Chapter Twenty-Five


“Understanding Satan’s Kingdom”

My Dear Ones, last night was the ending of the 29th of August and also the beginning of August 30th, 2006. It was yesterday, after more than two years of being separated from my husband, Dennis, that I signed the divorce papers and this, my Dear Ones, marks the official end of my relationship with a man, who has many good qualities, but unfortunately failed also in many ways to do what is right. In all things, I have forgiven him and have gone on with my life, praying regularly for him and for his salvation and for our Lord and God to bless and keep him. For, he is greatly loved by our Lord and God and He wishes to save him!

Last night was just one more in the many long months of persecution and torture at the hands of Satan and his human traitors! And, what I write about them here is nothing unusual, but usual; as these are the kinds of things that they have done from day to day and from week to week for well almost a solid year; for it is now almost a solid year since Satan, himself, parked his disk-shaped craft over my house and since that time he has never left me.

I had barely crawled into bed last night when the walls popped and in came two, who seemed to be military doctors and along with them, Satan, full of his fowl, stale cigarette breath! I saw them as they had put up a small round table behind me and on it some of their medical tools. One had a black bag, which was filled with many vials of a liquid substance and I knew that they had a big night planned in which they planned to inject me with all of those vials of liquid from hell.

If you have ever had an ex-ray examination of your kidneys, you will recall the huge vials of liquid that they inject into your veins. These, my Dear Ones, are the kinds of large vials that they had in their carry-on pouch from hell, but large numbers of them perhaps twenty, or more!

They came for me straight away, even immediately after I got into the bed, and I heard one of the men, a ruddy-faced, older man, say, “We will shoot this into her frontal lobe!” He went for my head, just beneath the left ear and began to pump this substance into my brain. The pumping went on for some few minutes and I began to perceive a chemical smell and there began to form a pressure behind my eyes. They pumped and pumped and after some minutes I began to feel the coolness of this substance as it ran down the inside of my neck. Sensing that my brain was full, they then turned to my sinuses and poked and prodded them with their needles until they thought that the sinuses, too, were full of their chemical from hell.

I believe that this substance was the same substance, which had burned my legs the night before and they, believing that they had achieved some sort of success in finding something that would kill me when injected in huge quantities, came back for the kill, now believing that if they filled up my whole body with this substance that I would surely die. But, I just sang and praised our Father in Heaven and nothing happened to me. Blessed is His Holy and Awesome Name!

After they filled up my head, they waited for a few minutes and seeing that this failed to kill me, they then began to fill up my abdominal cavity. They began pumping my abdomen up, from just above my bladder and pumped and pumped and pumped. From there, they went to my legs and pumped and pumped and from there into my chest, and from there into my arms and then into my back. My Dear Ones, this whole process took over two hours and I was getting sleepy as it was then well after twelve and I went to bed a little after 10:00.

But, Satan, now riding high on his praise and adulation on his double-devil day, the 29th, (which adds up to be an eleven, 2+9, their bewitching number,) would hit me and knock me in the back, or shoulder whenever I would attempt to fall asleep. So, my prayer again to our Father was to remember his words that he would take Satan’s personal power!

Remember, my Dear Ones, that Satan and his perverted fallen angels thrive on the suffering of human sacrifices and from the dying and the persecuted! They literally they suck up their life forces of these tortured souls as they are giving up this life force through their pain and suffering! This is the sick way that these Satanists and fallen angels acquire their power and energy; for they are utterly dark, devoid of light, and absolutely evil!

My Dear Ones, this is why Satan demands human sacrifice and torture; for there he and his are in the midst of such terrible things, all sucking up the life forces that others give off, amidst their great pain and/or dying! What a horror story! They are energy vampires!

This is just one more reason to sing to our Lord and God when under this kind of evil attack. For, in and through singing to our Lord and God during Satan’s persecution, he is deprived of the “fix” that he would get from ones suffering; and instead our Lord and God, being pleased, sends His power. He sends His beautiful Spirit of love and comfort and then the suffering is eased greatly and/or brought to naught!

But, even as Satan and his U.S. military doctors from hell spent their hours literally filling up my body with chemicals, my Dear Ones, I sang amidst it all and when I was tired I turned over and went to sleep. For, my Dear Ones, this is the power of Yahweh! Blessed is His Holy Name! There is NO god like Him! How I love Him and how I love His Beautiful Son! And, some of us will marry Him soon!

By 12:00 midnight, they had hauled off my dogs again and this is a nightly thing now. Yesterday, they brought two of them back about mid-morning and the one small male dog, knowing that his companion was gone, would not eat a thing and would only lie around and sometimes howl. This morning, they had the dogs back by 6:00 AM and there were once again all three of them. My Dear Ones, these dogs seldom leave the yard at all and it is a deep shame that they are daily kidnapped and drugged, all so that these disgusting hounds from hell can get right up next to my house with their microwave weapons.

