Chapter Twenty-Three


“An Update on the War with Satan!”


Moses’ beautiful visit and subsequent dream!

My Dear Ones, about a month, or so ago, Moses appeared to me in my living room and he was so full of light and joy. I always see such a light and a twinkle of joy in his eyes, but this time he was really beaming. As he reached out to hug me, he told me that all in heaven is rejoicing!

Yet, when he told me that all of heaven is rejoicing, I could not grasp the depth of what he was telling me! My Dear Ones, at that time, I was in the midst of such a terrible war with Satan, and while I could not grasp the profundity of what he was telling me; I knew that He was sent to bring joy and encourage me as to the beautiful heavenly events, which now come forward for all of humanity!

After he left, the reason for his visit began to sink in somewhat and I was so delighted to know that all in heaven are rejoicing; for they also know that our Saviour’s Kingdom is being birthed into the earth! Blessed is the Holy Name of our Father Yahweh! All the praise and glory to Him! And, blessed is the Name of His Wonderful Son, Jesus, Saviour of Humanity!

It was that very same night, that I went to sleep amidst all of their torture as I do every night, and I dreamed that a pot-bellied blondish man, with teeth stained with nicotine, came up to me and said, “I am Illuminati!” I never said a word to him, but I thought to myself in the dream, “So, who cares?”

Then, in the same dream another man appeared, this one rather young with fine, short brown hair. And, this man came up to me and said, “I manage a multibillion dollar trust fund in Wisconsin.” I looked at him as he tossed around some papers on his desk, and wondered why he would tell me such a thing!

Then, the Illuminati man came up to me and as he did so, he put forth his hand and out of it rolled a streak of fire! Then, I put forth my hand and out of it rolled forth a streak of fire. Then, the Illuminati man put forth his hand and projected a picture on a blank wall. So, I put forth my hand and likewise projected a symbol on the blank wall. Then, the Illuminati man projected a symbol on the wall; and after his symbol, I put forth my hand and projected two symbols on the same wall! After I projected the two symbols, this Illuminati man walked away.

It is most interesting, My Dear Ones, that I was given this dream on the same night that Moses came to visit me and as I awoke the next morning, this dream and the visit of Moses were both on my mind. Then, I realized that this war with Satan is so very much like Moses’ war with the Pharaoh, but also very different. It is alike in that Satan is allowed to persecute me and to even torture me to some degree, but after a certain amount of this, our Father in Heaven sends in more power to defeat what Satan has come up with.


This New Spiritual Code, Awesome to behold!

It is through these continued assaults of Satan and his demonic hoards that our Father has matured this new spiritual code, this new spiritual DNA, which is now very strong and it fights for me and with me. I believe that the two symbols that I projected onto the wall with my hand indicates the full maturity of this new spiritual DNA, for it is 24 strands, while the current spiritual DNA of humans is twelve strands; and the fallen angels have 18 strands! In other words, it is double, or two times the power of what it is now for the humans! So, from this dream and what I also know by now, when this new spiritual code reaches its full maturity, these evil ones will be removed from my face!

My Dear Ones, this new spiritual code and how it operates is most amazing and I can assure you that Satan and his fallen angels are terrified of this new spiritual code and the very fact that this will soon be released upon humanity! For, this new code will give the lowly humans power over Satan and over his fallen angels.


The Fallen Angels, what humanity now faces!

Some time back, near the end of February, 2006, when I was involved in the Drago Wars as they were coming into the Earth, I was up all night again in this terrible war! It was on that night that I first saw up close the viciousness and the hideousness of the Dragos!

Michel, the Archangel, had previously warned me when the Dragos were coming in around February 20th of 2006, that they would come for me! He had also warned me that they are vicious and even as they were coming in via their spacecraft, he would tell me that so many thousands, or hundreds of thousands were headed right for me!

As Michael, the Archangel, other Archangels, many other angels, and our Saviour fought them and rounded them up to go into the hollow of the Earth, Michael would also tell me, and often, that these Dragos were headed for me and that I would take some hits! And, this definitely happened, over and over again, in spite of the fact that our Lord and God was often hiding me! They would still find me and when they did, they would come at me in hoards; and with their needles they gouged my skin and caused terrible pain! Along with this torture came their terrible implants, which they began to put into my whole body; and to this day, they have never let up!

This terrible Drago war, wherein they were driven into the Earth began around February 20th, 2006 and continued until approximately until the end of April of 2006! I was in the midst of it all and the archangels were constantly around me, all to keep me, my Dear Ones, for these evil hoards came toward me, as if I were a magnet! This great influx of fallen angels and others, whom Satan sent after me, constitutes the “flood” of Revelation, Chapter Twelve!

