Chapter Twenty-Four


“What a Wonderful God We Have!”

Oh, my Dear Ones, I can only shout and sing praises to our Most Wonderful Lord and God, our Most Precious Father in Heaven, the Most High God, the One True God! Beautiful and holy He is! Righteous! Just! Merciful! Full of Grace and Love! What a glorious God! There can never be a god like Him; for He is Creator of all things, our glorious Father! And how blessed we are to have such a God! HallaleuYahweh! All the praise and all the glory to our Father Yahweh forever and ever; for He, my Dear Ones, is worthy! Worthy! Worthy! Worthy!

Stand up, oh nations and rejoice! Come forth all of creation and rejoice; for our Father in Heaven now comes forth in His mighty power to gloriously attend to His people! He now comes forth in such great power as the world has never known; for now, my Dear Ones, comes the Kingdom of our God! Now, comes His glorious power! Now comes salvation and the strength to withstand what is! Blessed is the Name of Yahweh and blessed is the Name of His awesome, Son, Jesus Saviour of Humanity! For, He is coming back and soon, very soon; for all, who are clean and counted worthy to go! Sing, my Dear Ones! Praise the GOD of gods and rejoice; for now comes His greatness into the Earth as the world has never seen or known!


The Games of the Buffoons!

I tell you now that Satan was furious about what I wrote yesterday and he seldom left my side, not even for one minute all day long, but was after me, in my face with his foul cigarette breath and pushing his wires into my body and his rods and whatever else he chose all day long. But, even as he was pushing these things into my body, the power of our Father in Heaven was throwing them out.

Finally, last night, the Spirit of God touched me to rest in our Father’s arms, to rest in His beautiful love and the power to remove these objects was stilled. Then, I knew that there was coming another test, wherein Satan would be allowed to go forth with his evil schemes against our Father, so I did nothing and Satan went forth with his great plans to turn me into a pile of dust.

But, oh, my Dear Ones, what failures they all were. Oh, yes, they were in the sky last night with all their glee and with their mighty plans to see me take my last breath; for where they have failed every single day for many months to eradicate me, they were so sure that on their double devil day, the 29th of August, on the morning of the anniversary of their great destruction of New Orleans, that they would be able to slap their thighs in glee as they all watched me take my last breath!

But, oh what a shocker they got! And, my Dear Ones, this is the power of our God! This is the awesomeness of our God; for no one could have lived through things as what they put me through.

I went to be rather early for me these days, a little past ten! I had hardly pulled the covers up around my shoulders when the walls started popping. In they came! The roar of many of their disk-shaped crafts filled the air and I knew that they were hot on the trail of another one of their cooked-up schemes. Immediately after the popping of the walls, they started on me, first pumping, pumping something into my lower abdomen on the right side. Then, even as they were still pumping into my right side, someone began to drill into my back on the right side, just opposite what they had poured into my right side. I could feel the fanning of this drilling action and could feel the penetration of the drill-like object as it was worked into my back, through my back and into my abdomen! Penetrating my body, they made hole after hole on the right side of my back as they went slowly across my waistline, moving from my spine outward toward my right side.

Then, my Dear Ones, they went silent for a few minutes and I knew that they were waiting and watching for their handiwork to show its effects; but my Precious Ones, nothing happened to me because of their evil schemes. Blessed is the Glorious Name of our Father Yahweh!

It was at this time, that Satan and his dastardly doctors from hell began to pump something into my lower legs. I do not know what it was; but as it began to run up my legs, my legs began to burn and sting; and my immediate thought was that this was some sort of venom; but I am only guessing. This burning and stinging only lasted for a short while and as my legs were burning and stinging, these evil hoards took a hypodermic needle and injected what seemed to be the same stuff into my left arm and from there they injected it into my chest alongside my esophagus and then across my chest beneath my right breast.

HallaleuYahweh! They stepped back and waited, but alas, my Dear Ones, nothing! Nothing at all! All of their expectation and nothing! Oh, my Dear Ones, I broke out in joyous praise to our Father in Heaven and blessed His Holy Name and sung to Him anew and reached out to Him in great love, honouring Him, loving Him and worshipping Him! Oh, what a blessed occasion; as they were once more with egg on their faces. Buffoons, my Dear Ones, clowns before our Lord and God! Losers! Their great and mighty men and the devils and demons from hell, once again faced with utter defeat!

Oh, what a glorious occasion to see our Most Wonderful Father in Heaven rise up in His awesome power and make utter fools out of those, who consider themselves to be the great minds of the world! Oh, yes, Satan and all of his “great minds” from all over the world, spend many a night in coming up with their evil schemes to destroy our Father’s works. Their attempts to stop our Father’s works through me have been massive and have involved nations; but how joyous I am; for they are utter failures! They cannot stand up the power of our Most Glorious God!

Rejoice, my Dear Ones; for the Kingdom of our God is at hand! Blessed, blessed are we; for the losers from hell are all defeated before this great and awesome power! They cannot and will not stand; for our Father’s Kingdom is coming in, regardless of their schemes!

