Chapter Twenty-Six


“There is No God, No God Like Yahweh!”

Oh, my Dear Brothers and Sisters, how I wish you could have been here last night on the 5th of September, 2006, for another great round of egg, egg, egg on the faces of Satan and all of his moronic and demonic hoards! Oh, yes, they were back again for their daily round of “Defeat Yahweh,” but as I have said so many times lately, what utter fools they are! For, there is no God like Yahweh! He is Most High God! He is Creator of All Things! He is the Beginning and the Ending and He is from everlasting to everlasting! He is All-Wise and All-Knowing! And, to Him is all the praise, all the power and all the glory forever and ever! He is a gloriously wonderful God, faithful and true, righteous and holy and He is worthy of all the praise and glory forever and ever! Blessed is His Holy Name!

My Dear Ones, I tell you for a fact that Satan was furious about my last writings; for they show him and his bands of followers as the utter fools that they are and they reveal the great power of our Lord and God, which is keeping me through such evil stunts at the hands of Satan and his bands.

And because of the protection of our Most Wondrous Father Yahweh, my Dear Ones, Satan has failed in all of his plots to kill me! Herein, I shall entail somewhat the sequence of events over the last few days so that you can see how Satan and his goons are operating! But, most of all, my Dear Ones, so that you can see the great power of our Lord and God; for all of humanity is going to need this power. And, without it, all are surely dead meat at the hands of Satan; for the Satanic plans and attempts to eradicate all of humanity and to set up their control of this planet are very real. And, they are killing and have killed and subdued many through their great evils!

But their great idiocy is in believing that they will defeat our Father Yahweh and that they will do away with His plans to bring into the Earth His Kingdom and along with it, the new spiritual DNA, the new spiritual code for the “new humans!” My Dear Ones, this new spiritual code is surely operating in me! This is the “baby” of the Book of Revelation, Chapter Twelve; and manifesting in glorious ways, despite all of their attempts to stop it!

And, with this new spiritual DNA comes the new generation of souls, the super humans, who will come into the Earth to fight on behalf of all of humanity! Among these are the Supernatural Army! These will also rule this Earth, alongside our Saviour when He sets up His Kingdom; and they will rule with a rod of iron! Blessed is the Holy Name of our Most Glorious Father Yahweh; for He is so beautiful and His plans are rolling forth just as He sees fit, just as He determines! HalleleuYahweh!


The Dance of the Buffoons Continues On!
Know Your Enemy!

My Dear Ones, Satan was furious that I wrote about his cigarette addiction and showed him for what he is, a drug addict, a dark and evil pervert, who thrives on torture and the great evils of the world! But, my Dear Ones, these things are so, and more horrible than you can imagine are his works! Truly, my Dear Ones, you must know your enemy; for you will now face him, whether you like it or not; for being cast down from the Upper Realms, he is no longer in the shadows, but in the face of all of humanity!

Yes, indeed, he is evil and full of every kind of chicanery! He is the one, my Dear Ones, who has been behind the pollution of the youth of the world! He is the one, who is behind the drug-running, which is taking place all over the world! He is the one, who is behind child sex slavery and the corruption of people all over the world through porn and lusts of the flesh! He is the one, who works night and day, concocting and devising schemes and more schemes to enslave all of humanity and to keep all in the dark as to his evil plans until they are fully enslaved and unable to get free! He is the one, who pushes homosexuality down the throats of people all over the world as he thrives on perversion and destruction of morality worldwide! My Dear Ones, he is a pervert and the biggest pervert of them all!


Satan is a Chameleon!

For a short time some months past, our Father in Heaven allowed me get a glimpse of this monster and just what he was up at various times in that day. What I saw first was that he appeared as a man, who was dressed in a cream-colored suit! As this man, he was sitting with businessmen, some place in Europe I believe, and he was carrying on his big business. He was throwing around his importance to those, who sat with him, as they all had lunch. He was very much in control and the others around him were hanging onto his every word!

