Chapter Twenty-Eight


“Words from our Father in Heaven!”

My Dear Ones, below you will find two very interesting messages from our Father in Heaven. These messages will make up Chapter Twenty-Eight of this book! In Chapter Twenty-Nine, I will further entail the mighty works of our Father in Heaven as regards the on-going war with Satan and his hounds from hell.

Read our Father’s words carefully; for His words are meat for your soul! Pay careful attention to His warnings regarding lusts of the flesh; for those, who engage in these things and will not repent, will not make it to heaven.


Sex Slaves!

Remember, my Dear Ones, that it is through lusts of the flesh that Satan has so readily enslaved much of the world as we know it, but sadly most, who are enslaved to the lusts of the flesh see nothing wrong with such sins and they do not repent. The price of such unrepentant sin is denial, spiritual blindness and deafness; for our Father removes His Spirit from those, who are addicted to lusts of the flesh! And, without His Spirit, these quickly become the “walking dead!”


Lusts of the Flesh!

Pornography is sweeping the whole world as a wild fire and huge numbers are addicted to it; but pornography is an abomination to our Father in Heaven! All, who lust after it, whether married or not, are guilty of adultery, fornication, and other vile lusts of the flesh! They are slaves, but they know it not, and neither to they know that it is impossible for active porn addicts to get into heaven! I tell you as well, that it is impossible for any addicts to get into heaven, unless they repent and forsake these things entirely! For, it is truth that those, who are addicted to lusts of the flesh, do not make it into heaven, but are bound for the pits of hell if they do not repent!


Why Unrepentant Addicts Will Not Make It Into Heaven!

All addictions involve a compelling urge to consume certain things, or to engage in certain activities; and these urges take on a mind of their own; for they consist of both physical cravings and demonic urgings! All addictions are demon-fed! In other words, all addicts are possessed of addictive demonic spirits! By following through with these compulsions to partake of certain substances or to engage in certain behaviors, any and all addicts make gods of their addictions! Truly, all addictions are also idols and become a steady focus of the addict, a noose around the neck! It is a fact that no worshiper of idols, or of other gods, will get into the presence of our Father in Heaven!

It is time for all addicts to face the denial, which keeps them captive! For, it is this very denial, which so greatly keeps them locked in their own prisons! And as long as addicts are in a state of denial about their addictions, they will never face them and they will never be free!


Jesus Came to Set the Captives Free!

But, remember that Jesus is able to break the stranglehold of every addiction! For, He came to set the captives free! However, in order for any addict to be free, he or she must have a deep desire to be free! And this desire must be strong and compelling!

The addict must wake up and face the addiction and feel a genuine sorrow before our Lord and God for this behavior. He or she must cry out to our Saviour in captivity and He will hear their cries, but these cries must be sincere and the addict must not waver in his or her desires to be free! And, remember that there are many, many kinds of addictions, including porn and sexual addictions, substance addictions, which not only include alcohol and hard drugs like heroin, but also cigarettes! Cigarettes can be as addictive as heroin, for they are a hard drug and most, who are addicted to them, do not recognize this fact! And, sadly many are addicted to prescription drugs and see nothing wrong with the addiction as it is medically fed!


How Addictions Come About!

Excess consumption of caffeine can lead to an addiction, and excess consumption of any substance whatsoever can lead to an addiction, even to food addictions! So, beware of what you put into your body and whether you compulsively do so on a regular basis! If so, it is time to examine your life, for you may be feeding a budding addiction! Take note of your spiritual state when you have these compulsions; for your soul is most likely troubled and is actually hungry for more of the Spirit of God; so stop and take time to seek our Lord and God, to pray through your troubles! The Peace of God is the antidote for a troubled spirit!


Resist Satan and he will eventually flee!

And once free, all must then resist Satan from day to day and pray, pray, pray! For, Satan’s modus operandus is to attack the weak points of his victims! But, he will not just hammer ones weak points once or twice and go on! He will come back time and time again, year after year, all in order to catch one in a weak moment and cause him or her to fall! But, when we are weak, if we continually submit to our Lord and God, asking Him to fight our battles, He will carry us and bring us through whatever tests we must face! In our weaknesses, our Saviour will show His strength if we call out to Him and ask Him to help us with the sincerity of our hearts!


