Chapter Twenty-Nine


“Our Father’s Marvelous Works!”

My Dear Ones, I cannot speak of the great evil, which Satan is doing to me without speaking in an even louder voice about the great and marvelous works, which our Father in Heaven is doing! Oh, what glorious days! Yes, trying and tiring days in the face of Satan, but my Dear Ones, great and glorious days as I get more awesome glimpses of the wondrous power of our Father in Heaven!

So much has happened since I last wrote you that it would be impossible for me to recount it all, but the beautiful thing is that in spite of so much horrendous persecution and torture at the hands of these evil ones, I am better than well! I am doing fabulously well and am full of the beautiful life and hope of our Lord and God!

The new spiritual code, the new DNA, has grown so very quickly since even the last time that I spoke to you. The power, which is being imparted to it, is a joy to see; for it consists of many spirals, which turn and spin in different directions and these spirals are becoming awesomely strong with the power of our Father in Heaven! My Dear Ones, what a beautiful work to behold, for this is the actual birthing of a new human race! What is so exciting is that this new generation of humans will have power equal to that of the fallen angels and being married to our Lord and God, they will so wondrously do the beautiful will of our Father in Heaven! Blessed is His Holy Name!

You will be so excited to know that when I see Our Father lately His face is beaming with joy; for He, too, is excited about what He has created and what He is bringing into the Earth! All the praise, all the glory and all the honor to His Beautiful Name!


The War Goes On!

My Dear Ones, some of what I have to tell you about the events of these past days could be disturbing to you; but I feel that I must tell you these things; for not only have I faced them, but many of you will face utterly terrible and degrading things at the hands of Satan and his followers. But, the most important thing that you must remember if you are on the receiving end of their degradations and humiliations is to go to that place inside of you, where the Spirit and the love of God lives and spend time there until the degradation is over. For, physical torture and spiritual degradation are their specialties and through such things, my Dear Ones, many are going to be tried and tested! But, if you are on the receiving end of such things, just know that this, too, shall pass!

Though it all, my Dear Ones, cling to our Lord and God! Pray to Him and ask Him to stand in the gap between you and them and to take from you the suffering that you would otherwise feel, or to give you the strength to bear what you must bear! Then, trust Him to do so! Love Him, sing to Him, and be thankful for what He has ordained for you to go through; for these things are to make you white and clean. So, do not let their evil schemes break you, but know that all is for your own testing and for the glory of our Lord and God; for He is able to carry you through whatever He deems that you must go through, or He will carry you home. But either way, you are still in His beautiful hands.

So, do not despair; but if you have a very bad day and you do despair, which we all do at times, let your despair be short-lived, and return again to singing to Him, praising Him for all things, and thanking Him that He has counted you worthy to go through such things. Blessed is His Holy Name!

My Dear Ones, on the 12th, 13th and 14th of September, Satan and his evil hoards from hell came into my house and took turns raping me! Yes, they are able to do such things and they did them! But, even so, my Dear Ones, I could do nothing, but ask our Precious Father in Heaven to stand in the gap between me and them and to sing to Him through it all!

I saw them, lines of them as they came in; and this is no joke, my Dear Ones, but what the military is now able to do as they are able to come and go at will through one’s house via this electromagnetic ring technology! I saw military officers and could even smell their cigarette smoke as they lined up in the hallway of my house. I also smell that Satan is now wearing a citrus-smelling cologne to hide his foul cigarette breath and through it all I could only go to this beautiful place of love in the arms of our Lord and stay there as they carried on, one after the other!

Late in the day on the 14th of September, on the third day of their assaults, I began to cry out to our Father in Heaven for vengeance against them, for Him to send His power and to punish them, for surely this must come to pass! And, it was shortly after this prayer that I began to see the great and strong spirals of the DNA move into action and these strong spirals looked liked shining, glimmering rods of steely glass. And it was at the same time that one of these evil ones was raping me that this DNA came in and then went into action! And, I tell you just as it is, my Dear Ones, that this man left with less than he came with! He shouted at me, “You have just cut off my penis!” And, this was so as I saw it cut off and carried away.