But, even so, they have failed and I worry not for their next scheme and I am not concerned about their microwave weapons and what they plan to do with them; for our Lord and God is mighty and He has kept us all, and through terrible things He has kept us! And, we are better than well; for we are so blessed and greatly loved! What a mighty God we have! Blessed is the Holy and Mighty Name of Yahweh! There is no god like Him!

So, today, my Dear Ones, it is egg and more egg on the faces of Satan and all of his U.S. military doctors, who are a shame upon the face of this planet. But, beware, my Dear Ones, for what I go through today, many of you will go through tomorrow!


The Electromagnetic Ring!

I have written in books past about the many times that I would awaken to find needle marks on my hands, my legs, feet and on other parts of my body. And, as I began to look back on this long trail of needle marks on my skin, I began to realize also that at some point, the needle marks stopped and the “electromagnetic ring” started.

What is most interesting is that a man, who is high up in “intelligence” gathering in another nation, told me this spring that he is aware of “how” those in the U.S. Space Program, the U.S. military, can come and go as they please into people’s homes. He said that they had perfected an “electromagnetic ring” and that it is through this ring that they travel and are able to do such things! He also said that they had only recently perfected the use of this electromagnetic ring!

Until that time, I had not known or understood the technology they were using to create this ring, but I saw them come and go via a tube-like structure and this tube-like structure can carry many of them in it at once!

It must have been around February of 2005 that they perfected this “ring” for it was around that time that the needle marks on my body came basically came to an end and instead, they began to come in using this technology! With this technology, they can reach right through the skin and into one’s body, do their surgeries, put into ones body their rods, implants wires and do anything else that they desire, and seldom leave any marks at all.

And if there are scars, these scars are usually brownish and come from the site of the implants. These brownish scars are caused by the electrical currents passing through the flesh and into the implants. But, as for me, these brown scars usually subside within a few days. And, also some of the substances, which they inject, can cause brownish scarring, which is also usually temporary; for they like to inject electrically conductive liquids! And again it is usually the electricity, which passes through the liquid and into the flesh, which causes the scarring; but most often the liquids do not cause any scarring at all, not for me anyway!

But, I do have actual scars on my knees from around the spring or summer of 2005, where military doctors did surgery on my knees and put barbed metal implants into my knees! First, surgery was done on my left knee and then on my right. At that time, the pain from these implants was severe and I did not have as my helper the new spiritual DNA code and it was for many months, that I suffered severe pain from all of their implants and this, my Dear Ones, has been part of the cross that I have had to bear, but even so, our Lord and God has saved me. Blessed is His Holy Name!

But, not so now, my Dear Ones; for I barely feel a thing, even if my whole body is full of them. I have often had to type these messages, go out and drive my car and take care of business when my whole body was full of wires, implants, crystalline substances and gooey, thick liquids, among other things. But, even so, I have carried on and the new spiritual code has grown to have great strength and power, because of and in spite of this great and terrible persecution.

So, I fear not what Satan can do, or what he plots to do; for my Dear Ones, I know the great power of our Lord and God! I know the great power of our Father in Heaven and from day to day I see it. Daily, I am one, big walking miracle; and all of the praise and all of the glory goes to our Most Wonderful Lord and God, to our Blessed Father Yahweh! He is mighty, my Dear Ones, and there is none, none, none, who can compare to Him! Blessed is His Holy Name!


The Implant Technology

From what I have written as regards the implant technology, you can surely see that it is much more advanced that most would ever imagine. My Dear One, I have no doubt that most of the dissenters, those, whom these evil ones consider to be trouble-makers, are already chipped, or implanted with some sort of chips, wires, rods, etc. And, I believe that they are busy doing this and have been busy at it for some time.

Our Father in Heaven told me many months past that around 75% of those in the US House and Senate were implanted; and I believe this is the absolute truth. My Dear Ones, it is nothing for these evil ones in the U.S. military to enter into houses and do as they please to the victims; and even before the U.S. military perfected this electromagnetic ring, the U.S. military used the greys and the reptiles, some of the fallen angel species, to do the work for them! It is just that is now much easier for these evil hoards in the U.S. military, as they do not have to wait upon the fallen angels to do their evil deeds for them!

So, there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that 100% of those in the U.S. House and Senate may very well be wired up! And, being in a closed building, it is easy for these predators to know their every thought, their every move, and their every deed; and this, my Dear Ones, is why we see them signing away the rights of the Americans and giving George Bush everything that he wants, even when the desires of the Bushes and their New World Order strip the rights of every American.