Salvation is an on-going work!

Therefore, it is a continual spiritual work to stay free; and none can be free, save they put our Father in Heaven first, love Him above all and obey Him from moment to moment! This is the work of salvation and it is a work; for faith without works is truly naught! It is not as many teach, “once saved, always saved!” But from day to day, we all must work to be clean spiritually and to stay clean; for to receive Jesus is not a one-time event, but an on-going process, a great love affair of honor, obedience, perseverance, love and forgiveness; and we must live this way from day to day!


The Truth!

I tell you these things out of love for you; for many years ago I was addicted to alcohol and it is by the beautiful love and grace of our Lord and God that I am free! So, know that I do not speak these words regarding addictions to condemn you, but because I love you as a fellow Child of the Most High God that I tell you the truth! For, I have known the prisons of addiction and I also know the freedom which can only come through repentance and deliverance through the love and grace of Jesus Christ!

I also tell you the truth about salvation as well, so that you persevere and work at it from day to day! For, truly the way is narrow and the gate is straight and few find it; for most choose the easy way out! Most do not wish to suffer anguish and persecution for their beliefs and they do not wish to repent, but to go the way of the world, to go the broad way, and this broad way leads to death and destruction! It leads to the burning pits of hell; and this is where most are headed! Do not choose this, my Dear Ones, but wake up, repent of your sins, and walk this straight way!

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First Message from our Father in Heaven


Sins of the Flesh!


September 13, 2006

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Be not troubled by what you see in this world, by what you see in others! For, My people the world over are a filthy lot! They are a perverse lot, who seek after things of the world, and who glorify things of the flesh! They cover up their sins with lies and denial; but let it be known that I see all!

Yes, My Little One, it is given to love the sinner, but to hate the sin! However, when the blind and deaf will not see and hear, when they will not receive correction; but hate correction and dismiss it with anger or ignore it, there is only one option left and this is My rod of judgement on their backs!

Too many call themselves Christians when they are addicted to all manner of sins of the flesh! They see nothing wrong with sins of the flesh and they repent not! Neither do they tell others to repent, but take up for one another in their sins!

I say to Mine! Warn them! Tell them the truths of their ways; for if they do not repent of their fornications, if they do not repent of their sins of the flesh, I will cast them headlong into the burning pits!

I have made Myself plain and clear about the abominations of sins of the flesh! Those, who will not repent of such things are destined for the burning pits! They are destined for the Lake of Fire! For, these things are abominations to Me!

Let all be warned! I say to Mine, you cannot whitewash such sins, pretending that they do not exist when such sins are in your midst! Those, who will not warn others to repent of these things, when in fact they see them, are just as guilty as they are!

Woe, woe, woe to you parents, who allow your children to run wild and to partake of sins of the flesh! If you will not repent of this, if you do not warn them, you shall join them in the burning pits! How can you love them when you do not warn them?

I am a Righteous God! I am a Holy God and I see all! Therefore, I say to you, repent of sins of the flesh or burn in the burning pits! There is no middle road! There is a right way and there is a wrong way! What is wrong is clearly wrong and I will spew you out of My mouth, oh adulterous generation!

I am your Father in Heaven, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 13th day of September, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


Second Message from our Father in Heaven


“My Kingdom Come!"


September 16, 2006

“My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, I come to you today as you have many questions, and this is usual for you; but until the time is right for you to receive the understanding, which you seek, it is not wisdom for Me to impart it!

Firstly, My Little one, you realize that if I had told you in advance that you are the Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve, or anything of your great travails, that you would not have been able to endure! The very foreknowledge that you are the Woman of Revelation Twelve would have brought an even greater amount of persecution upon you from many sources! And, the foreknowledge of the great suffering, the persecution and torture that you would have to endure as this Woman of Revelation Twelve, would have been overwhelming to you! Therefore, in My wisdom I could not impart this knowledge to you ahead of time!