Now, one would think that after this happened to one of them, that they would stop, but either the others did not know, or they just did not believe; but I believe that they just did not know; for they continued to come in and there were five or so in a row, who lost their private parts that day! The last one was a military man, who was dressed in a white dress uniform, like those, which are worn in the navy and I saw him get caught up in these spirals and stagger backwards. I saw the name, “Sunderlin” on his name tag! And, after him, there were no more until Satan came in on the 18th and decided to do what he did to me; and this I will entail a little later!

It was on the night of the 12th of September of 2006 that they came into my room and began pumping, pumping something into my body, into my abdominal cavity, into my back, into my head, and even filling up my lungs with it. I smelled it and felt it creeping up the back of my throat and immediately recognized the smell; for it was none other than liquid detergent, like the kind which we use to wash clothing. No one could survive such a thing and the very fact that I am alive attests to the awesome power of our Lord and God! For, my Dear Ones, as I see such power from day to day, I can tell you for a fact that THERE IS NO GOD LIKE OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN, NO GOD LIKE YAHWEH!

How gloriously wonderful He is; for my Dear Ones, I am only a child, the same as you, and I have no power to defend myself against such terrible things. And, oh how horrible these evil ones are! Far worse than I can write on these pages!

Their attempts to poison me to death through such a terrible assault failed, yet they were not to be outdone! Satan then began to bring into the house something, which smelled like ozone, but I realized that it was probably liquid oxygen; and he began to fill my tissues with this! At times as he forced this into my body, I would feel a slight burning and would sense the strong smell of ozone, but other than that, it had no effect on me! Satan carried on with his oxygen stunts for three or four days, but in this too, he failed! For, SATAN CANNOT DEFFEAT OUR GLORIOUS FATHER IN HEAVEN! WHAT A WONDERFUL GOD WE HAVE!

Through these days since the last writings, Satan has frequently put liquid jet or rocket fuel into my head, into my sinuses and into other parts of my body, all in spite of the fact that this does not work! For, he believes that this bothers me! But, honestly my Dear Ones, I hardly notice, but go on with my life, doing whatever it is that I choose; for in truth, this has no physical effect on me whatsoever!

A couple of days ago I was reading on the Internet that rocket fuel is a deadly poison and is now on most of our lettuce and other kinds of greenery that we all eat! And, although I did not read the many articles, which were referenced, many pointed to the fact that this deadly toxic fuel is now in our food supply! So, it is marvelous thing, my Dear Ones, that I have survived even the rocket fuel, but this is really minor in comparison to the rest of the terrible things that they have done to kill me! ALL THE PRAISE, ALL THE HONOR, AND ALL THE GLORY TO OUR MOST WONDROUS FATHER IN HEAVEN; FOR IT IS HE, WHO KEEPS ME ALIVE IN THE FACE OF SUCH GREAT EVIL!

When the liquid oxygen did not destroy me internally, Satan became even more determined to kill me and on the night of the 17th of September, he and some of his evil doctors came in and they began to pack my tissues all over my body with the clay-like explosives, which Satan had used on me for at least two weeks, but without any success. I saw one of the doctors, a peculiar-looking man, who was peering over the top of his glasses, and he was searching for my spleen; for he wished to pack an explosive in it or near it. And, he said, “They did not prepare us for such things in medical school!”

Apparently, they have to learn to work within this electromagnetic tube and for some of them it takes a little practice! For, this is not like the surgeries in the hospital, wherein they must cut into a person! With this new technology, they reach right through one’s skin, put in what they choose, exit, and seldom leave a scar! If there is a scar, it is a reddish scar, or a brownish scar and it disappears rather quickly! I have watched them as they just part the skin and reach right through it! When they are finished, the skin goes back in place!