Who are those in power, who are at the top of this terrible hierarchy? Well, they are the children of Satan, who else! For, it is so, even as it is written in the Book of Jude! Some time back, I saw a photo of George Herbert Walker Bush in his car as he was coming out of a Methodist Church. When I saw that photo and read the caption, I wondered why the church did not fall down around this evil man; for he is no Christian, but a Satanist.

It was the very next day that our Father in Heaven told me to go to the Book of Jude and to read the first chapter of Jude; for he knew my troubled thoughts about Bush Sr and He wanted to impart truth to me. In verse four of chapter one, it reads, “For there are certain men crept in unawares who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ…” Then, go on down to verse 6 and read, “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgement of the great day.”

Yes, my Dear Ones, there are human bodies, who do not have human spirits and if they ever had human spirits, they no longer do, but instead have the spirits of these evil, fallen angels; and George Herbert Walker Bush is but one of them, an evil man, who has killed and run drugs and stolen and lied and who worships Molech, the Owl God even, and has been into many kinds of drug use and even into the pedalling of drugs to people all over the world. He is truly an evil man and his son is the same; for the branch falls not far from the tree!

But, even so, all of them make their way into the churches, for all to see, but only for show. Those at the top of this one world government, this evil Satanist hierarchy, are all servants of Satan, his children; truly men of old, who have crept in unawares. My Dear Ones, it is time to get aware; for the Fourth Kingdom of Daniel is now and it is in your face!

And, this being the case, my Dear Ones, it is only going to get worse, much worse. The sad thing is that their mind control chips and implants can and do work. The saving grace for the anointed servants of our Lord and God is that He is sealing and has already sealed many of his in the head. For a fact, He sealed my head and even my body several years past and if I recall correctly it was in the late fall of 2003. I wrote about this sealing at the time and that also others were being sealed at that time! And, it is because of this sealing also that their terrible attempts to control my mind have failed! But, even so, this has not stopped them from trying!

What these evil ones do in their mind control attempts of others is to create firstly a psychological profile on their victims. From this psychological profile, they know what disturbs their target and they know the weak points of their intended victim. After their assessment, and in their mind control attempts, they will continually target the weak areas of their victim in order to break this person and to gain control of their minds. They will push and goad the victim in the area of his or her weaknesses, all in order to further compromise the victim and to further enslave this person. The sad thing, my Dear Ones, is that they have been very successful in their mind control attempts and few of their victims have come out unscathed. This is why one must have a clean heart and stay clean before our Lord and God, or their attempts at mind control will work; and most will never know that they are under mind control. They will simply accept the thoughts in their minds as their own; for their hearts are not right to begin with and they fall spiritually in such ways!

My Dear Ones, Satan and his fallen angels read ones mind and with the technology, which is now available to the U.S. military, I understand that they can download one’s brain wave activity and then decode these brain waves, thereby reading ones thoughts. I truly believe that they are able to do this and as their implants give off the brain wave frequencies, they are then able to decipher these frequencies and know what one is thinking or doing every minute of the day! But, for now, my Dear Ones, Satan does not rely on any of this; for he is in my face almost 24 hours a day; not wanting to miss even one thought; for he is truly desperate and as I said, Satan and the fallen angels can easily read ones thought!


The Use of Their Implant Technology Against me!

The first time that I really took note of anything strange in me that could have been an implant was when I was in South Africa, and it was around early February of 2005. It was at this time that I noticed a black spot beneath my nose and thinking that it was a clogged pore, I mashed it and out came a long, thin black thing, which was full of fibers. At that time, I thought that this must be some sort of implant, but just as quickly dismissed the thought. However, before I could leave South Africa on the 22nd of February, 2005, I found a very strange red, raised place on the inside of the mounded area just beneath my left thumb. At the time, I thought that something had bitten me as this area was puffy and full of a liquid.

It never occurred to me, and not for some months that this was an implant. But as soon as I got back to the States, I noticed a crawling sensation in my upper legs, on the rear of my legs and I wondered what this could possible be. Spring came and went and along with that most of the summer of 2005 before I realized that these evil ones were targeting me with implants.

They began to put implants just beneath the right side of my nose and when I would pick them out, they would then put in more! This became a battle almost every day and it was during these times that I would pray to our Father in Heaven and He would send an angel to help me remove these implants. But, I would notice that as soon as the implants were out, they would come again and put in another one and again and again! This went on for some months and then they began to go wild with their implants.

Seeing that these implants bothered me, they began to put them deep into my face and deep in my nose and then of course, they would send currents into them and my whole face would seem to be crawling. It was at these times also that I was aware of small glass-like objects, which were around my eyes and that these, too, were associated with the “crawling” sensation around me eyes. So, I would dig them out and dig out the implants around my nose when I could get to them and of course, they would put them all back.

