“Three Beautiful Visions!”

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, Most High God! My Little One, within less than one week, I have given you three beautiful visions and these three beautiful visions all have to do with the soon return of My Son for the firstfruits, for the virgins, for His Beautiful Bride! And, I wish, My Child, that you write these visions, as well as you remember them, and the times of these visions, as well as you remember the specific dates, so that all of My People will have this information! For, truly the time of the redemption of these few draws nigh, and I therefore wish for you to publish all; for I am true to My word, that I will soon send My Son back for these Pure Ones. And, shortly thereafter, as you have seen in visions, I will send Him back for a few others, who are white. And, thereafter, until the return of My Son in the final defeat of Lucifer, I will also take a few, now and then, whose robes are then white, and these will be taken also as I so desire it, and as I direct it. For, I am a merciful God, one of great love and mercy, and no one knows what I will do!

And, give this vision both to the few, and to the many, who visit the website, that all may know that this time is at hand. And, by now the firstfruits have heard the call, but few others have heard it. However, there are a few others and these I speak to now! For, they have also heard the call, and they have lived worthy! So, write these visions on this, My Sabbath Day, and prepare to give these to these few and put them in Book Twelve on the website, for these are very important visions!”

“Yes, my Father, I will do this, and soon also, so that all have these visions! Does it matter whether I put these visions on the website first, or whether they go first to the few?”

“My Little One, it will be best to move forward and put these on the website as soon as possible. I bless you in this, My Child; for I love you greatly. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of November, 2005,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman




First Vision


“The Ship is in the Harbor!”


November 21, 2005

Tonight, I was praying with a dear friend over the telephone, when after a while of praying in “tongues,” I came the feet of our Saviour. It is ALWAYS such a beautiful blessing to be in His presence; and after our Saviour blessed me and my friend with spiritual blessings and anointings, I asked Him if He had a message for us! I did not know that my dear friend was also praying for revelation at the same time that I was praying!

Then, our Saviour said to me, “As I have told you! Love one another and forgive one another!” And, then, so very unexpectedly He showed me a white ship, which was parked in the harbor at night! This was a radiantly beautiful white ship, which glowed with a beautiful, white light. And, on the side of the ship were the words, “Wedding Feast.”

Outside, beyond the ship, all was very dark! There were no streetlights! No car lights! No lights, not even in any houses! I saw no lights other than the beautiful and radiant light of this most magnificent ship! But, in the darkness, I could see a line of people, which was beginning to form in front of this ship, a short line now, but still a line and as they milled around, I could catch the shimmering whites of their robes as they expectedly awaited the boarding of this most beautiful ship!

Then, I looked down from above, as I was carried up now by the Spirit of God, and I could well see others, who were making their way quietly, yet quickly to this waiting ship! And, as they hurried in the streets and byways below, I could also catch a radiance, which emanated from their robes, even in the darkness! Yes, they were all in a hurry now to make it to this ship and to get in this line, which was now forming! But, no one was boarding yet, as there was no way to board the ship! But, the line was indeed forming, and the people were indeed rushing to get into this line! But, they came alone, and not in great numbers, all others unaware of this most important event, which was truly taking place in the darkness of the night!

Then, our Saviour said to me, “The call has gone out. The call has gone out; and if people have not heard it, if they have not made themselves ready, if they have not made themselves clean, they will soon miss the boat!”


Second Beautiful Vision


“The Radiant Bridge!”


November 23, 2005

When I received this vision, I was again praying with a dear friend over the telephone. In this vision, I saw many souls, who were dressed in white, and who were gathered on the other side of a dark abyss, all expectedly awaiting the time when those, who were on this side of the abyss, might also cross over. For on this side of the abyss, were also many souls, all gathered in anticipation of the time when they could cross over this abyss and meet these other clean and white souls! But, at this moment, there was no way for those on this side to cross over! However, as I looked in the Spirit, I saw forming in the Spirit a beautiful, white and radiant bridge. This bridge was now only made of Spirit, but I knew that soon, very soon, this bridge would materialize and the souls on this side would be able to cross over and meet these other beautiful souls on the other side! Praises to our Father in Heaven; for this time gets very near!


Third Beautiful Vision


“Angels Building the Radiant Bridge”


November 25, 2005

On the night of the 25th day of November of 2005, as I was praying once again with a dear friend over the telephone, I saw in another vision, these dear souls, many on this side, and many on the other side of the great abyss. I saw that many of these beautiful souls, who were dressed in radiant white, on the other side of this great abyss, were now assembled into beautiful, heavenly choirs and all around them beautifully radiant gardens. And between these souls and those on this side now appeared a beautifully ornate and radiant bridge, spanning the width of the abyss. And, the angels were busy assembling it according to divine blueprints. This radiant and beautiful bridge made a great archway as it moved up high above the abyss and connected to the other side. The foundation of the bridge was completed and what was left was the remaining assembly and the bridge; and from all appearances this would soon be complete.

These beautiful souls on this side, who were arrayed in the most beautiful of white robes, stood now in double file as they awaited the time of the great crossing over. All of them had in their hands a spiritual book and all awaited quietly and reverently as this magnificent bridge was nearing completion. I watched as this great double line of radiantly white souls wound its way up and down hills, all of these souls quietly and eagerly awaiting the completion of this most beautiful bridge!

It was some minutes later, after having received this vision, that I so plainly recalled how the animals boarded the Ark, and into safety! Two by two, they went into the ark. Blessed is the Holy Name of our Father Yahweh, for His word is True and Pure! And, blessed is His Most Precious Son, our Dear Saviour, for He is coming back and soon for the virgins!

Look up, my Dear Ones, for your redemption surely draws nigh!

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