Chapter Twenty-Seven


“A Beautiful Life!”

My Dear Ones, I must tell you the latest of events in this war with Satan! For, as always, Satan is the evil loser in all that he does to defeat our Father; and as for me, our Father in Heaven so wondrously nestles me in the palm of His Mighty Hand from minute to minute and from hour to hour, day after day! This, my Dear Ones, is a beautiful life of His great love and mighty miracles; for at the same time that He has put me beneath the feet of Satan, He has shown His power as I never could have thought or imagined! What a mighty and glorious God we have!

Therefore, my Dear Ones, think no thoughts of pity for me; for I am greatly blessed and gloriously provided for even through these times of great tests and trials! And, it is about these great blessings of our Father in Heaven that I wish to write and also about His continued manifestations of His awesome love and great power!


Many things are happening around me!

My Dear Ones, so much happens from day to day that it is indeed difficult for me to keep up with all of it; and the events of the last few days since the last update have been no different. I have told you of the attempts of Satan and his hoards to blow me up by filling up my body with what I believe to be jet fuel, or rocket fuel and thereafter igniting explosives in my body. But, what I told you last time was and is only minor in comparison to what Satan and his hoards have since done.

Even as I left my house to go into town to copy and mail the last chapter, Satan was in my car all of the way, filling my sinuses with this combustible fuel and now and then igniting it! But, mostly, he was just around me just dousing me with this fuel all day; for he was angry, my Dear Ones, very angry that all of his evil attempts to kill me and/or to steal this “baby” of spirit had failed!


The Continuing Persecution of Satan on September 06 and 07 of 2006!

When that night came, they were back in my room in full force and by the time that I went to bed, Satan had already wired up much of my body. I could feel the pressure of the wires and explosives, which he had packed into my body, especially into my left leg. But, this would be nothing; for within few short hours, these hounds from hell would literally exhaust their array of explosives on me. As I have just said, as soon as I was in the bed, a little past 10:00 P.M., they were onto me; and Satan then took a pressure hose of some sort and began to force this explosive liquid into my head! He began just beneath my left jawbone and pumped and pumped and pumped and pumped, first one side and then the other; and when he was finished filling up these parts of my head, he took the hose and put it just beneath my left ear and pumped and pumped and pumped until my brain was overflowing with this fuel.

From there, he took the hose and put it into my abdomen and pumped and pumped and pumped; and from there into my lungs and pumped and pumped and pumped! My Dear Ones, I could feel my rib cage as it expanded from the presence of so much fuel; and I could actually feel the presence of this fuel as it crept up the back of my throat. From there, Satan drove the fuel into the rest of my body and this process literally went on for about two hours; for he did not want to miss even one part of my body! He was out for the gusto as they had one big event planned that night!


They are Drunk With Power!

At approximately 11:00 P.M on the night of the 6th of September, a military plane flew very low over the top of the house; and I knew that this was a U.S. military intimidation, a threat, and a feeble attempt, to show their power. But, my Dear Ones, this was and is comical; for they have no power in comparison to our Father in Heaven; but they are fools, drunk with what they conceive as power, when in fact, they are laughing stocks before our Lord and God! FOR, THERE IS NO GOD LIKE YAHWEH AND AS YOU READ WHAT HE HAS DONE AND CONTINUES TO DO FOR ME, YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THAT THEY CANNOT STAND UP TO HIM! THEY CANNOT DEFEAT HIM! BLESSED IS THE HOLY NAME OF YAHWEH! HOW GLORIOUSLY BLESSED WE ARE TO HAVE SUCH A MIGHTY GOD!


Yet, Another Scheme!

On that night, which was the ending of the 6th of September and the beginning of the 7th of September of 2006, they were once again full of glee as they had concocted yet another scheme to annihilate me and to stop our Father’s works! So, they came, my Dear Ones! In and out of my room they came, a number of them, all with their sophisticated explosives in hand and they wired my body over and over and packed my body full of explosives!

That night, my Dear Ones, they worked to blow me up for a solid five hours, in and out of my room, in and out! When they were about to set off their explosions, the walls would pop and they would be long gone, back to their disk-shaped craft, Satan and his traitorous human counterparts in the U.S. military!