From the all-night vigil, which I mentioned above, I well remember one very interesting thing that one of the Dragos told me as the sun was moving up, early in the sky! As I sat on a sofa with my back to the wall, My Dear Ones, I felt a sensation of movement, of weaving into my back! It was then that I looked in the spirit and I saw that a hideous creature was weaving strings into my back! This creature had the head of a hawk, or small owl, and the lower body of a penguin, but with scales and with many claws! He was black all over and there appeared to be ten claws on each hand and on each foot as well. And, it is with these claws that these creatures, these horrendously evil fallen angels, reach into ones body and quickly weave their terrible webs! Yes, they reach right through ones skin; and this is the same way that the doctors and the evil ones in the U.S. space program do as well; for they have sold us all out for Satan’s technology!

So, when they come in, my Dear Ones; and if they come for you, you may not be able to see them, but you will be able to feel their weaving and pumping, prodding and poking into your body! You will be able to feel the stings of their hits and the pain of all that they do if our Lord and God does not intervene and spare you! It is absolutely true that they can quickly kill one in this way and most certainly true that they have killed many, many through their terrible torture and electrocutions!

My Dear Ones, these webs, which these evil ones weave into ones body, constrict the skin and muscles and are also able to carry electrical currents! And, if they so desire to aim these electrical currents at you, while you are laced up with these terrible webs, you will feel these electrical currents as they course your body, or in the parts, which are woven! Now, when these are combined with actual wires and then plowed with electrical currents, one may quickly die from the terrible pain of electrocution, if our Lord and God does not intervene!

Sometimes, these evil fallen angels only weave the strings into a certain part of the body, while at other times, they will weave a vast network of these webs into ones whole body! Listen to what I am telling you; for this is what they do! This is how they torture others; and not only with these strings, but with their vast system of implants, wires, rods, and many kinds of terrible electrically conductive liquids! And, now, as I have told you, they have at their disposal many humans, who have sold out humanity for Satan’s space technology and they are all working together to make slaves out of all of humanity!


The Fourth Kingdom of the Book of Daniel

My Dear Ones, this is the Fourth Kingdom of the Book of Daniel, the Kingdom of Clay and Iron and it is now fully operant on this planet! Satan has been cast down and with him many, many of these evil fallen angels. And, while over 40 billion of these terrible creatures were driven into the hollow of the Earth by our Father in Heaven, by our Saviour and the hosts of heaven, there are still many in this earth, enough to cause great, great problems for all of humanity!

I tell you again! Repent of your sins! Get spiritually clean and stay clean! For, they are going to do these terrible things to many, many people and your only hope is the love and grace of our Lord and God!


These evil ones thrive on torture!

In months past, my Dear Ones, even before the new spiritual code was born to me on May 10, 2006 in South Africa, I had to undergo severe torture at their hands. Often I went to sleep amidst such torture to my legs and to other parts of my body that it took all my inner strength and determination not to cry out in pain and agony! But, at those times, I would instead break out in praise to our Lord and God and amidst such torture our Father in Heaven would give me peace! He would take my pain! He would take my sorrows and He would carry my burdens. Over and over again, He spared my life and I am here to tell you of these things only because of His love and grace! Mighty if Yahweh! There is no god like Him!

But, even though our Father in Heaven has kept me alive, He has not spared me what I have needed to go through! For, truly, my Dear Ones, in their attempts to take over my mind and my body, they have come day after day, and night after night! They have tortured and persecuted me and I have often had to endure great pain. But, as the baby, the spiritual code began to grow, more and more power came in to fight them and with this, there came less and less pain.

However, at times, our Lord and God allows me to feel a twinge of the severe pain that I would feel if He did not protect me and it is at these times, that I know that I would be dead within an instant daily if He did not protect me! Blessed is His Holy Name!


The Pride and Arrogance of the Fallen Angels!

Now, back to the ugly Drago, who was weaving into my body these terrible strings! As I looked at him that morning, I said, “I command you to stop this in the Name of Jesus Christ!” He looked at me and said, “I do not have to do a thing you say! We are older and wiser than you!” Then, I said to him, “Well, if my Father allows you to do such a things, He is able to remove what you put into me!”

Now, be aware, my Dear Ones, that this monster followed me around for about two days, and all of the time weaving these terrible things into my flesh! At the end of that time, our Lord and God removed what he put in! But, to this day, Satan and his evil hoards have not stopped weaving things into my flesh and as our Father wills, He sends His power to remove all that they put in!

