Chapter Twenty-Two


“The Appointed Time!”

My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Yes, blessed are you, My Little One; for you are faithful and constantly seeking Me and My will! My Little One, your love for others pleases Me greatly and it is because of your prayers on their behalf that I told you that I would come for you and the other Bride Souls at the same time! But, this is not in keeping with My Scriptures of Revelation Chapter Twelve, although not totally apparent to most!

And, while I have heard your prayers to take all of the clean souls when I come for you and I have agreed to do so, I am able to change My mind in this also! And, strictly on the basis of the fact that Satan is now in your face for most of the hours in a twenty-four hour period! And, not in your face by sitting in his craft over your house over your head; but in your face, in your house, around you as he expects you to leave any day and he thinks to steal his way off this planet! He expects to escape the punishment, which is due him, even though he well knows the word! But, he shall not escape!

Yes, My Little One, soon and very soon, you will have completed forty months of persecution, torture and pain beneath the feet of Satan! No one on this planet has endured such a thing; but soon and very soon all of humanity will be under his feet!

Will their time of suffering also be forty months? Let all watch and pray that their appointed time of forty-two months beneath the feet of Satan is shortened to forty months!

Yes, My Child, I hear your cries! I see your great hardships! I know your terrible suffering at the hands of Satan and I hear your cries! I hear your cries and you are worthy, My Little One! I hear your cries on behalf of your dear friend and on behalf of your animals! Worry not for them; for all are in My hands! What is Mine, I look after!

When you go, My Little One, the “Baby of Spirit”, the new spiritual code for the new generation of souls, also goes; only so that he can be sent back, to be given, one at a time, to the New Generation of souls! Just as My Son had to come back, so that He could send My Spirit back to the faithful, you must soon come back, so that I can send the new spiritual code to those, who are worthy to receive it!

For, what is now born and mature in you must be born into these, who are to receive it; and it must also mature in them as it has matured in you! And, through their tests and trials, this new spiritual code will also grow and mature at a very rapid rate!”

“Father, I thought that all would receive the mature code!”

“All will receive the code, who are worthy to receive it, but in and through it, they must walk in faithfulness and submission to Me, My Child.”

“Is this not automatic, My Father?”

“My Child, those, who are worthy to receive this new spiritual code, will automatically walk in love and submission to Me, but some will grow in their spiritual development faster than others! Is this not the way, that some take off walking and some running; and some will go faster than others because of their greater desires to do so! And, some are kings and queens and some priests, while some tend the garden! See?”

“Yes, Father! So, after I go, this new spiritual code will be sent, along with Your Kingdom Power!”

“Now, you see well; for this is how it is written; but is not clear to many! And, while I have honoured your deep prayers on behalf of all of humanity, to take you all, all of the clean ones when I take you, this will prolong your suffering, My Little One, and also deny them the trials that some of them need to be absolutely clean!

And, while I come soon, very soon for all of the clean souls, My word in Revelation Chapter Twelve states that there must be a time wherein Satan is allowed to persecute those, who keep My commandments!

These, My Child, are those, who not only keep My commandments, but have My Spirit! Yes, he will have some few months to do so; but I will take all, all, who are spiritually clean and ready, just before the Great War, World War III escalates, just before the nuclear attack on America!

Be of good cheer! And, know that I come soon upon My wings, very soon for you, My Little One! Worry not for these others, who are with you, for where the body is, there I also take My eagles!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of August, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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