Chapter Twenty




“Now comes My power and My glory into the Earth as no one has ever seen!”


And, … Satan’s present kingdom divided in half!

My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Listen to Me, My Little One and write as I say, that all may be the wiser! For, now comes My power and My glory into the Earth as no one has ever seen! For, this is My Kingdom Power! This is the manifestation of My mighty power in the Earth among My Chosen Ones!

And, mark this day, My Little One, for as of this day, I create a split, a mighty chasm in Satan’s kingdom, which totally divides in half what he has left. So, these groups, these two groups, will be at odds with each other, and never again united in their work for him! And, these two groups shall war against one another and compete against one another, effectively dividing what he now has, so that his kingdom is cut down to 50 percent of what it was, even yesterday!

But, have I not warned him all along about what I would to him because of his continued assaults against you? Yet, he chose, even from the beginning to give up his kingdom in order to try his hand at defeating you!

But, as you are Mine! You are my faithful and chosen servant, his attempts have been to defeat Me in you and he has failed in all things! Yes, this has been hard for you, My Little One! And, yes, you have suffered great torture and persecution at his hands and at the hands of all of his perverted and evil followers.

But, now My Little One, comes a mighty victory, so great and mighty that the whole world will be in awe! The whole world will be shocked! The whole world will be amazed at what I am about to do now!

For, to you first, My Little One, comes My Kingdom Power! To you first, My Little One, comes a supernatural body; for you have willingly and lovingly laid down your life at the feet of Satan by day and night, giving him the right to use and abuse you as he and his have seen fit, all so that this might be done, so that this, My work, might be accomplished!

And, now comes a greater defeat for Satan, an even greater loss to him! For, while he has fiddled away his time, now by your side day and night, day and night, his own kingdom has fallen down in a great way and will not be built up this way, ever again!

But, you, My Little One, have faithfully stayed the course, even though at times you were in the dark about so many things! But, now you are no longer in the dark, but are enlightened, even about all of these things!

And now, My Child, comes My Kingdom Power to you, My supernatural body to you and what you ask of Me, I will give, unless such trials are upon a person for the purification of his, or her soul, and for the advancement of his, or her own spiritual life! In these instances, I will hold back My power and My Spirit until such a one has overcome the root problem, which is holding him, or her, back! For, many must bear their burdens! They must carry them until they are given My power to overcome them! For, all, who marry Me, must overcome!

But, for the rest, who are in need, I will give My power to you to reach down into their hearts and to bring an everlasting change in their hearts and from there My Little One, the Spirit of God, My Spirit can grow! For, as the heart is changed, so the person is changed!

And, to you, I shall give the power, My Child to reach out and to touch and change thousands, even tens of thousands of hearts at a time by the power of your spoken word! My Little One, you will never have to touch them, or to lay hands on them, but to speak My word to them!

And, even as you think the question, My answer is, “Yes!” I will give you the power to walk past them and to bring about the same kinds of changes, just by walking past them, to touch many in this way, to bring everlasting changes in their hearts, wherein they are individually changed, convicted of their sins and filled with My Spirit!

I shall give you all of the spiritual gifts, and operating in a way, such as few have seen! For, this is also My Kingdom Power and what comes now, humanity has never seen!

So, go in peace and know that your time beneath the feet of Satan is almost up and now comes My wrath upon him and his; and My great power, first to you, My Little One, as you have earned it and from you, it will go out to others in the measure that they are able to receive it.

But, for you, My Little One, by the end of the forty-month-period, which you have spent beneath feet of Satan, you will more fully understand what I am telling you; and this time is at hand!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Type this and get it out soon!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of August, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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