“Satan is Cast Down!”

“My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. Blessed are you, My Little One; for I have called you and I have chosen you for a very important work. And, though your trials have been great and continue to be great, you are faithful, My Little One! For, you know well and you truly understand My great love for you, and that I am always with you! Yes, My Child, I am always with you, even to the end; for I love you so!

And, now, My Little One, come terrible times into the Earth, as never in the history of the Earth; for Satan is fully cast down from the Upper Realms, he and all of his minions. He cannot get out and grows angrier by the day, angry at you, My Little One; for I have sent you on many occasions to shut down the interdimensional portals and gateways; for you have truly paid the price!

But, now, My Little One, he is very angry with you, and Satan, Lucifer, the devil, himself, comes to make war with you! His dedicated and robotoid children and slaves come to make war with you for the same reasons; for their conquests and travels have been extensive in this solar system and even outside of it. But, now they are all trapped in this Earth and unable to leave, and only because of the work, which I have called you to do; and you have well done as I have asked you and guided you to do!

Yet, now, My Little One, you are in a true face-off with Lucifer, himself, and surrounded by and stalked by his own in their “saucer” aerial crafts! For, Lucifer, the Prince of the Air, is now visible regularly in the airspace over Arkansas, and even other parts on a nearly daily basis. But, he has determined to cripple you, to tire you and defeat you through his many hourly and daily assaults to the point that you give up and he is thereby the victor over My Son and His Kingdom. For, you are the spiritual mother of Revelation 12 and he knows this and has known it for a very long time. But, at the same time, he has thought to be able to control you as I, myself, allowed him to make you a slave for him in the time portals and interdimensional passages. But, he, in his pride and arrogance, was utterly ignorant of the fact that I would indeed use you after the 50 years of slavery to shut him totally out of these very portals! For, you, My Little One, know these portals very well. You have travelled all of their known portals, and many, many others; for I esteem you greatly in My Kingdom and I have allowed you this privilege for a very long time. Truly, My Child, I can say and this should be without so much as a single doubt in your mind, that you were indeed their best time traveller, ever, so much that they took some of your eggs and created offspring of you, whom they have also enslaved in their time portals! But, not any more; as I have sent you recently to shut all remaining, potential exits of escape; so they now have no escape; but Lucifer believes that somehow he can still extract from your memories, or from your dreams the manners in which these portals were closed, thereby causing you to open them again. But, he cannot, as this information is forever gone and this process, when done, is complete. And, this is my truth!

But, from day to day, he gets angrier and more desperate in his bid to escape this Earth and you, My Beloved Child, are now standing face to face against Lucifer as he parks his aerial craft over your area, as he is there to spy on you, to harass you, and to plot your torture and demise from day to day. Yes, My Little One, the Prince of the Air is in the skies over Arkansas and who is the wiser? For, even you, My Child, have been watching him for over six weeks, without knowing for sure who, or what this is in the sky! Yes, a white light radiance, hovering in the Arkansas skies, a fallen star, indeed; but no morning star for sure, but a star of the evening, a star of the night, as he frets out his last few years, even on the surface of the Earth. For, the burning pits await him and his, and he knows it!

Now, My Little One, you know that I gave you a new sceptre and a new sword, with a brilliance, unlike anything that you have ever possessed; and I told you also, My Child, that I will now empower you and will cause you to ride Lucifer’s back and to beat him, My Child! Yes, to whip him severely! And, now is the time! For he has taken the liberty to implant you with terrible implant devices, even deep in your tissues and to send burning pains into your body, into your arms, hands, head, feet, legs and especially your knees. And he thinks to get away with all, believing that you are powerless to do a thing, but once again he has underestimated Me; for as always he is full of mocking, pride and arrogance! But, he will soon find out that My wrath and ire are raised against him and his for total defeat and he surely knows that I will fight for My own and in ways that he often does not expect!

So, My Child, this is what I will now do as Lucifer has done to you as he has; thinking himself justified as you closed the portals! But, he is not justified to touch you at all; for this, as he enslaved you for 50 years and you, My Child, are fully justified! And, to0, because he has done as he has without any cause whatsoever, I now give you My power to retaliate against him for this torture. Take My fiery sword and cut off Lucifer’s lower legs, who are in truth two of his most important “gophers”, as you would say, in this Earth. (“Gopher”, Go for this and go for that!) For, what he tells them to do, they do, and with lightening-like speed; for they are greatly evil and utterly despised the world over! But, they have long ago sold their souls to Lucifer and he gives them more and more power, prestige and money to do this great evils! And, these two, My Little One, hate you with a great hate, and have done many terrible things to you, torturing you and stalking you up and down the world. But, now I empower you to cut off these two lower legs at the knees.”

“Yes, my Father, I take this great and fiery sword, and I cut off these two lower legs at the knees; and as they fall, my Father, it is most interesting to see that they are both hollow and full of darkness! And, oh what a stench, like the death and dying of thousands of pounds of “road kill” in each one! Now, Father, what shall I do with them?”

“Pick them up, one at a time, and throw them into the Lake of Fire.”

“Yes, my Father. So, I take first the right leg, and it is a little longer than the left, and I move to the now-open orifice of the burning lake and I toss it into the fiery lake! And, what a loud explosion this makes, with great crackling of the fire as well, and thereafter also a great howling! And, after this one, I pick up the other lower leg and this one smells by far worse than the other one; and I lift it now to throw it into the Lake of Fire! But, as I lift this lower leg to toss it into this roaring fire, a small amount of putrid, black liquid falls down at my feet. But, I do not hesitate, in spite of this, and I toss this hollow, rotten leg into the lake of fire! However, at my feet is this small amount of putrid, black liquid and I do not know what I am to do with this. I look to make sure that none of it got on me, and I can see that not one drop of it touched me. Praises to our Blessed Father in Heaven! “My Father, what should I do with this?”

But, before our Father in Heaven could even answer my question, from behind me comes now Lucifer, the two horned-devil; and he goes quickly down on his knees, and down onto the floor with lightening-like speed. And, there he hurriedly slurps up the black and putrid liquid and there is not one drop left! His tongue truly is split and I stare in amazement at what I am beholding! Now, up on his feet, Lucifer stands and stares at me, a wild beast of a lizard! Then, he turns into a black-haired man, with olive skin and black eyes, which sparkle! But, even in his white suit, his tail still protrudes from behind! He really looks almost identical to Benny Henn, so much so that I am shocked! Then, back to the lizard again, as he turns and leaps off! “Oh, my Father, what was that about?”

“My Child, it was about power! He does not want one drop of his power spilled, even in death! And, as this fell at your feet, he felt that you would somehow dispose of this bit of power; and he could not allow that!”

“And, this ‘The Benny Henn’ look?”

“Just know one thing, my Child. With his white suit and lying signs and wonders, Benny Henn has served him well! Watch ‘Benny Henn,’ for you have indeed witnessed something important!”

“And, Benny Henn is of Muslim descent?”

“And so it is, My Little One. Go in My peace and love and know that the whole world will soon see the demise of these two most important lower legs. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, Most High God!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of November, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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