But, even so, my Dear Ones, the very fact that these concoctions had little effect on me at all was a source of great anger and rage for Satan; and he, being lit up with his evil glee up on his double-devil-day, was more determined than ever to turn me into a pile of dust. And, not to be outdone, they then came with their next round of assaults. And, it was at this time, that I could feel the Evil Dog from Hell as he ran a line of something into my left side, just alongside my pelvic bone. I do not know what this was, but it had a slight stinging sensation, yet even so, my Dear Ones, seeing these failures and knowing the great power of our Lord and God, I could only break out in great praise for our Father in Heaven! Oh, how glorious an opportunity to sing praises to His Holy Name!

It was at this time that one of the disk-shaped craft came very low over the house, and whether from this craft, or from a hand-held device, just outside my bedroom, I cannot say! But, immediately, a beam, a very powerful beam went into my left side, and at the same level where the substance was injected into my abdomen. This beam, itself, would have burned me to a crisp; for it was a powerful laser beam, or microwave beam. It had a pinpoint, where it entered into my abdomen, but also spread out like a fan for about 18 inches and they kept this beam on this one spot in my lower abdomen for many minutes, what seemed to be five minutes or more.

I could feel the force of this beam as it reached through my whole abdomen and pulsated and moved the tissues around in my abdomen, but even so, my Dear Ones, other than a stirring effect, this beam had no effect on me! So, once again I broke out in great praise for our Most Wonderful Lord and God! I tell you, my Dear Ones, and listen well! There is not god like Yahweh; for this beam did not effect me at all! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh, glorious and wonderful God! His Name is to be exalted above every tongue, above every tribe and above every people; for there is no god like Him!

But, even so, my Dear Ones, in the face of so many failures, Satan was not to be outdone, so he came up with another one of his hair-brained schemes. This time, he surely took some very powerful acid, what seemed to be some of their strongest and he poured it into my left side, just above the area, where they had just assaulted me with their beam weapon. I could literally feel the flesh as it was boiling and crackling under this powerful acid, but my Dear Ones, no pain whatsoever! Absolutely unheard of that anyone could survive such attacks! And, other than the cracking and popping, which was going on in my abdomen, there was no sensation whatsoever and absolutely no pain!

Realize my Dear Ones, that this is the Kingdom Come of our Lord and God and soon, very soon many will experience such great and astounding miracles! For, what is now birthed into the world, shall grow into a glorious Kingdom of our Father’s great and wonderful power and of His awesome and unheard-of miracles shall abound!

Oh, the great love I have for Him! And, you probably know by this time, that after this assault with the very strong acid, that I broke out once again praising His Holy Name and blessing the Only God, the One True God, the Most High God, the Mighty God of Israel, our Wonderful and Glorious Father Yahweh!

But, even so, my Dear Ones, these evil ones seeing that they had not accomplished a single one of their evil schemes, were even more determined to turn me into a pile of dust; so they then began to pump my body full of some sort of liquid. First, along my spine, then into my abdomen, then into my extremities, and then into my head, where they put heavy amounts of it on the right side of my head and literally filled my sinuses on the right side of my head. Then, they began to pummel me with their electrical currents.

My Dear Ones, all of this took about five hours and finally about 3:00 this morning, I went to sleep with a glorious song on love on my lips, a beautiful love song for our Lord and God! And, still I awoke early, a little after six and as I awoke I was praising our Most Glorious Lord and God and even in the amidst of my first praises, the wall popped and there was the cigarette monster from hell, Mr Chain Smoker, Himself, satan, the god of this lower and dark world! For, my Dear Ones, he is so afraid that he will miss one thing; and when I awake and begin to praise our Lord and God, he must be present, lest he miss something great and wonderful from our Father in Heaven!

But, really, my Dear Ones, can you blame him for not wanting to miss even one miracle of our Father in Heaven! Oh, how Satan longs to see the power of our Lord and God; and daily he gets a big dose of it! It is egg, egg on the face of Satan and egg, egg, egg on the faces of all of his evil followers! For, they cannot defeat the power of our Most Wonderful God! None, no not one can stand up to His glorious power! How blessed we are to have such a God!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, I tell you these things, all so that you can prepare yourselves for what is at hand, so that when you are faced with such evil and persecution, that you praise and love Only One, who can help you, the One God, the Glorious God of Israel, the Mighty God! For, what I now tell you, my Dear Ones, is upon the whole world, both the glorious presence of our Lord and God and the terrible works of the hound from hell, the evil prince of darkness!

Go in the glorious love of our Lord and God, in the love of our Father Yahweh and be blessed, my Dear Ones; for great and mighty is He! And, wonderful beyond any words is His Beautiful and Perfect Son, Jesus, Saviour of Humanity! Watch, and get ready, my Dear Ones, for He is coming back and soon!

Jesus is our Only Way home!

Your Sis,

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