But, as I looked at him that day, I knew that it is the Blood of the Lamb, which weakens him, so I threw upon him globs of the Blood of the Lamb, on his face, in his hair, on his clothes, in his food, etc. As I threw the Blood of the Lamb on his head, I could see that he was wearing a black toupee! And, what else could he wear? He is a dragon, a hideously ugly and disgusting dragon, who changes his appearance like a chameleon, all to fool the unsuspecting. And, yes, my Dear Ones, he hates the blood of the Lamb and it definitely saps his strength! It makes him very angry and angry he was at me that day, but I continued on as led by the Spirit of God; for I wanted to see him for what he is!

Blessed is the Name Of Jesus, the Gloriously Wonderful Lamb of God! Son of the Most High God Yahweh, and One with Him! He died for all of us, my Dear Ones, so that we could be free of this monster! Blessed is His Holy Name! I love Him So!

And, as I was watching Satan later in the day, I saw him go home, wherever home is, and I saw him dress up in a suit, put on and some high heeled shoes and go out to a gay bar! He was on the prowl my Dear Ones, all to satisfy his sick sexual fantasies! This is the god of this world, the world’s greatest pervert, a monster, who comes to steal, to kill and destroy all that is right; for there in no light in him, but utter darkness and evil; and he is worthy of nothing, save the Lake of Fire!

Oh, how I rejoice as I look to the day when this evil will be cleaned off this planet! Blessed is the Name of Yahweh, for He is worthy of all the praise and glory and He is going to clean up this mess!


Satan is starved for Attention!

Even as I type these words, the “Dog from Hell” is behind me, lusting after any word, which is written about him; for he has an insatiable desire to see his name in print any way he can get it there! But, even so, my Dear Ones, his time is short and he has very few years left in which to do his evil; but evil he does; for this is all that he knows!


Last Night …

And, herein I shall tell you what he did last night, but actually last night was only another one of their “crescendos” in their attempts to annihilate me and to stop our Father’s works. But, last night for sure, they had some very big plans. Early in evening, Satan was back in this house in full force and charged up with his new plans! But, it was not just last night that he was in my face, for he had followed me around most of the day, putting wires, rods and liquids into my body; and the power of God would remove them as it saw fit. All day, the smell of his fowl cigarette breath was ever-present; but even so I ignored him and went on with my life.

But, as I said, last night he was in my face with his cigarettes and following his act of two or three days past, he rammed burning cigarettes down into my trachea and into my sinuses. Yes, you read it right! This was another one of his attempts to “make me” smoke cigarettes as he knows that they are disgusting to me; but even so my Dear Ones, I have come to delight in his evil, which he has done to me through his burning cigarettes; for this does nothing to me!

Although, he has recently taken lighted cigarettes and has tried to burn me all over my body, he does not burn me! The Spirit of God shows me that he is trying to burn me, but his attempts to burn me at this point are nothing more than a hiss in the wind! Blessed is the Name of Yahweh; for He keeps me and to Him is all the praise and all the glory!

But, even so, my Dear Ones, as I said, within the last few days Satan has tried to burn my insides with lighted cigarettes and has tried to burn the outside of my skin with lighted cigarettes, and he has tried to burn my insides and my sinuses, by pushing lighted cigarettes into these places, all in his efforts to make me smoke them! But, even if our Father in Heaven decides to leave them there for some hours, they do not bother me.

Several nights past, my Dear Ones, thinking erroneously that they could cause me some damage with their street drugs, they graduated from cigarettes to some other drugs and I believe that one of them was cocaine, which they put onto my genitals in order to try to excite me sexually! But, what fools they are! They can burn up one’s body if our Father in Heaven allows, but they cannot corrupt one’s body through such things unless the person consents and I have not and did not. Therefore, our Father in Heaven kept me from their plots and while I was aware of what they were doing, He stood between me and them and their attempts to do their sexual evils to me failed!

