will be, save you repent!

I am Yahweh, Most High God and I will receive a Bride, only who is pure, clean, white as snow and full of My truth!

Woe to you manipulators, who whitewash the truth, who go in through the back doors, to control others with your mind games! For, I shall strip you to the bone! I shall lay open every sore place within you and through great travail, sorrow and heartache; I shall force you to see the errors of your ways! For, you will repent of your lying ways and you will come clean before Me, or I shall cast you beneath the feet of the swine!

I am Yahweh, Most High God! I speak the truth of what is and what is to come! Go in My truth! Live My truth! Obey Me and come clean before Me, or you will be cast headlong into the Great Tribulation; for soon, and very soon I come as a thief to take My Pure Ones, who are indeed counted worthy to escape these terrible years. And, to it goes!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of August, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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