Chapter Nineteen


"You, Oh Satan, shall struggle to maintain your power!Ē

My Beloved Child, I am your Father, Yahweh, Most High God; and I come to you in response to your pleas and your calls for understanding! So, now I give you this message and not only for yourself, My Little One, but especially and foremost for Satan, himself; and also, My Child, that this is also a public statement regarding My great punishments against Satan for what he has begged to do to you! And even so, I have allowed him to do all that he has done and continues to do, but not without a price!

And, he was forewarned in advance of the price that he would pay in terms of the loss of his kingdom and the loss of his power for choosing to do what I also allow, that his kingdom may be brought down considerably.

You will recall, My Little One, that even last fall when he was trying to microwave you to death and to laser you to death, that I issued a serious warning to him, that if he did not stop, I would take 50% of his kingdom! But, he did not stop and by January of 2006, I issued further warnings that I would take 70% of his kingdom; and so it has gone from time to time over these months that I have issued out of your mouth warnings to Satan as to what I would take from him if he chose to continue with his assaults against you!

But, what you donít understand, and what is unknown to your conscious mind, My Child, is that this is also what you agreed to do, before even coming into the Earth. You, My Little One, agreed to go under Satanís feet and under the feet of his fallen angels, and under the feet of those in power, who run his kingdom, so that through this very sacrifice, you would see his kingdom greatly diminished by the time that you leave the earth!

Over the months, My Child, I have warned him about what I would take from him and even some months past, I told you that his real kingdom was down to about 1 percent and still falling, as he chooses to sacrifice his kingdom in order to torture you and to hope against hope that he wins out over your human frailties. But, he has not won; for where you have been weak, I have made you strong!

Now, My Child, his kingdom is literally falling apart before his very eyes as they all see and they all know, all of his commanders, all of his fallen angels and all, who work with him and for him in his assaults against you, that he has failed in his every attempt to defeat you, to take you over and to steal what I have given you!

Daily, he fails and daily he is mocked and derided, both to his face and behind his back; for he has fallen in his every scheme to steal from you what is Mine!

Now, be advised, Oh Satan, that straightaway I shall begin to undermine your military foundation among the human armies! Before your very eyes, I shall break up NATO! I shall split it asunder; for this is now your price for the continued assault of My loved one, this prophetess, Linda Newkirk! And, on the heels of the break-up of NATO, shall come great cracks in the United Nations, to such a degree that you, yourself, will also see that it is falling apart!

But, this is only part of the price that you will continue to pay for your continued torture and persecution of My loved one, of my prophetess, Linda Newkirk. I shall, as of this day, begin to siphon off your personal power, your spirit power; and even some of your fallen angel generals will have more spirit power than you! And, seeing that you are weak, they shall compete for your position, in order to throw you out and to assume your leadership role.

Within a few short days of this message, I will cause this to be so, wherein three of your generals shall rise to overtake your power base! And, you, Oh Satan, shall struggle to maintain your power base! For every time hereafter that you touch this one, or torture her, or implant her with wires, or rods, or anything else and have your subordinates to do so, I shall siphon off more and more of your power until you are in the sick bed! Then, others will see and others will know that you are no longer fit to rule and there will be an all-out war for your position of power.

Be warned; for what my prophetess pens is so and all is at hand for you, Oh Satan; for you have chosen to torture and persecute this one, my loved one, knowing in advance that you stood to lose all! And, so it goes, even now, Satan, as this has been your choice and it has been the choice of my loved one to go under your feet in order to defeat you!

I am Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High and these words are so, Satan, so be warned!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22nd day of August, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

More to come as our Father in Heaven advises Ö



My Dear Ones, I can tell you for sure, that as of this day, Satan has only speeded up his attempts to take my life any way he can! What I am about to write, you will find somewhat comical and some of it may seem totally strange and absolutely bizarre, but remember that I am dealing with powers of great darkness, with the kingdom of Satan, with his fallen angels and with the Fourth Kingdom of the Book of Daniel.


The Fourth Kingdom!

Remember our Fatherís warnings about this Kingdom, (Daniel Ch12) that there have never been times such as these (so bad), not ever in the history of the whole earth; and there will never be such times again. This is the Kingdom of Clay and Iron, the clay being the humans and the iron being Satan and his fallen angels. We are told in the Book of Daniel, my Dear Ones, that these seed do not mix, that of the humans and the fallen angels. Nevertheless, this is the Fourth Kingdom of Daniel and the fallen angels and humans are all working side by side and all taking orders from Satan! But, they are destined to fail and fail they do in all of their attempts to kill me, and/ or to stop our Fatherís works, which He has for me to do! Blessed is His Holy Name! For, mighty is our God Yahweh!