Two days ago, my Dear Ones, after I had done some mowing in the yard, I came inside and decided to rest a little. At this time that Satan was on me like a plague, filling my lungs with his smoke and filling my genitals with his drugs from hell. I heard him say, “We are going to have an orgy today,” and the walls began popping. My Dear Ones, I knew that they were coming in and out of my house, all to rape me and to get in on Satan’s glee! But, he got no glee; for our Father in Heaven stood in the gap for me!

He fought my battles and he shut off from my awareness the evils that they were doing to my body! Blessed is His Holy Name. So, in the midst of all of Satan’s evil, my Dear Ones, I just sang to our Lord and God! I praised Him in the midst of their evil deeds and I blessed His Holy Name!


The Russians Want Out!

It was on that same night, my Dear Ones, that I had a dream and it was about the Russians. I dreamed that I had eaten most of the food on my plate and I took this plate up to a window to those, who were serving the food. I handed it to a group of Russian men and I told them to put gravy on the piece of biscuit, which was on my plate and to put a lot of gravy. They took my plate and I waited for them to hand it back to me, but they did not. As I turned around, I saw that one of the Russians was being berated and belittled by an officer, who seemed to be speaking to him in English. I did not know what was being said, but I knew that this Russian was in trouble as the Russians no longer wanted to feed me! They no longer wanted to serve this evil to me!

And, watching this, I said to them, “What is this? You come here to feed the people and you no longer want to feed them!”

My Dear Ones, I wrote in recent writings that I had heard two of the men, who came into my room to wire me up as they were speaking and they were speaking in a foreign language. I did not know the language, but because of this dream I believe that they were Russians and that the Russians have been working feverishly, alongside the Americans and others to kill me and/or to steal the interdimensional portal, which is attached to my physical body, and/or to cripple me any way they can!

But, this dream surely tells the truth and it surely backs up our Father’s recent warnings to Satan, warnings that He is going to divide down the middle the kingdom that he has left. Therefore, my Dear Ones, Satan is going to suddenly wake up and realize that his human kingdom is split right down the middle and will never be brought back together again! Blessed is the Name of Yahweh; for He has already told us these things through these writings!

So, my Dear Ones, from this dream, I believe that the Russians want out of these torture schemes; for they can clearly see the power of Yahweh! They have never seen anything like it, and they surely want out! Are the Russians waking up? I believe so; for they are surely smarter than the American counterparts! And, they are surely smarter, much smarter than Satan; for they can see with clear eyes the power of Yahweh! And, they can clearly see that they cannot defeat Him! They have tried all of their tricks and they have failed and they know that if they keep up with these evil works, they are going to draw the wrath of Yahweh down on their heads! They see His awesome power! They know it and they also know that they cannot defeat Him!

My Dear Ones, I pray that these Russians become even as King Nebuchadnezzar became, that they see the errors of their ways, that they repent and openly proclaim that THERE IS NO GOD LIKE THE GOD OF ISRAEL, NO GOD LIKE YAHWEH! BLESSED IS HIS HOLY NAME!


Our Father in Heaven Sings to Us!

So, as I said earlier, Satan was back last night with a vengeance and we knew it! But, even so my friend and sister and I just laughed and rejoiced; for our Father in Heaven sang two beautiful prophecies through me before we ever went to bed; and oh how I wish you could have heard them. For, He told of His great power, which is coming into the Earth and He told that this power is coming into this very house first! But, what was shocking is that He told us that we have only seen a “smidgen,” a “trickle” of His awesome power, which He is about to release into the Earth!

Oh, we marvelled at His awesome words, as they were and are words of great strength and comfort, for He, knowing what Satan’s plans were for last evening, told us to be of good cheer and to NOT FEAR Satan and anything that he would do!