I tell you again, my Dear Ones, that as they were coming into the Earth, they were all headed for me! They knew that they had to get to me, to steal the interdimensional portal, and also my Dear Ones, to stop this work; for this is the beginning of our Father’s Kingdom on Earth and the birthing of the new spiritual code for the new generation of humans. And, they also know that when humans have this mature code that they will have power over them!

This, my Dear Ones, is a great dread for them as they are so puffed, proud and haughty, knowing that they have been given eternal life and that humans must earn it. And, as such they have put us under their feet for so long and have been doing terrible things to our bodies for many millennia, all in an attempt to keep us under their feet.


Now comes defeat for Satan and the fallen angels and mighty victories for all of humanity!

But, now, My Dear Ones, comes this new spiritual code for all of humanity, who are worthy to receive it; and these evil ones are beside themselves with a great furor. Yes, indeed, Satan is furious with me! And, in their furor, he and his have constantly persecuted and tortured me, yes indeed doing horrible and unspeakable things to me, all in order to stop what is and what will surely be!

But, this is our Father’s will also, that His Kingdom should be born amidst great travail and hardship! And, may His mighty will be done! Blessed is His Holy Name and blessed am I; for He has chosen me to go through persecution for love of Him and for love of His Loved Ones in the Earth!


How beautiful is this spiritual babe!

But, now, my Dear Ones, Oh, how shocked you would be if only you could see this spiritual “baby” in operation! Oh, how glorious a thing to behold! For the small, beautiful and delicate little baby of spirit, which our Lord and God put into my arms on May 10, 2006 in Centurion South Africa, has now grown into a huge giant; and regularly I see him fighting for me in this terrible war!

How beautiful this wonderful gift, which is coming to humanity! Blessed is the Holy Name of our Father Yahweh; for this is His beautiful work and His beautiful gift to humanity. He, my Dear Ones, is worthy! He is so gloriously wonderful; and His Precious Name is to be exalted above every tongue, tribe and people!

For, the power, which our Father is putting into this baby, is awesome and beautiful beyond any words! As I have told you, this power only came in by degrees and only because of the fact that the torture of Satan and his hoards has grown more severe and complex by the day! And, because they have escalated so in their horrendous torture and evil, our Father has escalated quickly in maturing this new spiritual code with more and more power.

For the baby grew from a small babe into a giant in about three months time, first walking, then running and leaping and then flying! Over the months, this little babe has grown many muscles and is now one huge giant, who leaps in the Spirit and lifts and pulls and wields much power! HallaleuYahweh!

In the early stages, this power came in like small whirlwinds, and these whirlwinds went into my body and literally sucked out and pulled out the terrible wires and implants. And, most often, my Dear Ones, I had to work in the Spirit with this power for many hours each day to do our Father’s work of getting out these terrible implants. But, as the weeks and months have passed, these small whirlwinds have become great, moving whirlwinds; and to them have been added giant, undulating waves of power!

When these evil ones began to put actual wires into my body, long wires, as they wired up my whole body, our Father began to send fiery lasers into this code. These lasers would cut up and dice up the wires and then great waves of power would come into my body and these waves would sweep up these pieces of metal and carry them out of my body!

Then, the evil ones began to fill up my body with various liquids, pumping and pumping them into my body cavities and filling up my body with thick, gooey liquids just beneath the skin. This was to hold the tiny metal pieces and tiny glass-like pieces in place in my body as these pieces were many and scattered all over my body! And, it was after these, plus the iron filings, that these waves of power became huge and the waves thicker than water and rushing into my body and carrying out even wires and other fine objects, which were laced into my bones and muscles.

Amidst these waves, were teeth-like objects, which cut and shredded these rods, wires and implants; and as the waves moved through my body, there appeared also various kinds of filters. This complex mixture came in with great power and began to move with great force to remove the horrible things that these evil ones have put into me.


The Continued Fall of Satan!

Within the last four or five days, Satan very seldom, leaves my side. In fact, I can smell his putrid cigarettes almost twenty-four hours a day! The power of God removes the terrible things that he puts in me and once our Father does this, Satan is there to ram things back into my body again; and so it has gone for many months. But, even so, I can see that Satan is getting weaker. There were times that he would come and ram rods into my brain with his brute force and ram rods into my body, and all over my body with much force and power! There were so many times when he would charge into me and knock my body forward about twelve inches, more than 24 centimeters!.

But, during these last five or six days, he weaves the things into my body like the rest of the fallen angels. Satan has chosen to continue his assaults against me in spite of our Father’s warnings to him! So, he continues on with his assaults, risking his whole kingdom and even losing his own personal power!

But, even as I am writing this, he does not like what I am telling you, so he has gone over to pilfer through a plastic bag and in this way he is trying to show his power! How starved for attention is this slime from the depths of the sewer!