The Power of Yahweh will sustain you!

So, if you strain to follow what I am telling you and if you fail to grasp what I am saying, I can assure you that in due season, and soon, if you are left on this earth, you will see and you will understand.

I hope that during such times, if you are indeed here, that you remember what I have written in these books, and that you will remember WHO sustained me during such horrendous years at the feet of Satan and his evil Kingdom.

September 1st of this year, 2006, marks 40 months since Satan and his evil hoards began to park their saucer craft over my house and began drilling a tunnel beneath it! Since that time, they have never once let me out of their sight! Forty month is a long time to be under the feet of Satan, but even so our Lord and God has kept me! And, my Dear Ones, the SAME ONE, who has carried me through such terrible ordeals, in faith, will also carry you forth through all that you must endure, if you put your faith in Him and trust Him to deliver you!


Love our Father Yahweh!

And, in your times of testing and trials, if you are still here, love the One, who has appointed you to such tests. Even in the midst of terrible times, be thankful for all things! Sing to our Lord and God! And, in the midst of your singing to Him, miraculous things will begin to manifest in your body and right before you very eyes, you will know His great and miraculous love! Remember what I am telling you; for many will rise up in their trials and they will curse the ONLY ONE, who can help them!


Repent now and pray that you are counted worthy to go!

If you do not know our Saviour, our Blessed Messiah, Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings, you need to know Him and you need to know our Most Wondrous Father Yahweh; for it is through His power that I am still alive. And, it is the same for you! My Dear Ones! Put your trust and faith in Him and He will carry you through, but if not, He will carry you home! Either way, my Dear Ones, you are in His Loving arms!

Pray earnestly now that you are counted worthy to go with the first group of souls, who leave with our Saviour at the time of His Second Coming! Repent, my Dear Ones! Make yourself clean spiritually and get ready; for this is at hand!

Remember, my Dear Ones, that none can compare to our Father Yahweh and none can provide the power to overcome and defeat Satan, save Him. Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh; for He is worthy of all of the praise and glory! Love Him, my Dear Ones, respect and honor Him; for He created you! He created all things and breathed life into all creation! I LOVE HIM AND HIS BEAUTIFUL SON WITH MY WHOLE LIFE!


Satan in my house!

Now, my Dear Ones, as regards what went on around here yesterday! I tell you one thing for sure! Satan barely left my presence yesterday. He came into my room the night before and for hours filled my body with wires and various kinds of liquids and what I believe now to be iron powders. He put this powdery substance around my esophagus, along with what I believe to be a glass-like substance and then put rods under my espophagus and up and down my spine and wires in my head, among other things!

And, as is their tradition from day to day, after they have wired me up to suit their perverted fancies, they move their roaring saucer craft over my house and then pummel my body with electrical currents. Now and then, our Father in Heaven will allow me to feel a twinge of the pain that I would have felt, pain so severe that I would definitely be dead from the horrible electrical shocks, within only one second! But, my Dear Ones, it is only a twinge of pain and then I go on off to sleep! What an awesome God we have! There is no God like Yahweh!


Failures, they are!

And, so it was with Satanís efforts night before last! He failed again! All of their efforts to kill me have been in vain! But, what is so surprising is how they keep on in the face of constant failure!

My Dear Ones, raging psychopaths fail to learn! They do not learn from experience, but are as their father, Satan! They are incapable of learning, puffed up in pride and arrogance, so sure that their next scheme will work! In their arrogance, they discount all of their failures! This is the way of Satan and all of his minions!

They are morons, my Dear Ones, slow on the learning curve, base, and full of every kind of evil vice! And, in the bed with Satan, the commanders and military officers, doctors, chemists and researchers, all working alongside Satan and all taking orders from him.

Yes, the U.S. military is under his command in all that they do to me, but not only the U.S. military! For, on one recent night, as the humans came into my room via their electromagnetic ring, I heard two of them speak in a foreign language. So, Satan is commanding other militaries around the world and some of these have also come here to show their hand in what is going on! But, they are all failures!

But, as I have told you, THERE IS NO GOD LIKE YAHWEH! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh! To Him is all the praise and glory; for He keeps me! He miraculously sustains me and none can stand up to Him and His power!


The assaults continue!

When the beams from the saucers did not accomplish their purposes over time, by projecting killer currents into my body, they began put a portable microwave units just down the road and from these units, they repeatedly fire microwaves into my body.