My Dear Ones, I do not fear Satan; for he is one, big fat looser from the pits of hell, a brand plucked straight of the fire! I love, deeply respect and yes even fear the One God, the True God of Israel, the Mighty God of All Creation; for He is All-Powerful, my Dear Ones, but so full of grace and love! I love Him so and only wish to please Him and do His beautiful will!


Satan fails and he fails and he fails!

Yes, much happened last night, but all is to the praise and glory of our Father in Heaven; for Satan failed in all that he and his evil hoards attempted to do to me. You know how they are by now my dear ones. They cannot wait until I get into bed at night; and/or when I am resting! Then, I am an easy target for their evil plans; and last night was no exception.

Immediately, after I got into bed, they started with their electrical currents into my whole body. As Satan had followed me around during the day, he had hard-wired my whole body with even bigger and heavier wiring! And, straightaway he was off and running with his schemes to electrocute me by driving great amounts of electrical power into my body!

My Dear Ones, as our Father in Heaven sometimes does, He let me feel a tiny bit of the pain that they would have caused me if He had not protected me; and I tell you right now that I would have been dead immediately from the great amount of electricity, which they funnelled into my body from their disk-shaped craft. But, my Dear Ones, after the initial jolt of pain, I actually felt little and just lay there, relaxing and praising our Lord and God!

And, Satan, seeing that he had failed again, was in my room after about five minutes of their running their super currents; and he was filling up my body with some kind of petroleum distillates. Now, my Dear Ones, they have also been putting these petroleum distillates into my body for some three or four days in a row now, and associated with them, I have also smelled something, which was surely burning phosphorous, and all coming out my nose and face. Even so, I have not been troubled by any of this, but amused at their dogged determination to defeat our Lord and God! At the same time, my lips have been full of great and glorious praise for such a magnificent God! Blessed is His Holy Name!

As Satan pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped my body full of these petroleum distillates last night, I thought that I finally recognized the scent! It seemed to be lighter fluid, either the kind, which goes into cigarette lighters, or the kind, which is used to start fires! Satan was filling my body up with a highly combustible fluid as he was trying to blow me up! And, then I understood, at least in part, why he was ramming lighted cigarettes into my body! But, be of good cheer, my Dear Ones, even as our Father in Heaven told us last night! For, Satan was doomed to fail in his evil attempts to blow me up.

But, even after their failures last night, Satan and his hoards from hell ploughed ahead with their plans. And, after the fill-up, it was time for the laser beams from the saucer craft from hell. Yes, indeed, they first targeted my right shoulder and they kept the beam on my right shoulder for what seemed to be fifteen or twenty minutes. At first I felt the beam as it dug into my shoulder and seemed to pierce and part the skin and bones, but my Dear Ones, after perhaps five minute, or so, I only felt small ripples across my skin! Yes, I felt the “digging” sensation of these powerful beams for some few minutes, as our Father in Heaven wanted me to know what they were doing, but there was no pain at all and after a short time only the ripples across my skin! And, these ripples reminded me somewhat of trickling water and not at all unpleasant!

And, Satan seeing that this scheme was an utter failure, then targeted my right side and pummelled my right side with the beam for approximately the same length of time. I believe that they left this beam in one spot for about fifteen minutes! There again, our Father in Heaven allowed me to feel the presence of the beam for a short time, but then He shut it off and there was little sensation at all.

And, Satan, seeing that this had failed, came into my room and dumped something into the right side of my lower abdomen and dumped something into the center of my abdomen! I believe that this was done to make this area a visible target area to those, who were operating the beams from the saucers! But, alas my Dear Ones, this had no effect me; and I just praised our Lord and God and loved Him all the more; for He had warned us in His own way just a few minutes before, that Satan had big plans. But, once more, my Dear Ones, Satan and his hounds from hell flopped again!