My Dear Ones, when and if he comes for you, do not give him his much needed attention! He thrives on suffering and gets power from the persecuted via his, or her suffering. He sucks up the energy of the suffering and dying and this is how he survives! Otherwise, he has no power! So, when and if he and his come for you, sing to our Lord and God! Praise Him and love Him amidst your suffering! This deprives Satan of his “fix” which he would otherwise get from your suffering!


Another failed attempt of Satan and the U.S. Military!

Last night, my Dear Ones, as is often the case, the sky was full of U.S. military saucer-shaped craft. The air was roaring with these unmistakable hums and grinding sounds as these craft were once again low in the sky! Yes, indeed they had a big night planned; but alas they are but losers again! Morons, my Dear Ones! They are ignorant, and full of every kind of pride and arrogance; as they so foolishly believe that they can defeat the power of our Father Yahweh!

As soon as I was in bed, Satan and I had something of a duel. He threw objects into my head and the power of our Lord and God removed them just as quickly! And, this went on, my Dear Ones, for about two hours, or more. Then, Satan, seeing his failures began to pump something into my stomach. I could feel this pumping action and at the same time, I could feel warmness and a bit of stinging as it hit the inside of my lower abdomen. After Satan filled up my abdomen, he forced this liquid into my legs via the pumping actionl; and I could feel the warmth of this liquid as it trailed into my lower extremities.

My thought at that time was that this was some sort of acid! And, it was not long before our Lord and God showed me that this thought was indeed correct. For, soon after filling up my lower body and legs, Satan began to pump this caustic liquid into my upper body.

It was at that time, that I felt a burning sensation in my upper throat and knew then that this was indeed acid and I believe that it was huge amounts of very strong and powerful hydrochloric acid! But, alas, my Dear Ones, soon after realizing that this was indeed a very strong acid and that they literally planned to turn me into a pile of eaten-up flesh, I began to rejoice and sing to our wonderful Lord and God; for He is so beautiful and marvellous beyond words. For, other than the small amount of burning, which our Father in Heaven allowed, to show me that I was indeed correct in my thinking, this had no effect whatsoever on my body, other than a pleasant warning effect! Blessed is the Name of Yahweh, Most Wonderful God, Mighty Creator, Great and Wonderful He is!


They came to rejoice, but alas, egg in their faces!

But, my Dear Ones, the dunces in the U.S. military and Satan and his hoards, so sure that they had hit the jackpot, were in and out of my room, as if it were Grand Central Station! The walls were popping, popping, popping as they made their way in and out of my bedroom, so eager to see the effects of their latest scheme to kill me! But, egg on their faces again as they cannot defeat the Very One, who created them!

Is the created one greater than the CREATOR of all things? Foolish the are! Utter fools, who strut out their last days in utter failure. For, even if they kill us loved ones, we just get to go home. And, our Lord and God has shown me that even when killed by Satan and his, His Faithful Ones will not taste the sting of death. So, my Dear Ones, do not fear death and do not fear what Satan can do to you; but be grateful when you are counted worthy to go through persecution for the love of our Lord and God and for love of our brothers and sisters!


Rejoice through your trials!

In your times of tests and trials, sing to our Father and sing to our Saviour! For, even as you suffer, rejoice; and you will see that our Lord and God takes your burdens. He will bring you joy, even in the midst of such evil! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh and blessed is the Most Wonderful Name of His Beautiful Son, our Wonderful Saviour and Husband to come! HallaleuYahweh!

My Dear Ones, there is more to come, but for now I will leave you with this, that you may digest it! Know that soon, our Lord and God must come for me and when He does, you, my Dear Ones, must begin to pray for the impartation of the new spiritual code to all of humanity; for this is going to be sorely needed!

Be of good cheer and know that you are indeed blessed to be here at this time and to be part of such a great and mighty unfolding. The angels of heavens rejoice because the Kingdom of God is now birthed into the Earth and you, my Dear Ones, must also rejoice, knowing that whatever you must endure is for only a short while. And, then comes the kingdom and the glory of our Lord and God!

Go in faith and in the love of our Most Wonderful Lord; for He does a new and glorious thing in the Earth; and soon, my Dear Ones, Satan and all of his evil hoards will be beneath the feet of a victorious and new generation of humans, who are soon to be!

Sending love to each of you and big hugs to my Dear and Precious Friends. Great are your rewards, my Dear Ones, for you few have been my faithful friends, in spite of and because of all that I have been through!

Jesus is the Light of the very dark world; and He is returning soon, and very soon for a beautiful and victorious bride!

Your Sister through our Beloved Lord and God,

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