At these times, I feel twinges of these microwaves, but from night to night I just turn over and go to sleep! Nevertheless, our Father allowed me to see the effects of these beams on my hair! The ends of my hair have been utterly fried by these constant currents! I used to have long hair and have had to cut it short as the ends were so fried from these beams.

But, even so, my Dear Ones, this is but a small thing. What is so beautiful is how our Most Wondrous God has kept me through a true life of Daniel experiences! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh!


They kidnap my dogs!

My precious dogs, three of them, would get in the way of the portable microwave units with their barking, so Satan and his U.S. military hounds from hell began to pick them up via the saucer technology, drug them, and carry them off!

For almost two months, these evil hoards picked them up and carried them off about every other night. These precious animals would be gone nearly all day, and out in terrible heat, which has been well over 100 degrees F. Often, well into the evening, they would return, their bottoms and undersides covered in mud and they would still be so drugged that they would be unable to eat.

These evil ones would take them, drug them and throw them into a muddy pool, where they would remain asleep in scorching temperatures! Only the hand of our Lord and God has kept them, but I tell you that they have been through hell on earth, just because they are my dogs!

But, during these times Satan has not just taken them for convenience of the microwave units, but also has taken them out of spite! Sometimes, they would disappear, right out of the front yard and not be back for almost one and a half days. They began to keep them for longer amounts of time about six weeks ago and I believe that they carry them to an airbase. When they do so and then bring them back, they are not covered in mud and neither are they drugged! Otherwise, these animals seldom leave this yard and when called, they come! They are not given to straying, my Dear Ones, but are removed so that Satan can more easily do his evil works!


Continuing on Ö

My Dear Ones, if it seems that I digress from the point, it is just that there is so very much to share, which I have not told you about! There is a huge amount of information regarding all that they have done to me and it is hard to leave out such important things as I write to you. So, bear with me as I go along, for even when it seems that I am digressing, I am bringing forth information, which will give you understanding!


And, back to Satanís assaults Ö

Night before last when Satan came into my room, I smelled such a rotten smell of stale cigarettes on him! My Dear Ones, it is the smell of a chain smoker, who never bathes! A raunchy smell of decaying cigarette smoke! You know the smell; and it was strong! I had smelled this before, wafting in and out of my room, but had not associated it with Satan, but for sure I knew it was Satan yesterday.


Satan is a Monster!

He was in my face just about all day yesterday, his ugly and scaly face right in mine and his blood-shot snake eyes peering into my face! My Dear Ones, he is one ugly monster and it is unthinkable that people worship such a thing! In fact, all of the fallen angels are monstrously ugly, evil beyond measure and vicious!

I believe that I have seen every species and subspecies of fallen angels and they are utterly evil and hideous creatures! What is disgusting is to see humans working alongside of them, and all of them taking orders from this monster!


Our Fatherís Power and Great Mercy!

But, let it be known that they have utterly failed in all of their attempts. For months, our Father has systematically removed their hardware. Most often, I stay in the bed in the mornings until our Father sends the power to remove what they have put in. But, at times, He does not remove what they have put in for a day, or so; and it is at these times that He comes forth with a greater amount of power than I had previously seen.


Our Fatherís Supernatural Way!

Back in the spring, around April, our Father in Heaven took away the angels, who had been helping me to remove these implants. Instead, our Fatherís power began to come in and I have had to learn to move in this power and to work in this power. At that time, whirlwinds of light and fire began to appear around me and began to literally suck these implants out of my body and to this day, these whirlwinds have grown to be great in power, sometimes coming in via giant waves! And, I have had to move in and out of these whirlwinds of our Fatherís great power! At other times, our Father sends His power with such force that this power quickly removes all that they put in.


The Robotoid Soldiers!

One night, about one month past, whether in a dream I cannot say! But, I went into an underground tunnel, which is just beneath my house and I spoke with two men! They were huge, muscular men, giants, and utterly soulless and evil to the core! At this point, I do not remember all that was said, but I remember well what a giant, blonde man said to me! ďI am a robotoid!Ē Satan and his evil hoards will be bringing them out, and soon!

I believe that these robotoids are truly coming into my house via an underground tunnel. Remember some years past that I wrote about the hellacious tunnelling noises, which were coming up from the ground beneath our house! I believe that they did complete such a tunnel and that this was no dream, but that these robotoid soldiers and others come up through the floor and go in and out of my room. When they enter, there will be a really loud popping sound in the floor!


Back to Satan and his presence around me yesterday!