Now, you come with questions about My Kingdom, and you come with questions about the Wilderness Place, which I have prepared for you, the place to which the wings of the Great Eagle are to take you! And, these things I wish to explain to you now; for in and through the works of Revelation Twelve comes the birthing of My Kingdom in the Earth! This is My Kingdom Come and My Will Be Done in the Earth as it is in Heaven! And as you see, as you know, this Kingdom is coming forth through much travail, through much hardship, through much sorrow and suffering! Yet, in and through you, My Child, has come the maturation of this new spiritual DNA, which will go first to the Supernatural Army!

Now, I have already told you that these in the Supernatural Army will go in and out of the Earth and that they will fight on behalf of humanity; and this puzzles you, My Child, how they will go in and out of the Earth and move about in the Earth supernaturally!

Now, My Child, you can see the liquid light, which is around you, and you operate in this liquid light in accordance with the new spiritual DNA. Yes, many call this liquid light “plasma”; yet it is unimportant what others call it, but important to know that it is liquid light! This liquid light is actually My River of Life and it is the medium through which this new spiritual DNA will operate! This River of Life comes from My throne and will come into the Earth continually through this Supernatural Army!

This Supernatural Army will move freely in and out of the Earth through this liquid light; for this is the source of power in them, which will never run dry! (See our Father’s description of His Kingdom Power on the front page of the website!)

Yes, My Child, you are the first one, as the Spiritual Mother of Humanity, to receive this new spiritual DNA and to move in and out of this liquid light! Remember as I have told you previously, that this River of liquid light comes from My throne and when all facets of this new spiritual DNA are completely added to it, to this baby boy, this now-giant, will be carried to My throne, but not without you!

At the very point that this happens, a supernatural body will be given to you, My Little One, and you will then move in and out of the earth according to My will and My plans! My Little One, with this new body, which will move freely in this liquid light, you will be able to move freely around the earth and travel as I so direct you, devoid of any airplanes, trains, or cars!

Now, you may at times ride in planes, trains, or cars, but these means of travel will not be necessary for you to move about and to do My work! For, you will be able to freely move about in this liquid light!

The Supernatural Army will be able to move freely in this light as well and each of these will also stand before My throne as you do and then will go back and forth into the Earth and around the Earth as directed by the Spirit of God to do My will.

With the spiritual bodies, these souls will be one with Me, one with My will, in essence married to Me then. These will have a horn of iron, power equal to that of Satan and the fallen angels, also equal to or above many of the angels; but to you, My Little One, as the spiritual mother, are also given the feet of brass! For, as I told you, you are also the Woman of Micah, Chapter Four, the Daughter of Zion, who is spoken of there, and as such you will have a horn of iron, but also feet of brass and with the feet of brass you will have more power than Satan!

And, with this power, you will beat him severely! He will become afraid of you and he will not want to be in your face doing anything to you; but will flee from you, him and all of his bands!

So, as this Woman of Micah Chapter Four, who is also the White Buffalo Woman, you will do many supernatural works, and you will fight on behalf of all of humanity and work to establish My Kingdom in the Earth, alongside My Son, who is Saviour! You will work hand-in-hand with Him to bring down and to utterly defeat this evil; for unto you and the Supernatural Army, who will be as angels, you will have the power and the authority to command the evil spirits into the Lake of Fire and to harvest Mine for My Kingdom!

So, while it is most true that I will come for you and will carry you before My throne, wherein you will get a supernatural body, you will also be in and out of the Earth, moving in and out through this liquid light!

Now, this is and has been puzzling to you; but even so I told you that the Supernatural Army would move in and out of two different worlds! These two worlds are My Kingdom in Heaven and My Kingdom, which is now coming into the Earth through you! And, My Kingdom in the Earth will not be removed, but will grow!

Yes, you will soon stand before My throne and you will see Me and remember all that I tell you and show you; yet you will not be removed entirely from the Earth, but will move in and through the Earth and My Kingdom in Heaven at the same time!

I realize that this is very difficult to understand and hard for most to grasp, but My Kingdom if first coming into the Earth in this way! Be at peace in all things; for all is going according to My perfect will and My perfect plan!

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of September, 2006,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman

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