I ask you, my Dear Ones, “Who ever heard of such things? Of a human surviving such things? Who can survive a laser attack from one of these disk-shaped craft for even one second? These are weapons of war and they blow up many things with these lasers and within only a second or so! But, they subjected my body to such beams for approximately forty-five minutes to an hour, moving from one place to another!

Are these not the miracles of Daniel? Of Shadrack, Meshach and Abednigo? Are these not the miracles of the same and Glorious God of Israel, who kept them from certain deaths?

My Dear Ones, this is why our Father in Heaven told me around January of 2003 that I should read the Book of Daniel and get it in my spirit, get it in my heart! And, even then I did not like the implications of what He was telling me; but surely I live such a glorious life! How blessed am I, my Dear Ones, to be counted worthy to go through such things for the love of our Lord and God! How I love Him!

But, back to last night, Satan, having faced such utter defeat through his electrical currents and then his beam attacks, was back in my room after it all, once again ramming wires into my right arm and into my heart! Then, he was once again filling up my entire body with explosive liquids, all in order to blow me up! But, my Dear Ones, what an utter comedy! This truly is a comedy! One huge comedy! For, he comes, time after time, and time again, all trying to defeat our Most Wondrous Lord and God; and Satan and all of his hounds from hell are utter fools, clowns, my Dear Ones, buffoons! Buffoons, they all are! For, they cannot defeat the Most High God! They cannot defeat the Almighty God,Yahweh! For, He is MIGHTY! THERE IS NO GOD LIKE HIM! HE IS CREATOR! What a glorious God!

So, amidst all of their beams and volatile liquids and explosions, my Dear Ones, I went to sleep and I awoke with much love and praises to our Most Wonderful Lord and God! But, even as I opened my mouth to praise Him, as the words were coming from my lips, the wall popped and there was the Demon Dog from Hell, Satan, himself!

In spite of all of his failures, Satan was not to be outdone; and before daylight he was back again, once again pouring flammable liquids into my throat and upper body! It was shortly after this round of his assaults that I felt a jolt in my throat! Immediately thereafter a strong smell of burning phosphorous poured up through my nose! And, I both smelled it and tasted it very strongly.

At that time, my Dear Ones, the Spirit of God quickened my knowing and I was aware that Satan had actually caused the flammable liquids to ignite in my body, thereby causing the smell of phosphorous and the jolt in my throat! But, nothing more happened to me than what I have told you! My Dear Ones, this is the awesome power our Father in Heaven; and He is manifesting it in this house from day to day!

This is to be continued …


Continued the following morning…

I’m alive! I’m alive! I’m alive! Oooooo-eeeeee! I’m alive! All the glory and all the praise to our Most Wonderful and Awesome Father in Heaven! There is no god likeYahweh!

Well, my Dear Ones, true to form, Satan and his hounds from hell just charge ahead in spite of defeat at every turn. Yes, indeed, in spite of their daily failures, they are encouraged! Isn’t this just amazing?

Yesterday afternoon, on the 5th of September, 2006, as I was lying down to rest a bit, Satan was on me like a plague! Pumping, pumping his volatile, flammable petroleum distillate into my body! (I think now, that this is most probably jet fuel, or rocket fuel.) And inside my body he lay his various wires, all lined up and in place all over my body, to detonate my body. This time, I knew that these were wires for detonation! So, I just lay there and waited for what would be their explosion and after a while came the taste of burning phosphorous.

My Dear Ones, these are real explosions, wherein the fuel is actually blown up and all of their wiring is blown up and then they have to start all over again! But, it wasn’t until last night that our Father in Heaven actually showed me up close what is actually going on.


And, the Circus Continues ..

They came in last night as soon as I went to bed, a little after 10:00 P.M. and they were on a real high! For, shortly thereafter would begin the day, September 06, 2006 and when the nine is turned around, this is actually 666! Satan had already wired me up late in the day and he had put a box of some sort in my throat, which was pushing up through the back of my esophagus. When I would go into the Spirit to work with the power of God to get it out, the power would be low! Then, I realized that I would just have to bear the presence of this box-like thing in my throat, as it was will of our Father in Heaven for it to be there!