But my Dear Ones, nothing happened to me! I would sense the explosions going off, and smell the burning components of the burning explosives; yet I would be there in the midst of it all, floating wondrously on a cloud of love, nestled in the hollow of the palm of our Lord and God!

But, they, knowing that their devices had detonated, would wait; and after a while the walls would pop and there they would be! But, instead of a success, my Dear Ones, they met with utter failures over and over again! How many ways can we say, “Egg, egg, egg on their hollow faces?” For, they are failures, utter failures in every way! What fools they are to believe that they can defeat the Very One, Who created them! But, such is the way of Satan and all of his children!


What Satan sees when the Explosions go off in my body!

It was perhaps a couple of days past, late in the day, as I was resting on the sofa in my living room, that I was extremely aware that Satan was wiring me up again in his attempts to explode me, that I asked our Father in Heaven to let me see what Satan would see. And, almost simultaneous with my prayers, I heard two loud pops in the wall as Satan exited! He exited simultaneously with the great explosions, which went off in my left leg. From those explosions, I felt pulsations of power in my lower left leg and looked in the spirit to see a billowing explosion of white fire as it erupted from my leg, and engulfed me in this fire.

I then began to catch the smell of burning phosphorous and continued to feel the pulsations in my leg for some minutes as the explosions erupted time after time! But, other than that my Dear Ones, I felt nothing except for the “floating” sensation! And, afterwards, there was little scent left on me; and there has never been any kind of harm done to me via their many attempts to blow me up and/or to take my life in all of their murder attempts.

Who has heard of such a thing? Yet, these are the great and miraculous works of our Father in Heaven, of our God Yahweh! WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE HAVE!


They fail and continue on in their failures!

But even so, Satan continues to throw his fuel on me as he sees fit, in spite of the fact, my Dear Ones, that this has no effect on me! Even as I write these words to you, he is standing right behind me, so afraid that he will miss a word about all of his failures; and he is now throwing this fuel on me! But, even so, my Dear Ones, this is laughable; for this does not bother me at all; and I am able to lie down in the midst of it and sleep better than fine! And, all the praise and all the glory to our Most Wondrous God Yahweh! HallaleuYahweh! Ooooo-eeeeeee!


We must rejoice!

Oh, my Dear Ones, we must all rejoice! We must all sing praises to our Most Wondrous and Mighty Father in Heaven; for He is bringing forth His Kingdom into the Earth! He is bringing forth His power into the Earth as we have never seen it! He is soon sending forth His beautiful Son, our Blessed Saviour; and He is going to marry us, my Dear Ones! Oh, there is such a love affair in this house, a mighty love affair between us and our Lord and God! How blessed we are!


How these Evil Ones ride their failures!

The attempts to blow me up went on for a solid week, if not more, but as you can clearly read, Satan has failed in all of his attempts to kill me and/or to destroy our Father’s works! Yet, this is the way they do! Even in the face of sure failures, they continue on and on in their failed attempts! Some are indeed slow on the learning curve, or incapable of learning at all!


The Venemous Rage!

Night before last, I knew that Satan was injecting something new into my left leg and at the time I perceived that it was the venom of the black widow spider! But, even as I thought these words, Satan said to me, “Oh, you want the venom of the black widow spider! We have already given this to you three times, and it did not work!” But, a little later, I was aware that they were injecting something new into my left leg and I believe that it was massive amounts if this venom! But, my Dear Ones, it did nothing to me! Blessed is the Holy Name of Yahweh.


The Double-Devil Day!

Last night, on the 11th of September, on their double-devil day, it was a different story! Different, yet the same in many ways, another in their long line of failures and another beautiful show of our Fathers great love and mighty power! What a glorious God we have!

Again I went to bed around 10:00 P.M.; and again they were in a huge hurry to do their evil tricks to me! As soon as I lay down, the walls popped and in came Satan and alongside him a human! In his hands, Satan had two huge vials of liquid, and these vials were the largest that I have ever seen. I believe that each one of them could have contained nearly a quart of liquid! And, immediately he began pumping, pumping, pumping this liquid into my spine!