They must have packed my body for about two hours on the night of the 17th, and then they set off their explosions. Immediately, the smell of burning phosphorous exuded from my skin and from my body orifices, like my nose and mouth, for they packed my head almost solid with this clay-like explosive. When the first series of explosions went off and nothing happened to me, in they came again and packed me again with explosives, but again nothing happened to me!

My Dear Ones, I do not know how many times they tried to blow me up that night; for I went to sleep amidst such unbelievable assaults and campaigns of terror! But, nothing happened to me and again they were utter failures, a circus my Dear Ones, utter fools and clowns! For, they cannot defeat our Father in Heaven and He is the One with whom they are fighting!

On the 18th day of September, Satan being very angry that all of his attempts had failed to blow me up, awoke me early in the morning as he was again raping me! However, I could not allow myself to get into a negative mindset, but could only pray and ask our Lord and God to stand in the gap between me and him and to carry me through what I must go through. He did so my Dear Ones, but even so Satan was after me all day long, raping me and doing terrible things to my body; yet I ignored him and went on with my life, loving and praising our Most Wondrous Lord and God; for He is worthy! Blessed is His Holy Name!

That day as Satan raped me repeatedly, I began to pray to our Father in Heaven that He would do to Satan what He had done to those other men! In answer to my prayers, our Father in Heaven told me that He is going to make Satan sexually impotent! This curse upon him will be his just desserts for what he has done to me and a most perfect punishment against him for what he has done to the human race since the beginning! For, it is an absolute truth that Satan has polluted the whole world through his defilements of the human body! Yes, indeed this evil monster has caused the whole world to worship sex and he has polluted the whole earth with his whoredoms, his orgies and sexual perversions! And, now The King of Sex is soon going to have a sexless life!

HallaleuYahweh! Blessed is the Name of our Lord and God; for He will make right all of their wrongs! Oh, my Dear Ones, from day to day I am so deeply humbled and grateful beyond any words! How I love our Precious Lord and God! Get it in your heart, for soon the whole world will proclaim it! “THERE IS NO GOD LIKE YAHWEH!”

And, my Dear Ones, with these many assaults having failed, these evil hoards were once again searching for something, anything that would kill me; and they came forth with another chemical concoction! The smell of it reminds me of the toxic glue, which is used in model airplanes, but honestly I do not know what it is. At first, these evil ones injected this only into certain parts of my body, like into my right cheek and in the places, where it was injected, it became hard like concrete and as the DNA strands would cut it out, I could hear a grinding sound, like that of particles of sand grinding against one another. And, their seeing this also, came upon the notion to put this substance into my whole body! I could feel the tightness in my neck for as they ran strips of it down the muscles, but from day to day the DNA would get it out! But, by the 18th, they had begun to put great amounts of it all over my body!

For the last three nights, and even during the day, they have steadily put this substance into my brain and into my whole body. Even when I sit for only a short while, there is Satan, or some of his hoards, chemical in hand; and they are pumping it into my body.

Yesterday, (the 20th of September) Satan came into my living room late, and with him was a highly decorated man, who was wearing a dark blue military uniform. The man in the uniform was speaking of me when he told Satan that I should be as “hard as a board,” that he did not know what to make of it, as I was going about my normal chores of typing, etc. Then, I realized that they were trying to turn me into stone by injecting me with massive amounts of some kind of concrete-like glue! And, even during the night of the 20th and 21st, they continued on with their assaults in spite of the fact that they had utterly failed! And, such is their way!

My Dear Ones, it is just for me to persevere and to pray to our Lord and God and to sing to Him; for I can do nothing, but wait upon Him to do for me what I cannot do for myself. Yes, these have been terrible times, times of great persecution and torture, but my Dear Ones, our Lord and God has carried me through! Who has ever heard of someone living through such things, save for Daniel, Shadrack and Abednigo? Yet, I have lived through unbelievably terrible things as our Lord and God has seen fit to put me in the midst of them and to carry me through them.