After I went to bed, I felt a push into my left ear and I realized that Satan had inserted wires at the back and at the front of my throat. These wires were tight, and pushing down hard on my esophagus, but then again our Father in Heaven would not allow me to remove them. I believe that they put these wires tight up against my throat in order to hold more of these flammable liquids in my head, for they pumped and pumped and pumped my head full of these liquids!

And, in they came after the wiring was in place, pumping, pumping, and pumping my body full of this volatile fuel. My Dear Ones, the smell would be overpowering to anyone! The taste would be overpowering to anyone, and while I smell and taste this horribly explosive liquid and the fumes of it are thick around me, I am still able to breathe and it has no harmful effects whatsoever on my body. I can assure you that if our Father in Heaven did not have me in the palm of His hand, the first trickle of this liquid into my body would be enough to kill me! But, my Dear Ones, this is not a trickle of liquid but a flood of it; for they pump this liquid into my whole body under pressure!

Last night, our Father in Heaven allowed me to sense the explosions as they went off in my body, and it was at these times, that I would feel a jerk somewhere in my body, most likely at the point that they detonated an explosive device, and from there I would feel as if my body were suddenly carried up into a cloud of sorts, like floating, but also floating in a cocoon of light. My whole body would feel so light, as if I were sheltered in the mighty hands of God, and my Dear Ones, this is exactly what happened.

They had filled up my lungs with this terrible liquid as well and you know and I know that no one could breathe under such conditions, unless carried through it all by the hand of our Most Awesome God, our Father Yahweh. And, at one point, I felt the explosion as it went off in my lungs and a gush of air, which was full of the smell of burning phosphorous rushed up my throat and out my nose. It was then for a certainty that I knew that all of these explosions were actually taking place, that this fuel was being consumed in an explosive blast every time that I smelled and tasted the smell of burning phosphorous! And, as these explosions would go off, all of their explosive devices were being incinerated and they would then have to come in and rewire me! But even so, my Dear Ones, not one hair on my head has been singed and not one place on my body has been burned and I have not experienced even one pain from all that they have done to blow me up!

But, soon, very soon last night, after the detonation of their explosive devices in my body and the burning of the fuel, the walls popped and in came Satan! In the face of so many failures, my Dear Ones, he was not to be defeated! And, with him, another scheme, another wild plan to wire up my body in another way and to explode me in another wild scheme!

Then comes another infilling with the flammable liquids, the smell and taste of it and then the smell and taste of the burning phosphorous as the explosions go off in my body! Sometime, a limb would jerk, or some other part of my body would jerk as the explosions went off, but my Dear Ones, this was be all! Other than this, I float in the power, in the love and grace of our Wondrous God!

How blessed I am, my Dear Ones, to be counted worthy to go through such things for the love of our Most Wonderful Lord and God! Pray that you, too, are counted worthy of such things! I ask you, my Dear Ones, who can imagine such things! Who can know the ways of Yahweh? Who can know His mind? And, who can stand up to His power?

I tell you that what I write is the absolute truth! My Dear Ones, this is the birthing of the Kingdom of God on Earth and this is the beginning of the defeat of Satan and the destruction of his kingdom! We can only imagine the great and awesome works that our Father in Heaven is going to do for His people from here on out, but now comes His glorious Kingdom! Now comes his glorious power! Now, He stands up for His people as never before; and now comes the defeat of Satan and his goons for all of the world to see!


So, repent of all of your sins! Make yourselves clean before Him! And, pray that you are indeed counted worthy to escape the time of His terrible wrath on the face of this Earth. For, soon, my Dear Ones, our Saviour comes for those, who are clean and ready to go! Soon, He comes for the clean and wise virgins! Make yourselves ready!

Until next time …

Jesus is our Way Home,

Your Sis, Linda

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