I began to plead with our Father in Heaven to help me and He sent an angel or two, who would help me. I would watch what they did, and often I would also help them, literally removing them under the anointing of the Spirit of God, but also taking an active role in the removal of these implants! This active role also involved the ability to use my mind to look at the most minute detail of these implants so that I could focus on detaching them from my tissues under the power of our Father in Heaven; for it was and is only through His power that any of this can be done!

They, seeing that I did not like these implants, began to run them up my arms, long strings of them and to attach them to the nerves in various parts of my body and to drive a plastic-like conductive substance into my hands, in fact so much of it that my hands would seem to be on fire from all of the electrical currents that they drove into my hands.

I was constantly picking out these electrically conductive fragments from my hands, and so much so that my hands had deep sores on them and to this day, they are scarred from the many implants, which they drove into the nerves, ligaments and tendons of my hands and arms.

But, this was nothing for them! Seeing that these implants troubled me, they began to go for my legs, for my back and in time for every part of my body. When it became too easy for me to get them out with the power of the Spirit of God, they became more complex in their schemes of torture, moving into complex wiring of my whole body and to the infilling of my body with glass-like crystalline substances and plastic-like strings, which pop and make loud noises in my body as they are released and removed and other complex ways of implanting me in their schemes to control me and or to kill me!

Oh, they began to go for the gusto over time, filling my body up with anything that came to their minds, all in order to stop our Father’s works. In fact, my Dear Ones, they have perfected their evil implant technology on me! But, but even so, they have failed in all of their attempts to stop the advancement of our Father’s works, to stop this new spiritual code from coming into the Earth and to steal the new interdimensional portal. In all accounts, they have absolutely failed and even though I have had to endure much pain, torture and persecution, our Father in Heaven has carried me through it all. What a Gloriously Wonderful Father and God!

And, what has kept me going as well is that I have known all of these many months, that this, too, has an ending! Revelation Chapter Twelve tells of this ending for me; and I believe that this ending is soon! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh, the Name above all Names! For He is worthy to be praised and to Him is all the praise and all of the glory; for He has kept me, my Dear Ones and He will also keep you, just as He has kept me!

Go in His Great Love! Live for Him! Repent of your sins and make your life clean, even and especially your thoughts. Shun evil! Come away from television and movies, the greatest sources of mind control on the planet! Guard your minds and learn to control all of your impulses. Truly love yourself enough to make your inner temple holy; for your body is the temple of the Living God! And, truly love others, realizing that we must all carry out own crosses and that many suffer beneath the weight of oppression. Forgive those, who hurt you, even if they never ask you. This, my Dear Ones, will lighten your spiritual load and make more room for the Spirit of God within you!

Put our Father in Heaven always first! Love Him above all! Pray to Him first thing in the morning, all during the day, and at night before you retire and ask Him what you will in the Name of His Beautiful Son, our Beloved Saviour Jesus. When you live for Him, you will see that He is attentive to your prayers and you will always know His Presence through His Beautiful Spirit. Walk humbly before Him and humbly before our Saviour, so that you are able to hear the soft voice of His beautiful Spirit; for it is in and through His Spirit, that all are truly taught!

Study the Holy Scriptures, which our Lord and God has given to us, namely the Holy Bible and know the scriptures; for through this knowledge can come much freedom; but do not be as the scribes and Pharisees, who take the scriptures, who quote them incessantly and beat others with them! Know them; for in and through this knowledge is much freedom and much wisdom, which when prompted by the Spirit of God can and will also make others free and full of the Spirit and love of God!

In all things, consider the will of our Father in Heaven and wait upon Him to open the doors that He wants you to go through and to shut the doors that He does not want you to go through. And, stay away from negative people. They will sap your spiritual strength and even if this means that you are alone, it is better to be alone and strong spiritually than to be around others, who drain your spiritual strength through their negativity.

Remember that your true brothers and sisters and your true mother are those, who do the will of God. Knowing this, do not be alarmed when you see your family forsake you, but seek a committed and spirit-filled friend and when you find such a person, you will be greatly blessed! For, such a person is long suffering, kind, considerate and full of love and will be there for you during your great trials and tests.

Now, my Dear Ones, go in the love of our Most Wonderful Lord and God and in this love, know His great freedom. For, even if you are a prisoner in the worst of prisons, you are free in the love of Yahweh. Blessed is His Holy Name and Blessed is the Name of His Wonderful Son Jesus, our Soon-To-Be Husband! What a glorious time we all look to!

Sending you love!

Your Sis, Linda

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