After a short time, I got a whiff of this liquid and recognized some sort of alcohol, but mixed with it was another musty scent that I did not recognize. The spirit of God showed me a red skull and crossbones on the vial and I knew that it was some sort of deadly poison and most probably a neurotoxin as he was injecting it directly into my nervous system.

After a few minutes I saw a diamond backed rattler, his head and fangs, and I felt for a certainty that they were injecting me with huge amounts of the deadly venom of the diamond-backed rattler!

My Dear Ones, Satan literally filled up my body with this deadly toxin and at one point, our Father in Heaven allowed me to feel a twinge of the horrific neural pain that I would have suffered if this substance had been allowed to effect me for even one second! And, I believe that He allowed this to show me that this was indeed a deadly neurotoxin and most likely the venom of this snake, or of another deadly sort of snake! And, Satan went on my Dear Ones, pumping this deadly toxin into me for about two hours, vial after vial.



The Parade of the Wires and Implants Continues On!

Yesterday, on the 11th of September, Satan was busy all day filling up my body with wires and more wires! Our Father in Heaven would remove some of them; and as He removed them, Satan would put them back! As the day wore on, I realized that our Father in Heaven was allowing them to be left in my body and that there were reasons for His allowing this that I did not understand. So, as I went to bed, my body was full of pulsating wires and rods, with many rods and wires in my left leg, but even so, I went to sleep amidst all of their evil stunts and slept like a baby!


The Kingdom Power!

This morning I awoke around 5:00 or 6:00 AM and immediately began singing praises to our Father in Heaven! And, it was at that time that He sent in such power; and power as I have never seen. My Dear Ones, I have written somewhat about this “new” power, but you would have to see it in operation to truly understand what I am saying! For, it is truly awesome to behold and also a very scary and unsettling thing for Satan!

For this very power, which is coming into the Earth, this new spiritual DNA is going to be given first to the Supernatural Army! And, this very army is going to be a dread, a terrible dread, in the face of Satan! With this power, the Supernatural Army is going to beat and pummel Satan and his hoards! This Supernatural Army is going to fight on behalf of all of humanity and put Satan’s stooges under the grinding power of this new spiritual DNA, which our Father is now bringing forth for His people!

This power, my Dear Ones, this new spiritual DNA power, is truly a mighty manifestation of our Father’s Kingdom on Earth! Although this birthing process began in South Africa on August 18, 2006, this little baby, this new spiritual DNA, was only brought forth in South Africa on May 10, 2006! And, from there, this little baby came back to the USA! From here, it will go back to heaven and from there back to the people on Earth through the Supernatural Army! Oh, what glorious times we live in and how blessed we are to be a part of such a glorious unfolding in the Earth


How the Kingdom Power is Manifesting!

Now, I wish to continue in my descriptions of this glorious power, which I saw this morning! As I just told you, my body was full of wires and rods and all of them pulsating with electrical currents when I went to bed, but the Spirit of God just blocked out all of these sensations in my body and I slept deeply and soundly! However, upon awakening this morning, I was aware of the rods in my chest, in my throat, in my legs, and in other parts of my body; and as I sang to our Father in Heaven, in came His mighty power. This power was swirling, my Dear Ones, swirling in great circles, vortices of it, all intermingling and working together. In this power was a cutting action and the shape of it reminded me of the shape of the interchangeable drill bits, which are used in electric drills, but huge ones, my Dear Ones, huge enough to go right through my body, but sharp, very sharp, cutting and dicing up the actual wires and rods in my body; yet not harming my flesh whatsoever! And, along with this swirling and cutting drill-like action, my Dear Ones, came a pushing and swirling, all to carry out of my body the cut-up wires and rods; and these were then carried off, or clean dissolved in this power.

This is not an unusual sight to behold regarding the manifestation of this power, but today, there was more power, greater power than what I have seen before and this power totally cleaned out my body of the terrible wires, implants and debris, which this demon dog from hell had put into me; and it so wondrously did so!

