“They will Tremble Beneath the Power of My Kingdom!”

My Little One, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Beloved Child, I am Most High! There is none like Me and none can compare to Me; for I am the Creator of all things! Yes, My Little One, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending! I am from everlasting to everlasting and I know all things, as I am also spirit and in all places at once!

I ask you, My Child, who can compare to Me? For, did I not hang the heavens and lay out all of creation? “Yes,” you say! For, you know Me! You know My Spirit!

But, Little One, look all around you and observe; for most do not know Me personally! The churches are full of the dead wood, full of those, who say that they know Me, who say that they love Me, when they neither know Me, nor love Me!

And, in the streets, the faces are full of blank looks as so many worship the god of this world! They worship his work, their new cars, their new houses, television, books, magazines, things of the flesh, clothes and on and on! They worship the god of this world and they know Me not! Neither, do they wish to know me!

But, even so, My Little One, there are a few righteous ones, a few, who both know Me and love Me, who live My commandments and who hear and obey My voice! And, I shall take but a few, and I shall turn Satan’s kingdom upside down and inside out! I shall take but a few and I shall astonish the world! No, My Little One, not great numbers to do My awesome work! No, My Little One, not great numbers, but one or two here and there! These, I have called! And, these I have chosen to do great and mighty things! I do not need great numbers to go forth under My power and to move mountains and to create world change! I use few and so it is now!

And, this is why I have called you, a woman and an unlikely choice, according to what many believe, to do My work in helping to bring down much of Satan’s kingdom! I have called and handpicked an unlikely human being, according to the standards of the world, to birth My kingdom into the Earth! And, I have called you and chosen you, My Child, because of your love for Me and because of your faithfulness!

Who can know My ways? Who can understand My works? Who can know what I will do from day to day? For, will I not take the least, as with David, to bring down the giant? Will I not take the least likely ones to do My marvellous works; for they are not big in the world, but small, humble and contrite in Me!

And, now My Little One, I have taken one of the least likely ones, a single woman from the hills of Arkansas and I am using you to bring forth, to birth My Kingdom and at the same time to deal a deadly blow to Satan! For, when this work is complete in you, his kingdom will be in shambles! He will struggle to go forward with what is left for him to do! For, there shall be such a chasm in what is left, that he will have great trouble in coordinating anything at all!

But, even so, he will destroy much! He will kill and torture and persecute those of Mine, whom he can find! And, he will do terrible things in the earth, for he knows his fate, but even so he will have great problems.

And, through My Holy Ones, shall come mighty miracles and much power, as the world has never seen; for this new spiritual code shall be imparted to those, who are ready to receive it and they will live in two worlds at the same time. They will exist in the supernatural world of My Spirit and in the earth! At the same time in the world, but not of it and these will pummel Satan! They will ride him and beat him and his fallen angels in great and mighty ways!

Oh, how these fallen angels dread this new generation of souls; for this new spiritual code will give these anointed ones power, much power over Satan and the fallen angels! For, this new spiritual code has 24 strands of spiritual DNA, while humans currently have twelve strands; and the fallen angels and many other angels only have eighteen strands of spiritual DNA.

My Dear One, this is My Kingdom Come and it is coming into the Earth now and through you, a single woman, who is birthing this new spiritual DNA; yet under the feet of Satan and all the time, day and night, tortured and persecuted by him and his! But, know one thing and know this well! Soon, My Little One, he and his fallen angels will be beneath your feet!

For, I shall put great power in you, as this spiritual mother and when you raise your hands against them in battle, a stream of fire will go out against them and unto you I shall give power to bind Satan with seven times the power and to bind the fallen angels with seven times the power and to bind the humans, who come into your home via the electromagnetic rings, with seven times the power!

And, I shall give you the power to trap the fallen angels and to command them into the Lake of Fire! And, power over the humans, who have tortured you so, who come into your house via the electromagnetic rings; and via this power, via My power in you, they shall be struck dead!

And, great and terrible shall be the plagues, which shall come upon others, who set out to harm you, or to torture you in any way! And, many more punishments, I shall render, which you do not write here!

The time is at hand, My Child; for your days of torture and persecution at their hands is coming to an end! Sing and rejoice; for the accuser of your brethren is cast down and soon will be under the feet of My New Generation of souls! And, every fallen angel and every errant human, who sold you all to Satan for power and technology, will quickly tumble beneath the power of My Kingdom, which even now comes into the Earth!

Go in My peace and walk in My great love! I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of August, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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