But, as I was saying, Satan seldom left me yesterday and his smell of stale cigarettes followed me from room to room! How interesting that Satan is a chain smoker! And, now he has a lot to puff about! For, he is an utter failure in all of his attempts to defeat our Father!

Later yesterday, I saw that Satan had taken on one of his many disguises. There he stood! In my living room, clothed in a white, hooded robe; and so comical, my Dear Ones; for underneath was his black-as-soot body! Yet, he was trying to appear as an angel of light! This is so laughable; but he wore this disguise until I went to bed; and then he began his assaults against my body.

Right away after I went to bed last night, Satan came up with a nozzle of some sort, like a small nozzle under pressure and he began to assault my body. He began just above my right eye and carried a bead of electrically conductive substance down my right cheek and to the outer edge toward my right ear. Then, he slowly carried this bead down my throat, beginning high up behind my sinuses.

I watched him as he then pushed this bead, which was under pressure, down my body, much as if it were being forced into my body, as if via an air compressor. I felt the pressure of this bead as it went into my flesh, all the way down my throat and then slowly over the left side of my chest and into my heart. He hesitated along the left side of my body, near my heart and he put a heaping amount of this substance at the left side of my heart.

Then, from there, he plowed it into the flesh under my left arm, where he put another huge amount and then slowly across my back, going up my back, pausing to pile it into my left shoulder! From there, he went to other places all over my body, and pouring vast amounts of it into my abdominal cavity, which is a usual place for them to put their caustic liquids and powders from hell!

This took him some time, perhaps about an hour, or so, but not as long as they usually work on me at night. It is nothing for them to take as many as five hours in putting into me their elaborate system of wires, implants and terrible liquids. But, last night was rather fast as Satan put this powdery substance into me and followed it with a gooey liquid to hold it all in place.

Then, my Dear Ones, they turned up the currents and I felt a twinge or two of the currents, which would have certainly ended my life. As I turned over to go so sleep, I got a whiff of the powdery substance, that Satan was plowing into my body and I recognized this smell from many years past. It was none other than iron filings, fine iron powder.

Having failed in all of their implant technology and all of their wiring technology, Satan and his hounds from hell turned to filling me up with iron powder! But, they failed again! All the praise and all the glory to our Most Wonderful Lord and God, to our Beautiful Father in Heaven, Yahweh, Most High God!

Right now, even as I type these words, Satan is right behind me, trying to discern every word that I write and to take note of how I am faring after he did such things to me last night. But, I tell you, my Dear Ones, that I am better than fine! I am absolutely great, wonderful, full of life and full of joy! For, I know the power of the Great and Miraculous God of Gods, the Most High God, the ONE TRUE GOD, YAHWEH.

He is my wonderful Father, my beautiful friend, awesome counsellor, mighty and glorious beyond any words and He, my Dear Ones, fights my battles. Blessed is His Holy Name and blessed is the Name of His Son, Jesus. For He is coming back, my Dear Ones, and some of us are going to marry Him and very, very soon! Oh, we all have so much to sing about! Those, who have made themselves ready, will soon be rejoicing as they could have never imagined! HallaleuYahweh!

So, what is our Fatherís punishment to Satan now? Well, my Dear Ones, before I got out of bed this morning, I prayed to our Most Wonderful God! Blessed is His Holy Name! And, as I asked Him to come forward with His punishment of Satan, I saw a strip go across his eyes, a strip go between his eyes and a strip go above his evil nose. This strip looked something like a beige tape and then I knew that He was diminishing Satanís ability to see in the Spirit and to sense in the Spirit. My Dear Ones, our Father said to me this morning, ďNow, I will pour out my wrath on Satan!Ē

There is war in the skies over Arkansas. If you want to see all of the activity, come to Mayflower, Arkansas and go out Highway 89 North! Drive out this road a few miles and begin to look up. On a clear night, you will always see Satanís saucer, which looks like a yellowish star, but low in the sky; and you will always see U.S. military saucers as they blink red and green lights.

But, you will also see our Fatherís craft! Yes, He has them. They are overhead and are white lights. They look like stars but are too low to be stars and now and then when I sing to our Lord and God, one or two of them will explode in a white light radiance of great agreement!

How great and wondrous is our Mighty God, Yahweh. All of Creation knows Him. Rejoice, my Dear Ones! Sing to Him! Glorify His Awesome Name; for His Name is to be exalted! Exalted above every mountain and exalted above every tribe and tongue! HallaleuYahweh!

Until next time, my Dear Ones, I send you love!

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