Our Father in Heaven told me back in the spring of this year that this new spiritual DNA is “powerful”, but at the time I could not grasp what He was saying! Now, I can tell you from my own experiences that it is indeed powerful; for I see it in action and I am so excited about our Father’s awesome gift to humanity, the true beginning of His Kingdom on Earth!


Satan is wroth with jealousy!

And, Satan, seeing that all of these things were disappearing from my body came back through the walls this morning and was in my face with his foul cigarette breath, all to look, to watch, and see this great power! For, he has nothing in his repertoire like this new power, my Dear Ones, and he wishes to steal it and/or to destroy it any way he can. So, he watched as this great power cleaned my whole body of all of the debris, which was floating in my body, some of it for days. And, he was powerless to do a thing!


What Satan has been allowed to do and why!

And, this is the way it has been! This power has come into this new DNA in stages and through severe persecution and even torture at the hands of Satan! For, this has been our Father’s way of birthing into the world the beginning of His Kingdom! And, when it has been time for a new facet, or dimension of His power to come in, He has required me to go through another round of Satan’s torture! This has often meant that I have had to walk around, many times for days at a time, full of his terrible implants from hell! Yet, even so, our Father in Heaven does not leave them in me, but when He is ready, He sends in a greater amount of His power to remove what the HE has allowed Satan to put in me!

Through persecution and torture, this baby has grown from a beautiful infant into a mighty giant; and when all of the facets of our Father’s power, which He plans to put into this giant, are completed, He will surely then take the baby back to His throne and I believe that He will carry me at the same time.

Then, my Dear Ones, the baby will be ready to be given out to the Supernatural Army, who will stand before the throne of God, the 144,000 of them. And, at some point, they will then come back into the Earth to fight on behalf of humanity! And, then they will be empowered by this matured giant, this new spiritual DNA!


The New Generation of Souls!
The Kingdom of our Lord and God!

My Dear Ones, this is what humanity has waited for, for so very long! It is the birthing of our Father’s Kingdom on Earth, with all of His power and glory. What is happening in this very house is truly the beginning of great and glorious times for all of humanity; but also the beginning of terrible times as well. For, Satan will soon go on a terrible rampage against all of humanity to try to stop this glorious unfolding from spreading!


Honor our Lord and God! Persevere, and be Faithful!

If Satan comes after you, if you are thrown in jail, or even if you are tortured and persecuted in many ways because of your love of our Lord and God, thank our Father that you are counted worthy of such things! Rise anew each day, even amidst your suffering, and love Him and His Beautiful Son, our Blessed Saviour, with a new determination and with a greater love!

Remember your heritage, my Dear Ones, your heritage in the Kingdom of God, your promise of eternal life and the Marriage Supper of The Lamb! Do not love this world and what is in it, but love our Lord and God with your whole being. For, all that is of this world will one day vanish forever!

When you see others desert you and blaspheme you because of your love of our Lord and God, draw closer, even closer to Him through fasting and prayer! Love Him with a greater love; and remember that the evil ones first did these very things to our Saviour; and He warned us of what to expect. Do not let the negativity of others destroy your love for our Lord and God; but see them for what they are! Lost Souls, greatly in need of His love and forgiveness! So, forgive them, my Dear Ones, and keep your eyes on our Lord and God!

Remember that you are a Child of the Most High and that your heritage is among the Stars with our Lord and God! And, be of good cheer! Go with a song of joy in your heart and sing praises to our Most Wondrous God, to our Mighty God Yahweh and to His Beautiful Son, our Husband-To-Be!


Looking Ahead!

How blessed we are! And, what glorious times are ahead for all of humanity! Repent, my Dear Ones! Get spiritually clean and stay clean; for our Saviour comes soon for the Bride and He will only take the clean ones. Forgive everyone of all that they have done against you! Pray for their salvation and rejoice, my Dear Ones, for the hour of redemption draws near!


Until Next Time …

Until next time, I send love to each of you and big hugs to my Dear Friends; for a few of you have been faithful in helping me financially and in other ways to make it from day to day! Great! Great are your rewards in Heaven!

Jesus is our Beautiful Life,
Your Sis,

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