Blessed is His Holy Name; for through these times of terrible persecution shall come forth great blessings for all of humanity! Therefore, it is an honor and a great privilege to go through such things for love and honor of our Lord and God and for love of each of you!


This is why Satan and his hoards are all buffoons, clowns my Dear Ones; for they think to defeat the VERY ONE, who created them all! They cannot and they will not! HallaleuYahweh! Oooo-eeee! My Dear Ones, you and I have something marvelous to rejoice about! May we all sing and shout praises to our Most Wondrous God!


Something Beautiful in the Sky!

Night after night, my Dear Sister and I have marveled at the glorious radiance in the sky; for the sky over this area has been thick with the radiant heavenly craft of our Father in Heaven! My Dear Ones, I have been watching the skies around here for several years and have seen the regular patterns of stars in the night sky. And, along with them I have seen the disk-shaped craft of the U.S. Military for over forty months! And, within the last two plua years I have also seen the various colors of Satan’s disk-shaped craft, and they are primarily a golden yellow, or orange hue, but the Dragos’ craft have a reddish hue, from what I have observed anyway!

But, my Dear Ones, this is not the case with the beautifully radiant heavenly craft of our Father in Heaven; for His craft are a gloriously radiant white light, like the radiant light of Jupiter. In fact, Jupiter used to be the brightest star in the sky, at least around this area; but not anymore; for it seems that the sky is literally full of Jupiters.

Night before last, I got one of the greatest shocks of my life when I looked up to see one of our Father’s craft suddenly light up and instantaneously descend from a point high up in the sky. This happened so suddenly that it was shocking and thereafter I saw this very craft in hot pursuit of one of the yellowish disk-shaped crafts of Satan, perhaps in hot pursuit of Satan’s own craft. Oh, my Dear Ones, this was a marvelous thing to behold; for the sheer radiance of this angelic craft, which belongs to our Father in Heaven, lighted up the heavens as it went along! From time to time it would come extremely close to the yellowish lighted craft, almost overpowering it and then the other craft would scuttle along. My Dear Ones, the yellowish craft could in no way compare to the white light craft of our Father in Heaven but was fleeing in the face of such power!

Oh what glorious times ahead for all of humanity; for we are now going to see our Father in Heaven as He comes down to fight these evil hoards in the sky! For, who else can fight them? We cannot stand up to such things! If we did not have our Father Yahweh to fight for us, all of humanity would fall captive to such evil!

Therefore, I advise you to live worthy, so that when you need our Father in Heaven, He will hear your cries and come to your aid! My Dear Ones, there is no one else who has the power to help you, and if you will not live for Him, then you surely will live and die for Satan and these evil hoards!

Yes, these are indeed glorious times, yet terrible times; and while it is beautiful and marvelous to see the awesome power of our Lord and God, I tell you that humanity is in for the worst of times and few, very few can even imagine such terrible things as what I have been recounting to you!

But, whether you can accept what I am telling you or not, you should read the words of our Saviour in Matthew Chapter 24; for He surely told us that in the last days these terrible times would come upon the whole Earth, more terrible than anything that has ever been, ever, in the history of the whole the Earth! His very warnings should make all wake up and take note; for Satan has been cast down and these very things are happening right now!

I do not know what people expect; for we have all been warned, even as far back as the Book of Daniel in Chapter Twelve! But, when confronted with the truth of what is, most choose denial! However, I tell you my Dear Ones, that denial in the face of such utter evil is foolishness! Get ready; for these terrible things are upon all of humanity!

Until next time, my Dear Ones, I send love and big hugs to you my Dear Friends! Many, many thanks and big hugs to the faithful few, who continue to help with these works! My heartfelt love goes to each of you!

Jesus is our Wonderful Way,
Your Sis,

Matthew 24:23-24 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And, except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened!

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